Katie Gets Around


"Yes, there was some confusion. I was moved from the fourth to the sixth floor. Anyway, you are here now. You're looking lovely; it's so good to see you, Kate. What would you like to drink? Or would you like to go through to the restaurant?"

"Let's go through; I'm starving. We can have another drink while we order."

Once they had moved through, got a table in a private alcove and settled down, Kate had a chance to have a proper look at Steve. He looked a bit younger than she had expected; slim, medium height, with nice short hair, a face that was pleasant but not conventionally handsome. Almost boyish and she liked his eyes. She was not at all disappointed, nor did she have an immediate desire to take him up to the room to get down to business. This would be a slow getting to know each other, almost as if they were on a first date. But then they were.

They ordered a bottle of wine and some water. While they looked at the menus, Kate said "I am so sorry to be late. I know how much men hate being kept waiting. John goes mad when I am not ready."


"Yes my last boy-friend. I'm sure I told you about him. I still see him in town from time to time. It's such a small community, you can't help bumping into people; and we are still perfectly friendly. We just had so little in common we drifted apart."

She could tell he had had a few drinks; luckily he made nothing of what she had said. Tomorrow, he wouldn't remember the name John. But "Damn, damn, damn," Kate thought "I nearly blew things before they had even started. Remember you are living a lie now. Watch every word and steady on the wine. Stay in control and you will be OK."

After that, things couldn't have gone better. It was soon as if they were old friends, going over the things they had always enjoyed on the chat-line. Kate ate ravenously and sipped her wine. Steve ate and drank more than his share, getting more and more full of himself and redder and redder in the face. He told her about his business trip; his deal had gone through and he had done very well financially, he said.

"Pity there is no casino here. I feel lucky tonight." he said.

"We could always play poker. You can always let me win and you might get even luckier!"

"You mean play poker and then poke her?!"

"Don't poke her – poke me!"

"Or we could just play "Pokerman". Really!!"

They both laughed and laughed. Tears ran down his face and he suddenly looked his age. Kate felt a surge of affection for him and placed her hand on his. "Friends?"

"And lovers?"

"We'll see. All I know is that I'm enjoying this evening – I can't remember having so much fun in years" (Or so many men she thought!)

Then to her horror, Kate noticed the man from earlier come into the restaurant with a lady and not the lady Kate had left her with. Hell-fire, she thought, he's coming to talk to me. But no he walked past, ignoring Steve and Kate, and sat down in the next alcove. Maybe he hadn't recognised her; he had barely looked at her face earlier anyway. Or else the new lady was his wife or girlfriend and he was now in respectable "pillar of the community" mode. Whatever, Kate didn't want to hang around and find out.

Anyway, what was she doing in a public place with a strange man in a town where everyone seemed to know each other's business. Madness!!

"I'm tired, Steve. Shall we get the bill?" she said in a neutral tone. Could have meant, "I'm horny; let's go upstairs." Or "It's been a lovely evening and, by the way, you're a bit too old to be playing these games" Or just "I'm tired, Steve," Deliberately neutral!

"Let's go up to the room for a night-cap" said Steve. Typical bloody man – always coming to that conclusion. But Kate was pleased; she was tired but not that tired. After all, she was the younger woman!

They climbed the stairs from the outside exit, anxious as they were to be alone together. Steve kept grabbing her and she was mildly annoyed at his drunken fumblings. She hoped this was not going to be one of those clumsy rushed meetings where the guy wound up falling asleep. She had looked forward to meeting Steve for a long time, and her being late seemed to have ruined it.

Hopeful, she continued to climb the stairs, bearing his groping as they went. When they finally reached the top floor he led her to a door relatively close to the stairs. Good, she thought, in case a quick get away is in order. If he passed out she knew it was definitely in order. He fumbled the key and wound up dropping it. Rolling her eyes while he giggled, she reluctantly bent over to retrieve it and came up fast when he grabbed a hand full of her from behind, (that is a handful of her behind...from behind!), LOL. She slapped his still-groping hand away and let them into the room herself.

The lights came up as they entered and surprised, she looked round for the switch, knowing she hadn't turned them on. She found him learing at her drunkenly with his hand resting on the switch beside the door. She moaned inwardly as he stumbled toward her. Standing where she was, she waited for him to come and stand in front of her, but he never made it. He fell, sprawling, until he came to a rest not six inches from the toe of her sexy red heels, bought especially for this occasion. Out cold, and she hadn't even managed to get his pants off. What a waste!

The door was still standing wide and a young man of Indian descent happened by. He hesitated, looking for all the world as if he were going to continue on his merry way. But then she guessed he thought better of it and she shook her head at Steve on the floor. "Can't hold his liquor", then as an after thought, to be cute, she added, "poor chap."

The young Indian man looked as if he didn't quite know what to make of her statement, or of the situation. He acted as if he weren't sure if he should help or just leave, so she directed him, not wanting him to get away. He was gorgeous!!! "Why don't you help me get him onto the bed?" She asked. The young man seemed relieved. Doing as she had directed him, he quickly took hold of the unconscious man and helped her haul him to the bed.

Once they had deposited him, they stood up and looked at each other hesitatingly. She couldn't know it but he didn't want to leave, and he couldn't know that she felt the same way...until she told him. "Are you alone?" she asked.

"Yes...I am." His English was excellent, so excellent in fact that she was taken a little by surprise. His accent was English. Could she be dreaming? Indian, and an Englishman, too. And wet-your-panties gorgeous. This seemed to be the work of the gods.

He smiled at her and she looked at the drunk on the bed, "I seem to be alone, too," she said, and the young man reached for her hand, his eyes full of promise. She squeezed his hand and smiled.

He responded by beginning to undress. To Kate's astonishment, she found herself doing the same. Then they were racing; Kate won again as he took time to get his shoes off. She stood waiting until he was ready and then put her arms round him. They kissed long and hard and rolled on to the king sized bed.

"Let me look at you." he said. She felt totally relaxed as his eyes went up and down her body. "Beautiful!"

Then less relaxed as he began to touch her and feel her on the bed next to the comatose Steve. Light kisses on her lips, nose, chin and neck. She could feel and enjoyed the light stubble on his chin as he went down to her breasts and nipples. Then she felt his hand between her legs, gently searching and finding. Just enough to know how wet she was and to taste. They kissed again, he feeling the weight and softness of her breasts, she the tickle of the hairs on his chest.

"Fuck me, now!" she whispered. But instead he went down lower and lower, then started on her feet, taking each toe in turn biting, licking and sucking. She could feel her legs begin to quiver and the pleasure moving up through her body. She held her left breast and moved her special finger down over the triangle of hair to her clitoris and began to rub it in circular movements. The man stopped paying attention to her feet and watched avidly for a few moments.

"Can I do that for you?" He removed her hand and moved his head between her legs. Opening her lips he smiled. "Beautiful!". His tongue explored, he tasted her for the first time, that taste that would stay in his mind for ever, totally distinctive, like a person's face. Familiar but unique. Sex, lust, animal, pure. Sweat, salt, honey, sea, breeze and sex. Kate.

"Now fuck me!" But he kept going, sucking and tonguing in a slow rhythm, gradually getting harder and more urgent. When she came, it was not immediate; rather small, local orgasms around her centre. There, then not there. She could feel everything tightening; her stomach, her thighs, her buttocks, her pussy muscles. Her body rocked and her pussy thrust itself upward towards him. Then, she felt herself close into her own little world, oblivious of anything outside herself. As she came, nothing else mattered but the unworldly pleasure that spread through her body. Starting from her very centre as her whole body exploded and spasmed and released all that tension. She screamed for what seemed like an eternity, a loud primeval scream of release and abandonment.

He watched her face as it contorted into an expression of fear, pain, surprise and total pleasure; not a human face but the face of an animal at the extreme. Almost without intelligence but still as if the mind was recording the feeling to be remembered at leisure. She relaxed for a while. But she wanted more!

She had never seen one like it – about nine inches long and quite thin. It was rock hard, she wandered if she could take the length inside her. No time like the present to find out, she thought. She went to her bag for a condom and gently slid it over him, nice and tight, feeling the strength of his erection. Then she went on her front lifting her back-side and opening her legs. He needed no further invitation, moving behind her on the bed.

Steve had stirred at the sound of Kate's scream and was beginning to come to his senses. The man was oblivious as he entered her, hands gripping her hips. Kate had no mind to anything but the feeling of pure pleasure as he moved in and out, gradually increasing the penetration and the length of his strokes. She could feel him pushing up her further than she had known before as he went all the way in, pulling in and out in long slow, powerful thrusts. It felt as if he was filling up her whole body, as the sensations of total bliss spread all through her. She pushed her head hard into the pillow as she came and came, feelings she had never experienced before, in her own world again. He was thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper until they exploded together. She waited until he become smaller and softer inside her and then slowly allowed him to move out and lie on the bed beside her.

Kate rolled over on her back, totally relaxed and satisfied. Meanwhile, after a short while admiring her wanton body, the Indian Englishman dressed quickly and left the room kissing her gently on her smiling lips before he went.

Kate had forgotten Steve in all the excitement, but he was now awake and ready to join in. Before she realised what was happening, he was between her legs and on top of her. He too had remembered the condom, she could feel as she felt and enjoyed the feeling of his thicker and shorter presence inside her. A little sore now but not enough to stop her loving the feeling of sex again. Strong, impatient, and rhythmic. She wrapped her legs around him and moved with him magnifying the force of their lovemaking and the pleasure she was having. She increased it further by rubbing her clitoris with two fingers. They came together, this time the climax was less extreme but kept repeating even after he relaxed as she continued to rub herself until she could take no more. They lay together side by side, relaxed, warm and blissfully happy.

To be continued...

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