tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKathy Exposed Me Ch. 01

Kathy Exposed Me Ch. 01


I was in my late twenties and had only one prior sexual partner when I met Kathy. She was in her mid twenties, dark hair and eyes, about 5'5' and 120 pounds. She had a shapely bottom and very well shaped, though small breasts.

Kathy was very sexually adventurous and I entered a completely new world when I met her. I had more sex with Kathy in a month than I'd had in my lift to that point. By that time she had me hooked and could talk me into just about anything.

For many if may not seem risqué but for me, sex in a car parked on a street, in a park, a boat on a lake and a few feet from a hiking path, even after dark, was dangerous and exciting stuff. The big one was the hand job under the blanked at the Fourth of July fireworks, amid thousands of people in a park.

One day about two weeks after the Fourth I was at Kathy's house in late afternoon when she told me to follow her as she went out the door and into her detached garage. She got into the driver's seat of her truck and told me to get in. Once inside she told me to remove my pants and underwear. I was reluctant but her smile, hand on my crotch and a new exciting experience convinced me to comply.

She started the truck and as she backed from the garage she threw my clothes out the window.

I asked, actually more like demanded, to know what she thought she was doing and told her to stop. She gave me a quick smile, a wink and with a laugh she backed out onto the road, leaving me dressed only in a tee shirt and sandals.

"Relax," she said. "Remember under the blanket? Didn't you have fun?" I had to admit that I had. "Well then, you're going to have a good time now."

We drove off in broad daylight. Fortunately the truck was higher than cars and after a while I became more comfortable.

We drove aimlessly around for about a half hour during which Kathy teased me about sitting nearly naked in her truck, occasionally reaching over and giving my cock a little rub, to which it usually quickly responded. I was both nervous and excited.

Kathy drove into a park and as we passed the beach area she saw her sister, Sarah, and a friend walking to their car, having just been for a swim.

"Scoot over towards the door. I'm going to stop and talk to Sarah," she said.

I protested, practically begged her not to. It would have been very embarrassing to me to be seen this way, especially by two women I didn't even know.

"Oh stop being a baby, we've all seen naked men before," she said with a smile. "Besides, if you get close enough to the door and slouch a bit they won't even know you don't have any pants on."

I took her advice as she pulled up along side Sarah and her friend, Kristine. Both I later learned were twenty one.

Sarah looked much like her sister, maybe a little above average, but slightly taller and a bit heavier, having obviously larger breasts than Kathy. Kristine was smaller, about 5'2" and couldn't have topped a hundred pounds. She had light blonde hair, blue eyes and a really nice body, breasts well proportioned to her body. She would turn any man's head.

"Hello, Sarah," Kathy said as she pulled alongside. "How was the beach?"

Leaning on the window on my side of the truck Sarah replied, "Great. Who's your friend?"

"This is Dickie," Kathy said, referring to a name by which she often refers to my penis.

"Hi, Dickie. Nice to meet you," Sarah said as she offered me her hand. "This is Kristine. What's so funny," Sarah asked when Kathy giggled at her calling me Dickie.

Sarah's breasts were being pushed about in her bathing suit top as she leaned into the window. Her smile was sweet, her skin tan and smooth. The touch of her hand did it to me and I began to become erect, causing me to slouch further, look away and try to think of anything but tits. "Well, Kathy," I said, "I don't want to be a wet blanket but don't we need to be going?"

Eyes glancing down to the bulge pushing against my shirt and smiling, she said, "Looks like you're the only one who need to get somewhere. Now where exactly is it you want to get. She saved me the embarrassment of an answer by quickly adding, "Yeah, we better get going. Hey, Sarah. I'm heading home. Why don't you and Kristine stop over. It's a hot day and we could use a few cold drinks."

"Sounds good to me, how about you, Kris," Sarah said. When Kris nodded her consent Sarah told us that they'd be there soon.

I watched them as they walked to their car. I was getting so horny watching their hips sway and quickly moved from firm to hard. Kathy noticed and slapped my cock. "Hey, that's my sister's butt you're getting hard over!" She was trying to look upset but I thought she was enjoying my predicament.

"Kathy, I'm so fucking horny you have to do something about this," I said, glancing down at my erection. "Come on, I need some relief. Please...." I added.

"Oh I have to do I," she said, accenting the word have. "Well, it looks like we need to find a use for that thing so let's get home." "But Kathy, Sarah and her friend will be there. I don't think we'll have the time. Maybe you could do something now," I plead.

"Don't worry about Sarah. Her being there won't get in our way. And besides, I just came up with an idea on what to do about that thing," she said, glancing down at my erection. "And don't ask cause I'm not telling you. All you have to know is that you're going to cum. And believe me, baby, when you do you are going to cum soooooo hard. It will be the best cum of your life and we'll both love it."

Well, that was enough to shut me up for the drive home with a quick stop at a quick mart to pick up some beer. I, of course, waited in the truck pulling my shirt as low as I could.

As we neared Kathy's house I could see Sarah and Kristine getting out of their car in front. They were both wearing their bathing suit tops and had added only blue jean shorts. "Damn," I thought. I knew I wouldn't be getting anything as long as they were there and, although I was now flaccid, I was worried about staying that way having to watch Sarah and Kristine's bikini covered breasts. At least when I put my pants back on it wouldn't be obvious if there was a problem..

"Hi, Sarah," Kathy called as we turned into the driveway. "Just head on in and we'll be in shortly."

In the garage Kathy got out of the truck and I asked that she toss me my pants. She picked them, up, tucked them under her arm, told me to grab the beer and follow her.

"Oh no. Ugh, Ugh. Not gonna happen. Did you forget that Sarah and Kristine are in there? I'm not going in there like this."

"Oh sweetie, would that really bother you," Kathy cooed in a concerned voice.

"Hell yeah, it would," I replied. "Kathy, you know you're only the second woman ever to see me naked. I'm very uncomfortable with this. I'm not some sort of pervert. Now give me my pants," I demanded.

"Now, I don't like that tone of voice, mister," Kathy replied sternly. "Let me ask you this, do you enjoy having sex with me?" I nodded. "Haven't you said it's the best sex you ever had? Haven't you said you are always so excited? You know you've never had more or better sex," Kathy added.

"Well, I'm sorry about the tone," I said. But you know I can't do this, and yes, you're right about the sex. I've never had better and probably never will. But please, this would be too embarrassing. My God, put yourself in my place. Would you feel comfortable being naked in front of men you didn't even know? If you couldn't do that then you know I can't do it either." Her quick smile told me I'd used the wrong argument. She'd told me many stories of her sexual exploits and more than once she'd been the woman in a two, three or four way event, usually knowing only one, or sometimes two, of the men.

"Hmmm. Glad you put it that way. You know I've been naked, and fucked as well, in front of and by men I didn't even know. Now follow me," she barked. "Just act like it's no big thing. Sarah and Kris will get a big kick out of it and besides, you can cover yourself with the beer."

I tried one more time, "Please," I plead, "Please give me my pants."

"You'll get them back once you behave. Now grab the beer and follow me. Don't worry, the girls will get a kick out of it and I'll make it worth your while." And off she went into the house.

I can't explain why. I grabbed the case of beer, held it in front of myself and followed her into the house.

Sarah and Kristine were in the living room, seated on opposite ends of the sofa, both already enjoying a beer.

"Here we are," Kathy called as we entered the kitchen. Oh did I feel embarrassed knowing that only the case of beer I held before me protected me from their view.

"Dickie, sweetie," Kathy cooed. Put the beer in the refrigerator please."

I shot her a quick pleading look. We both knew that it was my only protection.

Kathy's face assumed a stern look like I'd never seen before. She took hold of my arm, lead me to the refrigerator and told me that if I ever wanted sex with her again I'd do what she said. She then very firmly told me to put the beer away and walk to the living room. "And keep your hands at your side," she added. "I don't want anything covering your dickie, Dickie."

Kathy walked into the living room and I was stunned. What to do. I finally decided that Kathy seemed to mean what she said. If I wanted sex with Kathy again, and believe me, I really did, I'd have to play along.

I screwed up my courage, stretched my shirt as low as it would go, slouched down a bit and walked into the living room.

Kathy had her back turned to me, wanting to see the girls expression as I entered. Oddly, somehow so did I.

As I entered their jaws dropped and eyes opened wide. "Oh my God," cried Sarah.

"He's naked!" called Kristine.

"Well," added Kathy, "he's not technically naked. He is wearing a shirt and sandals. Dickie," she called, come over here please."

I did but I was becoming more concerned. I continually looked at the floor unable to look the girls in the eye.

Kathy gave me a short soft peck on the cheek and thanked me for the surprise. "But there's a bit more," she added.

That really got my attention. I whispered into her ear, "Kathy, please, no more. This is very embarrassing. Anything more would be totally humiliating. It's like I'm on display. Being undressed in front of you all makes me feel so small and powerless. I don't like it. And I will not," I said with emphasis, "have sex with you in front of them if that's what you're thinking."

"Oh, sweetie, no," she replied, we won't have sex in front of them. "Don't worry about that, but you've given me an idea and remember, I promised you the best cum of your life if you behave."

"Yeah, but Kathy, you said no sex in front of them so let's remember that, okay? They've had their cheap peak, can I get my pants now?"

As she walked behind me, Kathy replied, "Not just yet. In a minute perhaps. Remember I said you gave me an idea?" She added, responding to my quizzical look, "Remember," as she kicked my feet apart, "displayed," she shouted as she quickly pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me naked, save for sandals, with my arms above my head, feet spread, exposing my genitals for the girls observation.

I only quickly saw the shocked expressions on their faces as I looked again to the floor.

"Stand just like that for a moment, please," Kathy said. And I did, on display, wondering what she was planning.

To be continued...

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