tagInterracial LoveKathy's Sexual Adventure

Kathy's Sexual Adventure


It is Ken's birthday and we decide to go out for dinner and then to a club for drinks and dancing. I am the luckiest woman in the world. I have been married to Ken now for 5 years and my wonderful hubby does not have a jealous streak in him. He loved the fact that I like to fuck other men, especially black men.

We both enjoy watching a big black cock entering my pussy. Whenever we go out to the clubs, we always look for opportunities for me to have some fun. For his birthday, I wore his favorite dress, a burgundy one, when I stand up, it comes about 6 inches below my ass cheeks. It is cut very low in front, allowing about 2/3 of my tits to show, with spaghetti straps that tie behind my neck and there is no back to the dress at all, meaning of course, no bra. In addition, I decide to wear no panties or hose.

Keep in mind I have a year round tan on this 28 year old body. I have light brown hair, green eyes, 34C-25-35 about 130 pounds. I also have extremely sensitive nipples and a completely shaved pussy. As For Ken, he is 32 and very good-looking.

I am a legal secretary and Ken is a sales rep for Nike who has just returned home from a three-week sales trip. We go to a restaurant and have a nice meal with a bottle of wine, then head for our favorite lounge. We are in a booth near the dance floor and there are a few tables less than 10 feet from our table. Ken has a few drinks, the owner of the bar, a friend of ours, keeps them coming, and Ken starts to be really plowed.

The band is a great combo, playing a lot of great music from the 60's and 70's. I notice that there is an extremely attractive black man sitting alone at the table nearest us and I notice him glancing at me off an on. Our eyes meet a few times and he smiles at me, looks at Ken, and kind of shakes his head. He bears a very strong resemblance to Denzell Washington, the actor, whom I think is HOT, HOT, HOT.

I get Ken to dance a few slow songs, but then he is too sloshed to stand up and starts nodding off, but I am in too good a mood to leave. I again notice the black guy looking my way and smile at him. A few minutes later, another round of drinks come to our table and the waitress says it is from the black gentleman and he wanted to buy us a drink since he overheard it was Ken's birthday. Ken just said thanks and downed his drink. Then his head flopped onto the back of the booth.

The black guy came over, I thanked him for the drinks, and he asked Ken if he could have a dance with his gorgeous wife. Ken was hardly in any condition to answer but I slid to the edge of the booth and said I would love to dance. My dress rode very high on my thighs as I exited the booth and I am sure he got a glance at my shaved pussy. The band was playing a fast song, I love dancing, this guy, his name is Jerry, can really dance.

After two fast songs, the band played a slow sexy song. I looked over at Ken, who was leaning still against the back of the booth and let Jerry lead me to the far side of the dance floor. He pulled me close and told me how beautiful, and sexy I was, and that he loved my perfume. I had had just enough to drink that I was really feeling horny.

He pulled me closer and I could feel a huge bulge hitting my stomach, oh my, this guy had a huge cock. We were nuzzling and he whispered to me. “You are truly gorgeous” As he said this I felt his hands slide down and cup my cheeks.

His hands were so big that they covered my entire ass. He rubbed my ass as we danced and pulled me closer to his groin. I felt his hands slide under my dress. He was pleasantly surprised when he discovered I had no panties on, as he massaged my ass.

I moaned into his ears “oh Jerry that feels so good, but we shouldn’t be doing this here”

“Why don’t we go back to your place?”

“What about Ken”

“We will bring him with us; he is so drunk he can sleep it off on the sofa”

“Let’s go, you have me so wet, I need you to fill me Jerry”

“Baby you have no idea what is in stored for you tonight” He said it with such a mischievous smile.

We came in Ken’s pickup truck, which has a standard transmission, I can’t drive one of those, and Ken surely can't drive home. Jerry offers to drive us home and he will get a cab back to the club. Truck has a bench seat with shift lever on the floor. He puts ken in leaning up against the passenger side and then we get in, with me having to kind of straddle the shift lever.

We are leaving a traffic light and Jerry is shifting gears, with his wrist touching my thing, just above my knee. All of a sudden, a car pulls in front of us and he has to hit the brakes.

I grab onto his thigh to keep from pitching forward. As we look over, we can hear Ken snoring. As he finishes going through the gears, his hand rests on my thigh, about four inches above my knee. We look at each other, then I look at Ken and then I just spread my legs and Jerry's hand goes straight for my wet pussy. He starts fingering me and I start running my hand up his thigh.

We then approach a railroad track and have to stop since a long freight train is going by. We both look over at Ken, Jerry puts his arm around me and draws me to him, and we kiss. Then we get to our house and he carries Ken in and drops him on the living room chair. I fix us a couple drinks and put some more music on.

Jerry pulls me to him and we start to dance. As he draws me in, he kisses me while his hands slide up thighs to my naked butt. He slowly keeps lifting my dress. I pull my hands off and he slides the dress completely off my body. I am now completely nude, Jerry reaches over and massages one of my breasts, and then he bends down and takes my nipple between his lips.


“You like that baby”

“God yes”

Jerry then slides his other hand down to my pussy. I feel his long finger entering me. I am so wet it slides in so easily.

Jerry lets go of my breast and starts to unbuckle his pants, I notice what he is doing and help him out. I get on my knees and lower his pants. “Oh MY God!

I have fucked many men, but I have never seen a bulge this big, he was literally pitching a tent in those briefs. It was obscene how big his bulge was. I hook my fingers on either side of them and start to lower them. I have to pull his briefs away from his body just to clear the bulge.

My oh my, there in front of me was a huge long black snake staring at me. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. I reached up and put my hand around it but it was so big that I took my other hand and put them together, just too simply wrap them around his cock.

He puts his hand on the back of my head and pulls me closer, my lips were open, ready willing and able. I got closer to the monstrous head and let my tongue caress it. I licked it all over before letting it slip into my mouth. His cock as so hot and huge, the head alone filled my mouth. I stroked his cock with both hands as I sucked the head.

“Oh baby do you like sucking my black cock”

“Gulp HMMMMMMMM yes I love your cock, I want it inside me Jerry”

“Don’t worry baby, I am going to fuck you all night”

I kept sucking his cock. Jerry then lifted me up and carried me over to the sofa. He lays me down and kneels before me. He is pointing his cock at my pussy. He takes it and rubs it all over, letting my juices cover the entire head.

He slides it up and down my pussy and asks “So you sure you want this”

“OH God yea, I never wanted anything more. I need your cock in me now”

As I am saying this Jerry slides the head into my pussy.

“MMMMMMMMMM your cock is so big”

“Kathy your pussy is so tight baby”

Jerry slides about 5 inches in, I look down and I can’t believe what I am seeing, he still has another 7 inches to go. Oh my god I just hope I can take it all.

“Give me more.”

“He you go baby”

Jerry feeds me another 2 inches.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssss”

He gives a final push and he buried his entire cock in my pussy.

“Oh god Jerry you feel so good”

Jerry starts to fuck me faster, I look over and I see Ken has awaken and is rubbing his crotch as he watches Jerry’s cock enter my tight little pussy.

“Oh God honey his cock is so big”

“Does it feel good baby”

“Oh god yes, thank you”

“Your pleasure is my pleasure baby”

I look lovingly into Ken’s eyes as Jerry is ripping into my body. I can feel it building inside me, that warm glow taking over my body.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’m cumming baby”

I am cumming on Jerry’s cock and I feel Jerry’s body tense up.

“Here it cums Kathy”

I feel Jerry’s cum exploding inside my body. He keeps pumping more cum into me. I can feel his cock throb deep inside me as I feel his cum entering deeper and deeper.

He finally pulls out and I go over to Ken. The cum is dripping from my pussy and I sit on Ken’s lap. He fingers me as we watch Jerry get dressed.

“Jerry can you give us your phone number”

“You got it love, call me anytime”

As Jerry leaves, he watches Ken get undressed, bend me over the couch, and fuck my loose pussy. He sees Ken entering me and mixing his juices with mine and Jerry’s. Jerry waves goodnight but certainly not goodbye.

The following week Ken has to go out of town.

I call Jerry.

“Hey Jer I am all alone with a wet pussy that needs to be filled.”

“I’ll be there in a half hour”

I greet Jerry in my birthday suit and jump on him as he enters the door. “Ken will be gone till tomorrow so we have all day and night to fuck”

“Oh baby, I am going to fuck you good”

He picks me up and carries me to bed, and lays me down and reaches into a bag he brought and takes out some rope.

I smiled and said “Oh Jerry what do you have in mind you bad boy”

“Baby you are my fuck slave for the rest of the day”

“mmm I like that”

Jerry ties my hands and feet and blindfolds me. He leaves for a few minutes and comes back into the room. I feel him get on the bed and I feel a brrrrr cold drip of water on my nipple. Then I feel his lips warm it back up. He lays the ice on the middle of my chest and rubs it over my nipples making them very stiff indeed. Ahhhhhhh then his mouth warms them up again.

Jerry rubs the ice all the way down to my aching pussy, and then his lips take its place. Jerry throws the ice on the carpet and concentrates on eating my pussy. I am so wet and he loves the fact that I am totally shaved. He licks my pussy all over, letting his tongue flick my clit a few times before moving down and entering my pussy. He sucks and licks until I have a mind-bending orgasm on his mouth.

I then feel Jerry crawl up my body and he puts his cock inside me. I am so wet it slides in easily.

Huh. That’s strange; it is almost as it slid in to easily. He starts to fuck me faster and it feels really good.

All of a sudden, I feel a cock touching my lips.

“Jerry what the fuck is going on”

“Relax baby, just enjoy it”

Jerry then removes my blindfold and I saw another black guy’s cock in my pussy. Before I could say anything Jerry said.

“Listen baby this is my roommate, I thought you would enjoy having the two of us”

“I do Jerry; it just caught me by surprise.”

“Relax and have fun.”

He then slipped his huge cock in my mouth and I started to suck it in my mouth. Tyrone started to fuck me faster; I could tell he was getting close.

“Shit girl you have one tight pussy”

“HMMM Yes I do, I love your cock, cum inside me.”

“Don’t worry girl I am getting ready to explode inside you.”

“I wish Ken was here, He would love to see my pussy and my mouth filled with black cock.”

“Shit girl call him up.”

“Let him know that his woman is getting fucked by two black studs.”

“What a great idea. Ya know it is Ken’s fantasy to be on the phone listening while I am getting fucked”

“What are you waiting for, call him.”

Jerry handed me the phone. I continued to stroke his cock while the phone was ringing.

“Hey Honey, what are you doing.”

“Not much babe, just watching some T.V. in this boring hotel room, what are you doing?

“Not much either just getting fucked by two black studs”

“WHAT are you really?”

“Yes I am baby, Jerry and his roommate are hear fucking my brains out”

“Damn I wish I was there to see it.”

“That’s why I called baby; at least you can listen in while they fuck me.”

“Well what’s going on right now?’

Tyrone has his big cock in me and is fucking me good while I play with Jerry’s cock.

“Damn that’s hot, put the phone by your pussy.”

“Do you like it baby?”

“Hell ya I could hear his cock entering your wet pussy.”

“Oh shit Jerry what are you doing?”

“Kathy I am going to fuck you too.”

Jerry picks me up off the bed and lies down. He then puts me on top of him, he grabs his cock and puts it in my pussy, as I lower myself I remember how fucking big is his cock.

“Tyrone get behind her.”

Tyrone gets behind me; he lubes up his cock and puts it on my ass, and rubs it all over before slowly trying to push it into my ass.

“Honey I can feel Tyrone’s cock about to enter my ass”

“How does it feel baby”

“Like a fucking baseball bat but I love it, ohhhhhhhh shittttttttttttt !”

Tyrone slips the head into my ass and pushes it in slowly. He then starts to fuck me slowly while Jerry does the same.

“Oh my God, Oh my god Wow this feels incredible… Honey I am so full.”

“God your hot, I wish I was there to see it.”

“OH yeah……Oh yeah…….. Here take it Kathy.”

I feel Tyrone exploding inside me as he cums in my ass.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Baby Tyrone just came in my ass”

“”Shit baby I am going to cum ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh…………”

I start to cum, that sends Jerry over the edge, and he shoots a stream of cum deep inside my pussy.

“Oh god Ken, I can’t believe how much I just came. Wow next time your home I want to experience that again while I suck your cock.”

“It’s a date baby”

“Well I am going to hang up now… I am exhausted.”

“Okay Love, think of me when they fuck you later.”

“I will baby good night.”

I hang up the phone, we relaxed for a few minutes before the two of them proceed to fuck me into the morning before we all collapsed and fell asleep. The next day before leaving, they each gave me a going away fuck.

“I can’t wait till next weekend”

Let me know what you think of my story and please don’t forget to grade it.

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Big Black Cock

Oh my those black men had v large penises and the white husband liked to see his wife being properly fucked by them.
But I didn't masturbate.

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