tagIncest/TabooKathryn Ch. 02

Kathryn Ch. 02

byBones Malone©

We woke up the next morning, still in each other’s arms. When Kathryn opened her eyes and looked at me, she remembered the events of last night and smiled.

“Good morning,” I said, and kissed her on the forehead.

“Morning,” she replied. She kissed my lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth, taking me by surprise. She reached down and, finding my penis, gave it a good hard squeeze before getting out of my bed. I looked at her beautiful ass while she put her nightshirt back on. I just couldn’t believe everything that had happened in the last day or two. My heart raced as I watched her.

“We’ll do this again?” I asked hopefully, fairly sure what her response would be. She gave me a strange look and I panicked for a second, but then she said,

“Sebastian, of course we’ll do this again.” A naughty grin came over her face. I loved her so much at that moment. I barely even knew her, but somehow I loved her to death anyway. With her shirt on, she waved goodbye, blew me a kiss, and slipped out the window to cross the balcony over to her own room. I rubbed my face, perhaps making sure that this was really happening and not some wonderful dream.

Later that day, the four of us, (my dad and I, Kathryn, and my new stepmother Carol), all went out to dinner together so we could “get to know each other”. It was all pretty boring. Carol was so interested in every little detail about me, but all I could think about was being with Kathryn again. She kept giving me naughty looks from across the table, licking her lips and such, making my dick swell each time. She sure knew how to drive me crazy. But it was okay; I knew that it was all leading up to tonight when we could have more amazing sex.

That night I stayed awake, naked in bed, anxiously waiting for Kathryn to knock at my door or maybe slip in through the window. It was hard not to touch myself when I thought of her, but I wanted to save my erection this time so she could play with it when she arrived. I looked at the clock. It read 12:44. I was starting to worry that she wouldn’t come tonight. I would have to pleasure myself after all in that case, but after a few moments, I heard three knocks at the door. My heart jumped in my chest. I removed the sheet that was covering me, allowing my boner to be in full view for her, and said,

“Come in.” The door opened, and Carol stepped into the room. When she saw me lying there naked, she gasped and looked at the floor. At the same time I yanked the sheet across my waist in embarrassment.

“Oh, Carol. God, I’m so sorry. I…” What could I say? It was a very awkward moment, to say the least.

“I shouldn’t have knocked so late anyway, it’s my fault,” she said nervously. “But, why were you… I mean, if you weren’t… Oh. Oh my. Kathryn. Were you waiting for Kathryn?” I nodded guiltily. What else could I do? There was really no other explanation. Carol came in and closed the door behind her. She sat down awkwardly at the foot of my bed. “Sebastian,” she said, “You and Kathryn can’t be together.” I nodded again. She was probably right, but I was crushed nevertheless. She was taking my fantasy and ripping it into shreds. Carol continued, “It just wouldn’t work, Sebastian, because I want you all to myself.”

I simply nodded again, not even hearing what she said at first. When I finally processed each word, I stared at her in blank surprise. Had I heard correctly?

“What?” I asked in disbelief. She moved closer to me and rested her hand on my knee. With her mouth right next to my ear, she whispered slowly,

“I want you to fuck me, Sebastian. I want to suck your cock, and then I want you to stick it in me as far as it will go.” At that moment, I knew that my life had just gotten very complicated. It was unreal. How could it be real? This sort of thing didn’t just happen every day! Nevertheless, my penis rose from under the sheet at the sound of Carol’s sexy voice. She noticed this, of course, and moved the sheet away so she could grip my cock freely. She watched it grow even bigger, and then wrapped her hand around it tightly.

“Yes, that’s it,” she whispered, “This is what I want.” Carol pulled me over to the edge of the bed and got down on the floor between my legs. With her hands placed on my thighs, she started licking my erect shaft, which was pointing at the ceiling. Carol had long blonde hair and actually looked incredibly good for her age, (late thirties I figured). I could see where Kathryn got her wild sexiness. Carol was, without a doubt, a M.I.L.F. I watched in awe as she soaked my penis with her saliva. I think she was enjoying it even more than I was. She probably hadn’t had cock in a long time, and I could tell that she missed it greatly. She moved past my shaft and began licking and kissing my balls. It truly was heaven. There really is nothing better than good oral sex.

After my penis was dripping wet with her lubrication, Carol rose up and lay down on my bed. She was wearing a small bathrobe, and when I turned to look at her, she opened the robe below her waist, revealing a beautiful triangle of blonde hair. Her hips were wide apart, giving her curves that could drive anyone crazy.

“Now,” she said, “Put that big cock where it belongs.” She spread her legs open as she said this, and pointed to her vagina. I stroked my cock a bit at the sight of her there before me, offering her body to me. I got on top of her and pushed my hard penis into her cunt, a little at first, then all the way in.

“Oohhh, yesss,” she moaned softly, when I was completely inside of her. I couldn’t believe I was penetrating my stepmother’s pussy. It was crazy, but it felt so good inside her. I slowly started fucking her, pausing when deep inside. She seemed to love having cock inside her again. I quickened my pace. I couldn’t help myself. It was such a turn-on to be fucking a hot woman nearly twice my age. I was ecstatic. I wrenched her bathrobe open and found her huge bare breasts that were shaking with my thrusts. I grabbed them with one of my hands and squeezed her warm flesh with all my might.

“Yes! Feel my tits, Sebastian!” she breathed, trying to be quiet so she wouldn’t wake Dad or Kathryn up. I was nearing my climax, so I slowed down a bit. I didn’t even know if I should come inside Carol or not. I looked her in the eyes as I continued to pump her steadily. She probably guessed what I was thinking because she said,

“Sebastian, I want you to come in my mouth. Okay? I want you to straddle my head and then spray your juice right into my mouth. Can you do that?” I nodded furiously. Of course I could do that! It sounded wonderful. I gave her a few more deep, hard thrusts, and then pulled out of her. I hurried up to her head and stroked my cock quickly. I looked down and saw her beneath me, between my legs, anxiously waiting for my cum. She was breathing strongly and licking her lips, thirsty for my juice. I would not disappoint her. I reached my climax and aimed the head of my penis between her parted lips. I gasped as I shot jet after jet of sperm onto Carol’s eager tongue. She kept her mouth wide open, leaning towards my gushing penis. I had always wanted to fill a beautiful woman’s mouth with my semen. It was an absolutely mind-blowing experience! When my ejaculations slowed to oozing, she sucked my cock-head between her lips, apparently needing every ounce of my sperm to satisfy her cravings. When she decided that she had every last drop, she showed me all the cum that was in her mouth, before swallowing it down her throat in one hungry gulp. She closed her eyes, savoring the taste. Clearly this was a woman who had acquired a taste for fresh semen over the years. I was thoroughly blown away. Carol kissed my penis, then got out of bed and righted her bathrobe, hiding her magnificent globes once again.

“Thank you,” she said, a bit shyly. “I really needed that.” I didn’t even know what to say first, so I just said,

“That was unbelievable!” She smiled, shyly again. Then, after a big sigh of pleasure, she said good night, and left the room.

I fell back onto the bed, wondering how my life had gotten so bizarre. Suddenly they all wanted me. What was I supposed to do about that? How could I sleep with both Kathryn and her mother? My head was spinning. Clearly I needed to sleep on it. I switched off the light, and, after some pondering, finally went to sleep.

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