tagBDSMKathy & Me Ch. 5

Kathy & Me Ch. 5


It is four in the morning now. More than an hour ago my husband Tim led me away to our bedroom on a leash clipped to the ring in my pussy lip. Steve reclaimed Kathy the same way, and took her to our guest room.

I am drained, my libido fully sated. Tim is on his back snoring loudly. I lay face down between his raised knees. The upper half of my body is on our bed. From my waist down I hang off the end of the mattress with my knees on the floor. My arms pass under and around Tim’s legs. Over the top of each thigh my wrists are brought together and shackled to a ring in the broad leather belt around Tim’s waist. Firmly anchored between my master’s legs in this way, I can not escape the flaccid cock that is stuffed in my mouth. I am careful to let Tim’s penis lie quietly on my tongue so that the circumcised plum of its head can soak in my saliva. All this is familiar to me. As a part of my slave training on many nights I was chained this way with my head in my husband’s crotch, using my mouth to keep his penis moist and warm while he slept.

I am careful that my lips grip him gently. When Tim is soaking his cock on my tongue like this I am forbidden to give him an erection, or otherwise disturb his rest. I hate that. I lay here desperately wanting to draw out his rock hard length, and then to suck his hard-on until I am rewarded with a full load of his creamy cum. That would not be likely tonight, however, even if I dared try. I was there watching as Kathy sucked and fucked him in every way a woman can, and surely she has drained him of his last drop of male virility and seed.

The fact is, I am pretty well spent myself. Steve’s huge prick has pried me open, and left my vagina and rectum feeling empty and distended. My Tim is no slouch in the penis department, but Steve is even longer and broader. Although Steve fucked me once before during my slave training, that day Tim’s dick had already dilated my pussy, and I was in heat, far too frantic with need to compare cock sizes. Until this evening I never appreciated how big the woman tamer that hangs between Steve’s legs really is.

Tonight, however, my slit was still tight when Steve laid me on the floor, spread my legs wide, and filled me with all his ten inches of hard-on. I thought for sure my poor pussy would split, but somehow I stretched to fit him. After he was all the way in, however, I began to appreciate what a truly big penis can do for a woman. It hurts to take a prick that size, no doubt about it..., but dear God, the way Steve wrenched me apart and stuffed me to the brim with male meat is an experience I will never forget..., or regret.

Nor was my poor distended pussy the only hole of my body that Steve Hamilton would ravage this evening. He would take both my mouth and my ass hole too before the night was over. He was soooo big and soooo rough, My God, in both my mouth and ass hole, how could I opened enough to take all that? I have no idea how it was possible, but somehow all that great rod of blood and tissue went down my throat and into my bowel..., all he way, right to my nose in his pubic hair, right to his balls against the cheeks of my ass. How did I do that?

Now, however, my jaw aches and my throat is sore. All the tissues of my pelvis, both cunt and rectum, quiver with after shocks from being stretched so. Yet it is all pain sweetened by satisfaction. I decide that on balance, the pleasure was greater than the hurt. Every so often, every woman should have her cunt, and then her anus, stretched to fit a hard male cock too big for her. If our insides were occasionally stressed that way, we girls would be ever so much easier to live with.

This was my first taste of my new life as my husband’s love slave. Did I have regrets? After all my spouse and lover had certainly took terrible advantage of me tonight. He swapped me for my best friend, and then stood by and watched while a stranger fucked me as if I was a common whore. Such demeaning abuse should have been painful and ego shattering, but somehow I didn’t find it so. To the contrary, I reveled in the way Steve demanded my total submission as he cruelly fucked me within an inch of my life.

God, how I did enjoy it all, so much so that my poor pussy is still leaking its juices even as I lay here. All my life I have been a such a proper spoiled little American bitch. How is it that I was suddenly eager to be taken like some tramp raped in the alley behind a sleazy pool hall? Why would I beg some cruel and demanding stranger to stick his oversized dick in me?

The extraordinary size of his cock, perhaps that was the reason. To be filled that way with such monster cock is certainly a tempting experience for a woman, but was that all there was to it? No, I don’t think so. There had to be more ..., something down deep inside me..., a pathetic Freudian desire to submit a man and his penis, perhaps? Was I always this way, starving to be ravaged by a cock..., a closet nymphomaniac without realizing it? Let me think on all this.....

I remember Steve and an equally naked Tim seated on the couch. Kathy and I were on our knees between their thighs ready to service the cocks that would soon pleasure us. It was then I first became realized the size of Steve’s cock and wondered how it would ever fit my poor pussy.

There was no time to dwell on the thought, however. “Lick us! Suck us! Make us hard,” Steve commanded.

With a will, I went right to work on Steve’s big love rod, licking down the length of his long shaft, and Kathy did likewise to Tim. As Steve’s erection grew, so did my concern about his enormous size. Confronted with all that male meat, the best I could do was to kiss and suck just the tip end of his giant plum like head. For the moment, that was enough, however. The pricks of both men quickly became iron hard, and they forced Kathy and I to the floor, flat on our backs, our legs spread wide.

A month ago, I would not have willingly spread myself like this for a stranger. I would not have even thought such a thing possible. Tonight, however, it was the most natural thing in the world to be Steve Hamilton’s whore, and I responded to him accordingly. I could see it was the same with Kathy. Each of us was a female in heat, lusting after the penis of our cruel master, begging to be used for his pleasure..., and ours.

Tim and Kathy went first. Steve made me watch. Before the evening began wondered if I could handle seeing my husband fuck my best friend, but now overwhelmed by my own submission to this stranger who would soon take my body that I hardly cared what Tim did to Kathy. While Kathy lay with my husband between her legs, babbling and begging Tim to fuck her harder, Steve played with my tits and fingered my clit. I knew Steve was teasing me, turning me on for his own pleasure, but his hands felt good on my breasts, and I was even grateful to him for distracting my jealousy of Kathy.

Suddenly Tim rolled away from Kathy, and despite her cry of protest, he stretched out on his back flat on the floor with his pecker standing straight up in the air ready for use. “Mount!” was all he said.

Kathy didn’t need to be asked twice to climb onto that pylon of blood and tissue. Her pussy lips were dripping moisture as she squatted astride his hips, and using one hand to guide him into her slit, slowly settled down to take him in. Tim reached up and began to pull playfully on those lovely long nipples.

For five minutes or so he made her just sit there quietly, filled to her cervix with his long cock, while he mauled her tits with his hands. I don’t know how she did it, but her hips did not move, not even a twitch. She sat there saying nothing, panting slightly, beads of perspiration breaking out on her forehead, squeezing Tim’s dick as hard she could with the muscles inside her pussy wall..., but nothing more.

When Tim could stand it no longer, he commanded her to fuck herself on his cock. Permitted to take her pleasure at last, Kathy’s legs became steel springs, raising and lowering her butt, sliding her clit up and down along Tim’s long hard rod. Even my prim and proper Kathy could not ride a cock like that without getting off on it. No woman could.

In a frenzy she shook her head from side to side, and her long dark tresses flew wildly with every shake. Her breasts heaved and bobbed in rhythm with as over and over she raised her hips and then dropped back onto the pole she held captive in her pussy. In her ecstasy she screamed dirty words at Tim, sobbing uncontrollably one minute, laughing hysterically the next.

Her orgasms came rat-a-tat-tat like staccato bursts of machine gun fire. When at last Tim’s cum came oozing out from the seal between her pussy lips and his cock, poor Kathy had nothing left. She simply collapsed limp and exhausted on Tim’s chest.

After suffering Steve’s teasing fingers, and watching Kathy get hers, I needed to be fucked more intensely than ever before in my life. Steve was ready too. All that man-meat so limp and soft before I began to suck him had become rock hard, standing straight out like a spear. Funny I should think of a spear. A weapon is exactly what Steve had for me..., a spear..., a spear to split me open..., a spear to compel my obedience..., A spear force my submission..., a spear to make me his slave.

For weeks now I have known Tim was going to give me to Steve, and I have wondered about this moment. I never told Kathy about the day I rode Steve’s penis to an orgasm while hanging chained in a doorway, but the incident had never been far from my mind lately. Yet, Steve’s cock seemed so much bigger now..., how had my poor pussy ever taken that thing? Yet, how good his cock had been that day. Tonight, with both my husband and my Kathy watching, would it be as good for me again?

I would soon find out. “Spread for me, Bitch,” was Steve’s order.

I lay down, my legs flying open as if on a spring. Steve lay on top of me, his hips between my thighs. His hard-on was probing at the lips of my pussy. I squeezed him with my knees, and whimpered to him in my need “Oh God, Yes, Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, please!”

“Put it in for me, Bitch,” was his reply.

Abruptly he raised his hips over my splayed legs allowing me to reach between us and take his cock in my hand. Eagerly I reached for him and nudged his cock head against my slit. I was still afraid of his size, but my fear was no match for my desire. I gritted my teeth and forced that big plum head between my labia.

Suddenly, with my hand still on his shaft, his hips came down, and sliding past my fingers, he buried himself all the way to his balls with his first thrust. For a brief moment my cunt burned with an electric shock, but the fiery hurt lasted only seconds before it drowned under a shattering orgasm that left me crying out for more.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” was all I could say, repeating the words like a mantra over and over.

As Tim and Kathy watched, I reverted completely to the cunt slave I must have been in some former life. I answered his every thrust, hunching my hips in eager response to this huge iron rod that pistoned in and out of my cunt. The passion of my submission was no act. At that moment I would have done anything he asked..., anything just to keep on enjoying the give and take of this huge warm slick phallus that was sliding up and down inside me. I was an animal, pumping my hips to meet his thrusts in a rhythm that only I could hear.

Steve fucked me three times last night, twice in my cunt, and once in my ass. I sucked him off twice. Never before, not even in Tim’s slave training, has a man thrown me on my back and forced me to take his cock in such a commanding way. Was this rape? No, not likely. I did not consent exactly, but consent is probably implied when a woman is groveling at a man’s feet licking his toes. Does a man enjoy a better right to fuck a woman than to eat her pussy until her juices are running down her leg? I think not..., so..., no..., rape it must not have been.

Anyway, what was I but a concubine, brought from the harem all submissive and horny, a pretty thing to be fucked and enjoyed, then whipped and sent back to the seraglio in the morning. This abrupt, harsh, and selfish sex was all that I was entitled to..., and deep down, it was exactly what I wanted.

Still, I am ashamed that I enjoyed it all so, but the penis that stretched my pussy and rubbed my clit erased all trace of the spoiled bitch I have always been. I am distressed that the two people who mean the most to me, Kathy and Tim, were watching and listening as I played the common slut, but I simply could not have done otherwise. To be laid and fucked like that stripped my soul as naked as my body. I had been reduced to an open aching cunt, without pride or shame. This night I was born to be, a slave wench, ready and willing to be seized and fucked in every hole.

Steve is right. Once A woman surrenders herself to a man and his cock, she can think of nothing else. Her fantasies push all her buttons, she becomes mesmerized, and she loses herself in a sexy dream world all her own.


And..., Oh..., Yessss... How a woman can dream when she is on her back with her legs up and spread, and her cunt is full of cock. Flat on my back, pinned to the floor by Steve’s huge dick, my imagination overflowed. My situation, my sensations, they seemed so familiar. Surely this could not be my first experience as the slave of a demanding master. Blurred visions flash before my eyes..., women in chains..., women stretched on the rack..., women tied spread-eagle ready for rape and sodomy..., and fleeting glimpses of naked concubines dancing in seraglios.

The images all seem so real, so familiar. Could they be memories of some distant and otherwise long forgotten past? Could it be that in earlier incarnations I was a woman bound in sexual service to men who owned my body. Did Steve’s cock somehow lift me from the safety of American suburbia back into the horrors of some dark and foreboding place I know not where? It must be so. Surely, no yuppie housewife living in twentieth century New Jersey could have so vividly recalled such a sexual servitude with having been there

Only one thing can be said with certainty, tonight my mind somehow became a fugitive from the present, visiting instead in some far away time and place that was none the less strikingly familiar to me. To where then had I traveled just hours ago, lost in the time warp of an erotic fantasy?

I was a female captive certainly. I remember that much, but why and where? A helpless woman seized as booty after some long forgotten battle, perhaps? Yes that must be it! No longer Marge Smithers, I must have returned to a former life to suffer again horrors of a thousand years past.

A Celtic woman perhaps, stripped and staked out spread eagle on the ground ready for rape by the Roman Legionnaire whose sword has just slain her husband? No, not now. Not this time. In this life I was a medieval princess whose father’s fortress on the Rhine has been burned and pillaged by rampaging Huns. Yes that is it, but the old memories flood back, I realize that with the battle lost I am but a prize of war, no longer a princess but a wench for the pleasure of savages.

I am not alone in my distress. The battle for the Castle Keep had barely ended before blood splattered enemy swordsmen began to search out our women and children. One by one they find us, and drive us weeping from the safety of our hiding places. In less than an hour, all our women are gathered against the castle outer wall surrounded by a half circle of the leering enemy.

It is a scene from hell, the late twilight lit by the flickering fires from the burning village at the foot of the castle wall. The bodies of our fathers, husbands and lovers litter the ground in silent clumps. The stench of blood and burning flesh fills the air. The children scream out in their terror, but most of the women are frozen in fear, so stunned that they can not even cry.

Our captors shout obscenities at us, describing in lewd detail how they intend to use our bodies this night. They are especially explicit about their penises, and the many ways they we will be forced to service them. Until this terrible evening, we have all lived as decent Christian wives and daughters, but no more. Our virtue and chastity are suddenly forfeit to these uncivilized beasts.

I watch in horror as the first woman is snatched away from our group. I know her well. We have often laughed together as I bought fruit from her husband. She is pretty and smart, kind and sweet, a good wife and mother. From now on, however, she will the slave concubine and whore of some dirty barbarian.

She screams in terror and fright as she is stripped and thrown to the ground. Her sobbing pleas for mercy are to no avail. A naked Hun soldier stands over her, slowly stroking his incredible foot long penis with his hand. His comrades seize the poor woman by her wrists and ankles, subdue her struggles, and spread her on the ground. The cruel rapist kneels before his victim’s defenseless vagina, and with and single thrust, he impales her with his cock.

I want to look away, but I can not. It is the first time in my sheltered life I have seen a man fuck a woman. I watch hypnotized as the Hun’s long thin phallus, moist and gleaming in the glow of the burning buildings, slides in and out of my friend’s sex until finally he spends himself. The poor woman lies weeping, the seed of her attacker dripping from her pussy as she waits for the next barbarian to mount her.

While the attention of the enemy rabble is turned to the rape of our poor sister, a Hun chieftain has pushed his way through his men. He is a large muscular man in leather armor with a face marred by scars of other battles. While his troops are distracted, his icy gaze is sweeping back and forth across the captive women.

We are all afraid of him, and with cause. The enemy are all cruel, but the officers of such a rabble are likely to be especially so. In our fear we cower away, and begin to mill around trying to hide behind one another from his notice. His powerful neck cranes as he scans us over as if choosing a pony from a corral herd. Clearly he is making the selection to which his rank gives him a priority, but which of us will he pick?

The Hun soldiers become bored with the rape of only a single woman. They are eager to cast lots for female prizes of their own and begin the night’s orgy, but the Hun chief still has not yet chosen a captive for himself. The rabble is impatient. Altho this man is their superior, their discipline is thin. They do not hesitate to jeer and curse at him for his hesitation. Finally, he strides forward directly into our midst. He has made his decision. May God help me..., he is coming this way..., in the name of Jesus and the virgin mother, no, no..., tell me I am not the woman he has chosen!

But I am the one! The small sea of women around me parts as the Hun makes his way to where I stand. His strong arms reach out and I am snatched to his broad chest like a rag doll. In a single sweep of his hand he rips away my night gown. Naked now I am shamed and helpless in the vice like grip of his arms. With one hand he gropes at my breasts, while a finger of the other probes inside my slit testing the hymen he finds still intact there. His men cheer him as he gives my bottom a hard swat and leads me away by a rope around my neck down the road to the Hun camp and his tent.

I have never been with a man before, and I am terrified of my captor and how he will use me. I weep and beg him to take pity on me, and to spare the honor of a girl who is innocent and virgin. It is no use. My virginity is doomed. He throws me on my back in a pile furs, where I am forced to service his huge barbarian cock, tonight with my mouth and my cunt, and in the nights to come, with my ass as well.

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