Katie Ch. 01


Chapter One: Stationery

Work was moving slowly. He had plenty on his plate but it didn't really seem to be going anywhere. He was constantly distracted.

Perhaps it was the construction site across the road or the strange smell coming from the kitchen or even his concern that he hadn't locked his front door before he left that morning -- these would distract anyone. The more likely cause, he had recently determined, was the new secretary. She had started a few weeks ago and it was about his time that his work had come to a grinding halt. He'd also noticed that she featured in his dreams a lot more than Robyn, the previous secretary had - granted Robyn was 65 and had only given up the job after she discovered her love for alpaca farming. He certainly wouldn't like to see Robyn jump out of a cake in nothing but a pair of panties like Katie did in this dream the other night.

Katie, on the other hand, was 24 with looks that could kill. Her long blonde hair hung in loose curls framing her stunning face - big blue eyes with long lashes, a cute little nose and pouty red lips.

Her figure was breathtaking. Her shapely long legs were greeted by a perfect behind that screamed "spank me, kiss me, grab me." Particularly in the tight trousers and little skirts she seemed to wear.

It was her breasts, however, that most often caught his attention. To describe them as big was an understatement. How they stayed in the tight blouses she wore every day was beyond him. They seemed to bounce and jiggle every time she moved or spoke.

Today it was raining and she was wearing a tight, white blouse and a skirt that about a third the length of her thigh. He had been the only one in the office that morning trying to catch up on his work. He saw her walk in with her blouse soaked through and simply go about her day. She obviously hadn't realised that he could see her light pink bra through the translucent fabric.

As he thought back over the morning, he realised that this was probably the point at which the wheels had come off his plan to progress at least one project.

He looked down at his note pad and saw that he had been subconsciously scribbling doodles over the page so long that his pen had ran out of ink. As he looked around he noticed Katie heading to the hallway and thought he might as well get some new pens from the stationery room whilst taking the opportunity to enjoy the "sights of the office".

As he entered the hallway he couldn't see her anywhere but since was up he figured he might as well get his pens anyway. As he approached the stationery room he saw that the door was open and bent over some boxes was Katie, her perfect ass and pink g-string in full view. He felt his pants instantly become tighter and decided to wait to get the pens so that he could take in the glorious sight in front of him.

After a few minutes, Katie turned around, "oh, sorry. I was just trying to tidy up a bit but I've finished now. Can I help you find something?"

"I'm just after some pens," he replied, hoping she didn't notice the bulge in his trousers.

"Sure," she replied, "there's all sorts of them over there. Take your pick."

And with that she got up and walked out of the room.

He started looking at the pens but as he was about to take a box he felt a hand grab the front of his trousers and grab his raging erection.

"Oh, somebody's excited," a husky voice whispered in his ear.

He turned around and there was Katie, stroking his cock through the fabric of the trousers.

"I've seen the way you look at me, George. Do you like what you see?"

"I certainly do," he replied with some hesitation at first. "To be honest, it's affecting my work."

"Well, then we'll see what we can do about that."

She then bent down and licked the front of his trousers and then, after getting to her knees, proceeded to slowly, excruciatingly slowly, undo his belt and trouser front and pull his throbbing penis out of his underwear.

"What do we have here?" she asked as she stroked his shaft and licked its head.

He was beside himself. He wanted to pinch himself to make sure this wasn't yet another fantastic dream.

After a while she wrapped her luscious lips around his cock head and proceeded to work her way down then up the shaft each time going a little bit further down, all the while stroking his hard, wet dick. Eventually, after a few minutes, she had let go was deep throating his whole cock over and over again.

She had grabbed his buttocks and was shoving his cock almost violently as deep as it would go down her throat over and over again. It was as though she wanted more and more every time and no matter how much she got.

As she did this he looked down and could see her massive breasts press against his thighs. It was breathtaking as he looked down at the enormous mammaries, the nipples covered the pink bra that he'd seen through the blouse that morning.

He moaned as he felt her mouth and tongue on his dick.

She was interspersing the deep throating with periods of vigorous stroking whilst she sucked the head and licked the shaft up and down. The jerking motion had caused a few more blouse buttons to pop loose and her bra to slip down so that he could see a hint of one areola. She was clearly turned on by sucking his cock -- her nipples looked rock hard through the blouse.

As began moaning lower she, still jerking his dick, looked up and said, "are you going to come?" as saliva dribbled down her chin.

"Oh, yeah," he managed to gasp out.

"Well," she replied, stopping jerking, "you're going to buy me to dinner first."

And with that she let go of his dick, got to her feet, adjusted her bra, buttoned up her blouse and walked to the door.

She pressed her breasts against the side of the stationery room door and bent one of her slender legs up at knee and with a sexy look on her face she instructed him "meet me at 8 at Rascals' down the street. We'll see where things go. You treat me and then we'll see if I can find a way to treat you."

She was gone and George just stood there with his trousers around his ankles, his erection refusing to fade and the bluest balls he had ever experienced.

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