tagBDSMKathy & Me Ch. 4

Kathy & Me Ch. 4


Later that morning, I slipped over next door to visit with Kathy. We had so much to talk about. She answered the door dressed only in a broad leather collar and leash. She looked so gorgeous, so sexy and vulnerable standing naked there, that I had a twinge of jealousy. No wonder Tim wants to fuck her.

There were, however, two new red welts across her buttocks. As soon as she brought out the coffee pot and we sat down to talk, I asked her about the marks on her ass.

Kathy actually seemed proud to tell me. "Steve punished me for resisting him last night when he first asked me to show my pussy. He said I did well after that, however, so he only gave me two swats with his cane. Then he took me upstairs and handcuffed my hands behind my back. He lay on the bed with his hard-on straight up like the mast of a ship. I wasn't easy with my arms in restraint behind me, but I mounted him, impaling myself on him down to his balls.

In needed that in the worst way. After he paraded me in front of you and Tim, I was in heat, frantic to be fucked. I had played the submissive slut for him, and let him shame me in front of my friends. I had earned my cock, and by God I meant to collect. I kept my feet and legs under me as I squatted on his rod. I could lift my ass, then let it drop, sliding on and off the hard rod inside me until I began to cum..., over and over.

After he came, I begged him like the bitch in heat I was to turn me over and butt fuck me. It was wonderful, Marge. My pussy ran like a river, and I must have cum fifty times. When he was finally done with me, he let me suck him off before he went to sleep. I slept by his side with a huge dildo in my pussy, and my arms still cuffed behind me."

Then it was my turn. I told Kathy how, just as Steve had suggested, Tim had made me strip, suck him off, and then took me upstairs with his belt around my neck. I gushed a bit as I explained how good it all was, how being tied to the bed, helpless and submissive, had melted my very core, so much so that I had begged Tim to take me as his permanent sex slave.

My newly found servitude was something that seemed to frighten Kathy. "Are you telling me," she asked, "that you are now going to submit to Tim the same way I do to Steve?"

"That's it," I answered. "I belong to Tim now in a way that I never have before. He may use me as he chooses, and the very thought of it makes my juices run down my leg, just like you said it would."

"But, Marge," Kathy protested, "Tim wants to fuck me. I could see it in his eyes last night the way he stared at my bare pussy. Steve will let him do it too, I just know he will. If you are Tim's slave, you won't be able to stop them. There is no way out. Your husband is sure to pin me down on the end of his dick, and what about you? For certain, Steve will ask for you in trade. What will Tim say to that? Do you want Tim to fuck me, Marge? Do you want to Steve to fuck you?"

"Yes, yes, and yes, Kathy," I answered, "or at least I think so. Perhaps its just because I am so sexed up right now, but swapping our men suddenly seems very erotic to me. What I want makes no never mind though. A slave woman fucks whomever she is told to. You are the one who taught me that. I thought it was awful when you first told me about being made to screw other men and all, but after last night, I am willing to take a strange cock on command, just as you do. At least it won't be a total stranger, not this time anyway, who Tim sends to fuck me."

"But Marge," Kathy continued to argue, "All this didn't just happen. Steve set you up, and showing off my bare pussy was his bait. You were ripe, and he knew it. He saw the want in your eyes the night he fucked me in front of Stan. I saw it too as I stripped before your camera. You wanted to be fucked, really fucked. I mean laid on your back, arms out and legs spread, mouth and pussy open, and cock stuck..., hard fucked until you were too sore to walk."

I tried to deny any of that was true, or that Steve had anything to do with my submission to Tim, but Kathy wouldn't let me interrupt.

"No, Marge, you were as easy for him as I was. When I was standing there last night showing my pussy, you wanted a cock in you in the worst way didn't you? You could see yourself in my place, humiliated like that, making Tim's dick all hard and ready to split your wet pussy wide open. I wasn't the only one who was imagining what it might be like to be fucked in front of the neighbors was I, Marge? All those sexy images went straight to your clit, didn't they?"

"Well...," I started to answer, but I was too slow. While I considered how to evade the truth of what she was saying, Kathy continued.

"So now you are a slave woman are you? Well let me be the first to break the news. Your wet pussy comes at a price. Tim has no idea yet how to really humble you, but he has Steve to coach him. Steve has already shown him how to shame a woman by making her show her bare wet pussy while begging for a cock to full it. I hope you enjoy that sort of thing. It won't be long before you will be doing all manner of humiliating and embarrassing things you never dreamed you would do."

"Steve will be glad to teach Tim the fine points of how to bring a submissive female to heel. How well do you think you'll sleep on the floor with a dildo up your ass, your arms spread and handcuffed to the legs of the bed? Will you enjoy watching me give Tim a blow job? And, oh God yes, don't let me forget..., Steve will include at no extra cost a personal demonstration of how little Marge should be fucked. That has been Steve's plan all along. He has always wanted his cock in my Marge's cunt, but poor dumb me, I didn't think there was any way."

"All that may be true, Kathy" I answered, "but all that only proves that I am as big a pushover as you are. O.K. so be it! I'm a slut! I will crawl! I will beg for a cock in my cunt! I don't care if Tim gives me to Steve. I am suddenly very female, and yes, I want somebody to fuck me. Anyway Steve screws a lot of women. Why should you care if one of them is me? Tim will have other women now too. Why shouldn't it be you rather than some bitch I don't even know.

Kathy was almost in tears as she replied, "But its different with you and Tim. You have a baby. You have a good marriage. You didn't need this slave stuff. What have I gotten us into? You..., you were my rock. If I went too far, I could always count on you to protect me from myself. Who will protect me now? And, as to sharing our men..., at least I'm not married to Steve, but Tim is your husband. What kind of common slut goes to bed with her best friend's husband?"

"A slave slut, that's who does," I answered her, "but a slave can't be blamed for what her man makes her do. If our men swap us, so what? Tim isn't just my husband any more. He owns me. If he wants my friend Kathy to suck his dick, that something I must learn to live with. If it pleases him to see me on my back with my legs locked around Steve Hamilton, or anyone else for that matter, then that's the way things are, and I must learn to live with that too. O.K., I admit it..., it might not be so bad! The thought of allowing some stranger to fuck me while my husband watches makes me all mushy."

Kathy shook her head in denial. "But Marge, that is just my point. Being used by Tim pushes my buttons too. It isn't as if I don't want Tim to screw me. He's a good looking virile guy. I know I will enjoy his prick, every inch of it. Most likely I will be a bitch in heat, begging him to fuck me. He will stick me, and I will cum on command for him. All that is exactly my problem. If I could just screw him without enjoying him so, I wouldn't feel so ashamed of myself."

"You aren't to blame, Kathy," I answered, "nor am I when I orgasm for the first time, or the hundredth time, at the end of Steve's prick. I have at last learned what it means to be female, and I refuse to feel guilty about it. My marriage is going to be better than ever. It may be different, politically and socially incorrect, but its going to be better because my husband no longer just loves me, now he sets me on fire. No matter how badly he shames or abuses his wife and concubine, the next morning he will still love me, you will still be my best friend, and I trust I will remain yours. We are not cheating on each other or on our men, we are only performing as the cunt slaves that our men have made of us."

Kathy shook her head in doubt, but there was nothing much else to say, and I returned home.

* * * * *

Over the next days, Tim put me on a crash course in female submission. I did my housework naked now, except of course, for my collar and leash. Steve helped Tim install still eye hooks in the ceiling beams of the family room and in door facings there. Tim had his choice when he wanted to punish me for my failures as a love slave. He could hang me up by my wrists with my toes barely touching the floor; or he could stretch me spread eagled across the open doorway with a dildo in my cunt and play with my tits until I begged him..., pleaded with him..., to give me his cock.

Tim fucked me frequently of course, sometimes in restraint, and sometimes not, sometimes lovingly, sometimes harsh and cruelly. Either way I was on a constant sexual high, and so well fucked, that I really didn't care what husband and master made me do.

Of course I had to be trained in humiliation and obedience. Tim would make me masturbate while he sat in front of me playing with his cock. Other times I had to hold a running vibrator in my pussy while I knelt between his legs and jacked him off. Groveling on my knees I would take his ejaculation in my open mouth, or on my face and tits. A good cunt slave must learn to accept being shamed like that.

I practiced daily on giving him a proper blow-job. I learned to swallow him all the way down my throat. With every bob of my head, my lips would rake his full length from the big tender ridge around the cock head to burying my nose deep in his pubic hair at the hilt. If I allowed even a single drop of his cum to escape my lips when he shot off in my mouth, Tim would hang me across the doorway and punish me with a limber switch from some handy tree in our yard.

And, oh yes, I shouldn't forget how he trained me to take his cock up my ass. First he stretched my rear hole with a butt plug for several days. When he decided I was properly dialated, he made me kneel on the floor facing the end of the bed, and then pulled my upper body across the bed with ropes that stretched and spread my arms to the head posts. He spread my thighs apart with ropes that tied each of my knees to a leg of the bed.

Helplessly bound spread eagle at the foot of the bed that way, I could only whimper in frustration as he licked my slit and probed my ass hole with his index finger. God, how in heat I was! I would have given anything to have his cock in my cunt. Tim had other plans, however. Momentarily he eased my suffering with a small vibrator in my poor pussy, but after that probe was well lubricated with my pussy juice, he took it out and used it to pry open my rectum. Then, with the buzz of that vibrator buried to the hilt in my ass, he began to cane my buttocks and thighs. I wanted his cock soooo bad, but in my pussy, not my ass. I terrified how it would hurt to take him in my behind. In the end he gave me no choice, however. The stripes of the cane burned and stung so. As all slave women do, I finally gave in and begged him to butt fuck me. Only then did he remove the vibrator, and kneeling behind me, he rammed his cock into my bowel.

It hurt! It hurt a lot! I cried out in pain, but he stayed with me, tempting my willing erotic core. Bending over my body he licked me between my shoulder blades and forced his hands under me to play with my tits. His attention set me on fire. Just as he plundered my ass hole to his completion, I was shattered with my own orgasm, as great an orgasm, as I have ever had in my life.

How could a woman enjoy being ass raped like that? I can't say really. I only know that I accepted what I was, a cunt slave, my husband's plaything, his slut. At the same time, however, I had become so completely female, so satisfied with my sexuality, so fulfilled by my servitude, that I wanted nothing more.

The one thing I never adjusted to, however, was being forced to parade myself naked in front of Steve Hamilton. Just as Kathy had predicted, Steve dropped by often to see how things were going, and offering his advice and help. On those occasions, Tim would always require me to flaunt my nakedness for Steve's amusement. I told Tim how embarrassing it was to have Steve ogling my bare tits and pussy, and how much worse it was for me to have him there watching while I was taking cock, or being punished. The bastard made no secrete that he especially got his jollies off on seeing me either in heat or in pain.

I shouldn't have brought the subject up. After I complained, Steve came by even more often. Even worse, Tim raised the ante by insisting that I put on dirty little shows just to entertain Steve. One day Tim mght make me do a sexy dance with my finger in my pussy masturbating myself to the music. When I was finished, Tim would make me stand at 'slave attention' with my legs spread and my fingers interlocked behind my head while Steve pawed my tits. Every time Steve showed up Tim would make me perform in some disgraceful way like that while the son of a bitch leered at my nudity. He delighted in taunting me, and calling me a whore, a slut, and a bitch. He almost always also reminded me of the dirty sexy things that one day he would make me do for him.

And as time went on, Steve's participation became steadily greater and more intense. He took to fingering my pussy while I was at slave attention, and then he would make lick his hand clean of my juices. Things reached a new low, however, the day he took his aroused cock out of his fly, and rubbed it along the inside of my thighs, and up and down my slit. He kept that up, and at the same time played with my tits, until I became so aroused that I begged him to stick that thing in me..., and meant it! The worst part of the whole thing was that he refused to fuck me, and I had to just stand there unsatisfied with pussy juice running down my leg.

It was Steve's suggestion that Tim watch while I gave Steve a blow job. I not only had to suck him off in front of my husband, I was required to simultaneously masturbate myself with my fingers. Tim told me I would be whipped if I didn't come before Steve did.

Directly in front of the hall mirror, that was the spot Steve chose to have his dick sucked. He wanted to me to have a good look at the little strumpet Margie in action. It wasn't a pretty picture. There I was..., squatting at Steve's feet..., my knees wide apart..., my pussy exposed..., my fingers rapidly stroking my clit..., my mouth stuffed full of Steve's big prick..., my head bobbing my lips back and forth over his full length. I felt like a street whore, but shamed or not, I not only orgasmed before Steve did, I came three times to his one. Steve finally shot that load in my mouth, and I swallowed it all. I must have liked it a lot. The taste of his cum stayed with me for the whole day.

Then, one day just as my training neared its end, Tim chained me standing spread eagled across the kitchen doorway. He stood in front of me and slid his cock to the hilt into my cunt. He had often fucked me in the doorway, but always as a test to see if I could stand firm and motionless while he masturbated himself in and out of my pussy. If I moved the least bit, he would stop and give my breasts a taste of the cane before starting over. This time, however, he just stood there, all the way inside me, pressing himself firmly against my belly, his cock pulsing but otherwise motionless. He pinched my nipples with his fingers and squeezed each breast while I waited patiently for him to begin, but he refused to move.

"Please..., please," I began to beg for it.

"No Marge, not today," he told me. "Today you must do the work. Squeeze me with your cunt. Hunch me with your hips. Bring us off Marge! Show me how much you enjoy my cock."

I was more than willing. Like a wild woman I began to punch at him with my hips, sliding on and off his wonderful rock hard penis. It was no more than a minute or two later, however, just as my first orgasm was coming on, when Tim suddenly pulled out and backed away, denying me the release I worked so hard for. I actually screamed so great was my need. I begged him to put his dick back into me, but he turned away and left me hanging limp on my chains, my pussy open and empty. As I sobbed my frustration, a naked Steve Hamilton suddenly stood where Tim had been. Behind him Tim reappeared, grinning like the Cheshire cat. Steve must have been in the kitchen all along hiding in the breakfast nook. Now his belly was against mine and I could feel his cock probing at the lips of my pussy.

Smooth as silk, the plumb head of Steve Hamilton cock slipped into the portal of my vagina. He didn't go all the way in as Tim had done. Instead he stepped back just a little so that I hung there on just the ridge around the huge head of his prick. I knew he was teasing me. Why was he doing this? I didn't want Steve! I wanted my Tim! I pled with both men not to torment me this way, but all I got was laughter in return.

Steve was smirking, almost leering, as he explained that I didn't have to fuck myself on his cock if I didn't want to. If I preferred, we could just stand quietly with only the bulbous end of his hard-on in my poor pussy. But on the other hand, if I wanted to, I could resume sliding myself up and down his shaft, just as I had done with Tim, until I brought us both off. It was all up to me!

The bastard was grinning from ear to ear as he explained how much my best friend Kathy loved his cock, and how she hated the other women he fucked with it. "Was I willing to spit on my friendship, and fuck myself on Kathy's cock..., or not," he asked He said he wanted to know which meant more to me, "Kathy or his cock."

Damn Steve Hamilton to hell! Is there any doubt what I chose to do? Damned right! Kathy who? With all my might I hunched my hips, forcing my cunt to climb up that big hard rod. My pussy was still wide open from when Tim fucked me, and it swallowed even Steve's huge prick with those first thrusts. Raising and lowering my pelvis, I continued to slide on and off that long lovely male shaft until a string of powerful orgasms left me hanging limp in my chains with Steve's cum dripping from my stretched hole. I knew I was a whore, but may dear God help me, I didn't care. My pussy felt soooo good.

Three days later, Tim announced that my submission training was over. I never knew if Kathy was told how Steve helped break me in as a slave girl. If she knew Steve had cum in my mouth, and that I had brought myself off hunching my cunt along the length of his cock, she never mentioned it to me. It really should make no difference I guess. We both know what it is like to lust after a male penis, and we do what we must do. Yet, I thought it better not to bring the subject up, and I never have.

It was almost three weeks after our first evening together when Steve and Kathy again came to our home for dinner again. Things were different this time. Our conversation was tense, the meal hurried. We all knew that Kathy and I were the evening's real main course. Tim and Steve were horny and impatient. Kathy and I were nervous about what was expected of us, but we too were anxious to get on with it. All week we had wondered about those two big cocks, and how they would taste and feel. Our pussies were moist in anticipation of what was to come even as we ate our meal.

When our deserts were finished, all four of us retired to our living room. It was only moments before the four of us were stripped. The men sat side by side on the sofa, thighs apart, cocks hard and erect. Kathy and I were naked and on our knees before them. Kathy was to be Tim's cunt slave for the evening, while I would belong to Steve in exchange. Swapped for the first time, Kathy and I both knew how the rest of the evening would go.

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