Kathy's Adventure


He put his cup down. "It's empty "he called and she motioned him into the rocker.

She came and knelt between his legs and cupped his balls in her hands before lowering her head. He felt the heat of her mouth and the sting of the hot coffee at the same time. It was painful, it was pleasurable and he was hardening under her spell until he couldn't remember ever being this long, this stiff this needy his balls ached with their load of crème and their desire to release it. Suddenly she left his cock, and when she returned the sensation was cold. She had put a piece of ice in her mouth, then it was hot again, she drove him crazy for minutes until finally she lay down and pulling her legs back almost to her head begged him to fuck her.

He didn't have to be asked twice.

He drove deep inside her and pounding her at an intense pace, he took no regard for her needs or desires he was wild with lust and knew only one thing he wanted to fill this woman with his crème to make her his now. With a strangled cry, he came and pumped once, twice and then again until his crème was dripping down her body and pooling under her ass.

He fell to his knees and lowered his head, his fingers entered her crème-filled pussy and his mouth opened as he licked out at her hard demanding clit and he gave her the relief she had just given him. She screamed her completion to the world, then he picked her up, and together they crawled into bed.

It was past noon when they woke again. A knock on the door had awakened him. He pulled on his boxer shorts and went to the door opening it just far enough to see a waiter with a tray of food. He took it gratefully and said. "I'll add our tip to the bill" The man with never a word nodded and was gone so fast it was as if he had vanished.

The tray contained coffee, brioches, eggs, sausage, bacon and fresh fruit plus fresh squeezed orange juice. Everything a person or persons would need to replenish their strength. He called Kathy to the table with the magic words "Coffee and food"

They finished everything on the tray and then took a shower together. Afterwards they dressed and abandoned their room to the cleaning crew so that he could show her the sights and sounds of the French Quarter. They were gone almost twelve hours gorging on the food and buying clothes and souvenirs of their time together. They even had their fortunes told by an old gypsy woman who first asked him if he would arrest her if his fortune turned out bad. He figured she was either very good or he had finally took on that look that said cop.

She promised them both a long life; happiness and two children one red haired like her mother and one dark and handsome like his father. Kathy giggled and told the old woman, "You're wrong there mothered; I can't get pregnant with a sorrowful look in her eye."

The old woman smiled a toothless grin and said, "But little one, you already are. He swims in your belly as we speak barely a week old." They gave her a big tip and on the off chance, she might be right stopped at a local pharmacy and picked up a testing kit.

Neither was in the mood for any more sightseeing they went back to their now fresh room and waited while the test learned the truth. They had known each other six weeks and Billy admitted to her that it felt like forever, it was as if she was his missing half. He had never thought of marriage and love so wasn't sure if that is what love was or not but his knew the thought of her with other men drove him nuts.

She admitted she had spent four years with the wrong man but that she had laughed more, and been more comfortable fucking him then she had ever been with the other man. She found herself thinking of him when he wasn't around and she didn't like the idea some other woman might be doing the same thing.

They admitted they guessed that might be love. It was a good thing because the test came back positive. Since neither of them wanted the child to be without a parent, Billy took matters into his own hands.

They could have waited until a doctor confirmed it back in their own town but Billy was a quick decision maker and he pulled her to her feet, got to his knees and said,

"Marry me, I have known since the day we first met you were mine. This just proves to me it was meant to be," and so the towns biggest bachelor left the ranks of the uncommitted. "I promise you will always be the only woman in my life other then daughters."

She gulped once and said "Yes"

He called the owner of the bed and breakfast and asked how you arranged a wedding? The man who had done it over seven hundred times since he opened his hotel twenty years before said, "No problem, you two go get some clothes and be back here at seven."

They did, as he requested. Kathy bought a beautiful white dress and a large hat with flowers, Billy bought a new shirt and tie and got his suit cleaned and pressed and bought rings for both of them. He hoped Kathy had some room on her credit card because his was almost over the limit. He called her on her cell phone to ask. She giggled, "I was hoping the same thing about yours, but mine is also an ATM card and I can tap some funds in the bank if you can find one we can use."

He did, and she got hopefully enough to cover the costs at the hotel. She was radiant, when they stood before the Judge and said their vows. They were both scared but by sunset, they were married. This was Saturday night so they had twenty-four hours to get accustomed to their new couples state before they had to return to reality. Billy did make one phone call he called his brother Randy and told him he had gotten married and to break it to his parents.

Sunday afternoon, they checked out and headed home, called his deputy and said they were on their way and headed home. They had agreed to live in Billy's house since he had two acres and many pets and to sell Kathy's condominium. He told her he would understand if she wanted to keep that money separate until she was sure they would stay together.

She thought that just proved how much he loved her. They went directly to Kathy's place to pick up some clothes and then were planning to go to Billy's. It was at her place they found a note on the door.

" We were unable to contact your beeper, when you get in please come to the town hall very urgent." The Mayor's signature who technically was Billy's boss made it to hard to ignore.

Billy shrugged and said, "Might as well get used to it honey, let's hope it won't take to long. Since this is our last uninterrupted night, I wanted to spend it together.

The town hall was dark and appeared deserted when they pulled up but his deputy came out of the darkness. "Thank God you finally made it boss. You come to Kathy hurry up now."

He led them inside where the lights came on and over two hundred people most of the town screamed Congratulations at the same time. It appeared they were having a party to welcome the newlywed's home. There was food, and drinks a plenty and presents. Things that every newly wed would need. Kathy who had grown up in New York with only her parents and no other relatives was overwhelmed.

She sat and cried as the women gathered around her to see the pictures of the wedding and to congratulate her on getting the last good single man in Belle Grande.

It was three a.m. before they made it to Billy's house. Kathy's principal had told her to take a sick day on Monday he would cover her classes. She was glad because she was exhausted. Billy didn't get a break he had to be back at work by 6:30 time for a shower and some cuddling and he would be gone.

He carried her over the threshold and into the bedroom. Kathy was glad to see it had a king-size bed and someone had obviously made it with clean new sheets and blankets because Billy said as he lowered her gently. "Holy shit, this stuff isn't mine but I'm glad it's here."

Truth to tell he had been worrying about explaining why his place was such a mess. He guessed he should have known his mama wouldn't have allowed another woman to see the mess he lived in most of the time.

He sent Kathy to take a shower and get comfortable and when he looked around the house he noticed it had been cleaned, the refrigerator was full, the coffee pot ready to plug in and there was a bottle of good champagne icing in the refrigerator. They had thought of everything. Nestled next to the wine was a bowl full of succulent strawberries and fresh whipped cream. He smiled as he heard the shower turn off; he plugged in the coffee and reached for a tray.

He put the strawberries and whipped cream and some bowls on the tray as well as two glasses filled with champagne and orange juice. The coffee would be ready when they were. It was time to welcome his bride home.

He carried the tray into the bedroom only to find his new wife sleeping cuddled up on his bed above the covers. He set the tray down carefully where she would find it when the odor of the coffee woke her up and pulling the comforter from the bottom covered her up and headed for the bathroom. He needed a shower and a change of clothes and then spying his clock it would be time to head to work. Any loving would have to wait until later.

He was done with the shower and drying off when he heard Kathy call his name. He pulled it around his waist and came out to see her under the covers naked with a smile. She was holding a whipped cream strawberry between her lips and waiting.

He took the offer and sat gently beside her and kissing her took the berry and ate it, "very good my darling wife."

He then pushed the covers back, and taking a dollop of whipped crème decorated her already hard nipples and lowering his head licked them clean. She moaned under his tongue and he could clearly smell her arousal on the air.

He spread a line of whipped crème down her belly, he knew it was imagination but he could almost feel his son's heart beating beneath his tongue. He licked her clean took a swipe at her clit and then dropping the towel pushed her legs apart and pushed into her pussy already wet for him.

"What a way to start the morning, can we do this every day." He smiled at Katy's laughter and then she slapped him softly, "what about when I'm large as a house with your son?'

He grinned as he continued to fuck her gently and deep. "Oh, hell I guess I will settle for a blowjob on the days your not up to fucking me."

He lowered his hand to caress her clit, she gasped, and he felt her clench his cock as her liquid covered his cock in heat and he came filling her with his juices.

He kept himself upright by sheer will alone until she quit trembling beneath him then pulled out and lay down next to her. The phone woke him up two hours later.

"Coming to work today boss?"

He looked at the clock, "Shit" he said, "I'm sorry Dennis, I overslept, give me twenty minutes and I will be there." Dennis laughed "I think I heard that before boss, no hurry just bring me coffee and doughnuts when you come in."

He promised he would do better then that and thought he was hungry enough a full omelet breakfast from Ingra's would be good for both of them. He dialed. "Ingra, Sheriff Bill here can you make up two omelet breakfast to go for 1/2hour from now the deputy Dennis and I are starved."

He heard her laughing as she hung up the phone and softly kissing his sleeping wife slid out of bed. He took his clothes into the kitchen to dress. Left her a note that his brother was coming over to let out the horses and feed the other animals and he would see her at seven. He would have someone bring her car out to the house before noon. It was almost one before Kathy woke up and ambling into the kitchen found the note and her new brother in law Randy-drinking coffee.

"Hey sister-in-law Good Afternoon" She was very glad she had pulled on jeans and a shirt before she left the bedroom.

"Hi right back, what's happening?"

He grinned, "I brought your car, and I was just waiting for you to wake up to take me home. I feed and watered all the animals and Billy said to tell you forget about dinner he would bring it home."

She smiled and figured getting dressed was going to be the norm evidently he came and went as he pleased. She poured coffee and sat down. "Soon as this is empty we can go. Tell me about yourself and your family Randy there is so much I need to learn."

Randy who was a single father, with two girls lived with his mother who watched them. He had orders to be sure she came in when she returned him as his mom had made some cookies and a coffee cake for her to take home with her. She laughed. "One thing, my mother didn't do was bake or watch kids will I get to meet your daughters when we take you home."

He nodded, if they are not napping, Melody is two and Trina is only six weeks old, we lost her mother when she was born. Kathy saw his eyes fill with tears and as she said how sorry she was he stood and mumbled," Meet you outside."

Kathy made sure she did not hurry and took the time to call her closest friend in New York to tell her she was married and invite her out for a visit. She thought to herself. Roberta can't have babies. Wouldn't it be nice, she thought if they liked each other and she could add her to her new family? Kathy laughed aloud. "Thinking like a married woman already and stood up and grabbed her purse and keys wouldn't want the sheriff to pull her over and not have her driving license with her. The door slammed behind her and she headed for her car and her future.

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