tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKathy Exposed Me Ch. 03

Kathy Exposed Me Ch. 03


Kathy's mother, Sandra, stood to greet us as the hostess led us to a booth at the rear of the dimly lit restaurant. I thought she looked more like an older sister than the fifty four old woman whose birthday we were there to celebrate. As we neared I could see that Sandra looked very similar to Kathy, although quite a bit taller at what I later found to be 5'10". I thought she was very attractive in a black cocktail dress that I ordinarily would have thought a bit too short on a woman of her age. The gold choker necklace, bright red lipstick and matching fingernail polish, which accented her long, thin fingers all caught my eye. Her jet black hair was parted in the middle and formed in a 1960s Bob style that I thought fit her overall appearance very well.

"Hi mom, this is Jed," Kathy said. "Jed, this is my mom, Sandra."

"Hello, Jed, it's very nice to meet you," Sandra said, shaking my hand with a firm grip. "It was very nice of you and Kathy to invite me to dinner."

We were seated and enjoyed a fine dinner and drinks, during the course of which we engaged in wide-ranging small talk. I was very impressed with Sandra. Although she looked at least ten years younger than her actual age, her maturity was apparent in her confidence and general demeanor. She radiated an air of authority.

Over after dinner drinks, Kathy excused herself to go to the ladies room and I was left alone with Sandra. Not being a good conversationalist, I felt slightly uncomfortable with the momentary silence. Sandra, however, broke the silence as she leaned towards me and said, "So, Jed, I understand that you're fucking my daughter."

I was shocked. How does one respond to a comment like that? "Ahhh......pardon me? I think I misunderstood you," I replied.

With a barely perceptible smile Sandra said, "Oh I'm sure you heard me correctly. Did the question make you uncomfortable?"

"Uncomfortable, are you kidding?" I said to myself before replying. Blushing and avoiding eye contact, I replied, "Well, yeah, I guess I do feel uncomfortable speaking of that part of our relationship with my girlfriend's mother."

My mind quickly flashed back to a time several weeks after I had first met Kathy. I didn't have a lot of game and lacked confidence in relationships with women, so I enjoyed that Kathy was more extroverted than I and willing to take the lead. We'd gone out half a dozen times, talked on the phone regularly and I would drop in on her at work from time to time just to say hello, but I was uncertain how to move on to a closer relationship. We hadn't done more than hug and exchange light kisses when one day, as we were leaving my home after spending an evening watching a DVD, Kathy paused, looked at me and said, "So, Jed, when are you going to fuck me?" Apparently Kathy learned the direct approach from her mother.

Fortunately, Kathy soon returned to the table and Sandra explained that she was afraid that she'd caused me some embarrassment, though thankfully she didn't say why. I later came to understand why Kathy didn't need to ask why.

Sandra excused herself to go to the ladies room and I told Kathy what her mother had said. She chuckled, smiled, and told me that her mother was always very direct, especially with men. She explained that her mother had a history of making bad choices with men as a young woman and when Kathy's father abandoned the family for another woman when she was only ten years old, her mother changed dramatically, especially in her attitude towards men. Times became rough for a while as she started a business, which she grew and made successful by being a tough and take-charge woman in a man's business world.

When Sandra returned to the table it was my turn to excuse myself to pay the bill. When I returned, Kathy told me that her mother had asked if I would accompany her home so that she could have some private time to get to know me me better, adding that she would drop by in about an hour and pick me up. I didn't want any more uncomfortable moments with her, "direct approach," but given the nature of the relationship Kathy and I were developing the suggestion was understandable, so I reluctantly agreed.

As we parted in the parking lot, Kathy hugged me and said, "Be nice to my mom. Her approval is important to me. Besides," she whispered into my ear as she pulled me closer, "she just wants to get to really get to know the man who's fucking me." She backed away with a smile and a wink. Apparently Sandra had mentioned the comment that surprised me.

I got into the car with Sandra for the short ride to her home. On the way there my eyes were drawn to her legs, her short dress having ridden up a bit. They were, I thought, surprisingly shapely. I briefly felt a bit ashamed of myself for the attraction I felt to my girlfriend's mother.

When we arrived at her home she led me in to the great room and directed me to a chair. She seated herself on the edge of a sofa facing me, a coffee table separating us.

Sandra took the lead in the conversation, asking me about myself and putting me at ease. After about fifteen minutes she looked at her watch and commented that an hour wasn't really long enough to get to get to know me as well as she would like so she needed to, "Get to it." She stood and walked around the table to where I was seated, asking me to stand.

As I did so she moved very close to me. In her three inch high heels she stood 6'1", more than five inches taller than I. Not a lot taller but enough that I had to look up to meet her gaze. Moving even closer she said, "Now it's time to see what you're made of," as she reached forward, placing her hand on my groin.

Startled, I began to back away but she quickly grasped the waistband of my pants with her other hand and pulled me to her.

"Stand still please," she said. It was a demand more than a polite request. I surprised myself when I obeyed as she began manipulating my genitals. "Don't look so surprised, surely you had some idea of why I wanted you to come here." Sandra continued, "Sara tells me that Kathy jacked you off for her. Are you surprised that I know? Don't be, my girls and I share everything, even men."

Responding to the apparent surprise showing on my face, Sandra continued, "Kathy gives a good handjob, doesn't she? I should know, I taught her. Know what I gave her for her eighteenth birthday?" After a slight pause she added, "My boyfriend. Son of a bitch was beside himself when I brought her in and told him what was going to happen. Shot his load ten seconds after she touched him but we brought him up again and made some use of him. She was a natural, a quick learner, knows exactly how to control a man. She and I control a man through lust, his own powerful need to orgasm. Control the orgasm and you control the man I told her. Sara is something different though. She enjoys being hard on men, not seriously hurting them mind you, never anything that does them any lasting harm. Any marks she might leave are gone in a few days at most and some even enjoy Kathy and I watching what Sara is doing to them. You men are so basic, aren't you?"

"You're not going to be one of those ten second disappointments to me, are you?" she asked. As she talked, Sandra was unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. They fell to the floor and she told me to take off my shoes and socks and step out of the pants.

After I had done so, Sandra pulled my shirt over my head and stepped back to look at me, standing before her in only my briefs, my growing cock apparent. "Take them off," she said. All kinds of thoughts ran through my confused mind and I hesitated. "I'm not used to repeating myself. Do as you're told please," she directed.

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and bent forward, lowering the briefs, my now erect cock catching on the waistband before snapping up when it broke free. I stood and instinctively moved to cover my groin with my hands.

"Don't even think about it," Sandra said. "Let's avoid the temptation, hold your hands behind your back." I did as instructed and abruptly realized how small I felt, standing in the great room, a tall, older, confident and attractive woman standing before my naked body.

"Hmmm. That surprises me," she said, looking at my crotch. Referring to my pubic hair she added, "I would have thought Kathy would have shaved you by now. Well, no matter it's her decision but as for me, when I lick a man's balls I don't want hairs getting in my mouth. But don't get too excited. That doesn't mean I'm going to lick your balls, at least not yet."

Sandra turned her back and told me to follow her as she walked down a hallway. I obeyed, following her with my hands behind my back, my erect cock bouncing before me. I watched her hips swaying as her heels clicked on the wood floor.

We walked through the master bedroom into the bathroom and I was told to stand with one foot on the edge of the bathtub, making my balls accessible while Sandra opened a drawer, taking out a box of bikini wax. She quickly mixed it and spread it on my scrotum with a stick and quickly covered the wax with fabric strips. I met her gaze as she tore the first strip away, ripping my hair out by the roots. I winced in pain as she continued until my scrotum was bare.

When she was done she grasped my erect cock firmly and turned, telling me to follow her as she pulled me forward and led me by the cock back into the great room. Once there she sat back on the edge of the sofa while I stood before her. Oddly, I noticed her straight posture. Everything about this woman seemed to impress me.

Telling me to step closer she grasped my balls and began rolling them around with her fingers. "This won't do," she said. "You're not tall enough. Here," she said, pushing me back and drawing the coffee table very close to her. So close in fact that she had to spread her legs a bit. With her skirt having again ridden more than midway up her thigh and with her legs slightly apart, my eyes were treated to just a glimpse of the swelling of her pussy against her white cotton panties.

The sight caused a drop of pre cum to form on the end of my cock, which Sandra saw almost immediately, saying, "Oh yes, Sara mentioned that you were a dripper." Picking my briefs off the floor she wrapped them around my cock, giving it a good pull to force out any more pre cum into them and then dropping them onto my pants. "I can't have you dripping on my floor. I'll have to do something about that. Stay put," she ordered as she walked back down the hall to her bedroom. Again I watched her swaying hips and listened to the clicking of her heels on the floor.

She soon returned holding a brightly colored scarf, a shoelace and a wrapped condom. Placing the items on the sofa, she tore open the condom wrapper and slipped the sheath over my cock, saying, "I don't mind a dripper but, as I said, not on my floor."

She sat back down on the sofa, again pulling the coffee table closer, and again giving me a brief glimpse of her panty covered pussy. And, once again, I dripped a drop of pre cum into the condom.

"Get up on the coffee table," she said. When I'd done so, she instructed me as to how far to spread my legs to lower my groin to her eye level and telling me to place my hands atop my head. "Okay, now move towards me to the edge of the table."

"Sandra," I said. But before I could say anything more she held up her hand and cut me off.

"The polite term of address when speaking to a woman who is your elder would be as Mrs. Curtis, unless told otherwise. Please refer to me by that name."

Well this was surprising. The woman who had stripped me naked, ripped the hair from my scrotum, led me through the house by my cock and had just put a condom on me didn't think we were familiar enough for first names?

I moved toward the edge of the table as instructed until my cock was in front of her face. She reached forward and with a finger bounced my dangling balls from side to side, then taking them in her hand and massaging them. "Smooth testicles are so much nicer to handle," she said as he continued her manipulation.

After some time she grasped my cock in her hand and began masturbating me. I was soon pushing into her hand doing everything I could to cum.

"You're getting close, aren't you?" she asked. I nodded and moaned. "Soon, very soon," she said. "Would you like to cum for me?" she asked.

"Oh yes, Sandra, I want to cum for you."

She stopped her masturbation and grasped my balls very firmly saying, "That's Mrs. Curtis. Please don't forget again. Understand?"

"Yes, Mrs. Curtis," I replied.

She began her stroking again and very soon I could feel the ejaculation building. Just as I was about to cum, Mrs. Curtis released my cock. Leaning back, she watched it helplessly pulsed before her face as I struggled to cum. A small quantity of cum ran from my cock into the reservoir of the condom, but the sensation was not at all satisfying.

With a satisfied smile, she lightly said, "You thought you were going to cum, didn't you? Oh poor boy, you were so close. Can't have that just yet. I haven't had the chance to fuck you."

"Oh God!" I thought, indescribably excited that this woman wanted me inside of her. The thought brought further small drops of cum from my cock.

"I'm afraid that you wouldn't be able to last through a good fucking though," she said, nearly breaking my heart.

I was so excited just listening to the way this woman was talking to me, seeing what she was doing to me and knowing what she might do with me.

Mrs. Curtis reached over to the scarf and brought forward a shoe lace. "This will slow you down a bit," she said as she placed the string behind my balls, running the ends over the base of my cock and repeating the process, pulling it very tight before tying it below my balls.

The lace prevented blood from leaving my cock, in addition to probably making it impossible for me to cum, which was obviously her intention.

Telling me to get off the table she tied the scarf around my head, blindfolding me. She explained that I was for her to see naked but I was not to see her.

She helped me to the floor, telling me to lie on my back with my hands stretched out beyond my head. I lay there for only a short time before I felt her straddle me. I felt the fabric of her dress and imagined her pulling aside the panties from her puffy pussy to permit entry by my cock.

Very soon she began rubbing her crotch back and forth on my abdomen and it was easy to tell that she had removed her panties.

"Can you feel my wetness on your belly? Does it excite you? I bet it does. It excites me. Oh poor boy, your cock looks so lonely back there, looking for something to do. Would you like to put it in me?"

"Oh yes, please yes, Mrs. Curtis." I begged, "Please put it in."

I felt her weight shift and she had my cock in her hand, rubbing it on her pussy. Suddenly a warmth engulfed my cock as she easily slid onto it.

She began a rapid grinding movement. Not up and down but back and forth, rubbing her clit hard against my pubic bone. She wasn't fooling around, she wanted to cum and I wanted so badly to make her. And for her to make me.

I could hear her breathing quicken. She began softly moaning and in my mind's eye I could see her, a hot older woman, the confidence in her face now replaced by the contorted look of a woman in lust, wanting nothing more than to cum.

Faster and faster she went until with a whimper she came, her pussy gripping tightly on my cock, her legs pressing hard on my sides, and fingers digging into my chest, her entire body trembling. Oh how I wished I could have seen her chest heaving, her face contorted with ecstasy, no longer the in-control woman but now an animal in heat.

With a contented sigh she lifted herself off me. "Give me your hands," she said as she helped me to my feet, removing the blindfold.

Looking at her I found it hard to believe what had just happened. Her hair was perfectly in place, her flesh wasn't flushed, there was no sweat upon her face, she looked very calm. "Did it really happen?" I asked myself. But there, on the end of the couch, were her cotton panties.

Again sitting on the edge of the sofa she began pulling the coffee table close and began again spreading her legs apart. She stopped and laughed as she saw my eyes looking between her legs, expecting this time to see her bare pussy. "No, you're not going to see anything she said," closing her legs. "That was just a tease."

She slapped her hand on the table, saying nothing but obviously intending for me to step upon it again. I did so and she immediately reached out and grasped my cock firmly.

"You've done well so far." As she worked her hand back and forth along the length of my cock she asked, "Do you think you've earned a good cum?"

"Yes. Yes I do," I moaned. "Please make me cum."

She looked at me, her face showing indifference. Back and forth her hand went faster and faster while her other hand massaged my balls.

"Yes, I think you deserve to cum. Would you like to cum now?" she asked. But before I could answer she said, "Oh, but your cock is tied. You can't cum with your cock tied, can you? Should I untie your cock? Would you like that?"

"Yes, yes, please untie my cock, Mrs. Curtis." I pleaded. I needed to cum so badly. The restricted blood flow had my cock unbelievably hard and the entire situation had me so hot but the tight tie around my cock and balls prevented me from cumming.

"I guess I can do that," she said, reaching behind my balls and pulling the knot free.

She began again to run her hand over the length of my cock with a firm grip. It wouldn't take long, of that I was certain.

As I began to thrust at her hand, moaning, begging her to make me cum, she asked, "Are you ready to cum now? Do you really want to?"

Once again I begged for release and Mrs. Curtis asked, "How badly do you want to cum? What would you do if I let you cum? Would you come to my home any time I asked? Would you perform for me, my girls, my friends if I asked? Would you do whatever I ask you to do even if you didn't want to?" Would you?"

"Yes, yes, Mrs. Curtis, I will do whatever you want whenever you want me to, I promise I will," I said, thoroughly meaning it.

"Good," she said, releasing my cock. "Then you can start now by jacking yourself off."

Disappointment hit me like a hammer. I had so wanted her to finish me off but I was so far gone that I needed to do whatever it took to ease the pressure. I took my cock in my hand and soon it was a blur of motion as I jerked my way toward release.

Very soon I felt orgasm approach and with a loud groan I came hard, pumping my semen into the condom as Mrs. Curtis watched stoically, surprisingly seeming to show no satisfaction.

I came so much that the reservoir could not contain the fluid, which was forced around the head of my cock and beyond by the rapid motion of my hand.

Soon, all too soon, it was over and I stood looking down at her. While lost in lust all I had wanted to do was to cum and nothing else mattered. Now that it was over I felt embarrassed, standing naked before her atop her coffee table, wearing a condom heavy with cum, beginning to hang off the end of my softening cock.

Looking at her watch, Mrs. Curtis commented that we had to hurry and get me dressed because Kathy should soon be arriving to pick me up and it would be impolite of me to make her wait.

I stepped down from the table and began to pull the condom off. "Whoa! Whoa! What are you doing? I told you I don't want you dripping on my floor!" she exclaimed. "Here," she said, picking up my briefs and holding them for me to step into.

"Sandra, I mean Mrs. Curtis," I said, "I have to take the condom off. When I get, you know, soft, it's going to slip off."

"Then it can slip off in your pants, not on my floor. Now hurry up and get dressed."

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