tagFirst TimeKathryn's Question Ch. 02

Kathryn's Question Ch. 02

byval wrangler©

Kathryn finally opened her eyes and looked up at me. "That was WAY better than I was expecting. I see now what you meant when you said that someone else's hand makes it feel completely different."

"I did okay?"

She beamed. "I'd say that was more than okay. The doctor is VERY impressed!"

It was all rather silly small talk, but I think we were both more than a little embarrassed by what had happened, so we stayed away from the more weighty topics. I really wasn't sure what she'd say if I expressed my feelings to her.

Picking up my watch from the floor, I said, "It's nearly 10:30. I should probably be getting home."

Kathryn sat up. "Will you come back tomorrow?"

"What time?"

"How about 7:00? That will give us some time before my parents get home. I asked them to call when they're setting out, so we'll know when to expect them." She flashed a distinctly evil grin I was to become very familiar with. "The doctor has more plans for her subject."

I lay in my bed for a long time that night, trying to come to grips with the day's events.

Next morning, in order not to make my mom suspicious, I made like I was going fishing, something I often did in good weather. I headed out the front door with rod and tackle box, walked around the block and got to Kathryn's house a little past 6:30. Her shade was still down, so a picked up a few pebbles and threw them at her window, something we'd always done. I didn't want to wait for the appointed hour.

A moment or two later, the shade went up. Kathryn must have been kneeling, her elbows resting on the window sill. Her bare shoulders made me aware she was probably naked. (Another surprise about my closest friend. How long had she been doing this?) Her long hair was sleep-tousled but her eyes were sparkling. It suddenly dawned on me that she'd become a woman somewhere along the line and stupid me had never noticed.

"What are you doing out there?"

I looked at the rod and tackle box I was holding. "This? I thought my mom would question why I was coming here so early."

Her face had an inscrutable expression. "What are you planning to catch?"

I grinned up at her. "A mermaid?"

"Why don't you come in then, and we'll see how successful you are..."

I'd known for years that her family kept a spare key under the flowerpot by the back door, so with thumping heart, I let myself in.

My friend and I usually used the basement when we got together, and I'd seldom been in her bedroom. Once we got to a certain age, her parents, while not actively discouraging it, made it clear they'd rather we weren't up there. Until yesterday they'd had no reason to worry.

I found it had been repainted in cool blues with some pink accents, all distinctly feminine. Her bedspread was pink and blue, too, but I never noticed it at the time, because the sight that met my eyes when I got there, stopped me cold.

Kathryn had taken the time I'd been on my way up to brush her hair and make the bed. She was now lying sprawled out, naked as the day she was born, her hair like a halo around her head.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked, her voice low and full of lust.

I just stood in her doorway, drinking it all in. God, she was beautiful.

She rolled to the edge and sat up, feet on the floor. "Could I take your clothes off?"

"I'll do whatever the doctor orders," I answered thickly.

Kathryn padded over to me. Pulling my T-shirt out of my pants, she had it over my head in a moment. She kissed me right in the center of the chest. Her hair, just below my nose, smelled like wildflowers.

My sneakers were off and my belt loosened in short order. Then she stopped with her hands on the snap on my jeans. "You're already getting hard. The doctor approves."

I was indeed. It was such an erotic thrill to have this naked goddess kneeling in front of me as she pulled down the zipper and slid my jeans down my hips. Next came my briefs and my erection sprang free as joyously as it had the evening before. After slipping the pants over my feet and taking off my socks, she remained back on her heels, just staring at my cock.

"It's so beautiful," she murmured.

I stood there silently, my erection throbbing with each beat of my heart.

Kathryn seemed to be in a trance, as she examined my manhood closely, before reaching out her hand. "Mmm... So hard and yet so soft. I have to do this..." With that she leaned forward and kissed the tip.

Even though I was hoping she might, I couldn't believe she'd actually done it. In our local society, good girls didn't do things like that. There was one, rather plain and overweight, from across town who'd become infamous because she was willing to give blow jobs. It made her very popular, but gained her absolutely no respect. Behind her back, people ridiculed her. She could have a date any night she wanted, but no one would ever consider going steady with her.

Kathryn was looking up at me. "Robby, would you like me to take you in my mouth?"


"Would you think less of me if I did this?"

Holding my cock at its base, she leaned forward and about three inches disappeared inside her pursed lips. When I felt her tongue move underneath, I jumped involuntarily. She immediately slid back.

"Did I hurt you?"

"Um, no. Just surprised me, that's all. Look, Kathryn---"

She looked up again. "I want you to call me Kathy when we're doing stuff like this."


"Because Kathy's my name when I'm being naughty."

This may have been the most surprising thing she'd said yet. I had no idea my friend even thought about sex, and in the past day, not only had I found out VERY differently, but she knew far more than I did.

"You actually want to give me a blow job?"

"Why do you say it that way? It's not such a bad thing, is it?"

I was flabbergasted. "It's just that girls like you---"

"Girls like me don't do things like this?" She took me in her mouth again, and this time the fluttering of her tongue on the sensitive part just under the head sent me through the roof. The feeling was indescribable.

Looking down, I could only see the top of her head, but as she worked with her hand as well as her mouth, I longed to see what this looked like. Reaching down, I pushed her hair back over her shoulders and held it.

"Thanks," she said, removing me from her mouth. "It was getting in my way."

It was hard to believe that this girl I THOUGHT I knew was actually giving me a blow job. And I hadn't even had to ask.

Without conscious thought, my hips began rocking as I felt an orgasm building. From her enthusiastic sucking and licking, Kathryn seemed to be enjoying what she was doing.

Right at the end, it came to me that she needed to be warned. I didn't think she'd want to swallow what was coming.

"Kathryn, ah, Kathy, I'm about to come. You better stop or---"

That's as far as I got. She grabbed my hips so I couldn't pull away and fluttered her tongue underneath the head of my cock. I couldn't help it. With a loud groan I began cumming harder than I ever had before.

Kathryn kept right with me, my cock buried in her mouth as it pulsed over and over and over. At one point she gagged a bit but didn't let go. I almost passed out.

Pulling away, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Holy cow! I think there was more of it than there was last night."

Lightheaded and unsteady, I stumbled over to her bed and flopped back. "My God..." was all I could say.

She came over and lay down next to me, taking my hand. "The doctor observes that her subject had a really strong reaction to that."

"I may never recover."

"So I did a good job?"

"I can't believe you did that at all!"

Kathryn seemed suddenly unsure. "You don't really think any less of me, do you?"

I turned to face her, thinking for a minute. "No. Not really."

"As long as this remains our secret, I have no problem with it. Actually, it was kind of fun."

"Does semen taste, you know, yucky?"

She looked up at the ceiling, thinking. "Well, it's salty and thicker than I thought it would be, but it didn't taste bad, sort of tangy."

"Why did you do it?"

Now she turned and looked at me shyly. "With all the reading I've been doing, I wanted to try, partly because it's very, very naughty, and partly because I was just curious."

"So you liked it?"

"Yeah. I liked it a lot, especially when you started thrusting. That really got me excited."

"Do you always sleep with no clothes on?"

She giggled. "No. But after last night and with no one home, I wanted to do it. Actually after you left, I had to play with myself again."

I pulled her to me and kissed her hard. This time there was no hesitation or awkwardness. Our tongues got in on the action, too. I thought to myself how cool it was to be French-kissing someone. I didnÕt even think of the semen sheÕd just swallowed.

It was easy to tell how turned on Kathy was. She practically dragged my hand down to her breast while her other hand felt around for my stiffening cock.

"Ohh...that feels so good," she sighed. "Please suck on them."

I didn't need any encouraging and for the next several minutes she gave me a running commentary on what felt good and what didn't. I noticed that as her nipples became more engorged, the harder she wanted me to suck.

Getting overly enthusiastic, I bit one. Not hard, but she definitely felt my teeth. She jumped a mile.

"I'm so sorry!" I said.

"You didn't hurt me. I was just startled, that's all." Then a grin suffused her face. "Actually, I think I had a small orgasm." She pushed my head down. "The doctor wants you to try that again. Work me up and then try a small nip."

We spent at least a half hour working that out. While her breasts weren't huge like the bunnies I'd seen occasionally in friends' copies of Playboy, they were wonderfully soft. Her nipples were a revelation. I know now that they were longer than average and also thicker. I found it fascinating the way the skin around the nipple puckered.

I'd worked Kathy into a frenzy by this point. For the past several minutes her body had been moving, sort of like the thrusting I'd done into her mouth earlier.

"Robby, I really, REALLY have to cum!"

"Haven't you been doing that?"

"Those are just little tremors. I want an earthquake! I NEED an earthquake!"

I started to move my hand down, but she grabbed it.

"No. Would you like to, um, do what I did to you?"

"You mean use my mouth?"

"Yesss!" she hissed. "That would be so naughty!"

I hesitated, not having any idea what that would be like. I thought of the fact that women pee from down there, forgetting that she had faced the same thing when she'd done me.

"Please, Robby! I really want you to."

It would give me a chance to look at a real woman close up, something any kid would be curious about, but I had no idea what to do.

It was like she read my mind. "I'll tell you what feels nice. Okay?"

As I moved down the bed, Kath pulled her knees up and apart and reached down with both hands to open herself up. I got down between and just stared.

"What?" she asked, putting her head up.

"It's, well, a lot different than what I was expecting."

Since she didn't have a lot of pubic hair and had very thick outer and inner lips, her sex was quite impressive. Labia, I remembered they were called. Everything looked swollen and hot and coated with her liquid. At the bottom was that holy of holies: her opening and the source of a trickle of milky white fluid. The scent rising from her genitals was intoxicating.

"What do I do?"

She giggled. "The doctor isn't really sure, but I'd suggest you use your tongue."


"I guess mostly around the top where my clitoris is."

She indicated by moving her hands farther apart. This exposed a small red button about the size of the tip of my little finger at the top of her inner lips. This must have been the hard thing I'd felt the evening before.

I lay down between Kathy's legs and lowered my head.

"Try licking from the bottom to the top," she said. "Oh yes...That's very nice."

Her lubrication tasted as good as it smelled and I quickly became an aficionado of "eau de femme". While Kath seemed to like me licking around her opening, she went positively crazy when my tongue hit her clitoris. I quickly worked out that if I made my tongue very soft and wide and swirled it around that hard little nub, her hips would begin churning almost immediately. But then there was that liquid at the bottom...

"Robby, don't tease me like this!" she said when I'd moved my tongue away for about the fifth time. "Stay at the top. Please!"

As I moved my tongue up this time, Kathy pushed her hips against my mouth and grabbed my head. She was so swollen by this point, her lips stayed open.

"Oh, yes! That's it. Try taking my clit in your mouth...gently...mmmm..oh yes, that sucking is so nice. Oh my gosh, that's good. Keep doing that! I'm going to...going to...AAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

I tried to stay with her flailing body but couldn't. Her spasms lasted for at least ten seconds after which time she just collapsed back and lay there. I rested my cheek on her inner thigh and watched her pussy continue to pulse gently. There was a huge wet spot underneath her on the sheets.

"I may never be able to focus my eyes again," she finally sighed. "That was incredible."

"I did okay?"

She gently touched my cheek. "Silly boy..."

We lay next to each other as I stroked her hair and kissed her face. "I think I've fallen in love with you, Katherine."

She smiled. "I think I've always been in love with you. I just didn't know it until recently."

"How long?"

"Several weeks. You were just to dumb to notice. Or maybe I wasn't flashing the right signs." She reached up and touched my face. "I'm not very experienced at this love thing."

I kissed her nose. "I think the doctor is doing very, very well. And I'm happy to be her test subject."

The phone rang and Kathryn leaped from the bed and disappeared from the room. Her rear end moved deliciously.

I lay back on the bed, hands behind my head with the biggest shit-eating grin on my face. This had to be the best weekend ever.

She appeared back in the doorway and stopped. "What are you thinking?"

"That I have to be about the luckiest guy on the planet. Who was on the phone?"

"My folks. They're just setting out." She came over and sat next to me, her hand gently stroking my cock which began rapidly expanding. "That gives us at least five hours more..."

I grinned. "To do what?"

"I think more of the same is in order. The doctor wants to verify the results of her last experiments.

"Come down here and let me kiss you first."

We each came twice more before time ran out. Kath got busy laundering her sheets and I reluctantly returned home without any fish for the first time ever. I think my mom might have begun suspecting something because I was not in a bad mood because of my lack of fishing success.


Kathryn and I decided that for public consumption we would play our growing relationship very cooly. There was certainly no sense in making ourselves the targets of more ridicule at school. We also felt is was better if our parents didn't know, either, because then we'd be constantly subjected to, "Where are you going and what are you doingÓ? And we certainly didn't want ANYONE to know what we were getting up to while we were together.

For the moment, with the end of our senior year coming up fast, it made sense that we'd spend a lot of time together studying, and although we were confined to her basement where anyone could come down at any moment, it was better than my living room which was the other place we generally studied.

Fortunately, both Kathryn's mom and dad worked. If we raced home from school that gave us a good three hours of possible "sex time" as Kath called it.

The problem was her sister Melanie. We never knew when she'd be around. One time, Kathy was being very naughty and had me pinned to the floor, riding my face with her juicy pussy (we both loved that term), when Mel came crashing in the back door, shouting for her sister.

Fortunately, I was still dressed, but Kathy had taken off her dress upstairs in order to surprise me. As Melanie trooped down the stairs, I sat on the sofa, putting a large physics text over my erection. Kath disappeared into the laundry room.

"Where's my sister?" Melanie asked.

"What?" I said, looking up with what I hoped was a convincingly startled expression. "She, um...I guess she's upstairs. I was reading over some stuff and..."

"Her dress was up in the kitchen."

"I'm in the laundry room folding up clothes," Kathryn called out.

Just then she came out and my eyes just about popped out of my head. With only Mel's clothes in there, she'd slipped on a pair of her jeans. Being at least 4" taller than her sister, on Kathryn they looked as if they'd been painted on. On top was a T-shirt so tight it was clear she wasn't wearing her bra. Her sexy belly button peaked out in the gap between the T-shirt and jeans.

The effect was stunning.

"So what do you think, Mr. Wiseacre?" Kath said somewhat harshly. "Still think I shouldn't wear more casual clothes?" Then she pretended to notice her sister. "Oh hi, Mel. Hope you're not mad I have your clothes on. Robert said he didn't think I'd look good in jeans."

I tried to read her sister's face. Was she going to swallow this?

"Gee, Kay, no. In fact you look pretty cute. I always said you should dress up more."

I could detect something in her voice, but what? Would she say something to her folks? Mel could sometimes be a bit odd.

"I'll be upstairs. Jason said he'd call before dinner." She turned for the stairs. "Don't get into any trouble down here, you two. And Kay, I'll take your dress up to your room for you."

With that she left.

"She suspects something," I said.

Kathryn shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not. I'll have to talk to her. Don't worry, Robby; the doctor will take care of it." Standing in front of me, she put her hands on her hips, her head cocked to the side. "So what DO you think?"

"IÕm really worried. What if she tells your folks?"

"No, silly! I meant what do think about how IÕm dressed!"

I looked her over carefully, making sure she could tell I was devouring her with my eyes. For all her outward confidence, it was easy to see that Kathy could be very unsure about her body.

Today, kids would say she looked "super hot" or maybe "bitchin". To me, she looked like a goddess. Anybody who knew her wouldn't believe it. As she gazed down at my hardening erection, her nipples grew noticeably and I detected a bit of a wet spot in her crotch.

"You don't have any underwear on, do you?"

Her voice was thick. "There wasn't any time. Besides, I don't think I would have been able to fit anything under these jeans," she answered, undoing the snap. "So how do I look?"

"Like any guy's wet dream. Those jeans look amazing on you."

Kathryn's smile was huge. "You really mean it?"

I pointed down to my crotch where my own jeans were being stretched uncomfortably.

Then for the first time I saw that delightful little shimmy women do when they take off tight pants. It's quite unconscious but truly heat-producing. Kathryn was an expert from the get-go, although she only found out later what a turn-on it was for me.

The jeans dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them. Her eyes as she looked at me were hooded with lust. There was only one thing she wanted.

"Make me orgasm. I want your mouth on me."

With that, she flopped down next to me on the old sofa, turning sideways and laying her head on the padded arm. One leg she threw over the back and the other rested on the floor. Opening herself with both hands I could see her swollen clitoris and the flow coming from her vagina. Everything was red.

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