tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKatie Couric Meets Serena Williams

Katie Couric Meets Serena Williams


Even back in college Katie Couric loved black women. One night she even drove to this bar where she heard the dykes hung out. That night she stuck her tongue in the pussy of a black woman for the first time and felt a black lady's tongue not only in her pussy but in her asshole as well. To young Katie it felt great.

But that was all in college and now she was an adult woman but there was still that hunger inside of her for black women.

It all began when she interviewed Angela Bassett on the "Today" show and realize that all she wanted to do was to lick that black woman from head to toe. These fantasies continued when just a week later she interviewed the members of "Destiny's Child" and realize that all she wanted to do was to feel each of those girls. To hold each of them in her arms and have her tongue go down their throats and feel their tongues enter her mouth.

On the night after she interviewed "Destiny's Child" Katie Couric went home and she masturbated. That night she had to prepare for the next day's show but she couldn't. Instead all she was able to do that night was lay in her bed with her legs spread and rub her clit. Rubbing it to the point that when she finally came it was a sensational release. But yet something was missing. She wanted a black woman and she wanted one soon.

***** ***** *****

"I'm Serena Williams," the tennis star said to Katie Couric one night when the morning tv personality was at a party. A party she definitely did not want to be at. That is until she saw Serena. Whom she had always had the hots for. Of course along with her older sister Venus.

"Very nice to meet you, Serena," Katie said with her perky smile. The smile known to millions. To this response the tennis star smiled back at Katie and soon the two were in a conversation. At first it was one of those conversation one usually has at a cocktail party. A cocktail party filled with stars who swap stories only the rich and successful can swap.

Soon though Katie and Serena were talking about their private lives. Specifically they were talking about how they couldn't find a decent man.

"It's makes a girl pretty desperate for love anyway she can get it," Serena Williams said at one point. When she said this her new friend Katie Couric looked at Serena and at that moment there was a connection between the two that neither of them could deny. From that moment on the attraction they had for one another came to the surface. From that moment on the fact that they would quickly make love to each other was a foregone conclusion.

That night after the cocktail party, Katie invited Serena back to her apartment. Once the two were inside they sat down in the living room on the couch and both of them laughed and joke about all of the oddballs they saw at the party and soon they were getting back to the subject of how neither of them had a good man in their lives. How they long to be loved.

"You are so beautiful," Katie Couric told Serena Williams as the two began to feel more comfortable with one another. As Katie began stroking Serena's hair. At first doing it in a motherly sort of way. Then little by little letting Serena know that if she wanted to feel passion and lust then she could feel it with her.

"My sister and I watch you every morning," Serena then said as she grabbed ahold of Katie's hand and slipped her fingers through it.

"We both admire you and think you are so beautiful."

As Serena said this she felt the other hand of her new friend come up and gently land on her shoulder. Then she felt Katie's hot breath as the tv news woman lean forward with her mouth open and when Serena Williams saw that open mouth she did the same. Soon they were making love on the couch. Going at it like neither had ever made love ever before. Ever.

The next morning Katie Couric tried going to work but after waking up and going into the bathroom to get herself ready she heard a knock on the bathroom door and heard Serena Williams' voice asking her if she could come in.

"I'm getting ready for work," Katie told her lover. But when the lover heard this she said she wanted to make love again. So without hesitation, Katie Couric open the door and wearing only her nylons and a bra she fell into the arms of Serena Williams. Wrapping her arms around Serena's bare waist as her tongue went into the hot black girl's mouth. Soon the two of them were on the floor and making love with all of the passion and heat that they had the night before.

Needless to say Katie was not on the air that morning. Instead when the "Today" show began she had her head buried between Serena Williams' legs. Tasting the juices of the sexy black woman as she reached orgasm.

***** ***** *****

A few days later Serena Williams played in a tournament and her lover Katie was nearby at a hotel waiting for her once the match was over.

"Don't take a shower," the TV personality told the tennis player as to what she should do once the tournament was over and it was time to leave. Katie Couric told Serena that after the match was over she was to give her family a hug then hop into the limousine which would take her back to the hotel.

"I'll be waiting for you," Katie told Serena over the phone. Indeed when the tennis player did walk through the doors of the hotel room Ms. Couric was there to greet her with open arms and she told Serena just to lay on the bed and she would lick her from head to toe.

For the next hour or so Katie Couric slowly and seductively took Serena Williams' clothes off and as she did she fondled, licked, sucked, and tasted every part of the young black woman's sweaty, stinky body. At no time was she repulsed by what she smelled and what she tasted. It was all so bitter and pungent, but yet Katie was in pure heaven. She knew she was in the place she wanted to be.

Katie and Serena loved living and loving together.

They loved waking up in each other's arms and taking care of each other's needs. They were totally in love with one another's bodies and on the nights they spent with each other they would take turns playing the "husband" and playing the "wife."

If it was Katie Couric's turn to play the wife she would dress up in the lingerie that Serena loved her to be in. She would wear her white panties and white bra. She would then walk around the apartment as Serena Williams sat on the couch eating the food that Katie served her as well as whatever drinks she wanted.

"You my bitch?" Serena would call out to Katie as she walked around the house and as her black lover grabbed her by the pussy and pulled her to her.

"Yes I am," Ms. Couric would say in that demure voice. She would then spread her legs and let Serena Williams finger her pussy and her ass. Katie especially loved to have her ass fingered. She loved having her rectum filled with either the fingers of Serena or her tongue. Anything coming from Ms. Williams was good enough for Katie.

Now when it was Katie Couric's turn to play the man she went all the way.

It would begin when Katie would walk through the door and know that her lovely Serena was waiting for her.

"Get on your knees, your filthy, fucking bitch," she would say. Using the kind of words and the tone of voice that her loyal fans would be shocked to hear.

"Yes, Misses Katie," Serena would say as she would then get on her knees and open her mouth as she then tilted back her head. Then she would close her eyes as Katie would take off her skirt and her panties, and proceed to take a piss in Serena Williams' mouth.

"Now you drink it all up, bitch," Katie would whisper to the black woman as she did not hesitate in swallowing the golden liquid that filled her mouth. That dribbled down her cheeks and splashed on her big black titties.

Once Katie was through unloading her piss into her woman's mouth she ordered Serena to lick her clean and then she removed the rest of her clothes and lead Serena Williams to the couch where she sat down and ordered Ms. Williams to stand in front of her with her back turn to Katie and for her to bend over so Katie could eat out Serena's ass.

"You have one tasty ass, bitch," Katie would say as she buried her face between Serena William's shapely and muscular ass cheeks. To this compliment Serena did not respond as she was too busy moaning and groaning. Trying not to crumble to the floor as she felt the sensation of the white woman's tongue probing deep inside her anus. Obviously having fun and enjoying what she tasted....... And smelled.

When Serena had to go to Australia to play a tournament it temporarily put an end to the living arrangement she had with Katie Couric.

On the last night together the two lovers held each other in their arms and made love until the wee small hours of the morning. When it was time for Serena Williams to leave, Katie helped her lover pack and even walked her to the lobby where there was a limousine waiting to take her to the airport. Of course at no time did Katie Couric touch Serena Williams or make any overture of intimacy. Instead as the two women walked down to the lobby they were just two friends, and when it was time to say goodbye neither of them hugged or gave each other polite kisses on the cheek. Instead when they said goodbye they simply shook hands. As if they were just two buddies.

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