tagRomanceKatia & Kirk Together Again

Katia & Kirk Together Again


I came over to Hong Kong 5 years ago, leaving behind my family, my friends and a lover. It wasn't easy, but I did it. And all for the sake of a great new job.

My name is Katia Hilson, and I am a lawyer. And I took this job in Hong Kong because I handle international cases. It's a big challenge and I love challenges. So when my boss came up to me with this offer I couldn't refuse.

I know that it meant leaving behind my best friend and lover Kirk. We had been together for 3 years and I know that he was planning on asking me to marry him but he knows my career is more important to me.

So I boarded the plane and left. But now 5 years later I still think of him often. We have kept in touch and I know that he has been with other women but I still love him.

One day out of the blue he called me and told me he would be coming into Hong Kong for business and would I like to see him. I jumped at the chance seeing how I hadn't been laid in 5 years. But also because I did want to see him. He told me he would be coming in Wednesday and could I pick him up. I told him of course and then I insisted he stay at my place.

He agreed to that after me begging him a little.

So finally Wednesday arrived and I couldn't contain my excitement. I put on a nice white lace teddy underneath a navy blue tailor pants suit, that I bought for this occasion. I must admit I splurged a little for him.

I drove to the airport and went through security. I noticed I had about 30 minutes still before his plane came in so I sat down and grabbed a bite to eat and then waited back at the terminal.

When you're waiting for the love of your life to walk off that plane 30 minutes can seem like a lifetime. I know I was going nuts waiting and waiting.

But then finally I saw the plane taxi in and I started to get all excited. I couldn't believe it; he was finally here after so long. When the passengers started to file off I put my sign up with his name on it so he could find me. But when I saw him I knew that the sign was totally useless. I knew him the minute I saw his face.

I ran up to him and just wrapped my arms around him. He dropped his bag so that he could hold me close and smell my hair. He had always loved the fact that I used Herbal Essence on my hair. And I had made sure that my hair smelled of roses when he got there.

We walked down to the baggage claim area. Talking about all the old times and what we had been doing since then. I told him all about my job and how much I was enjoying it. He told me about his job and the fact that he had volunteered to come on the trip so that he could see me. I couldn't believe my ears when he said that.

"Why though, am I that important to you still?" I asked giggling.

"I still love you Katia. And that is why I have come to see you. I want to know if you still love me." He said.

I was shocked. After 5 years he said he still loved me. I stared at him with my mouth wide open. I couldn't speak because of the shock. But I know that I still loved him.

"Kirk, I have always loved you. When I left it was the hardest thing for me to do. But this job was one of a lifetime. And I couldn't pass it up. You knew that. I just can't believe that you still love me. I longed to hear those words from you again, but never thought that it would happen." I whispered.

"Katia…" He couldn't finish because I was too busy kissing him right there in the car.

"Lets go back to my place and catch up some more and see where it goes from there. I want to make sure that it is true." I said.

He nodded his head and said, " I totally agree with you. If all the feelings and tenderness it still there then my decision will be made. But we shall wait and see what happens."

I looked at him with an expression on my face that asked 'what decision?'

He laughed and said, " you will see."

We held hands all the way home, not talking just sitting and enjoying the company and sensing the love that flowed between us.

When we finally got home, Kirk was shocked at the size of my house. I don't think that he expected it.

"How are you affording this?" He asked.

"Very easily. I saved and saved for years. Both from the states and here. And also living here is a lot cheaper then in the states. Its mine, its comfortable and it fits me. Its 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A nice living room and dining area. I also have the formal rooms as well." I told him.

"Good god girl, you have done well for yourself." He said as we walked in.

I had done the place in blues, purples and gold's, and it looked great and fit me perfectly.

Just as we walked in the door my kitten came running up to see me. I picked her up and said, "Meet Ying Sey. It means 'trouble one'."

"Just like you. She fits you perfectly." Kirk said petting her.

Ying Sey was purring and clawing me as he stroked her chin.

We walked into the kitchen where I had dinner cooking all day. I was making beef stew, his favorite. And it had been cooking all day.

"Something smells so good. I hope that you didn't just do this for me." He said sniffing the air.

I looked at him and said, "we both have to eat right and it was quick and easy and could cook all day. And anyway I knew it was your favorite. I also that you love the way I cook it."

So we settled down to eat. The meal was good and so was the conversation. But I swear you could cut the sexual energy in the room with a spoon it was that thick. Both of us were horny and wanting the other, but neither of us wanted to make the first move. So finally I said forget this, got up and straddled him.

I started to kiss him and feel his chest while moving my hips along his crotch line. I could feel him getting hard as he wrapped his arms around me and helped me move and kiss me deeper. We just kept kissing and kissing, but we both wanted more.

He picked me up and carried me to my bedroom where he laid me down and started to kiss my whole body. I couldn't help but want more and want to feel his lips against my skin, but he had other ideas, and that was a slow torture.

I kept moaning and moaning as he kissed me. Wherever he kissed he would undo a button or lift a piece of clothing up until he had me down to my teddy. I could see his eyes grow wide and his mouth dropped with surprise.

"Oh god, I didn't think I could get any harder then I already am, but I think that just did it. I hope that you are as ready as I am." He said, hoarsely.

I could only nod and point to my pussy as if to say 'feel.'

He slid a hand down there and felt the heat and wetness radiating from my pussy and drove a finger inside me. I arched up to get the full feel as he thrust in and out. When he withdrew his finger I moaned for more. But he started to strip his clothes off as I struggled out of my teddy.

I think at that point romance was on hold and all we wanted was to fuck. So we hurried up and finished pulling off our clothes and then he lay down next to me. I could feel the heat from his body and was going nuts at the sight of his massive hard-on. I couldn't wait to finally have him inside me once again.

He slowly came over me, and slid his body down the length of mine. The feeling of his pulsating cock on my body was driving me batty. When he finally reaches my pussy I arched up to put him inside me. He pulled away a little so that he could spread my legs and get between them. I opened them and he slid up ward to meet my pussy with his cock.

With the head poised at my opening, he looked at me with eyes full of love and thrust inside me. I was in heaven and I could tell he was too.

"It has been too long my lady, way too long." He groaned in my ear.

"I am not going to argue with that," I said and he continued to thrust inside.

I clamped down with my pussy holding him in and making my self as tight as a virgin. I know that I felt like one after 5 years.

We moved together in a familiar rhythm, one that neither of us has forgotten. Him going as deep as he could and me holding him inside and not letting go. My arms were wrapped around him and so were my legs and I was clawing at his back. He stroked my back with every thrust.

I could feel the orgasm coming on and held on tighter as it rushed over me. I screamed out and thrust my hips upward. Begging with my pussy for his release. Something I hadn't felt in so long. Something that I had wanted for so long, his hot molten cum.

"You want it my love?" He asked.

"Please my love it has been so long. I need to feel you cum. I want you to fill me to the max. Please, please give me your release." I begged still cumming on his cock.

With the final word he thrust and started gushing his molten life into me. I arched up to hold it inside me as he held me as tight as he could. I dragged my fingers along his back and left scratches but didn't care. All we knew at that point was heaven, and that's where we wanted to stay.

He collapsed onto me and rolled off taking me with him in his arms. I snuggled down and he pulled me close as we feel into a dream filled sleep of one another.

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