tagIncest/TabooKatie and Daddy Ch. 03

Katie and Daddy Ch. 03


I don't think either Katie or I wore a stitch of clothes for the rest of that first weekend. We fucked and sucked like we were both teenagers. Always not far from my thoughts though, was her admission that she wanted her mother to join in too. The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on.

As a look through my porn collection would attest, I have a major lesbian sex kink. Watching girls get it on with each other had always been a major portion of my masturbatory material since I had discovered what porn was for. I'd always wanted to see it in real life, but had never had the opportunity for that particular fantasy to come true. Since my engagement I'd had only 2 partners, my wife and my right hand -- at least until this weekend. Now I'd found that my kinks also included incest. The mother/daughter aspect of Katie's fantasy greatly amplified the erotic power of what I imagined if this lesbian fantasy came true.

My wife, Janice, shared my interest in lesbian sex. She'd always been curious about it but had never acted on that curiosity. We often watched porn together though, and the girl/girl scenes never failed to get her horny and ready to be fucked. I often teased her about women we'd see when we were out and about, asking if she thought this or that one was hot and if she's like to get in their pants.

Janice is a beautiful woman; curvy, red-headed, with dark green eyes. Though we'd been married a long time, we still had an active sex life. We didn't quite fuck like bunnies as we did when we first got together, but I couldn't remember a week going by without us having sex at least once and usually more.

Sunday evening finally arrived and with it the end of Katie's and my "naked, sexy times". Still slightly damp from the shower we'd shared, I pulled on my clothes. My daughter was complying with my request to keep me entertained while I got dressed. She was naked on the bed with her legs spread fucking herself with a dildo and vibrating her clit with her hitachi magic wand for my enjoyment. I'd found that she had a fairly extensive toy collection. Thinking about that collection, I felt the seed of a plan take root in my brain.

"Does it feel good, Princess?"

"Mmmm, yes Daddy. Not as good as your cock though."

"I think I may have a plan to get Mommy to join in our fun. Would you like that?"

"Ooooh!" she moaned. "Yes, yes Daddy I would like that a lot!" Judging by her suddenly hardened nipples, I could tell the the thought excited her greatly.

"You'll have to help me to make it happen. Will you help your Daddy?"

"I'll do whatever you want me to do, Daddy."

"Such a good girl you are, Princess. I want you to imagine you're eating your Mommy's pussy. Your face is pressed between her legs and she's humping her hips against it."

Katie moaned loudly and fucked herself hard, her hips coming up to meet each stroke. "You're going to make me cum, Daddy!" she groaned. "Please, may I cum, Daddy?"

"Not yet, my little fucktoy. Daddy wants you to let it build for him. Show me what a good girl you are for Daddy."

"Yes, Daddy. I want to be your good girl. I'll try, but it's HARD! I need to cum so bad!" she pleaded.

"Now I want you to imagine that, as you've got your face in you Mommy's cunt, I come up behind you and slide my cock in your pussy. Then I fuck you from behind nice and hard, Princess. Think about my hard dick sliding in and your of your wet cunt. Does that make you hot?"

"Unngh! Yes, Daddy. It makes me soooo hot! Please, Please let me cum!", she pleaded. "I love you, Daddy! Please let me cum for you... I need to cum for you! I don't know if I can hold it any longer!"

Hearing the note of desperate pleading in her voice, I relented.

"Cum for me, baby girl. NOW!" I commanded. "Show me how hot your Daddy makes you."

"Yes, Daddy. God, you make me so horny!" She froze for just a moment as her orgasm took her. "Fuck! Fuck! I'm cumming for you Daddy!" she moaned loudly. "I'm cumming for you!" as wave after wave passed through her shaking body.

As she lay there recovering, I leaned down to kiss her gently and give her exposed breast one last fondle. "Time for me to go pick up Mommy, Princess. Go get dressed. I'll let you know what I need you to do when the time comes.


Later that night, I reclined in the bed watching Janice get undressed. I couldn't help but compare her body to Katie's. Her breast were larger than our daughter's, but still firm. Her nipples were larger too and pale pink. She turned away from me and shimmied her panties down her hips. I admired her beautiful ass, something that she and Katie shared. As she bent over, she flashed me a glimpse her pussy. Then, standing up, turning around and straightening, she revealed a neatly trimmed triangular patch of red pubic hair above the pouty lips of her cunt.

"I missed you this weekend, sweetheart. For some reason, I've been especially horny. I almost took care of it myself, but decided I'd wait for you since I figured you'd be horny too. Bring that sexy body over here and let me molest it."

"Only if I get to molest you back," Janice said with a grin as she crawled in the bed with me.

"I think that could be arranged... I get to go first though!" I said as I grabbed her and pinned her to the bed. A bit of playful wrestling followed until my hand found its way to her pussy and she stopped struggling. Her mouth opened in a moan as I rubbed her clit. Then, I shimmied my way down her body until my face was level with her cunt.

I took a moment to admire the pussy in front of me. Though I'd been in this position countless times, I never grew tired of the view. My wife's cunt was light pink with crinkled inner lips that just barely extended out from between her fleshy outer labia. When she was excited, as she was now, the head of her clit peeked out as if begging for my attention.

Not being one to refuse such a request, I leaned my face down and circled the bud of her clit with my tonguetip. Janice reached down and obligingly spread her pussy with her fingertips. She also angled her pelvis up toward my face to give me full access. I took advantage of that access to press my face into her crotch and let my tongue explore every nook and cranny of her delicious cunt.

"Mmmm, ohhh!" Janice moaned after my tongue had worked on her pussy for a time. "I need your cock, Honey. Fill Mommy up. She needs fucked."

"What happened to you molesting me?", I asked with a grin.

"Just get your cock in me. I'll give you a raincheck on the molestation, but right now, I need to be fucked hard and deep. Pleeease?" she begged urgently.

I slid my body upward until my cock was level with her pussy. Janice reached down, grabbed my cock and slipped the head inside her waiting opening. Pressing my hips forward, I pushed inside her. It was warm and wet, and I slid in with little resistance, finally burying it's full length inside her. My wife's hips came up to meet me, grinding against my pelvis.

"Is this what you wanted?" I asked as I started fucking her.

"Mmmm, Yesssss!" she hissed between clenched teeth. Her hips matched my rhythm as she fucked herself onto my cock and her hand slipped down to rub her clit.

I was amazed that, after the weekend I'd had, my cock was hard and ready to fuck. It was like I was 18 again. A big part of it was the mental images that filled my head, images of my wife, daughter and me having sex. I very much wanted that to happen and my plan to make it so was starting tonight. I fucked my wife with hard and deep, just like she'd begged me to.

Just hours before, daughter and I had been in this same position. The memory of it spurred me on to new heights. The feel of my wife's cunt was indescribable as the wet walls of her vagina squeezed and massaged my cock. Every time I pounded all the way into her, she was there to meet me, her pussy making wet smacking noises against my pelvis. Far from making me want her less, sex with Katie had made me want my wife more. It was as if some psychic button had been pushed in my brain loosing a torrent of erotic feelings that had been pent-up all these years.

From long experience, I could tell Janice was getting close to cumming. Her upper chest was flushed, she was moaning open-mouthed, and she was forcefully fucking her cunt back against my thrusts. Seeing her in this state never failed to bring me to the edge too. Tonight was no exception. As I felt her body stiffen and start to tremble, I gave one last deep thrust and let our orgasms take over. The trembling became shaking, her back bent in an arch, and my cock exploded insider her pussy. Well, maybe not quite the gusher it usually was. My balls had been working overtime for the last two days so the amount wasn't huge, but the orgasm was still hugely satisfying. Janice, meanwhile, was shuddering through her own cum.

I collapsed on top of her and we both basked in post-coital afterglow for a minute.

"That was so good. I guess you can tell that I missed you too." she said with a smile.

I kissed her gently and then rolled off.

"I noticed," I replied, returning her grin.

"Damn!" I said suddenly sitting up. "I forgot to take my pills after dinner. I'm going to grab a quick snack so they doesn't upset my stomach. I'll be back in a bit."

I got out of the bed and pulled on my robe. My wife got up too and headed into the bathroom to clean up and take a shower. Once she was out of view, I walked over to the dresser at the far side of the room and moved a pile of clothes to the side, revealing my video camera. I'd surreptitiously recorded our little sex session as a present for Katie. Thinking about her watching the video I'd just made threatened to get me horny all over again. I shut down the camera, slipped it into the pocket of my robe and exited the room closing the door behind me with a soft click.

Walking down the hall, I paused at my daughter's bedroom and pushed the door quietly open. I saw that she was lying on the bed, legs spread with her hand rubbing her pussy, moaning softly. Seeing the door open, she started to quickly pull the covers over her but then, seeing it was me, slid them back down to let me enjoy the view.

I put my finger to my lips and whispered, "Ssshhh. Daddy has a present for you little girl."

"Oh? What did you bring me, Daddy?" she asked with quiet excitement.

"Were you listening to Mommy and Daddy having sex, Princess?" I asked.

"Um, yes I was Daddy," she shyly admitted. "It made me want to touch myself."

"I see that. I like making your horny."

I leaned down to kiss her.

"Can you taste Mommy's pussy on my lips?"

"Mmmm, I think so Daddy. I like the taste," she said as she enthusiastically pressed her lips to mine again.

"Daddy has something else that tastes like Mommy," I said as I opened my robe. "Want to try it?"

"Mmmm. Yes, Daddy. May I taste Mommy's pussy on your cock?" she pleaded.

"Go ahead, sweetheart," I answered.

Katie knelt on the floor at my feet and eagerly sucked my cock into her mouth, moaning softly at the same time.

"The cock you're sucking was just inside your Mommy's cunt making her cum, Princess. Does that make you horny?"

"Yes, Daddy... very horny. It tastes soooo good!" she moaned as her hand slipped between her legs to caress her pussy.

"I have one more present for you, baby girl. I'll show it to you but you have to keep sucking Daddy's cock."

"Yeff, Bavvy," she said around her mouthful of dick.

I reached in my robe pocket and pulled out the video camera.

"I recorded Mommy and me having sex for you. You can watch Mommy get naked, fucked and cum on Daddy's cock. It's the cum you're tasting right now. How does that sound, Princess?"

"Oh my Govv, Bavvy! That makth me thoo hoth! I canth waith to thee ith!"

She dipped 3 fingers deep into her pussy and fucked it roughly.

"I'm going to leave it with you. You can download the movie onto your computer, but erase it from the camera. Then, I want you to record yourself masturbating with your toys, keep it stored in the camera's memory, and leave it and your toys out in your room where your Mommy can find them. Can you do that for Daddy?"

"Yeff, Bavvy," she mumbled around my erection.

"Good girl. Mommy's probably about done with her shower, so I'd better go. We'll work on getting you a more direct taste of Mommy. Sleep tight after you've made that horny pussy of yours cum. I'll talk to you tomorrow, Princess," I said as I reluctantly pulled my cock from Katie's hungry mouth.

"Good night, Daddy. Thank you for the presents. I can't wait to see the movie you made for me and I'll make the video you wanted as soon as I can."

She was still kneeling on the floor rubbing her cunt as I eased my way out of her room and into the hallway.


The next afternoon, Katie pulled me aside. "Daddy," she said. "Mommy said she was going out to get her hair done. I'm ready to make the video you wanted. Do you wanna watch?"

I felt an immediate stirring my my pants. "Mmmm, I'd like that Princess."

She shyly grabbed my hand and led me to her room. When we arrived, I settled myself into a chair in the corner to watch. The camera was already set up and focused on her bed. Katie walked over to her computer and clicked the mouse. Its screen was situated so that both of us could see it but it was out of the camera's view. On that screen appeared the vid I'd shot for her last night.

"I haven't watched it yet Daddy, because I was hoping to share it with you."

"So considerate. I know it was hard for you to hold off watching it. You're such a good girl for your Daddy, Princess," I said with a smile, "Ready to start? I'll be quiet and watch you play."

"I'm ready, Daddy," She said and she pressed the record button.

Katie knelt on the bed. Reaching to the front of her blouse, she started unbuttoning from the top down, slowly revealing her smooth skin and pink bra. On the computer screen, her mother was doing the same -- taking off her clothes. Our banter from the previous night, however, was muted so as not to reveal what Katie was watching. My daughter seemed mesmerized as she watched Janice's body slowly being revealed. Honestly, so was I, mostly by Katie. Watching her getting aroused by the sight of her mother was incredibly erotic for me.

Katie's clothes came off in synchrony with her mother's on the video. When both were naked, Katie laid back on the bed, spread her legs and started to rub her pussy. By this point, I had quietly shimmied my pants and underwear down to free my cock. I slowly stroked it as I watched.

On the computer's screen, Mommy and Daddy were wrestling. Katie kept her eyes glued to the action as her fingers circled her clit and made an occasional dip deep inside her pussy. As the wrestling abated and the pussy eating started, she reached to the side and grabbed her hitachi. With a flick of its switch, she turned it on. It hummed as she pressed it to her clit. I watched her hump her cunt against the vibe as, on the screen, my wife humped her cunt against my face.

Katie moaned, "Mmmm, lick me, eat my pussy. Your tongue feels sooo good."

The motion of her hips became more urgent as her mother became more excited on the screen. In the video, Janice was begging to be fucked. I watched she guided my cock inside of her. It was a much different experience watching it happen than it was when I was participating, It was still sexy as hell though, especially as I watched Katie grab her rubber cock and slide it into her so she could get fucked just like her Mommy.

"Yesss!" Katie groaned as the dildo bottomed out in her cunt, eerily echoing what her mother had said at exactly that same moment in the video even though we couldn't hear it. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she moaned as she worked the rubber dick in and out of her wet pussy.

I could tell that Katie wanted to cum but was trying to hold back so she could cum with her mother. On the screen, my cock was pounding Janice's cunt fast and hard. On the bed, my daughter was using her pussy just as hard, while straining to hold back her orgasm. Watching from my chair, I was feeling the tingle of an impending cum too, but I was also holding back. I had plans for where I wanted my sperm to go.

In the video, orgasm time had arrived. Janice's back arched and she shuddered as her orgasm took her. While, at the same time, my cock pumped cum deep inside her. Katie finally let loose of the restraint she'd put on herself and shuddered as well, her body spasming multiple times as waves of pleasure washed through her.

My cock, meanwhile, was hard and quivering. I didn't want to touch it because any stimulation was liable to put me over the edge. Katie gave me a quick glance as she got up from the bed. Moving to the camera, she stopped the recording.

Seeing the recording light go out, I said roughly, "Get over here, fucktoy. On your knees."

"Yes, Daddy," Katie said quickly as she eagerly hurried over to kneel in front of the chair between my legs.

"Daddy's going to use you. I'm going to cum on your face like you're my whore."

"Mmmm, yes Daddy. I want to be your whore. Please give me your cum."

My left hand grabbed her by the hair and my right went to my cock. Using my grip on her hair, I pulled her head back so she was staring up at me. The look she gave me was both lustful and, at the same time, innocent, if that were possible. I slapped my hard cock against her cheek and then rubbed it across her lips, leaving behind a wet trail of pre-cum. Katie's eyes drifted shut and her lips pursed as she immersed herself in the sensation. Finally, taking my cock firmly in hand, I stroked it hard and fast.

The view that I had was insanely erotic. My daughter's half-lidded eyes were staring into mine, my hand was tangled in her red hair, her naked breasts were heaving from excitement, and her pink nipples were rock hard. I was rock hard too, and it only took a few strokes before I started to cum. The first spurt of semen painted her across her face and into her hair, the second sprayed across her cheek. With a moan, her mouth came open and I let my cock empty the rest of its load onto her waiting tongue and lips.

When my orgasm subsided, I rubbed my dick across her cum-covered face, smearing my spunk around before popping my well-coated cock into her mouth. I released my grip on her hair and Katie sucked me hungrily, trying to get every last drop of cum.

After giving my cock a thorough tongue bath, she released it -- all clean now.

"Was I a good whore for you Daddy?" she said as she gazed up at me from between my legs.

"Yes you were, Sweetheart. You made your Daddy very happy. Come and sit in my lap."

Katie crawled into my lap and snuggled up close to me. "I love you Daddy," she whispered.

"I love you too, Princess," I said as I hugged her tight. We stayed that way for a several minutes, just enjoying the closeness.

After a bit I said, "Now it's time for the next part. I'll let you get cleaned up first. Then, I want you to check out the video you just made and make sure it doesn't show any evidence of me being here or of what you were watching. After that, leave the camera and the toys you used on your desk. I'll see what I can do about steering your Mommy in here to find them. Hopefully, from that point, her curiosity will take over as to what you were doing with the camera."

"Ok, Daddy. I'll do like you told me. I hope this works. I really want to have Mommy join our fun. It makes my pussy wet just thinking about it."

"It gets Daddy excited too, Princess. I can't wait to see you play with Mommy. We'll try to do the next step tomorrow morning. Let me know when everything's ready."

"Yes, Daddy." she said as she got up from my lap.


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