Kathy Shower


Kathy rolled to the head of the narrow bed and with a giggle she pulled her knees up to her chin and wrapped her arms around her legs.

"Hey," the beautiful blonde managed to breath out with a dusky voice, "That was fun. Hm?" She looked at him with sultry eyes and held out her left hand to take his. "How're ya doing?" she whispered as she pulled him invitingly towards her body.

He knelt in front of her and slipped his hand under her chin and pulled her sweet face up for a kiss. Her luscious blonde hair was still damp and smelled like flowers. Her mouth was eager and her pink tongue darted into him searching and tickling all over. He ran his hands down her naked back, luxuriating in the sensual heat of her pale skin as his fingers clutched her deliciously plump rear and pulled her up slightly. His thumbs dug under the elastic of her panties.

Kathy broke the kiss with a gasp and she felt his hands squeeze her round bottom. She nibbled his neck for a second and then breathed into his ear, "If you take my panties off I'll be completely nude, all bare just for you. Would you like to take my panties off?" Following this her tongue spun around inside his ear.

The man pushed the elastic down over her lush cheeks and then under her as he pulled the flimsy fabric down over her rear and up her thighs. His fingers pressed deep as they ran along her tasty body drawing a white line in her flesh which was blushing with passion.

When the panties were up around her knees he paused and looked into her deep soulful eyes. She looked back with absolute lust; her lips slightly parted. She nodded her head and her white gold hair shimmered in the soft light. "I'm going to be all naked and helpless just for you," she moaned softly.

He pushed the panties down her legs and they snapped as the elastic paused on her toes before he tossed them away with a flourish. She giggled lightly as he ran the back of his hand up her legs and inner thighs. He took a firm grip of each knee and slowly parted them.

Kathy looked into his eyes with a pleading look. She wanted him inside desperately. She tilted her head slightly and her still damp hair tumbled off her shoulders and onto her perfect breasts, the nipples red and stretched out in offering to his mouth. She parted her lips and licked them as she slid her legs down to the bed and began to wrap them around him drawing him into her.

Just a couple of hours ago Kathy Shower had been driving the back roads in the hills of Pennsylvania. It was a crazy idea. She had been in Philly for a modeling assignment and she had the weekend free before she had to be in New York for a different gig. She decided to rent a car and explore the Pennsylvania Dutch country side. She had set out from Philadelphia and managed to get lost on a winding backcountry road when a major rain storm hit. She could barely see six inches out of the window and made a turn into a dirt road that was now running mud. The road was hilly and she swooped down too fast and found herself stuck in a gully that was running white water around her tires.

"Shit," she mumbled and sat back in the seat in a huff. She looked in the mirror at her white gold hair cascading over her shoulders. She had on a while leather jacket and a tight black leather skirt. The silk stockings were pearl grey and the thin patent leather straps on her stiletto heels gleamed in the soft grey light of the rainy afternoon. This was hardly the outfit to get out and walk in.

Suddenly the ends of her lips went up in a slight smile and her eyebrows arched up in surprise. Is that somebody on horseback coming up the hill? Indeed, plodding through the mud was a large horse; his breath forming clouds as he snorted up the hill. The rider sat tall on the horse's back wearing a large brimmed hat and overalls. He had the broad shoulders and slim waist of a college athlete.

Kathy had to rub the glass of her windshield; her breathing was steaming it up. She giggled and peered out to find the horse along side her car. The rider used one foot to tap on the window. She rolled it down just an inch and called out. "Can you help me! My car is stuck." Through the crack she could see his leg was muscular and not only was he riding bareback, but he was riding bare foot.

She heard him say 'shit' but it sounded more like "Sheeeet" as he drew it out musically. She yelped though when she saw him swing his leg up and climb off the horse and onto the roof of her car. Suddenly the passenger door opened and he flipped himself into the seat next to her.

He sat with a splat because he was soaking wet. And Kathy almost hit the roof of the car when she jumped in shock. "Are you crazy!!! Get out of my car! You're soaked. Get out!"

"Lady, it's pouring out there and the only reason I'm soaked is 'cause I rode out here to give you a hand. Now, I can ride back home and get back to my brothers and our card game." As he spoke he was looking her over. Kathy felt his eyes as if they were hands running over all her curves. By time he gotten from her face down her body to her shapely dancer's legs he had a big grin on his face.

Kathy sat back against her door and looked at him. He looked to be maybe twenty five at most; he had close cropped hair that still managed to curl in the rain. His wet muscles glistened. All he was wearing were the overalls. She giggled again and gave him a broad smile.

"Of course, I'm so sorry. You rode out to rescue me. Thank you. But you are dripping all over my rental. Now, how can I get out of here."

"Well, you're dug in real good. From the sound we heard down at the house I wouldn't be surprised if you cracked an axle."

"So I need a tow truck."

"Yes, ma'am."

"So will you ride back to your house and call me a tow truck?"

"No, ma'am."

"Why not?"

"Phone's down."

"So can you get your car and give me a lift to town?"

"No, ma'am."

Kathy was getting a little exasperated. At the same time she kept feeling her eyes drop down to his lap and she could see a large bulge, a very large bulge, outlined in the damp fabric of his overalls. She could smell him too; he had an attractive smoky smell, like he worked over a wood stove. "Why can't you give me a lift to town."

"Road's out; bridge is out."

"So what can I do?"

"Pretty much nothing. I guess you should come down to the house. Nothing's going to be moving for at least until tomorrow." His eyes caught hers looking down at his bulge. He blushed slightly but he also grinned.

"So how far is your house?"

"'Bout a mile that way." He pointed down the road. "This is all pretty much our land around here. That's what you're driving on."

"I guess I'm trespassing," she giggled; Kathy was unconsciously twirling her hair seductively as she looked at him. "So who's home?"

"Just me and my two brothers. We're all on break from college and met here. Our parents own all this but they're still in the city. It's like our summer home."

With her eyes now brazenly staring at his crotch a shiver shot up her spine as she thought of her situation. A deserted country road, an isolated farm house, and if the one sitting next to her was any indication, three good looking college men hung like ...

"Ma'am, are you OK?"

Kathy blinked for a second. She shook her golden mane and smiled. "Sorry, I guess I'm in shock or something. I'm Kathy. Kathy Shower." She held out her hand to shake.

The man took her hand and covered it with his. He grinned broadly. "Um, I already recognized you."

The beautiful blonde sighed and leaned back against the door again. She shook her head, "Now what are we going to do?"

He held his grin. "Don't worry; we're all gentlemen."

Kathy stared straight out the window. "How long is it going to rain?"

"Radio said until morning."

"Damn," she muttered still staring ahead. She turned to him again and looked him over. She did the math once more: wrecked car, rain storm, no roads, no phone, 3 brothers, 12 inches times 3 ... An evil grin came across her face. She scrunched up and tucked her legs under herself. Her whole body was facing his and she took his hands.

"I'm going to ask you to let me do something. But if you say yes and you let me, that doesn't mean anything's gonna happen. I just need to check something. OK? Nothing else is going to happen."


"OK," she said softly; now she was blushing and looking sideways off towards the dashboard. "What I want to do is ... I mean I want to feel ... measure, I want to measure ... I mean, how long is ..." As she mumbled on he chuckled and took one of her hands.

Her slender hand trembled as he lifted it up and pressed it against his bare chest. With a firm grip he drew her now quaking hand down his torso and down the loose overalls. Her soft skin pushed away the fabric sticking to him. She let out a noiseless yelp as her fingers touched the base of his shaft then kept going and going, and going.

"Oh ...my....god," she gasped; her whole arm was reaching down in his overalls; she rested her other hand on the bulge outside of the wet fabric. She shuttered as she took in the sensation of what seemed to be a steel pipe between his legs.

"How? I mean ... where? I mean, we're not doing anything. Nothing's going to happen." She kept mumbling in shock. He laughed as he pulled her trembling hand out of his pants.

He sat back and chuckled, knowing that she was too intrigued now to stop. He could take his time seducing her.

Kathy looked at him while pressing her hand to her chest, as if to catch her breath. "Let's go to bed, I mean let's go to your place, Oh, no, your house... let's get to your house." Now she started to laugh nervously; finally she just went "plthtth" and stuck out her tongue. She slumped down as if exhausted; she realized that she was going to try to have him as soon as she could.

"Do you have a rain coat? That leather outfit of yours is going to get ruined in the rain."

Kathy rolled her eyes and turned around to rummage through her bags in the back seat. Her plump ass was squirming in his face. She dropped back on the seat holding a long tee shirt and a windbreaker with a hood.

"OK, I'm going to change into this." She started to unbutton the leather jacket. She realized he was leering at her. "Could you turn around please," she said with both a pout and a smile.

He chuckled again but obliged. She wriggled out of the jacket and the skirt and tossed them in the back. Once she had the tee shirt and jacket on she told him he could turn again. She was zipped up to her chin but her long legs were still encased in the pearl grey silk and he could see the lacy black garter belt holding them up. "OK," he said, "I'm going to get on my horse then, you open the door and I'll help you up."

He went out his side and over the roof again. Once he was mounted she opened her door. He held her arms with a firm grip and lifted her up out of the car and into the warm pouring rain and up into his lap. She put one arm around him and her other hand rested on his crotch.

The horse was anxious to get out of the rain so the huge beast trotted quickly down the hill. Kathy was very still pressing into his muscular frame. The fingers on bulge in his lap kept stroking in rhythm with the horse. The trip to the cabin was far to short for Kathy's liking.

The two brothers were waiting by the front door. "Everything all right?" one called out. The horse trotted up and the rider handed down the beautiful woman. He jumped off the horse and swept Kathy off her feet and into his arms. "This is Kathy, guys. Kathy, this is Luke and Mark; I'm Matthew by the way." He turned back to his brothers. "I'm going to take her upstairs to warm her up. Take care of the horse." He carried her towards the door, but turned his head and called back. "Oh, her car is up the hill and it's shot. Kathy'll be spending the night."

Kathy couldn't hear Mark and Luke's reaction to the news. Matthew had pushed the door open and the warmth of an open fire hit her wet skin. She snuggled into his arms as he carried her upstairs to a small bedroom with a wood stove glowing warm. Outside the driving rain made patterns on the windows and beat rhythms on the roof.

He set her feet on the floor but she seemed wobbly and leaned against him. She started to slide her hands down the front of his overalls. "I better get you out of these wet clothes," he muttered.

The feeling of her long finger nails scratching down his bare belly towards his cock was kind of distracting. She was looking down at his bulge and mumbling. "Get your clothes off..." She shook her head in embarrassment and looked up at him and smiled shyly. "I'm sorry, I got distracted. You want to take my clothes off? I mean I should get out of these things..." Suddenly she moaned as her fingers found his massive rod. "Oh my god," she groaned. She pulled it up so it rested on his belly and she followed its huge shape up past his navel.

Her delicate hands ran up and down the shaft slowly. Her finger tips were touching each other and her nails were tickling and scratching the skin on his belly and chest. Her palms were pressed against the girth of the cock as they squeezed it while running up and down.

He moaned and said, "I better help." He started to unzip the windbreaker but he had to forcefully take each hand away from his cock to slip the sleeves off.

"This is really big. How does it ...? I mean what happens ..." Kathy was babbling as if in a hypnotic trance. She was now dressed only in her underwear and the tee shirt which damply clung to the lush curves of her body. Her eyes brightened for a second. "You're all wet ... you need to get out of these wet clothes." Matthew grinned and undid the buckles to the straps on the overalls; the heavy damp garment slapped the floor with a loud wet thud.

Kathy's eyes were glowing with delight. "It's beautiful. It's so big, and so hard." She pressed it against her own belly and shuddered when she realized how deep inside of her it could reach.

He was still muttering about wet clothes as he lifted the tee shirt over her breasts and started to pull it over her arms. Kathy giggled uncontrollably as she lifted her arms straight over her head. The shirt gathered up her golden mane of hair and then released it, letting the curls tumble like golden fire down her shoulders and back and lightly brush across his face. "Yes, you've got to undress me," she giggled. She held her slender arms out invitingly.

The white bra was wet and her nipples were visible in the sheer fabric. He slid one thin shoulder strap down her soft shoulder then did the same with the other strap, then he slowly began to push the garment down towards her waist. She was watching his eyes intently as he stared at the luscious flesh of her breasts as more and more was revealed.

When her erect nipples popped out he licked his lips and she grinned knowingly. She loved the effect those nipples had on men. "You can touch them. Do you want to touch them. I'm touching you." In fact, her fingers were lightly racing up and down the length of his shaft as it was pressed between them.

With one shapely breast in each hand Matthew bent down to kiss those delicious mounds. Kathy groaned and whispered, "That's so nice, it feels so good," but she wasn't sure if she was talking about the feel of his tongue taunting her nipple or the sensation of her fingers wrapping around his cock.

He continued to work his mouth, covering her neck and chest with kisses. Meanwhile his hands pushed the bra past her hips and it slid to the floor. He undid the clasps of the garter belt and slid that off too. As he pushed it down he grabbed her round rear and dug his fingers in as he pulled her up towards him. She was lifted into the air, gliding on her belly along his shaft.

She threw her arms around his neck and pried open his mouth with her tongue. She was squirming and rubbing her pelvis against his cock as they kissed.

He sat on the bed with her bottom across his knees. His massive rod still stood between them. He pushed his fingers under the edge of her stocking and guided the fine threads away from her supple skin. The silk was warm from her touch and made a rustling sound in harmony with the rain.

She stayed in his lap as he pulled each stocking off. He continued to kiss her and fondle her. She rested her head on his shoulder and dreamily drew circles over his back. Finally, she looked up at him with misty eyes. "What happens to a girl, when, you know ...?" she whispered shyly.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean when it's inside...I mean, it's SO BIG!" she squealed.

He chuckled quietly, "Well, I'm not the kind to kiss and tell."

She laughed with him. "Do you think you could ... you want to ... Can you... Can I?" she just kept stuttering as she laughed with him. "Wait, let me see something." She turned in his lap so that her long legs were wrapped around him. Their pelvises were touching and she took his shaft and held it against her body like a yardstick. It stretched up past her navel and its tip almost touched her ribs.

Kathy was stroking his back and letting him enjoy her magnificent body. He sucked on one nipple while he squeezed the other, then switched. Kathy wiggled in his lap feeding more of her breasts to his hungry mouth. "Oh, that feels good. Do you like my nipples, don't they taste good?" She squeezed his shaft with one hand, "This is so big, so hard. How do you do it, I mean what happens when you put it in? Oh my God, it's so big."

He was smiling but pretended to ignore her fascination with his cock. "I love sucking your tits. I love seeing you naked."

Kathy giggled girlishly, "Well, I'm not naked yet. I still have my panties on for protection." He put both hands on her rear and pulled her in closer. She put her legs around him as he lifted her up, gliding her swollen pussy over his shaft. Even through the silk panties his flesh felt white hot.

Kathy's tongue was running wild over his face, in his ears, and up and down his neck. She looked down and saw the cockhead so close; she couldn't help licking over the tip. She moaned for a second and then blushed with embarrassment. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't..." But he took her head and pushed it down again. She slipped down to the floor and held his cock while she looked up at him in amazement. "How does a girl do this?"

"Just do what you do with your sweet mouth."

Kathy extended her tongue and touched the tip. Her tongue jumped back as it felt the heat but she pushed it out again and ran it up along a throbbing vein. "Mmmmmm" she moaned as she journeyed up and down.

She knelt down and bent as low as she could go. She wrapped her lips around the shaft and picked up her body gliding the shaft along her tongue. It hit the back of her throat and she gagged and struggled to bend her head back to take more in.

Matthew kept still, just running his fingers through her soft hair. Kathy struggled and squirmed, gulping and sucking as much as she could. She looked up at him sweetly, proud of her ability to take so much of him.

Suddenly his whole body stiffened and Kathy felt hot juices flooding into her. She worked frantically to swallow it all, digging her nails into his thighs. Finally she collapsed onto the floor.

Kathy watched him with satisfaction as he lifted her up. She rolled to the head of the narrow bed with a giggle and pulled her knees up to her chin and wrapped her arms around her legs.

"Hey," the beautiful blonde managed to breath out with a dusky voice, "That was fun. Hm?" She looked at him with sultry eyes and held out her left hand to take his. "How're ya doing?" she whispered as she pulled him invitingly on to the bed.

He knelt in front of her and slipped his hand under her chin and pulled her sweet face up for a kiss. Her luscious blonde hair was still damp and smelled like flowers. Her mouth was eager and her pink tongue darted into him searching and tickling all over. He ran his hands down her naked back, luxuriating in the sensual heat of her pale skin as his fingers clutched her deliciously plump rear and pulled her up slightly. His thumbs dug under the elastic of her panties.

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