tagIncest/TabooKatie Ch. 02

Katie Ch. 02


Author's note

I know this chapter has been long overdue, but I have already started writing the next chapters. I thank you all for your patience and, promise to put them up them without big delays again.

I'd like to thank everyone who had voted, posted comments and sent me feedback on Katie Ch.01

Kudos to 0_brooks for the amazing editing job, and a huge personal thank you for helping me through the long dark period of writer's block!

This is only my third story on Lit and I would love to get feedback on what I am doing right and what I need to work on, so if you like it, love it or hate it, do drop a line.

*All characters in the story are above 18 years of age*


Michael refused to acknowledge what he just heard.

"How is it different Michael?" Katie demanded. "I used to give you baths when mum was working all the time. You've woken me up so many times in the middle of the night because you had to pee and you were afraid to go to the bathroom alone."

'This is different!!' Michael thought 'Messing around with his sister to help him cum is NOT just like holding his hand when he was afraid to pee in the dark.'

"I was not afraid to go to bathroom alone," Michael said hotly in wounded pride.

"Yes you were," Katie said patiently. "You were afraid of the dark."

Michael sulked at the memory.

"This is just like that," she reasoned.

It was a little weird, Katie bringing up his childhood bathroom habits into the sex discussion they were having. Then he realized what was even more weird was that he was having this discussion with her at all.

'Oh God,' he thought, 'this wouldn't have happened if he had remembered that Katie lived with him now.


At the end of the concert, Mike waited with a large bunch of flowers in hand at the entrance to the backstage. He peeped in and saw a crowd of people congratulating each other on the success of the show.

He glimpsed Katie standing at the end of the room talking to an old lady. As he stepped closer to them, he could hear snatches of their conversation.

"...really enjoyed the show. You have come a long way..."

Mike smiled with pride in spite of himself.

Katie was talking. "...know how much I love..."

As Michael reached Katie, the lady laid a peck on her cheek, smiled at him and walked away.

"You were awesome out there today sis."

Michael held out the flowers for her, and she glowed.

"Oh Michael, you shouldn't have," she said, taking the flowers anyway, her face betraying the pleasure she felt.

He looked at her carefully. She didn't look like she was going to cry. "So where do you wanna go for dinner?" Michael asked.

Katie's smile faltered. "Actually, Michael, there was something I wanted to ask you."

"What is it?" asked Michael, concern evident in his voice.

Katie stepped away from the dresser she was standing in front of and Michael saw what was underneath it.

Moving boxes, containing from the looks of it, everything Katie owned, boxed up, ready to go.

And as they drove back to Michael's apartment, Katie had nervously asked, "Are you sure it's all right? Wouldn't your roommate mind?"

Michael just looked at her and smiled, "I have put up with lots of girls for Jake. He can very well put up with one of mine."


Michael didn't mind having Katie live with him at all. It was the least he could do to help her.

This, of course meant he couldn't bring girls home, and there wouldn't be any wild partying in the apartment, as was usual with Jake as a roommate.

But if the payoff was Katie, he didn't mind the least bit.

Katie had recovered from the break up in due course and he had started waking up to the delicious smell of pancakes, and scrambled eggs and toast.

It had almost made up for the lack of a sex life.

'Almost,' a voice, like poison, whispered inside him. 'Only almost.'

"Look, this has nothing to do with you," Michael said hotly, trying to drown out that voice.

"Yeah," Katie's voice in contrast to his was soft and calm, "when's the last time you saw Claire?"

'The day after you moved in,' the voice answered immediately.

He didn't say anything aloud. He still remembered very clearly, the last time he saw Claire.


Michael was walking along the corridor looking through his folder for the notes of the next class when suddenly he felt someone grab his arm and pushed him sideways to the wall.

He banged his shoulder against the wall, looked up in annoyance and saw Claire. Managing to look incredible sexy with her shirt unbuttoned at the top, showing off a hint of a cleavage and the skirt hitched up to show off almost all of her thighs.

His annoyance vanished in an instant.

He looked at her and remembered how the thighs that looked so enticing wrapped in the skirt, actually looked so much better without it. And how the cleavage formed into the softest pair of breasts that felt so soft and pliant against his chest.

Michael gulped. "Hey Claire."

Claire pushed him up against the wall and pressed herself against him.

And before he could say anything, she kissed him.

And the kiss totally blew his mind. He felt her lips on his and for a moment almost forgot to breathe. His mouth parted against hers instantly and their tongues met.

He let his tongue communicate the desire he felt right at that moment.

As they broke surface for air, Claire whispered in his ear, "You didn't call me after last night. Are you trying to play hard to get?"

"Uh... I... the --" Michael stammered.

Claire interrupted him, "It's all right." She grinned, "I like that."

Michael stood still, thinking, 'I don't get this girl. I don't get her at all.'

"Do you know how much I like it?" Claire sounded very promisingly seductive.

Michael gulped. "Huh -- How much?"

Then he felt her hand snake down from the back of his neck onto his chest and still go sliding down.

Michael waited, not daring to breathe, lest it make her change her mind.

He felt her undo his zipper and slip her hand in. Michael was stunned!

But his body responded as if it was waiting for this touch all this while. The kiss had set a rollercoaster of images running inside his head and he was already hard. And in her hand, he was only getting bigger.

He looked around and felt a thrill pass through his body. There were still a number of people walking around in the corridor, and there he was standing in the crowd, pressed up against a totally hot girl he had worshipped from afar from the day he could remember first meeting her.

She'd not only given him a blow job the night before yesterday, but also had her hand inside his pants right then, in broad daylight, in front of all these people, leaving no doubt as to her intentions.

He opened his mouth as if on automatic pilot, too stunned to know what else to do.

Claire kissed his open mouth, as if expecting it and effectively shut him up.

He felt her hand gently grip his cock. He gasped and looked up again at the throng of people walking along in the corridor.

Claire kept kissing him as she made her way to his ear. He felt her hand stroke his shaft. Tremors of pleasure were shooting through his body as he tried hard not to start moaning in front of all these people, ignorant of what they could have seen if they looked closely at them.

Claire's hands kept moving He was getting bigger and harder. His jeans started to feel a little uncomfortable.

Then Michael saw a familiar face in the crowd. The guy looked at Michael and quickly looked away, a smile forming on his lips. Michael felt a jolt of hot electricity shoot through his body.

"Claire," Michael whispered, his voice trembling, a little scandalized, but shocked at how much it aroused him, "there are people watching."

"Yeah..." her voice was hot red poison. "if there weren't people watching? Do you know what I want you to do right now?" she whispered against his ear. Then she put her tongue inside his ear and started to roll it around.

Michael felt a heat surge through him at these words and the promise they held shot through the entire length of his body.

"What?" he asked. The senses Claire was arousing in him crowded almost every other sane thought out of his mind.

Her hand snuck up on his hot, throbbing shaft, leaving hot trails in their wake, and fondled his balls.

She pressed her breasts firmer against his chest so he could feel how erect and hard her nipples were. "I don't care there are people watching. I want you to slip your hand inside my skirt."

Michael felt his entire body get hot, his hands trembled as they gripped her waist, as if they wanted to wanted to follow her words, his mind incapable of forming any coherent commands.

"I want you to put your hand under my skirt," Claire continued, "and push my underwear down to my thighs, and then pull them down further so I can step out of them."

Michael was glad he was wedged between the wall and Claire, otherwise he didn't know how he could be standing up.

"Oh, but you can't do that, even if there weren't people walking around."

"Why not?" Michael's words came out in gasps, as Claire increased the pressure on his cock, as she stroked him harder and faster.

She squeezed the tip of his cock and whispered, "Because I'm not wearing any underwear."

Michael felt his cock throb like it'd burst at her words.

He pushed his cock harder against her and just then Claire pulled her hand out.

"What??" he asked a little plaintively.

Claire whispered into his ears, "Why don't you take me to your place so we can finish?"

Michael looked as if someone just splashed cold water on him.

"Uh... Claire, it's like... The thing is... I can't."

Claire raised her eyebrow. "You...can't?"


"When was the last time you saw Claire?"

None of this would have happened, he reminded himself, if Katie hadn't walked into the room when he had his pants down with his cock in his hand, in an attempt to relieve his sexual tension, which had had him lashing out at his teammates in class.

"That is completely besides the point. That has nothing to do with this." Michael didn't even believe himself.

Katie just looked at him.

Unbidden, the image of John rose up in his head, as he shut the door on his face, asking him to make sure he got some before he turned up for the next study session.

"You don't have to do this sis..."

"I know I don't have to Michael," said Katie sounding a little affronted, but then she mellowed again, "but I want to."

Michael felt his breath catch in his throat at her words.

'I want to... I want to... I want to..." These words kept repeating themselves in his head. His heartbeat sped up as he tried to make his mouth work to say something.

"What are you so scared of Michael?" Katie asked looking at him with her eyes full of concern.

Her words brought back a memory that seemed so long ago.


The 20th time Michael bragged about the date with Claire was when Jake finally lost it. He stopped his packing and turned towards him. "You know why you're seeing Claire right?"

"Umm..." Michael pretended to think about it. "Because she's hot?"

"No," Jake went on calmly, "because in your mind she does not mean anything to you. Except for the sex. You are scared. Even if you like a girl. Even if she is exceedingly hot. Claire, according to you, is the ideal foil for your little situation."

"What? What am I scared of?" Michael asked.

"You are scared of cheating on Katie. "

"Katie?" Michael said blankly, "my sister Katie?"


"Katie has nothing to do with Claire. Or my sex life."

"I realize that."

"Then what are you saying??"

"I am asking you if you do"


Katie switched off the lights.

Michael remained silent, caught in the surrealism of the moment. All he could see of Katie now was the faint outline of her profile against the light that filtered in from the windows.

He felt her sit on the bed and move a little closer to him, close enough for him to listen to the rhythm of her breath and match it to the rise and fall of her breasts.

"You are my little brother Michael," she whispered as she took his hands into hers, "and I love you."

And she put one of his hands between his legs, where he was getting hard really fast. "Close your eyes," she whispered.

Michael obeyed her, his heart throbbing in excitement and a strange kind of fear.

He heard a rustle of clothes and his head started spinning.

Katie took his other hand into hers and said, "Trust me Michael, and don't open your eyes."

And Michael dared not. Not because Katie asked it of him, but because if he opened his eyes, he didn't know what he would do.

Michael felt Katie's hot breath on his hand and thought his heart would burst at the rate it was going. And suddenly without any warning, he felt his hand brush against her bare skin.

He felt his cock leap when he realized he what was feeling was the soft, bare skin of his sister's breasts.

"Katie..." Michael was once again the little boy who was afraid to go the bathroom alone at night.

"Keep your eyes closed Michael," Katie said. Michael felt the vibrations of her words course through her chest as if he were speaking them himself, "and imagine I'm Claire."

Michael kept his eyes closed. The instinct of minding his elder sister, which was drummed into him by their parents, and practiced over the years in times of fear and uncertainty, asserted itself at this moment of confusion.

Michael felt rather than knew he was holding his cock in one hand, slowly stroking it to an erection, and was caressing the pliant breast of his sister with the other. He felt the heat of her skin as he fondled her, and he felt the same heat pass through him as he felt himself getting aroused.

'Claire' he told himself, 'this is Claire.'

Then he replaced his hand with his mouth. He leaned in and kissed her breast. The skin felt smooth and inviting. He stroked it with the side of his cheek, wanting to bury himself in the warmth of it.

He kissed around the base of her breast and slowly kissed his way to her nipples. They hardened instantly at his touch. He opened his mouth and gently teased the breast with his teeth.

He heard a faint moan from Katie.

And Michael forgot to think about Claire.

He opened his eyes. There was not much to see without the lights. But he could still make out Katie's profile on the bed.

Her hair was framed around her head, and her face was flushed. She had her eyes closed and her breathing was labored. He saw her breasts heave with every breath.

She looked absolutely beautiful.

This is not Claire. This was his sister. And the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Michael gently placed his hand over the other breast and started squeezing it softly. The skin felt warm and soft in his hands.

He kept kissing the other breast as he moved his hand down on her body. His hand felt hot as he trailed down to the hem of her skirt. He paused and looked up at Katie.

She had her eyes closed, lost in the moment.

He slowly dipped his hand under the skirt, still looking at her, his heart going like a marching drum inside him.

He felt Katie arch as he touched her bare thighs under the skirt. Emboldened he snaked his way to between her legs, caressing the soft skin of her inner thigh along the way.

His entire body was consumed by heat. And he could feel the same heat radiating from Katie, warming the space between them, pulling him closer.

His hand reached between her legs and he felt a thrill of pure pleasure go up his spine. His hand brushed against her panties. It was soaked.

He stopped for a moment and quickly took off his pants, which were restricting his movement, and climbed up on top of Katie.

He pushed his penis between her legs, over her clothes and he bent down and kissed her breast.

"Michael," Katie whispered. He looked up.

She looked at him with her deep blue eyes, took his face in her hands, pulled him closer and kissed him.


Katie was surprised when she felt Michael's lips on her breast. This was not how she imagined it going. But she didn't stop him.

This was for Michael, she told herself, for Michael.

But she couldn't help realize that when she felt his mouth on her breast, Katie felt pleasure, the likes of which she had never felt in a long time, wash down her body.

She stopped thinking as he took her other breast in his hand and started massaging it. He was soft and gentle with her. He touched her so lovingly. Katie felt herself go pliant and savored the pleasure.

She forgot this was for Michael.

Then she felt Michael's hand travel down her body, his hand scorching her where it touched her skin. Even with her eyes closed, she could feel his gaze on her and she felt a rush of heat through her body.

His hand paused at the hem of her skirt, as if asking her permission to go on.

Katie wavered.

This is something she was doing for Michael. She felt guilty of the almost sinful pleasure that she felt in his touch. This was her little brother. How far can she let him go? Will she have the self control to stop him later if they go too far?

Will she want to?

She felt his hand on her bare thigh and she felt pleasure shoot through to what felt like the center of her entire being, right between her legs. And her body solved her dilemma for her by arching towards him and asking him to go forward, go in and touch her where her need was almost an ache.

His hand at an agonizing pace inched closer and closer to her. And her body screamed and egged him on by shivering and moving in an erotic rhythm.

Michael touched her like a little boy, despite his age, timid, gentle, soft and very, very sensual. His hand, soft as a feather, tingled and teased her at every touch.

Katie was almost at her peak when she realized that Michael did not have his hands on her anymore. She felt his cock against her pussy, and it almost threatened to push her over. She tried to stifle her moans when she felt him bend down and take her breast in his mouth.

She moaned out loud. She opened her eyes and saw her brother on top of her. He was touching her, softly, gently, trying to give her pleasure, on top of everything else he had done for her lately.

And her mind was suddenly filled with how much she loved him.

She put her hand on the side of his face, leaned in and kissed him, and it felt like the most natural thing to do.


Michael was not sure how much trouble he was in. She had asked him thrice not to open his eyes. So when she moaned out his name, he froze for a second.

But she leaned in and kissed him, and everything was all right with the world. He loved his sister more than anyone in the world, and he knew she loved him too.

He kept pushing his cock against her pussy as they kissed. Katie slowly sat up as she kept leaning into him. Michael put his hands around her and held her really close as they kept kissing.

Katie was moving and grinding her pussy against his cock. Michael felt her start to shudder as she approached her climax. He held her throughout, as she stopped kissing him and pressed her face to his chest instead. He kept holding her as he felt her stop shivering and go still.

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