tagIncest/TabooKathryn Ch. 03

Kathryn Ch. 03

byBones Malone©

I woke up, naked once again, but without Kathryn in my arms this time. Then the memory of my late night romp with Carol came back to me again. I could see that I had foolishly been lost in the moment. I didn’t want Carol; I wanted Kathryn. I knew I would have to make it clear to Carol that she couldn’t have me anymore, before Kathryn found out about it.

I got up and was about to get dressed when Kathryn appeared at the window. I let her in and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. It surprised me that I already wasn’t shy about being naked around my little stepsister. I guess that showed how compatible we could be, as long as Carol didn’t ruin it for us. Kathryn reached down and played with my penis while continuing to smile up at me. She gripped it tightly and gave it a good tug or too. It seemed that neither Kathryn nor her mother could resist my penis. I said to her,

“Mmm, that feels good. But where were you last night? I was all ready for you.”

“I know. I’m sorry, baby. I was pretty tired and I didn’t think I could give you the attention you deserved. But I can tell you’re all ready for me now,” she said, while feeling me continue to harden in her hand. She thankfully didn’t know that I had had a big orgasm above her mother’s waiting mouth just a few hours ago. Lucky for me I still had plenty of sex drive left for Kathryn. How could I not? I was fairly sure I was in love with her.

Kathryn started kneeling down in order to give me head, but I stopped her, fearing that she might smell Carol’s perfume down there. I never thought I would ever have to stop a girl from giving me a blowjob, that’s for sure, but I covered with,

“Here, I’ll take a turn.” With that I had her get onto the bed so I could go down on her. I hid my face between her thighs and started eating her. She giggled and spread her legs even wider for me. I happily enjoyed her sweet taste, trying to put the business with Carol behind me. I was starting to realize that when it was love with a girl, every part of her tasted good. That gave me an idea. I switched from Kathryn’s pussy to eat her ass instead. After noticing what I had done, she exclaimed,

“Oh my God! I fucking love you Sebastian!” After having enjoyed both of her love holes with my mouth, I finally brought my cock up to start putting it to use. I went for her cunt at first, but then Kathryn said, “Use my ass if you want, baby.”

“Have you ever had it there?”

“No, but hey, you licked it, so you deserve to fuck it!” she said. I smiled at her and said,

“Well in that case, I fucking love you too!” I slowly pressed my dick against Kathryn’s anus. She relaxed it as best she could to accommodate my thick shaft. I pushed halfway into her.

“Oh wow,” she said, “This is amazing.” I had to agree. I held her ankles up in the air as I fucked my sweet stepsister in the ass. The bed put her at just the right height for me to fuck the hell out of her. What a day to be alive, let me tell you. After Kathryn had her first anal orgasms of her life, I pulled out of her, ready to shoot into her mouth. She wrapped her silky lips around my cockhead as I came. When I was done, she said,

“Hmm, not very much juice for me today. You haven’t been enjoying little Sebastian here without me, have you?” She was joking, of course, but I still felt a little guilty. If Carol hadn’t been swallowing away so much of my reserve, then Kathryn wouldn’t be saying that. In fact, her mouth would probably be so full that it would nearly be overflowing. Kathryn licked her lips anyway, enjoying the last of my cum. “Mmm, good to the last drop, Sebastian” she said. It certainly was an incredible family that I had just joined. Then, as usual, Kathryn slipped right back out the window again.

Dad had to go away on a business trip, conveniently leaving me to “get acquainted” with the two lovely ladies that were sometimes lovers, sometimes family to me. How would I ever get this resolved?

That afternoon, when Kathryn was in the bathroom showering, Carol took the opportunity to approach me, only thinking of one thing. I couldn’t let her enchant me this time though. I said to her straight away,

“Carol, please. Last night was amazing, but I can’t go on like this way with you. I’m in love with Kathryn. I’m sorry.” She was clearly disappointed by this. I figured she would reluctantly accept it. Her shyness from before led me to believe that this is what would happen, but when I was walking away from her, she stopped me.

“Wait, Sebastian. You don’t want Kathryn to know about us, correct?” Uh-oh. I could see where this was going. “Therefore,” she continued, “You will do as I say, or I’ll tell Kathryn that you willingly fucked the hell out of her very own mother.” I have to say, I did not expect this from Carol. She clearly had more guts than I thought. She was also a lot more evil. But after all, the words “evil” and “stepmother” often go together, don’t they? Carol sat down on the chair in the upstairs hallway and lifted up her skirt right up, revealing her bare pussy. “Now, eat me, like a good little boy,” she said.

“Now? Here?” I asked in disbelief.


“But Kathryn could come out of the bathroom in a few minutes!”

“Well then I suppose you better hurry.” This had quickly become very serious. I didn’t have time to think. I quickly went over to Carol and prepared myself to eat my second crotch of the day, though I knew this one would not be as good. I began licking her madly, trying to go as fast as I could, as she sighed contentedly. “Mmm, deeper Sebastian. Mommy likes it deep.” I crammed my tongue into her slit furiously as she held my head in place, pulling me into her. I heard the water go off in the bathroom, over the sound of Carol’s heavy breathing. I pushed my face in a little further, doing all I could with my tongue movements to get her to come. When she finally did, she rubbed her vagina and said,

“Mmm, good boy. That’s a good boy.” I hurriedly lowered her skirt and wiped my mouth on my sleeve just before Kathryn emerged from the shower. Kathryn went to her room, giving the two of us sort of a questioning stare, and closed the door behind her. I knew that had been far too close. I couldn’t go on like this. I would have to tell Kathryn the truth. It was the right thing to do anyway, no matter the consequences.

I left Carol sitting in the hall, with a smirk on her face, and went right into Kathryn’s room. She was in the middle of changing as I entered. She automatically covered up her firm breasts that I was becoming so fond of.

“Sebastian! Gosh, be careful. Didn’t you see my mother right out there?”

“Kathryn, she already knows about us.”


“In fact, call her in here.” Kathryn looked confused but she called her mother into the room so all three of us were finally in the same room together. It was time to come clean.

“Kathryn, I have something to tell you.” Carol gave me a surprised look while Kathryn waited curiously. I forced myself to go on, “Last night, your mother came to me in my room and we… had sex. It was a stupid thing to do, and I can’t defend myself for what I did. But I can tell you, with all honesty, that I don’t love her, and that I do love you with all my heart. I just hope you can forgive me.” Kathryn’s look faded to a frown. She sat down on her bed and looked at the floor for a few moments. Finally she said,

“Well, thank you for telling me. Please leave the room, both of you.”

“Kathryn, I…”

“Sebastian, just… just go.” Carol and I left her room and she closed the door. I gave Carol one last cold look before locking myself in my own room. Clearly I had made a mess of things. I decided to pack up my belongings and just head back to campus early. I had to make a clean break. I headed to the airport that evening.

As I left, Carol, having nothing better to do after ruining everything, got on the phone to call one of her girlfriends. Kathryn finally came out of her room as Carol was doing this, allowing her to overhear some of her one-sided conversation.

“He just up and told her, can you believe that? I know! Nope, no more fun for me I guess… God, you don’t have to tell me… No, he didn’t even tell her about any of that… Not about my taking advantage of him, not about blackmail, nothing! Yeah, I guess he really does love her… I know… Oh but they’ll get over it; they’re still young…” Kathryn had heard all she needed to hear. She jumped into the car and followed me to the airport.

She caught up with me as I was still standing in line to check in my suitcase.

“Hey stepbrother, leaving so soon?” I turned to look at her. God I loved to see her smile. She ran up to me and hugged me. I happily hugged back. She explained how she had overheard Carol on the phone and she said she forgave me. We went back to the house and joyfully spent the rest of the vacation having wild sex and giving Carol mean looks. Let me tell you, it was bliss.

Dad and Carol’s marriage didn’t last of course, but it sure is funny how things can turn out, how good can come from bad. I could never really forgive Carol for blackmailing me, but she did give me Kathryn, whether she wanted it that way or not, so I guess I can thank her for that. After break, Kathryn came back to college with me so we could continue to “enjoy” each other’s company, and here we are now, still together, and still just as wild as that first night not so long ago.

The End

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