tagBDSMKathy Comes to Dinner Ch. 05

Kathy Comes to Dinner Ch. 05


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Shortly I felt a very wet, totally bald pussy being lowered onto my face. I started to give Kathy the very best tonguing I could. I heard Lisa telling Kathy that she would be sure to keep me motivated. And with that Lisa started more teasing of my cock and balls with her tongue and hands. I was writhing from Lisa's actions and also from the squirming Kathy was doing. My senses were in complete overload and like the expert she had become Lisa had me quickly right on the edge of cumming and was holding me there.

Kathy was obviously very horny, because in just a manner of minutes she was starting to cum. She was shuttering all over and my face was drenched in a flood of her juices. Slowly she rose off my face. "WOW! That was extraordinary, but it was over far too quickly. Lisa I know I'm being greedy, but I want another one" and with that she lowered herself right back on my face.

Her second one took much longer, and I did my best to give her a long, slow building orgasm. I wanted her to be forced to admit it was the best one she ever had. All the while my vixen wife kept at my cock and balls. Driving me crazy with her non-stop attention to my state. She would push me right to the edge then back off just enough to keep me from cumming. Over and over and over she did it. My need to cum was reaching a level such that the only thing I could think about was cumming.

Finally Kathy started to squeeze her legs tightly around my head and I could feel her start to cum. I attacked her clit with my tongue and just as she exploded, I sucked her hard nub right into my mouth. I near drown in the flood that ensued. She collapsed forward laying on my chest and lay still for several minutes. Lisa finally gave my cock a rest.

At last Kathy got up and I could hear her getting dressed. Lisa undid my blindfold and I got a look at Kathy's face. It was very flushed and she was smiling broadly. "Peter, Lisa didn't exaggerate about you one bit. I can't lie about it, I've never cum that hard in my life!" I was in heaven, this meant I was going to finally get to cum. "And I do want to see how hard I can make you shoot. I'm tired and its late, so I think we should get right to it."

Kathy again kneeled between my legs and using the Superlube started her torturously slow hand work one more time. "My God, I can't believe how big and hard he is." Kathy said to Lisa "The head of his cock looks like a plumb." "Feel his balls now," Lisa replied "that's from the work I did while you were enjoying his tongue. He's at the point where massaging his balls will almost make him cum without anything else. But it won't quite, however it will make them still fuller and add to the load when he finally does shoot." Kathy seemed to think this was a fantastic idea, because she stopped every minute or so to fill my balls even more. Lisa was right of course, the frustration this was causing was overwhelming. I couldn't help it I was moaning and begging for Kathy to finish me non-stop. After what seemed like forever, Kathy sped up her stroking to a nice steady pace. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and knew I was almost there. As if she was wired into my brain, Lisa yelled "Wait, stop!" And Kathy did.

I screamed "NO, NO, NO, PLEASE DON'T STOP, I'm so close, PLEASE!" They both ignored me. Lisa went on "I know you want to see him shoot this load, and it will be amazing I can tell you, but I have a better idea. First, Peter really doesn't deserve to cum tonight for the way he acted, and secondly by morning it will be even more spectacular. So Kathy, why don't you just spend the night and we can finish this then?"

I was devastated, I screamed, I begged, I even cried. It was all for naught. The two of them had made up their minds. Lisa once again put on the blindfold. I could hear the women undressing and whispering to each other, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. Soon I sensed the lights being turned off. The next thing I knew the two of them were laying down on either side of me. They pulled up the covers and I could feel two sets of tits against my sides. This was too much. There was no way I could stand this. Then it got even worse, they started taking turns touching my cock and balls. Not stroking, just touching. "I can't wait until morning" giggled Kathy. "Me either" responded Lisa.

It was going to be a very long night!

The End

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/12/17

Liked it very much

Good story. Anti-Climatic ending though. Would think that Lisa should have had a bit more of a role and "action" in the story. I'd think she'd want / need some relief herself after all the stimulationmore...

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by Anonymous07/09/17

Such a crock of shit

Peter_ must be an inexperienced woman. If she knew anything about men, she'd know that the male physiology doesn't work this way. Any boy who's ever had "blue balls" after a date can tell you what happensmore...

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