"Katie, I'm going to miss you so much!"

Allison had just returned back to the dorm room sporting her usual getup; grey school logo sweats and a tattered white tank top that fought hard to hold up her ample chest. The blonde hair that normally lazed over her shoulders was pulled back in a ponytail, making her sparkling blue eyes stand out even more. She skirted past the packing boxes lined all over the floor to get to Katie.

"Aww, I'm going to miss you too. Can't believe I graduated and you won't be my little roomy anymore."

Katie kicked aside a basket of clothes blocking the space between her and her roommate and reached out her arms. Allison met the embrace of her friend and they swayed back and forth laughing. Katie always felt like a kid sister to Ally, as she called her, when they hugged due to her own small five-foot frame. Her roommate was a little over half a foot taller than her, using her height and athleticism to enjoy an array of college sports.

Katie had no complaints, though. She was in great shape, having run every morning that she was on campus for the past 4 years. She also loved how vibrant her shoulder-length crimson locks shown when out in the sunlight. Her favorite feature, however, was her bottom. Even though she had a small frame and proportioned features, her ass was always very thick and shapely. Katie hated it growing up but after entering high school, she soon found that it was something desired by most guys and envied by most girls.

Their laughter subsiding, Ally pulled back from the hug and looked down into Katie's eyes and held her hands.

"I had so much fun with you being my roommate. I don't know how I'm going to make it through my senior year without you." Ally batted back a tear.

"I'm sure you'll do fine, babe." Katie stood up on her tiptoes and kissed her friend's cheek before plopping back down.

"I hope so." Allison let Katie's hand fall out of her own and then brought her hands up to the sides of Katie's face. "Really gonna miss that bright red head of yours, guiding me to the right lecture halls." They started giggling again and Katie slightly shoved her friend, causing her friend to stumble backwards onto the bed with Katie in tow due to Ally's instinctive tightened grip on her face.

They continued laughing for a few moments, Ally wiping the tears now streaming from her friend's face. Ally being very athletic and stronger, she didn't really feel anchored down by Katie's weight on top of her.

"You know you have to pay for that, right?" Allison stared her friend down, still smiling.

"Oh, yeah? How are you going to make me pay?" Katie smirked at Ally, almost daring her with her eyes for a consequence.

"Like this..." Ally began spanking Katie on her backside, all but surprising the other girl. Katie tried to wiggle away out of the other girl's clutches but her friend was much more athletic and stronger than she. Ally had maneuvered from under Katie while keeping her face down as she continued the assault on her friend's ass. Allison was now holding Katie down with her left arm as she slammed down several heavy handed blows to the black skin-tight shorts of the other.

"Please, I'm sorry!!!" Katie was screaming and trying to buck away from the blows, heavily breathing.

"I believe you." Ally watched as several of the blows she landed missed and caught contact with bare skin, causing Katie's pasty back thighs to become red.

"Ally, it's really hurting!! I'm so sorry, may you please stop." Her ass would noticeably clench in anticipation of the next smack.

"I'm sorry, Katie." Unfortunately, Ally only started to hit her harder. She didn't want to hurt her friend but just was intrigued by the way Katie's ass jiggled with each hit.

Katie began a slight sob that made Ally worry, yet she didn't stop the spanking.

"Please, Ally....please..." Katie had turned her head to the side in an attempt to look at her friend. Tears were streaming down her face and her nose was running.

Ally felt terrible so she decided that after each blow she would rub her friend's bottom to alleviate some of the pain. She struck down and then would rub in a clockwise rotation.

"Is that a bit better?" Ally positioned her face near her friend's so they could see each other's eyes.

Katie nodded slowly while staring intensely at her friend.

While they stared at each other, Katie winced as the next strike came down. A slight gasp came out of her mouth. Then just as quickly, the soothing rub from her friend.

"You know that I don't mean to hurt you?" Ally had moved her arm off of her friend's back and was using it to lean on the bed as she talked to Katie in a hushed whisper.

Katie nodded, her eyes still transfixed on her friend. Then, expectedly, she received another strike followed by a caress. This time, however, after the caress Ally gripped the fleshy bottom and squeezed roughly. Katie slightly moaned and then yelped as she was immediately smacked again. Ally kept looking into Katie's eyes which vaguely seemed spaced out. Another rub, another squeeze, another smack. More staring, more moaning, more gasps.

"Do you want me to stop?" Ally never stopped her barrage of attacks as she awaited her answer.

Katie remained silent, save for the sounds that escaped during gasping and moaning.

Ally put her face even closer to Katie's so that her mouth was near the other's left ear.

"I asked if you want me to stop." Ally intensified everything: the slaps were harder, the rubbing was longer, and the squeezing was rougher.

Katie's reactions adjusted as well. The yelps and gasps were louder, the heavy breathing was more frequent, and her moaning lasted longer. Still, Katie didn't answer to her friend's question.

Ally smiled just a bit, her face still by her friend's ear such that Katie couldn't see her face. She moved her head down from the ear so that she now was looking at Katie's neck. The muscle in it quivered every time Katie would grimace and tense up for another slap. Katie had started to sniffle more as the slaps were coming faster and harder. All of her skin was glistening due to the ordeal.

As Ally was on the squeezing part of her assault, she squeezed longer than usual and then just held the flesh in her hand. Gazing still at the moist neck, she stuck her tongue out and, in a long fluid motion, lapped up a trickle of moisture on Katie's neck. It was very salty and she loved the taste. She lapped several more times gathering up the salty sweat. During this, Katie continued to breathe heavily being unsure as to what would happen next.

After Ally finished tasting her friend's neck, she placed her lips near the newly clean area and rested them on the soft skin. She began kneading Katie's ass again which promptly received a reaction of more groaning.

Ally couldn't help herself; the feel of the flesh in her hands and the softness of the neck caused her to open her mouth just a little and press her teeth down. She bit into Katie, causing the girl to whimper out. When she bit down, she kept the teeth sunk into her friend's neck and ran her tongue over the bit of flesh trapped in her mouth.

Ally stopped her kneading and tucked her thumb into the waistband and started to peel the black shorts down...


Katie was heading home, finally, away from school forever, excluding times she may have decided to go visit friends. Her dad, John, came to campus to pick her up and they laboriously got everything packed into the old Suburban before heading home.

"Katie, I'm going to need to go out of town and you and Sarah will have to tend to the house on your own." As her dad said this, he gave her a look.

"O.k. dad, it's no problem." Katie looked straight forward out the truck's windshield. Her arms were crossed and she kept a blank look on her face.

"I know that Sarah isn't your mom but I really hope that you two are able to get along." John looked back at traffic, visibly shaken at the thought of his daughter and wife having to deal with each other without him around.

"It's no problem, dad. I'm not some little kid that doesn't understand that you needed to move on after you and mom's divorce." Katie still didn't look at him.

"Yes dear, I know that. It just seems to me that you two aren't really that close. I don't want you two to be enemies."

"Well, dad I didn't exactly get the chance to know her since you dated her during my freshmen year and married her the following year. I was in school and was just bombarded with you saying 'Here's Sarah, my girlfriend' and then 'Sarah and I are getting married'. It just happened so fast but, like I said, I understand." Katie rolled her eyes. Even though she was a recent college grad and was twenty-three, she felt like she was defending herself as an adolescent.

"Ok honey, I'm sorry." I just want the best for both of you. John had obviously been contemplating this entire conversation on the drive to the campus.

He showed all the signs of stress: darkened eye blotches, wearisome looking creases in the forehead, and a hunched demeanor. Just a few years back, when he was just turning fifty, he had an entirely different look. He always played tennis to keep in shape and was always throwing dinner parties. With the economy going to hell and his job laying off six-hundred staff members, there was no time in the day to do anything but worry.

They were finally pulling into a cul de sac, where their house was at the center. Katie grimaced as she saw the old Ford Taurus sitting in the driveway. It was Sarah's. Katie didn't like feeling this way but she somehow was still uneasy about her so-called stepmother. Sarah had never really said anything to offend Katie but the fact that she lived there, in Katie's and her dad's house, made her feel like an outsider was intruding.

"Ok, remember to be nice." John ran his hand through his brown hair.

"Dad, I'm not twelve." Katie and her dad got out of the vehicle choosing to engage in the daunting task of unpacking at some other time. Katie trailed her dad to the house preparing to not seem so "down" about having to see Sarah or hang out with her while her dad was gone.

They entered through the house, Katie heading straight towards her room. Luckily, nobody took it upon themselves to rearrange any of her belongings. She sat on the bed thinking about how things were going to be with her dad gone. Katie crooked her head to the side pensively. It came to her realization that she didn't know how long he was going to be out of town and when he was leaving.

She went over to her dresser to search for a clean tee to put on. Although she really needed a shower, she decided to get the questioning out of the way first. Looking down at her black shorts, she wondered if she should perhaps change those as well; the front of them had traces of white stains on them. Katie figured that no one would be eyeing her that much so she just went along with the task of changing shirts before she headed out to the kitchen where she heard her dad and stepmom talking.

As Katie came into the kitchen, Sarah was standing at the table next to John with her hands wrapped around an old coffee mug.

"Hello, Katie. How are you this afternoon?" Sarah had an assertive, yet feminine voice. It wasn't hard to imagine how she ran things at her downtown office.

"Hi. I'm fine." Katie always felt a little awkward around Sarah the few times that they actually were near each other. To add to her authoritative voice, Sarah easily towered over Katie, standing at an Amazonian grace of six feet and three inches. Katie eyed the woman carefully for the first time since she's known her, realizing that though the woman was a year older than John, at 54, she clearly had the look of a woman just nearing 40. Her body competed with the girls on campus, although Katie wasn't sure as to how she stayed in shape.

Still, she thought to herself, it would've been nice for him to make sure they got to know each other before bringing some lady into the house.

"Hey dad, when are you going out of town?" Katie glanced at Sarah to see if the woman's sentiment was the same as hers in regard to them having to be together.

"I'm leaving tomorrow morning, very early." John looked down at his feet, not wanting to look at either of the ladies.

"Oh, ok. Well how long are you going to be gone? A couple of days?"

"Actually, I'm going to be gone for a week."

"Wow, umm ok..." Katie's reaction and face let everyone in the room know that she was not ok with her dad being gone that long while she had to be left with Sarah.

"Maybe we'll get a chance to catch up." Sarah was looking down at Katie with a slight smile. Or perhaps it was a smirk.

Katie just frowned a bit and turned to go to her room, not saying anything else.

"Well, that was a tad rude." Sarah's smile still hadn't left her face as she turned to face John.

"Give her some time. I think she's still not used to the fact that all of these developments took place so quickly and she wasn't a part of it." John still had a beaten down look on his own face. He turned and went to their room where he could start packing for his early morning flight.


Katie felt the pressure of the elongated bite on her neck but she didn't say anything. With her shorts being pulled down, she welcome slight breeze on her burning ass. Another brush stroke of a tongue passed over her partially engulfed neck and her eyes half closed again.

As Katie lay on the bed with tears, sweat, and snot pooling on her face, she felt a finger passing over her ass and eventually stopping on her lips. The finger entered slowly almost being sucked in with all of the moisture being emitted from within her. Katie closed her eyes as slow rhythmic circling began between her lips. The torturous bite ended and she felt the teeth make her ear their newest victim.

Her ear surrounded with lips and teeth, the hungry tongue swirled and tasted every inch causing goose bumps to appear on the back of her neck. Another finger joined its comrade in invading her and as it plunged deeper, her ass betrayed her and pushed back. The mouth left her ear and kissed its way down the side of her face until its lips were level with her own. The soft lips pressed against her closed mouth for a moment before the tongue came out, silently asking for entry.

Katie hadn't planned on letting the greedy tongue inside but the duo below her waist kept turning so sensually and deeply that she had to let moans escape out of her. It was during one of these very moments that the tongue came inside. Her mouth was being explored slowly with her own tongue being the last research specimen. While her tongue was being tasted over, the other pair of lips was wildly sucking on her own.

Just as her ass had done, her tongue became a traitor and followed the other tongue back into the other mouth. As her tongue and lips played with the enemy's, her ass started rotating around and allowing the fingers deeper entry. Right after the fingers were welcomed in further, Katie noticed that she was starting to get a trembling feeling deep within her. She started sobbing realizing what her body had planned to do. Closing her eyes, she started moaning louder as the other mouth swallowed the sounds.

The feeling inside her was building very fast and the fingers were pumping at an insane speed. Though her eyes were closed, she started seeing bits of light particles. Her ass was begging for more and more of the fingers until she felt another one enter her. The mouth released its spell over her own mouth and broke away. Without the muffler, her moans which had turned to screaming were bouncing from wall to wall.

With her pussy still being invaded and pumped ferociously, the other hand turned her over so that she was now staring at the ceiling. Katie figured that if she just started to count the ceiling tiles that the feeling within her might go away and that the fingers would dissolve. Unfortunately, the fingers did come out but only to be replaced with slaps. Katie began to feel as if she was losing herself as the hand kept coming down and landing squarely over her clitoris.

She had lost count of the tiles and was now reaching out for mercy with her right hand. She raised her left hand to her mouth and started to suck on her index finger as her right hand had found solace in some long blonde hair. She reached around to find a knot in the back of the hair and pull it apart so that the hair was now freely flowing. She continued sucking on her own finger while staring at the ceiling.

Her right hand was now massaging a scalp and caressing a face. The slaps kept coming down and was now being alternated with the trio of fingers scooping inside of her pussy. Katie started a confusion of hysterical laughter mixed with crying. She didn't know what to do. The feeling was increasing as the juices leaked out of her onto her asshole. It was going to come. She could feel it. Why wouldn't it leave?

Katie grabbed at the other scalp pulling it towards her. As the lips neared her own she opened her mouth waiting for the tongue to come inside of her again. It tasted so good. Katie looked into blue eyes that stared back at her. The other face pulled back and eyed Katie for some time and then a hand came up to grab Katie's mouth, squeezing at her cheeks and forcing her mouth open. The other hand was still slapping and fingering her down below.

The blue eyes sparkled before the face puckered its lips. The face came down nearer to Katie's forced open mouth and started releasing a stream of drool into it. Katie held the spittle into her mouth while the other mouth clamped back down over her own. The two tongues shared the little pool, pushing it back and forth between each other's mouth as Katie was starting to feel it come...

Katie woke up with a start. She looked around her room to find that she couldn't see anything. While waiting on her eyes to adjust to the dark, she glanced at the bedside clock. It was a little past eleven. Katie couldn't believe that she slept so late. She remembered that she had come in to take a nap after hearing her dad give her that awful story about leaving her in the house with this woman she hardly knew.

Katie reached over and turned on her bedside lamp. Looking down at her black shorts, she realized that she really had better go ahead and take that shower. She decided to go to the kitchen first to grab some water and grab towels out of the closet.

Katie saw that her stepmom was in the living room watching the local news.

"Have you finally decided to wake up?" Sarah sat with her long legs stretched over the sofa wearing a plush red robe. Her brunette hair lay down over her shoulders surrounding her face making her look even younger.

"Yeah." Katie didn't want to sound rude but she really didn't feel like the 'Why don't we get to know each other' conversation.

Sarah smiled icily. So, it's going to be this way, she thought to herself.

"Please come here, Katie." Sarah kept her voice controlled, yet commanding.

Katie sighed heavily as she half-slammed the fridge shut. She walked over to where Sarah was and stood by her feeling a lot better that the woman was not standing.

Sarah looked Katie over trying to figure out the best approach of speaking to the young girl. She noticed that Katie's shorts appeared to have white residue over the crotch and that the girl's shirt was soaked with sweat. Sarah shifted, adjusting her legs.

"You know, Katie, I really don't want there to be any animosity between us. You seem like a nice girl and I won't try to replace your mom."

"Thanks for the pep talk. I'm going to take a shower now." Katie turned to walk away being frustrated for having wasted the time to even speak to the lady.

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