tagBDSMKathy & Me Ch. 7

Kathy & Me Ch. 7


The days flew by quickly now as Tim and I found ourselves more and more ensnared in Steve Hamilton's lifestyle. Tim joined Steve's little fun cabal for cards and ball games, and it wasn't long thereafter that the boys brought their bi-monthly floating poker game to our house. As the hostess for the night I was expected to serve the beer and sandwiches..., and to provide the evening's 'entertainment'.

Tim dressed me in an absurd French maid's costume he rented for the occasion. At the appointed hour, there I was, standing by our front door in black net stockings, my breasts spilling out of a bra that was much too small, and wearing no panties under a skirt so short it barely covered my naked pussy. Tim carefully instructed me on how we would greet our "gentleman guests". As each man arrived, Tim would introduce me at the door. He emphasized that I should be sure to remember each man's name. When Tim said "...and this is my wife Marge," that was my cue to wrap my arms around the visitor, press my body hard up against him from thigh to breast, and give him a sloppy French kiss of welcome.

Tim reminded me that as the hostess I had to be 'friendly' and 'entertain' the guys. I already knew what that meant. I was to allow these men I had never met before to grope my private parts whenever they chose. What will my 'guests' think of a woman who wears no panties, and permits them to squeeze her tits and run their hands up between her legs? I knew the answer to that. SLUT! They will think I am a slut! Dressed like this, and playing the whore, what else could they think?

Still, I had no choice. I have been cunt slave long enough by this time to know that to protest anything Tim wants only gets me tied to a stair post and whipped. Anyway, as ashamed as I am of the way I must prostitute myself this evening, I must admit the thought of giving hard-ons to a dozen strange men made my pussy all moist and tingly. Lately I am soooo horny. I can't help but wonder..., when Tim's new friends see how sexed up I am, will one of them insist that I actually fuck him? And, what would Tim say to that?

What would it be like, anyway? I mean to be fucked by some strange man in my own living room with my husband and all his friends looking on? My imagination overflows with images of how I would look laid out on the rug in my little maid's costume, all hot and horny, so turned on that I can hardly wait until someone sticks me with his big cock.

I close my eyes. In my mind I can see myself on the floor. I am on my back sweating a little and the sweat makes my body shine in the bright light. A pillow is under my butt. My knees are raised and spread. My bra is pulled down. My soft boobs are flopped back against my chest, and the pale flesh inside my bra tan line glows milky white. My nipples are hard and erect, begging for the attention of a male mouth. My tiny skirt is rolled up around my waist allowing everyone to see my bare pussy and how wet I am.

Tim's buddies surround me laughing and jeering as I squirm and beg for someone, anyone, to please come fuck me. I whimper a little when a dark naked man I first met only hours ago crawls on top of me. As his hips reach the cradle of my thighs, I reach between us and guide his short but very fat cock into my waiting cunt. The huge purple plum of its head is barely wedged between the lips of my slit before an orgasm begins to build deep in my ovaries. I hear myself groan, "Please..., please."

My unknown lover has no sympathy for my plight. He snarls at me, "Please what, SLUT?" He does not wait for an answer. With a single thrust of his hips he buries himself inside me. His sudden entry catches me unawares, and I gasp, grabbing for a deep breath. My vagina walls are suddenly stressed to their limit, so widely are they wrenched apart. The penis inside me may not be as long as I would like, but it is bigger around than my fist. Only in child birth have my insides been split so open. I lift my hips, spreading my thighs, stretching myself to accommodate the extraordinary width of the swollen meat that dilates my cunt. My initial disappointment at the short pecker of my anonymous lover fades as my first orgasm begins to build from the delicious pressure against my clit.

The dark man hesitates for a long moment as if to enjoy the elastic grip of my pussy tight around his cock. The opening to my slit is soooo full. I know Tim is watching and listening, but I am overwhelmed by my need for the prick that fills me. Despite my shame, I can not hold my tongue. For my husband and all his friends to hear, I tell my unknown lover how he has wrenched me open, and how desperately I want him to fuck me with his fat prick.

The hard-on that has stuffed my pussy responds to my pleading. The hips between my legs are beginning to move now, ever so slowly at first and then faster and faster, driving that broad piston in and out of my aching cunt. I raise my ass and hunch my pelvis back and forth rubbing my clit hard against this plundering penis. That great orgasm that has been in waiting finally comes crashing over me and I scream how good it all is into my husband's ears.

Whoa Marge! What are you doing to yourself? I shake my head, trying desperately to clear my mind of dirty pictures. Why do I think of such things? My dear Tim has a prick that should be enough for any woman. I do love him so, but lately he has made me into such an over sexed little tramp.

I am truly humiliated by the way I must behave tonight in front of men I have never laid eyes on before. But..., if I am really ashamed at playing the whore, why am I fantasizing about being publicly fucked by a total stranger? I ask myself, "Good God, do I really want one of Tim's new buddies to lay me on my back and use me like that this evening?" The answer rings silently in my head, "Yes, damn it, I guess I do!" I blush beet red at the thought.

Too late to worry about all that now, however. The guests are beginning to arrive. The very first one was Sam, Steve's old buddy from the Marine Corps. Sam was a big strong man, not really handsome, but virile and very masculine. On cue I pressed my body against his, and gave him my best tongue kiss. He responds to my passion by squeezing me hard in arms as hard as iron, returning my kiss, overpowering my tongue with his own. Shocked by the passion of his response, I panicked and tried to pull away, but Sam was not yet finished with me. One hand held my waist in a steel vice. With the other he reached into my bra and brought out a tit. For a long moment I remain his captive as he squeezes my boob, all the while rubbing the nipple with his thumb. Then smiling at the way I was gaping at him in my surprise, he stooped over to suckle on that abused nipple. Just as the next man walked up, Sam bit down..., hard.

That did it! Tramp that I am, I cried out..., more from the ache in my cunt than from the pain in my nipple. As he raised his head from my tit Sam smiled again, wider this time. I could tell he saw the 'fuck me' look in my eyes..., and I just didn't care.

It went on pretty much like that as each guest came to the door. One by one, I passionately hugged and kissed each guest as he arrived. In return they fondled my tits, my ass, and my pussy. By the time I came to the last one, both my breasts were out of my bra, my nipples were standing up like little rubber erasers, my stockings were down around my ankles, and I was sweating like a stevedore. My pussy was sopping wet too, but it wasn't with sweat.

The last guy to arrive was Rosy, a young black boxer Steve had first met in the gym. A 175 pound light heavy weight, I could see his chiseled arm and chest muscles rippling under his skin tight T shirt. Another bulge was just beginning to rise down one leg of his taut jeans hinting at the oversized love muscle hidden there for some lucky girl to enjoy. I almost peed my pants when it occurred to me that if Tim was willing, tonight I might be that girl. I greeted this young Negro with some extra tongue and worked my crotch as hard as I could against that delicious and growing erection. I did soooo want him to fuck me right then and there.

Everybody could see what a state I was in. From all sides I could hear teasing taunts and laughter. It was obvious I was enjoying my initiation as a serving girl..., but Rosy wasn't through yet. He bear hugged me in those muscled arms, and returned my kiss with the longest most muscular tongue I have ever had shoved into my mouth. Damn, what could he do to a girl's pussy with that thing?

Before I could get my breath back, I began to find out. Smoothly Rosy slid out from under my embrace and on to his knees. He raised his head between my thighs, and began to run his tongue up and down my exposed slit. When he hit my clit, I thought I would die. I just stood there, my head thrown back, my legs spread, my fingers gripping his mat of kinky hair, whimpering with desire. Someone else, I think it was Sam, squeezed my left breast and fed his index finger into my mouth. It wasn't the long Arkansas black snake of Afro-American cock I wanted, but I made do, sucking on it as if it was a tiny penis. Orgasm after orgasm ran through my poor pussy.

With the introductions over, I was given a chance to retreat to the kitchen for a few minutes before bringing out the refreshments. I stuffed both my tits back into my bra, re-hooked my stocking to my garter belt, and wiped the pussy juice off my thighs. When I brought the first round of beers back to the living room, however, the men weren't yet playing cards. Breaking in new serving girl is the favorite sport of this bunch, and I had proved to be an especially responsive victim.

You remember how Tim had cautioned me to remember each man's name? Well, now I found out why. Our 'guests' were seated around the room now, and each one had unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis. Tim made me crawl to each man on my hands and knees, and after kissing the head of his cock, call him by his full name. After what I had been through at the door, there was no way could do that. Every time I missed a name, I had to lay across that man's lap, and repeat his name after each swat of his hand across my bare buttocks. To be spanked like that over and over, my bare ass up and burning, both my tits again hanging out of my bra, my legs in sheer black stockings kicking with every strike, is humiliating..., and pretty damned erotic.

Along with the fire in my ass I could feel each man's erection swelling under my squirming belly. Between swats, hands seemed to come from everywhere, fingering my pussy and playing with my dangling tits. The redder my ass became, the more I wanted to be fucked, and the harder it was to remember who went with what name. All my brains had gone to my pussy, and I could hardly identify my own husband. Thank goodness they finally gave up. Thirsty by then from whacking my fiery bottom, they took pity on me, but only because they needed me to bring them more beer.

The rest of the evening the men turned their attention to cards in serious way. Still, my situation hardly became any easier. With every sandwich or beer I delivered, wandering hands caressed me from thigh to breast. Strong fingers probed between my legs, and sometimes one of my 'guests' would hook me between his index finger buried in my cunt and his harsh thumb pressing against my clit. Held captive that way, I would be lifted upwards onto my toes where I could only teeter helplessly as I struggled to maintain my balance. Often I would not be returned to the solid floor until, to the delight of my tormentor, an orgasm would come washing over me.

After the way I had been fondled at the door, and then spanked, to be toyed with over and over like this without having a cock in my cunt was almost unbearable. For sure, I was in no condition to protest when around midnight the men stripped me of my costume. Buck naked and in heat, I continued to serve them, consumed with a single thought. Would one or more of them fuck me?

It didn't happen tho. The poker game closed down in the small hours of the morning, and soon thereafter only Tim and I were left in our living room. I pulled his pants and shorts down to free his cock, and knelt between his legs to play with his growing erection. After I had sucked him off and swallowed his cum, he asked me if I enjoyed what had happened to me. I was honest about it. I admitted how aroused I had been.., and how much I wanted one of them to fuck me.., especially the black man, Rosy. Tim told me that a white woman who would lust after black cock was nothing but a whore, and that he wouldn't share his bed with such trash.

Instead, he hung me from a ceiling hook and whipped me. It didn't help. Even as I hung there all I could think about was having Rosy's long black dick in my pussy, and the more Tim whipped me, the more I wanted Rosy to dick me. After I had been punished, my dearest husband laid me spread eagle on the floor at the foot of our bed. He tied each arm out to the nearest leg of the bedstead, and cuffed a bar spreader between my ankles. A big plastic dildo was up my ass, and our largest vibrator was strapped into my poor pussy..., running of course. I lay there on my back all night, cumming at intervals on that damned vibrator, but never satisfying my need for a real cock.

The life of a female slave, I have found, is not always a bowl of cherries.

Still, it wasn't all bad either. I love Tim's dick and I get to enjoy it much more often now that I am his cunt slave. Every morning I suck him off before he goes to work. Around the house he keeps me naked with a leash hanging down between my tits, bumping them every time I move, reminding me of my servitude. When I am submissive and obedient, my pussy is rewarded. When I forget what I am and cop an attitude, Tim hangs me in a doorway, where I am first whipped, and then abused with a huge dildo up my ass.

When I am particularly naughty, I am whipped and then Tim sends me scurrying still naked next door to service Steve Hamilton's prick. This is supposed to be part of my punishment for being a bitch, but I have lost my fear of Steve's massive prick, and I am no longer apprehensive about taking him in whichever of my holes he chooses. Indeed, the truth of the matter is, I love it. I have never been so well fucked as when Steve is finished with me. I wouldn't let Tim know, but sometimes I misbehave just so I can enjoy our neighbor's monster member.

You see, altho I am Tim's property and cunt slave, we both know that underneath my servitude all this is only a game between lovers. Secure in that knowledge, I am never really apprehensive about how far Tim might go in abusing me. With Steve, however, the game is different. When he has me on my knees, I am truly a slave woman. With Steve there are no limits, and no safety valves. Whether I am in his bed alone, or with Kathy, or with some other woman, I am only another concubine for him to abuse. When Steve is astride of my face, feeding his huge cock down my throat, it makes no difference that I can not breathe. I am the same helpless female flesh as the nameless medieval manor slave I fantasize about. Steve's cock, and that of my imaginary Magyar along the Danube, are one and the same to me, and somehow they touch the very core of my erotic being in a way my loving husband can never reach.

With all this constant sex, especially the way Steve humbles me, my fantasy life has blossomed. In my imagination I regularly return to my fantasy castle manor north of the Danube. At first I was periodically sent to the castle barracks to service the Magyar's praetorian guards like all his other female slaves. I greatly enjoyed all those rock hard young cocks, but soon the pleasure I gave my owner convinced him to reserve me for use only in his apartments.

Now I am fucked only by him and his most honored guests, or I am given as a reward to an especially deserving Officer of the Guard. As much as I hated being suddenly denied the pricks of all those virile young soldiers, I am proud that the man who owns me finds my charms to be so special. I may be a little chunky around the hips, but I am blond and fair with a pretty face and full tits. My Hun master trained me well in the art of servile cocksucking, and as it happens, my Magyar's favorite thing is a blow job by a kneeling naked slave woman. He particularly likes the way I suck his prick because not only is my mouth soft and warm, I look particularly sexy the way my full soft tits dangle and sway in rhythm with my blond head bobbing up and down on his fleshy rod.

By no means, however, do I have an exclusive claim on my Magyar's prick. In addition to a dozen or so lovely concubines that he also uses from time to time, he has a pretty young wife with an olive complexion, and hair as black as a raven's wing. The Magyar, like Steve Hamilton, often insists that I join he and his beautiful wife in his bed. I hate that, and the Magyar's wife hates it even more than I do. Still, if I must share my master with another woman, I could not ask for a more sexier partner than this dark beauty so much like my Kathy.

Tonight the harem eunuchs have brought me to the Magyar's quarters stripped to the buff as always. The Magyar already has his pretty wife naked, blindfolded, and hung by her wrists from a rafter with just her toes touching the floor. He is nude also, sitting on a couch close by his helpless wife where he can torment her at his leisure. I know what I must do. Head and eyes down, I crawl to him on hands and knees until I am between his splayed legs. Submissively I kiss the uncircumcised head of his penis and then drop my shoulders to the floor, offering him my arms behind my back. He winds a strong cord around my forearms from wrist to elbow, binding them snugly together so that my shoulders are forced back, and my breasts are thrust erotically forward.

He bids me to raise my head, and I pull myself upright to rest on my knees, offering my out thrust breasts for his pleasure. For long minutes he holds me there, squeezing me between his bare thighs as plays with my tits. He pinches my nipples with his strong fingers, and then uses them to probe my cunt. Wet with my juices, he feeds one finger at a time into my mouth. I suck on them as if they were tiny cocks, locking up into his eyes, silently pleading with my eyes for him to fuck me. Finally he releases the pressure of his knees and begins to spank my breasts, slapping them right and left with open hands. The slaps sting terribly, but the pain is erotic, and the more my poor tits burn, the more aroused I become. As suddenly as they began, his blows stop, and the pressure of a hand on the back of my head tells me to begin the blow job he so enjoys.

I drop my head and begin to service my owner's great cock. I lovingly lick and suck his balls before taking his prick into my mouth just as I was taught to do so long ago by the Hun chieftain. While I serve his hard penis, my Magyar flicks his whip repeatedly across the thighs and pert tits of his poor helpless wife who is still hanging within his easy reach. I can hear the 'splat' of the leather whip thongs as they strike bare female flesh. His wife is very brave, but when the whip cuts particularly deep she cries out over the sound of her soft sobs. I try not to think about how it hurts to be whipped like that, but I know my time will come soon enough. Before this night is over, our master is sure to beat me also for no reason except to hear me scream and beg for his mercy.

I was right! My turn to be punished comes early on this night. I stand obediently with my legs spread. My wrists and elbows are still tied behind my back, offering my defenseless breasts in sacrifice to my master's cruelty. Tonight he is without pity as he swipes his cane across my poor tits and belly. Breasts to thigh, and then across my back, shoulders and buttocks, then down the back of my legs, each lash of master's cane leaves a new mark on my naked flesh.

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