tagLoving WivesKathy's Night Out with the Boys

Kathy's Night Out with the Boys


Copyright ©, 2003: All text in this story is created by and the sole property of the author. All rights reserved.


Writer's Note: This piece is a sequel to 'Diane's Mind'. I would recommend that you read that story to get to know Brad, Kathy, and the other characters before reading this one. However, unlike 'Diane', this story contains sexually explicit content. Do not read it unless you are an adult. The story looks at the question "How would it be possible for married couples to have sexual partners other than their spouses, and not jeopardize their own relationship?" Listen to Kathy's story, and learn how she and Brad answered that question.


It was Friday night, and the sales conference concluded with the awards dinner. It was a noisy, fun-filled affair, as would be expected after an intense week of meetings, performance reviews, and strategy sessions. The closing remarks from the CEO were scheduled early so that the attendees had all night to seek their own entertainment in the city. For the mostly male salespersons, that meant looking for something rough and raunchy. I was grateful that David Malinovski and Allen Theriot invited me to join them for the evening. Those two had the reputation of being the most conservative ones in the sales office, so I felt at ease with their company.

After the dinner, we three walked leisurely to the parking lot to Allen's rental car. The levity of the dinner, and the friendliness of David and Allen, prompted me to walk between the two men, each one holding one of my arms.

"I'm a pretty lucky gal tonight," I giggled. "I have two escorts, and neither of them is my husband. I feel a little naughty."

Allen laughed. "Maybe we should capitalize on the naughty feeling of Kathy's, David. Where could we go to make her feel even naughtier?"

"I'm in favor of doing a little dancing," David replied. "At the party on Wednesday night, all the VP's and managers hoarded what few women there were. I never did get a dance with Kathy, but I saw how good she danced, and how much she enjoyed it. Are you game, Kath?"

"Oh, I love to dance!" I said. "And it would be just the right thing to get us into a party mood. Do either of you know a good place in this city?"

Allen knew the city well, and in fifteen minutes we parked in the lot of the Black Orchid. Inside, the music was loud, hot, and very danceable, at least if you liked to move and gyrate with your partner without touching. I have enjoyed dancing since my teenage years, and I was impressed with the skills of both David and Allen.

We danced for over an hour, consuming two rounds of rum and coke. Allen paid the bar tab, suggesting that we go to another place. Armando's was only a half-mile down the road, and we were quickly back on the dance floor. Another rum and coke, plus the spicy music, made me feel in high spirits.

"Guys, I'm having a wonderful time with you. Everyone in the office thinks that you are the conservative ones. I'm getting a much different opinion of you both. You like partying a lot, don't you?"

David said, "Allen and I, plus our wives, Diane and Terri, enjoy a very lively and imaginative social life. We just feel more comfortable doing things by ourselves and in our own way. And the four of us have been thinking that you and Brad would make a great couple to add to our little group. You're confirming that by having such a good time with us this evening."

"But Brad is not here with me, nor are your wives. I feel a little guilty about going out with such attractive and fun guys, and my poor husband is by his lonesome."

"Oh, I wouldn't count on that, Kathy," Allen remarked. "I talked to Terri on the phone this morning, and she said that Diane talked Brad into joining them tonight. The girls decided that they would have their own equivalent night out after the conference."

David laughed. "So you will be no more cheating on Brad tonight than he is on you, Kathy. I believe that you should trust him, like he does you, and that you should let your instincts govern the way you have fun tonight."

"David, what are you trying to tell me? What do you and Allen have in mind?" I said.

"Nothing more than wanting another dance with you, Kathy. What do you have in mind?"

I took his hand to go to the dance floor. We arrived in time for the conclusion of a lively number, then the DJ switched to a slow dance. David held me close, and positioned me so that his leg rubbed against my pelvis. I didn't pull away, liking the feeling arousing between my legs. I smiled up into David's eyes.

"This is very nice, boss. Thank you for giving me so much support this week."

David slid his hand lower on my back and pulled me even more tightly against him. Now I could feel the bulge in his slacks with my pussy. "We fit together very well, don't we, Kathy? Not only at work, but on the dance floor."

Things were just getting warmed up with David when Allen cut in. They didn't cool down, however, as Allen's penis was positioned exactly where David's had been a few moments earlier. His felt just as good to me. I always thought that Allen is awfully good-looking. Up close in his arms and my head on his chest, he's even better.

We took a break from the dance floor to have another drink, then resumed dancing when the fast numbers returned. After I had danced once more with each of my escorts, David suggested that we try something different. This time he paid the tab, over my protests.

"We're not chauvinists, Kathy. The next place, you pay, but Allen gets to order. Is that a deal?"

"Deal," I said, but I thought that David somehow was scheming. "Where shall we go next?"

Allen grinned. "I have an idea. Why don't we show Kathy what we would do if we were just guys out on the town. Have you ever been to a strip joint, Kath?"

"No, never. The closest I've been are movies and TV. I'm curious, but let's go to some more upscale place, where a female customer won't be too out of place."

"I know just the place," said Allen. "It's called the Satin Slipper. It's about two miles from here."

Allen and David made me laugh with some stories of times when they took their wives to strip clubs. I was genuinely excited about seeing strippers and curious how the men reacted. When we got inside and were seated at a table near the stage, I stared at the stripper performing on the small stage above the bar. She was topless and wearing a pink g-string. I couldn't help but compare myself to the stripper. I leaned over to speak to Allen over the loud music.

"She's so skinny, you can see her ribs, and she can't dance worth shit."

"Do you think that you could do better, Kathy?"

Allen gave me a sly grin. As he was speaking, the waitress came for our order. She looked at me.

"Oh, a woman," she said. Tonight is amateur g-string night. If you sign up, your table tab is free."

"She'll do it," Allen said, grinning mischieviously. "Remember, Kathy, you agreed that you would pay, but I got to order. This is my order. Plus three rum and cokes, please."

David was grinning, too.

"Allen pulled the same trick on Diane two years ago here. The look on your face is only half as astonished as hers was. It took some urging by Allen and me, but she agreed to dance, Kath. Afterward she said it was a blast and a real turn-on. Come on, Kathy, join in on the fun, and say that you'll do it."

I was giggling, but still uncertain.

"You two are a lot wilder than I ever imagined. And I did make that damn promise." I turned to the waitress. "What would I have to do, and how much do I wear?"

When the waitress came back with our drinks, she handed me a printed sheet, which was a release form that each contestant had to sign. She explained the contest procedure.

"Each amateur contestant wears a g-string and a triangle bra. Backstage, where you'll put on your costume, select the music that you want to dance to. You come out front when your name is called. Walk over to the emcee on the front stage, where he will ask you some questions, like your name, where from, and so forth. Then you walk our runway over the bar to the main stage, where you do your dance. After all contestants have performed, they all come out, and the audience claps to decide the winner. Everybody has a good time, and you decide how much you want to show."

Allen kissed me on the cheek.

"Please do it, Kathy. I know you are nervous, but both Terri and Diane did it and afterwards they said it was great fun. What do you say? Why not have some fun? Just don't give them your real name."

"Oh, what the hell," I said. "You've been so great to me all week long, I kind of owe you one. Where's a pen?"

In about a half hour, the emcee walked on to the stage, announcing the start of the amateur entertainment. The audience was getting really noisy and into a fun spirit by time the second performer, Delilah, completed her dance. I was next to go on stage. I heard the music stop and the audience cheer for Delilah. She ran backstage, and the spotlight swung to the stage wing where I was standing. My breasts are quite full and rounded, and were only partially concealed by two tiny blue triangles over the nipples. Below, my black nylon g-string just covered my pussy, with a few wisps of pubic hair peeking out on the sides.

All the men cheered when I walked toward the emcee. I pretended that I was making a presentation to a difficult customer, and I walked boldly over to him. Along with the g-string and bra, the club provided strap sandals with four-inch spike heels, and I knew that my legs were looking very sexy. I heard a man at the foot of the stage shout to his friend over the noisy crowd.

"Wow! What a great body this one has. I can't wait to see her bare ass, and to watch her boobs bounce when she dances."

His wish was soon granted. My music was the oldy "Sugar, Sugar," and I let my natural zest for dancing take over. I soon heard the audience clapping and whistling loudly to urge me on. At first, I kept my eyes closed, thinking, "If I can't see them, they can't see me."

The cheering and the sensuous music quickly got me turned on. I was feeling very sexy, and I wanted to give all these men an eye-popping show. I began to smile at each guy at the bar, only feet away from my legs. Suddenly, I realized that I had them under my control. That I was able to capture the total attention of men I'd never met gave me a feeling of power.

Knowing that I could control the reactions of the crowd inspired me to go even further with my flirting. I really got into the music, and shifted my dancing gear to dirty boogie overdrive. As more guys whistled and cheered, my smile grew larger, and my body more energetic.

I wondered if I could control David and Allen like the yahoos in the front row. I teased the ringsiders some more, all the while dancing over to the table where they sat. Winking at them, I pulled the bows on my bra strings, and in one motion, pulled it off and tossed it to Allen. The crowd hooted and whistled at my bare breasts.

When the music ended, I extended my arms, blowing kisses to all corners of the stage.. The audience kept clapping for over a minute after I ran off, until the emcee begged them to let the last contestant perform. As far as the audience was concerned, she was an afterthought, even though she, too, went topless. I was the clear winner in the final selection, and the emcee handed me $150 cash. "Wow!" I thought. "Now I can put 'professional topless dancer' on my resume."

I returned to Allen and David about ten minutes later, back in my black dinner dress. I gulped down all of Allen's rum and coke. David must have noticed my eyes were bright with sexy desire, and that I was really turned on. He surprised me by embracing me and kissing me on the mouth. I quickly learned that he is a very good kisser.

"Kathy, you were positively tremendous," he said. "That was as sexy a dance as I've seen in years."

I grinned at him. "I never thought that I would have so much fun being naked in front of all those guys. Let's get out of here, though, because some of them are coming this way."

We all left the club, and got to our car. David opened the rear right door, inviting me to get in back with him.

"Allen, you drive. I want Kathy in the back seat with me."

For the first five minutes, David sat back and listened to me excitedly talk about my dancing, and how it had turned me on to see its effect on so many men.

"It was the control I had over the audience," I said. "I could see that half of those guys would have done just about anything to touch me. I'm sure that is what the pros must feel to make stripping a full time job. I was just having fun up there for you two."

Allen said, "It sure turned David and me on, Kathy. You make one helluva stripper. I never imagined that you would take your bra off. That really got David going, I'll tell you. Her tits and ass are knockouts, aren't they, David?"

I squealed with delight at his ribald teasing. "Ooh! I love to talk dirty when I get aroused. I got the idea of showing my nipples when I saw how big David's eyes were when he looked at me. I wanted to show him something to turn him on even more."

David pulled my body into him, so that I reclined on his hips and chest, with one of his arms around me. He wrapped his hands around my breasts, and began massaging them through my dress. His touch felt like an electric shock. I moved closer and kissed him on the mouth.

"Now you're really turning me on, David," I whispered. "I'm liking it a lot. More, please."

"I don't want to wrinkle up your dress," David replied. "We can't have you walking through the hotel lobby looking like you were fucked in the car. How about if I work under your skirt?"

He didn't give me time to object, as his hand was already on my thigh and sliding up the hem of my skirt. I opened my legs wider to tell David that I approved of his fingers probing under my panties.

"Just touch me lightly, David. Your wet fingers should tell you how excited and horny I am. Right now I'm so confused by my feelings. My pussy is telling me that I want to get laid in the worst way, but my brain keeps arguing that I would be cheating on Brad."

David softly kissed my ear.

"That really is a weak argument, Kathy. If I know Diane and Terri, tonight Brad is getting laid by two very exciting women whose husbands know and encouraged them to do it. Last week, the four of us began planning two different parties, but with the same couple – you and Brad. So you see, we are simply six consenting adults who are satisfying our lusts with recreational sex. No one else will ever know what we did tonight. Allen and I and our wives always keep our pleasure making very discrete."

Allen also encouraged me to forget my inhibitions.

"Both our wives and us like you and Brad very much, Kathy. We want you two to enjoy our kinds of adult fun with us. Imagine that Terri, Diane, and Brad are in the same room with us, Kathy. I imagine that Brad would be telling you to trust your instincts."

David chuckled. "He probably would say that to you, Kath, as long as Terri has not got his mouth eating out her pussy. That gal is a tigress with oral sex!"

I pulled away from David, shutting down any more petting.

"OK, I am going to believe you two. First, because you have never given me any reason that you would lie to me. Secondly, and probably more importantly, I want in the worst way to get fucked by both of you tonight. Whose hotel room are we going to use?"

Allen turned his head and smiled very sexily at me before returning his eyes to the road.

"Good girl, Kathy. You're going to get your wish. We'll use my room, because it has an interior door connecting with your room, and David's is on the other side of mine. Whatever noise we make will never be heard by anyone else. No one will say that you ever left your room tonight after we returned."

"David," I said. "I'll bet that you thought of this last week, when room assignments were given out. You guys really are discrete."

After Allen parked the car in the hotel lot, we entered the lobby. As we arranged, David and Allen said their public good nights to me when I got on the elevator. They went to the bar to say hello to some fellow workers still drinking there.

I went to my room by myself. As I was walking down the hallway, I met two fellow workers going to their rooms. It would have been very embarrassing if they saw me going into Allen's room with David. I appreciated how very careful David and Allen were about avoiding gossip.

While waiting for David and Allen in my room, I decided that I would surprise them by stripping naked and wrap just a towel around myself. The longer I waited for them, the more nervous I became, but eventually I heard Allen knock on his side of the inner door connecting to my room. I unlocked my side, and went into his room.

Both David and Allen were wearing their new terry robes with the company logo that were given as a conference favor. It appeared like they had nothing on underneath. They were staring at my body, which I thought was covered by the bath sheet. Only the damn thing had come open and my entire front was for their eyes only. I tried to act cool.

"Hi, Allen. Hi, David. This way, I could pack all my clothes and not forget anything in this room."

Allen grinned approvingly.

" Like what's underneath the towel very much, Kath. How about a little wine and some hot music, to get us back into the mood again?"

The chilled wine and the music soon took effect. Finishing his glass, Allen pulled the covers and top sheet off the king-sized bed. I froze with anxiety, thinking of 'THE BED.' Allen's sensed my ambivalent feelings, restoring my confidence by embracing me.

It didn't take me long before my desire was stoked up once more, and I pressed my body against Allen's, thinking how sexy and attractive he is. When the music stopped, he lifted my chin with his hand and kissed me tenderly on the lips. Without thinking, I opened my mouth to let his tongue slide over my teeth.

The music began another soft jazz ballad, and I swayed my pelvis in rhythm against his hardening penis. This was not dancing; it was vertical sex. I kissed Allen once more. Letting him go, I turned to offer myself to David. I initiated the first kiss, and David pressed me to his groin. I could feel his enlarging cock pressing my vagina. I was really coming on to these guys, who were much sexier than I ever realized.

I knew what I wanted to do with each guy, but I was confused on how to do it. I pulled away from David, and looked first at him, then at Allen.

"I've never done it with two men at the same time. Do I keep alternating, or go one-on-one with the other waiting his turn?"

Allen took off his robe, letting me admire his broad shoulders, flat belly, and erect cock. He gently unwrapped my towel and let it drop to the floor.

"First climax will be yours, Kathy. Just relax and let David and me pleasure you."

David also took off his robe. His cock was already erect and looked so very lethal and inviting. I opened my arms to embrace him and kiss his lips. He led me to the bed, placing me on my back in the middle of it. I closed my eyes, willing to accept anything he was going to do to me. I felt his body touch mine as he lay down on his side next to me. He put his arm around my middle, snuggling even closer. I gasped with pleasure as his hand caressed my breasts, while he gave me soft kisses on my chin, lips, neck and ears. I was murmuring my contentment with David's foreplay when I felt Allen's body lay next to mine on the other side of me. Soon his hand was rubbing my belly, and sliding down to my now wet vagina. David stopped teasing my hardening nipples, and placed my left hand on his erect penis. I squeezed it and slid my fingers up and down its shaft, sometimes fingering its head.

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