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I have to tell you about what happened to me this weekend; I can hardly believe it myself. There was some work related party that Sally, my girlfriend, and I were supposed to go to tonight. It was Sally's work, I knew lots of the people there, but usually I end up smoking outside and shooting the shit with the other boyfriends and husbands over the pool table.

We got up early and went to a cafe in the local park for a late breakfast. It was a nice Spring Saturday morning, crisp, but not cold. There were lots of families playing in the park, parents drinking coffee and little kids licking ice-creams. It was good to just sit back with an espresso and chill.

Sally and I were talking about things, what we needed to buy at the supermarket, what color we would paint the bathroom - you know, domestic shit. I was absently watching the people lining up to order coffee when I saw a pair of girls, early 20s maybe. One was dressed conservatively, jeans and a dark blouse with shoulder length dark hair. The other was wearing a short pleated skirt, a tight T-shirt and had 5-pointed stars tattooed up her arm. She had a slightly punk, Avril Lavigne look about her. But what caught my eye was that they were holding hands. Not like friends, but tight and clingy, like lovers.

"Oh my God!" I thought "Are they lesbians?"

Now we used to live in LA and seeing tattooed punks, or seeing gays and lesbians making out in public was common place. But we now lived in Stanwood, Washington. Not a town known for its GLBT tolerance or acceptance. I tried to keep listening to what Sally was saying but I couldn't help watching these two girls proudly hold each other lovingly. Sally was across the table from me and the order counter was behind her, so if I looked away from the girls, it looked like I wasn't looking at Sally. I ended out watching them over her shoulder.

The girls talked quietly and laughed. I thought the dark haired girl looked nervous. I started to imagine what their dynamics were. Dark haired girl was probably experimenting for the first time and had made contact with Avril-wannabe to try out the feel. Avril probably was a rebel and may have even chosen lesbianism as a way to express her individuality and piss off her parents. I imagined that in five years Dark-hair would be a fully fledged open lesbian, while Avril will have found some dude with a cock big enough to satisfy her and admit that the really isn't gay. Or she will flip back and forth, hating herself for her heterosexual tendencies and breaking hearts of boys and girls from here to Canada.

They picked up their coffees and walked off behind me. Thank God, Sally would not have been pleased catching me perve at two young girls.

"But if we knock the wall out and make the bathroom larger," I continued, now concentrating completely "We will have to have the toilet in the same room with the shower."

"Ah-ha." Sally said "That sounds fabulous honey."

"Good, and then we can paint it all jet black."

"Yeah, absolutely."


"What - Oh, no. Black would be no good. I thought we decided on sky blue in the bathroom?"

"Yeah, we did."

"I'm sorry, honey" Sally said "I was distracted by the two lesbians over there."

I turned around and saw Dark and Avril sitting off in the corner behind us. So Sally was watching them over my shoulder.

"They are so cute." she said. "Oh I wish I was a lesbian."

I just smiled, I could easily imagine that.

"Ah" Sally exclaimed "They are going to kiss."

I turned as subtly as I could to watch them. Dark-hair was holding onto Avril's arm and hugging it. Avril was pinching Dark-hair's knee. Dark stroked Avril's shoulder with her cheek. She said something and Avril laughed. They turned to each other and looked right in each other's eyes.

"Ohh, here it comes." Sally whispered.

They leant in towards each other more and more, until their lips met in a brief, very sweet kiss, obviously full of genuine love.

"Oh God that's sexy." Sally said "I'm all horny now."


We pulled up to Georgina's house at a little past 7pm - and the party was already pumping. They had really gone all out to decorate - there were lights in the garden up to the front door. We could see flashing lights from the back yard - like a night club. Inside the kitchen was lit only with dark-lights and Christmas lights under the cupboards and counter top. It was all a bit surreal. We had visited this house several times and it looked completely different.

Sally was holding the wine and I was holding the dish we had brought - some baked salad thing. It was warm and delicious.

Georgina bounced over to us when we came in the door.

"I'm so glad you could come." she shouted.

We never thought of not coming.

"She hugged Sally and then hugged me. She nearly pulled me over and I struggled to balance the salad in my hand. As we pulled apart she kissed my cheek and squeezed my hand. I looked her right in the eyes. Were her pupils dilated? Oh my God! She was stoned!

"Come over this way and meet the people."

I doubt that there was anyone I didn't know. It was so weird to see Georgina so bubbly - she is usually so serious at Sally's work.

A few hours later I was picking through the nibbles left on the table and drinking a beer. Sally was in the garage smoking. It was too cold to stay out in the back yard - there was talk that it might snow. While I was slowly drinking and eating, a young woman came over and sat beside me.

"What's good?" she asked.

"The stuffed olives are wonderful." I replied, pointing to a platter in the middle of the counter.

I couldn't see her face well in the dark-lights but she smiled a lot and it was a big beautiful smile.

As she leant over to reach the olives her T-shirt rode up and exposed a tattoo on the side of her belly, just above her hip.

"Nice tattoo." I said.

"Which one, honey?" she asked.

I pointed to her hip.

"Oh yeah that one. Not my best. I was depressed and my tattooist was drunk - but that's what it's about I suppose. An experience forever."

"Yeah - I was in a bad mood when I got my first tattoo."

"Yeah? Where is it?"

I rolled up my sleeve to show her the ram's head on my biceps.

"Nice! Here's my favourite." and she pushed her pants and panties down over her ass to show a bleeding and broken heart over the round of her tight and toned ass cheek. Victoria's secret panties I noted.

I gulped and shifted to hide my growing erection.

"Good work, that one." I cleared my throat "Nice lines."

"Yeah, my name is Kathryn by the way. But call me Kat"

She extended a hand; I shook her hand and introduced myself.

"Nice talking. Hopefully I will see you around."

A while later I wandered out to the garage. Sally had a glass of red wine in one hand, a cigarette in the other and was laughing heartily. I sat down next to her and tried to get into the conversation but it was all work gossip. The guy sitting on the other side of Sally got up to go get another beer. As he left he passed Kat at the door. Kat smiled at him and smacked his butt as he went out of the room. Kat came over sat in the only seat available - next to Sally.

"Oh, honey. This is Kat, the new girl at work. She is a real firecracker."

"Yeah, we met before." I said.

"We were showing each other our tattoos." Kat said.

Sally just laughed.

"Can I have a drag of your cig, love?" Kat asked Sally. She offered her cigarette, but rather than picking it up Kat leaned forward and took a drag from it while Sally held it. She then took Sally's wine glass from her hand and drank from it. There was something strangely erotic about it, like an ancient ceremony or rite.

The conversation continued but I could only see Kat and the way she engaged everybody at the table. She was a powerful person, full of raw energy.

As she talked, she absently stroked Sally's arm. It looked harmless and yet incredibly provocative. Sally let her cigarette burn down to the butt in her hand to avoid moving her arm, but other than that you would have no idea that she was aware of Kat touching her.

Soon after Kat stood up briefly. I think she was shouting something offensive at someone across the garage, it doesn't matter, I wasn't paying attention.

But when she sat down she didn't put her hand against Sally's arm, she put her arm around Sally's and rested her hand on Sally's thigh.

I couldn't believe it. This girl was touching my girl, not only in front of me, but in front of all their work colleagues. Sally took the burnt out butt of her cigarette from her fingers with her other hand then softly dropped her now free hand in Kat's lap and squeezed her thigh. We weren't at a table, just chairs in a circle. I don't think there was a single person in the room who wasn't aware of what was happening.

Sally turned to me.

"Babe," she asked "Could you light me another cigarette."

I took the pack from her lap, pulled out two, put them in my mouth and lit them with my Zippo. I handed one back to her. It felt like my hands were shaking.

She took it with her lips and winked at me.

She puffed a few times, and then Kat took the cigarette from Sally's mouth and took a few puffs herself. They leant in close to each other and Kat held the cig up to Sally's mouth for her to smoke. They shared the cigarette like that for a while, until it was finished. It was only then that I realised that all conversation had stopped; everyone was just staring at this slow erotic show. Their hands were stroking each other's thighs, softly squeezing them.

When the cigarette was finished Sally drained her glass of wine. She went to fill it again but the bottle by her feet was empty. She went to stand up but I stopped her.

"Don't worry baby, I get you some more." and I stood up.

I went into the kitchen. It was empty now; people were starting to go home. I got a half full bottle of merlot from the counter and turned to go back but Sally was coming towards me from across the room. She walked up to me and softly hugged me. She rested her head against my chest for a few moments.

"I want to go home now, honey." she said quietly.

"Okay, honey." I was a little disappointed, but I don't know what I expected. That my heterosexual girlfriend, who hadn't even had a little college experimentation with lesbianism would suddenly want a screw a work colleague after fondling her in front of all her friends. And that if she did want that, she would want to include me? Stop dreaming fool!

"Okay, baby." I said "I'll get our platter and I'll take you home."

I left Sally sitting on a barstool by the kitchen and went to the sink to get the platter. I went past the garage to say our good-byes before I went back for Sally. Georgina was not there, apparently fucking some guy up stairs in her bed. I asked people to say goodbye to her from us. I tried to catch Kat's eye but she was chatting with someone else and didn't seem to give a fuck that Sally or I were leaving.

I went back to the kitchen and Sally was still sitting on the stool.

"Was she drunk or just tired?" I wondered.

"Okay baby." I said to her "Time to go home."

She put her arms around my neck, and kissed my neck.

"I love you baby." she said. "Thank you for taking care of me."

"Anytime baby." I whispered back to her. I really did love her.

As we stood up I heard a voice behind us.

"Are you okay to drive?"

I turned around, it was Kat.

"Yeah - I've hardly had anything to drink." I replied.

"Well I'm leaving now anyway. I should follow you to make sure you get home okay. Alright?"

I pondered for a moment. It seemed like a reasonable offer, but admittedly one I have never had from someone before.

"Yeah, that would be nice thanks."

We drove home slowly. Sally drifted to sleep in the passenger seat while I drove our SUV. Kat followed in her yellow convertible. Was it a corvette? We pulled up outside our house and I carried Sally to the door. She mumbled things I couldn't understand.

Kat shouted form her car "You okay now?"

Oh, so she really just wanted to check we got home.

"Yeah we are good. Thank you very much for making sure we got home okay."

"No problem. Looks like it's going to snow tonight."

"Yeah." I unlocked the door.

"Hey, Kat!" I shouted "You want a coffee or something?"

She smiled and seemed to consider things for a moment.

"Yeah, that would be nice." she said and got out of her car.

I carried Sally to bed and closed the door. Kat had already got the kettle warming up and got out some mugs - just two.

We talked quietly for a while, I can't remember what about. Every now and then we could hear Sally shuffling in the bed room. We drank our coffee in the kitchen, she sat on the counter, I leaned against the cupboards opposite her. We didn't talk about anything sexual as far as I remember. I had convinced myself that she was not interested, just being a nice person.

When we finished our coffees we went to the bedroom door to check on Sally. We opened the door softly. I had turned the light out, but as we opened the door a soft light crept out through the crack. As the door opened further it revealed Sally sitting up, very bright and awake on the bed. She was wearing a lace teddy and stockings. There was a soft shawl over the bedside lamp creating the soft mood lighting. Our sex toy box was out on the bedside cabinet. There were condoms and lube lying on the bed and Sally's favourite vibrator was beside her on the bed.

"Oh shit." Kat said "I'm sorry. You two need to be alone." and she turned to leave.

"No, Kat. Please wait." Sally got up from the bed and walked to her.

Sally took Kat's shoulder and turned her around so they faced each other.

"I want you to share this with us, Kat. I have always felt a need to be close to women, and I felt a connection with you. Not just tonight, since I met you. Please, Kat."

Sally lent in and kissed her. Kat did not pull away, but did not return the kiss.

"What will people say at work?" Kat asked.

"I don't care about what they think, and what we actually do isn't going to change their minds after the way we were fondling each other at the party."

Kat giggled "Fuck! I'm so embarrassed!"

"No baby. No, Kat, honey." she held her close. "Don't be embarrassed. I want you."

She kissed her again. Fuller and deeper.

"I swore that I wouldn't let this happen." Kat said. I could see tears on her cheeks.

Sally quickly licked the tears off Kat's cheek. There was a hunger in her eyes that scared me.

"No, baby, don't cry. What's the matter?"

Kat didn't answer; she just grabbed Sally's face and kissed it wildly. She kissed her mouth, her cheeks, her lips, her neck. Then Kat turned to me. She looked me right in the eyes and stroked my arm then after less than a moment's hesitation she leant in and kissed me too. Kat was tall, almost my height, and it felt strange kissing someone so much taller than Sally. She reached behind and grabbed my ass.

I held Kat around the small of her back with one arm, and took Sally and pulled her close to us with my other hand.

Everything degenerated into a mess of hands and tongues as we kissed each other and everybody. Kat ground her crotch against my thigh as Sally humped my ass. I could feel Sally feeling Kat's tits though her shirt. I slid a hand down the top of Kat's pants and her Victoria's Secret panties. I squeezed and kneaded her ass - God it felt good.

Sally's hands came to the front of my shirt and started undoing my buttons. When Kat realised what Sally was doing, she pulled at my belt and undid my fly. I kicked off my shoes and soon my shirt and pants were on the floor. My stiff cock made a tent of the front of my undershorts. I quickly took off my socks.

Sally came around my front and took Kat's hand, and invited her kneel.

"Kat, I want to introduce you to a close friend of mine, 'Johnson'."

"Hello Johnson." Kat said.

"Do you want to shake his hand?"

Kat giggled. She brought her hand up to where my throbbing member was making a bulge in the front of my underpants. She tucked both of her first fingers into the waist band of my trunks and slowly lifted it over my pole. There was a thick strand of pre-cum that stretched from my tip to my pants. Kat took the strand in her fingers and ran the fluid over her finger tips. She pushed my under pants down my legs. I was now totally naked, Sally was still in her lingerie, and Kat was fully dressed. Kat looked closely at my throbbing cock, a drip of thick pre-cum was building and about to fall from the tip. Kat put a finger over the opening in my foreskin and rubbed the fluid back and forth gently. Soon she had smeared the lubricating goo all over the outside of my hood. She then gently pushed back my foreskin to expose my glistening head. It expanded even further once freed. Kat continued to rub pre-cum all over my head.

The sensation was incredible and Sally was watching, virtually drooling with excitement. Kat then took her slippery fingers and licked them.

"Yumm, tasty." she said.

She put her finger back on my head and scooped up more of my clear goo and offered it to Sally. Sally took Kat's hand and hungrily sucked her fingers. She licked then and sucked on them longer than she needed to just get my taste off them. She was fellating Kat's fingers; she wanted to make sure they were nice and stiff before Kat put them inside her. I could see it in her eyes.

Sally finished sucking on Kat's fingers and made her stand up. Sally gave me a look and I came over and helped her slowly undress Kat. We started with her T-shirt. We lifted it over her head and Kat lifted her arms above her head and let us. She wasn't wearing a bra and her C-cup tits hung beautifully.

She had both nipples pierced with rings and I could see the tattoo on her hip better now. It was a Celtic knot.

I was overcome and I knelt beside her, putting one hand on her belly, one on her back and kissed her tattoo. I drank it in and licked it and bit it. As I did this I pushed my hands inside the waist bands of her pants and panties and pushed them down. Sally helped and took them off Kat's feet while I continued to love on Kat's tattoo. My hands were roaming over Kat's belly and her bum.

"Good lord she had a fabulous ass!" I thought.

I kneaded her ass, first one cheek then the other. My other hand stroked down from her belly to her pubes. I felt that she had shaved them into a little strip in the middle. They were soft and downy, amazing to touch. I ran my fingers under her pubes to her lips, which were soft and engorged. I moved my other hand between her legs and my fingers touched in the middle. I softly stroked her pussy lips and gently touched her ass. She purred and leant forward to open her ass cheeks slightly.

I licked my finger and put it back right over her pucker. It was smooth and soft and quite beautiful. I rubbed her asshole and felt it relax. I took my hand back again and spat on my fingers then rubbed it over her ass, lubing it up. I placed my finger back over her ass and gently slipped it inside.

Up above Sally was kissing Kat passionately and kneading her tits vigorously. Kat had her hands on Sally's bum and was squeezing the life out of her cheeks. Kat gave a little gasp.

"What is it?" Sally asked her.

"Your boyfriend has his finger in my ass." Kat whispered back.

"Really? I've got to see this."

Sally came over to my side and Kat kneeled down on the floor. I had my finger up to the second knuckle in her ass and I was wiggling it around inside her.

"Oh my God that is so cool!" Sally exclaimed.

Sally started kneading Kat's bum, the broken heart tattoo moving under her fingers. I could now take a moment to admire Kat's body. She was lean and fit. She had a dragon tattooed on her calf and playing card tattooed on her upper back, just below the nape of her neck.

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