tagBDSMKatie Gets Her Wish

Katie Gets Her Wish


After several weeks of listening to his wife talk about wanting to be dominated by another woman, Jamie decided it was time to grant Katie's wish.

Jamie phoned me on Monday and asked if I knew of any professional Dommés who would be willing to give Katie a taste of domination. As luck would have it, I'd recently met the owner of a private club who specialized in training women to be obedient spouses. As I was telling Jamie what I knew, I asked if he'd allow me to go along to observe the session if he decided to use the club's services. He said I could, but only if I acted as the liaison and made all the arrangements according to his desires. That was fine with me!

After finishing our conversation, I found the business card I'd been given by Lady Desirée and called her to work out the details. I explained that Jamie's wife, Katie, had never been with another woman, much less ever been dominated by one, but had fantasized about it for quite some time. I could almost hear her smile as I said that. We talked more about the things Jamie wanted to happen and then setup an appointment for Saturday evening. Lady Desirée suggested it would be better if we did not tell Katie about our plans because the element of surprise would make everything more intense.

When Saturday afternoon arrived, I drove to Jamie's house to put our plans into action. Jamie had told Katie the three of us were going out for dinner and had already sent her to bathe. While she was washing, he and I looked through her clothes and found a slinky, aqua colored micro-mini-dress for her to wear, along with a pair of black heels. That was all she'd be wearing besides a black leather collar. He laid the apparel on the bed and we waited for her to emerge from her bath. It was obvious she wasn't aware of my presence as she stepped into the bedroom completely nude. It wasn't the first time I'd seen her naked, but she nonetheless seemed somewhat unnerved. Jamie grinned and made some flattering comments about his tall, toned wife's body and then asked if I'd ever thought about fucking her. I smiled and answered that fucking her wasn't the only thing I'd thought about doing to her. He and I laughed as she stared in disbelief.

"There's been a slight change of plans, Katie," Jamie said. "Put on your make-up, fix your hair and then put on this dress."

"Just that?" she asked.

Jamie's voice changed from warm and friendly to cold and stern. "The dress, these shoes, and this collar."

With a look of shock Katie asked, "Just that? If I bend over in that my breasts will fall out and everybody behind me will get a good look at my bottom!"

"In that case, you'd better be careful how you move," he replied. "Now, get ready! And brush those pubes so they look extra pretty."

Jamie pushed her over to her make-up table, sat her down and gave her a serious stare before turning towards me, grinning like a kid with a new toy.

While we sat and waited for her to get ready, Jamie asked what I'd meant about wanting to do more than just fuck his wife, especially since he'd had her suck my cock many times. I asked if he really wanted to know because I didn't want to take a chance on ruining our friendship. After a brief pause, he said he wanted to know and hoped that at least some of my wants would match the things he wanted the three of us to do together. Just after I'd told him how I wanted to spank her over my knees, Katie cleared her throat. I paused as the two of us looked up to see her towering above us. She was wearing the collar, heels and dress, as instructed. Boldly, I lifted the bottom of her dress to examine her wisp of pubic hair.

"Now that's a pretty pussy, Jamie! I'll bet you never get tired of playing with that!"

Jamie turned to look at me and replied, "Oh, yeah! No matter what I put in her, she keeps it tight for me."

Katie gasped and blushed as she pushed my hand away from the hem of her dress. "Jamie!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, don't be such a prude. I've told John about most of the things I've put up your pussy. Some of the things he suggested!"

Jamie and I stood up and admired Katie's appearance. The satiny material clung to her breasts. What she'd said earlier about how she'd give everybody a show if she bent over was no exaggeration, and just to prove the point, Jamie told her to bend over. He patted her shapely ass and asked me to help her get her breasts back inside the dress. I gave her nipples a hard squeeze as I did.

"Katie, it's time for us to go. Grab a towel. John, get the leash from the closet and fasten it to her collar, please."

When she returned with a towel, I hooked the leash to her collar and handed the leather wrist strap to her husband. Katie looked concerned but also aroused. Jamie slipped his fingers between her pussy lips, smiled and said, "That's what the towel is for, my dear. Don't want to stain John's car seat!"

Jamie and I led her outside to the car. Although the sun was setting, there was still enough light that if anybody looked when Katie bent down to spread out the towel and get into the backseat of the car, they would've seen her nakedness. Jamie sat in the front passenger seat and I got in the driver's seat. I turned to Jamie and asked, "Are you ready to do this?"

Katie spoke first, asking, "Do what?"

Jamie turned his head back towards her and told her not to speak unless spoken to. He then turned towards me, grinned and said, "Let's get going!"

I drove to within a block of the club and parked the car. Although it was now dark, the street lamps cast a bright glow upon the sidewalk that led to the front steps of the club building. Jamie helped his wife out of the car, straightened her dress and then led her by the leash to the steps that led to the front porch of the club. Before starting up the steps, he kissed her on the forehead and told her, "You're about to get your wish."

When all three of us reached the top of the steps, I pressed the doorbell button. Within a few seconds, the door opened. There stood Lady Desirée, a tall, fair skinned, redhead wearing a black leather corset connected to black nylon stockings, black leather boots, and holding a black leather riding crop in her black leather gloved hands. Although her breasts were covered by the corset, her hairless pussy was exposed. Trying not to show the growing bulge in my pants I introduced Jamie and then, pointing at Katie, said, "This is the one who needs to be trained. She's in your hands."

Lady Desirée smiled and while looking directly into Katie's eyes said, "From this moment on, you will not speak unless spoken to. You will address the ladies as Mistress and the men as Sir or Master. You will do exactly as you're told or you'll be given some encouragement by Greta. I'll introduce you to her and the other ladies in a moment. You must be given permission to do anything and everything, and if you do something without permission, Greta will give you a reminder. To make this perfectly clear, I'll give you an example of the protocol. If I tell you to kneel and kiss my pussy, you will first ask permission. You will cast your eyes downwards and say, 'May I please kneel and kiss Mistress' pussy?' I will then either grant you permission to do so, or refuse."

Jamie and I looked at Katie. She was noticeably shocked by what she heard.

Lady Desirée continued, "Let's see how quickly you learn to obey. Kneel and kiss your Master's cock."

Katie started to kneel but was quickly jerked up by her hair. "You didn't get permission, slave! Let's try this again. Kneel and kiss your Master's cock."

Katie looked down at her feet and responded, "May I kneel and kiss my Master's cock, Mistress?"

"That's better. Yes, kneel at your Master's feet, unzip his pants and kiss his cock. And then lick Sir John's cock, too."

Facing Jamie's crotch, Katie eased herself down to her knees, unzipped his pants and gently pulled out his cock. She kissed the head lovingly and then placed his cock back inside his pants and pulled up the zipper. Pausing briefly, she asked, "May I lick Sir John's cock, Mistress?"

"Good girl. Yes, you may. And don't stop until I tell you."

I stood still and waited for Katie to crawl the short distance to me. She unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and began to lick the head and underside. After a half-minute or so, I looked at Jamie and could see that he was enjoying this little ritual. I looked at Lady Desirée and winked. At that moment, she ordered Katie to take my cock into her mouth.

Katie looked down at her feet and with saliva dripping onto the front of her dress responded, "May I suck Sir John's cock into my mouth, Mistress?"

"I see you're getting the hang of this," Lady Desirée stated. "No, you may not. It's time for you to come inside and meet the others."

Katie dutifully asked if she could put my cock back into my pants and enter the building, and she was told she could.

Jamie handed the leash to Lady Desirée. She gave the leash a firm tug and led Katie, still on her knees, inside the doorway to a large open room. Jamie and I each took a seat in a leather wingback chair. On a large sofa sat two women dressed identically to Lady Desirée. One was petite and had shoulder length blonde hair. The other appeared to be of average height and weight and had long brunette hair. My cock heartily approved of what I saw. Standing to the side of the sofa was a very tall and extremely muscular woman. She had short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her breasts were obviously implants, standing out unnaturally from her chest. Across each nipple was a shiny black X made of tape. She wore a black latex garter belt that held up thigh high latex boots and nothing else. Besides her bulging muscles and huge, firm breasts, the other most obviously unnatural part of her body was a large protruding clit. At first glance I thought it might have been a tiny cock. I didn't think she was pretty, but I continued staring at her. I noticed that Jamie was doing the same. In fact, she also noticed Jamie's stare and she smiled at him and winked.

"Allow me to introduce you to my associates," Lady Desirée said. "Lady Elizabeth." The petite blonde smiled. "Lady Anne." The brunette nodded. "And the lady who will remind you of the rules if you forget, Mistress Greta." The muscle bound blond flexed her chest muscles and made her breasts jut forward. "I strongly recommend you stay on Greta's good side. She's quite the sadistic bitch and would just as soon cane your pussy 'til it's swollen and bruised if given the chance. Fortunately for you, your Master asked that we all go easy on you this time by limiting us to the use of our hands above and below your waist. During your next session, the cane may be used below your waist. For your sake, I hope that won't be necessary."

Lady Desirée turned to look in our direction and said, "Gentlemen, we mean no disrespect to you, but from this point forward the ladies will be in control of your slave. You are welcomed and encouraged to observe, however. If you want or need anything at all for yourselves, please ask. Before we begin, I suggest you get more comfortable. If you'd like, you may go into the changing room, slip out of your clothes and put on a robe. I'll have one of our house slaves assist each of you. Feel free to use them any way you'd like and I mean that exactly as it sounds."

Jamie and I looked at each other and then walked to the changing room. At the doorway stood two nude girls who appeared to be in their early twenties. Each wore a steel collar. One had shoulder length strawberry-blonde hair and the other had shoulder length brown hair. Before Jamie had a chance to say or do anything, I tapped the shoulder of the strawberry-blonde and announced that I'd take her. Jamie chuckled and said "okay," and we walked into the room. Inside were wooden armoires with long robes inside. As each of us began to unbutton our shirts, the girls cast their eyes downward and asked permission to help. In unison they asked, "If it pleases you, Sir, may I help you undress and then help you with your robe?" We each granted them permission and then stood still while we were undressed.

Standing nearly naked and with our cocks standing at attention, I said to Jamie, "I don't know about you, but I'm going to try and save my cum for Katie. Still, it'd be a shame not to get a sample of what these girls can do."

Jamie replied, "Yeah, I know what you mean. A little bit wouldn't hurt." He looked at his house slave and told her to kneel and worship his cock.

In response, she looked at his feet and said, "If it pleases you Sir, may I show you how I would treat your cock if I belonged to you?"

Jamie laughed and reminded her that at least for the night she did indeed belong to him, and then told her to treat him to her affections. As she began licking his balls, I instructed my girl to do the same, and after asking and getting my permission, she kneeled between my legs and licked from my asshole over my balls, up the underside of my cock to the head, and then gently swirled her tongue around and around the head. If I hadn't had plans for later I would've gladly let her continue. Instead, I stopped her and proceeded to let her help me put on the robe. Jamie soon did the same, but not before forcing his cock down the throat of his slave several times.

"We'd better get back and check on Katie," I said. "And you girls come with us. You may kneel at our feet after we're seated."

When we arrived in the large room, Katie was kneeling on all fours in the center, naked except for her collar and leash which was held by Greta. Greta explained that she would administer a series of enemas to ensure that Katie wouldn't dirty anything that was inserted up her ass, and then invited us to follow them into the anal cleansing room to watch. She tugged the leash and forced Katie to crawl on her hands and knees. The sight of her ass up in the air swaying back and forth was so inviting. I'd often thought about fucking her there. I told our two house slaves to wait in the front room for us.

Once in the next room, Greta led Katie to what looked like a shower stall except for the unusually large drain in the floor. Mounted on the wall was a flexible stainless steel hose with a tapered nozzle at the end. On a shelf was a pump bottle of gel lubricant. Greta took the bottle off the shelf, positioned it over Katie's asshole and gave it a couple of pumps, forcing the gel out and onto the puckered rim of Katie's ass. It must've been cold because I saw the nipples on Katie's hanging breasts harden instantly. I also noticed a glistening wetness forming on her pussy lips. Greta also saw that and shoved two of her fingers in between the lips and into her pussy. As Katie moaned, Greta laughed and called her a horny little slut. When she withdrew her fingers she wiped them across Katie's mouth and told her she'd soon taste others' juices. Greta turned her attention to the hose, taking it from its mount on the wall and then running water through it and into the drain. She let the water run over her own fingertips, I assumed to check the temperature. After a bit she flipped a lever to stop the flow of water and then pushed the nozzle into Katie's ass. Jamie and I watched intently as the hose was pushed farther inside. When a red mark on the hose disappeared just inside, Greta slowly moved the lever to let the flow of water begin. Katie's belly began to swell as the water entered her. It looked erotic yet somewhat painful. Greta told Katie to be quiet, or else. She didn't say what else, but didn't have to. In a moment, the lever was flipped to the closed position. Greta looked at Katie, obviously struggling to remain quiet and keep the water inside. Greta grinned at us before turning her attention back to Katie.

"Would you like to expel your filth, slave? Squat over the drain for us and I'll remove the hose."

Katie started to move towards the drain. Greta smacked her open palm hard against Katie's bare asscheek. "Have you forgotten already?" She gave her another hard smack before Katie had a chance to say anything. Her previously pale skin was now bright pink from the spanks. Greta quickly moved in front of Katie's face, grabbed her head and forced it in between the muscular thighs. Greta forcefully rubbed her pussy all over Katie's face, leaving streaks of juice smeared all over it.

Greta asked again if Katie would like to expel the filthy water. This time, Katie remembered to ask permission before moving. After being given permission and after squatting over the drain, Greta removed the hose. Almost instantly a flood of brownish, smelly water flowed into the drain. Greta sprayed clean water from the hose into the drain and made a remark about how awful it smelled. "Back on your hands and knees, slave!" she ordered.

Greta repeated the routine and filled Katie again, this time making her hold it longer. When she instructed Katie to squat over the drain this time, Katie remembered the protocol and got permission to do so. As she squatted over the drain, Greta straddled the humiliated slave and again forced her pussy into Katie's face. She ordered Katie to suck her clit. Before she could ask permission Greta was holding her head in position and had her huge clit in Katie's mouth. "Suck it, slut!" She held Katie's head there long after the water was emptied into the drain, long enough for Greta to have an explosive orgasm all over Katie's face. With Greta's juice covering Katie's face, she ordered Katie back onto her hands and knees and repeated the routine again.

After the third enema, the water ran clear when emptied into the drain. Greta announced that Katie was now ready for service and proceeded to hose her off. She tossed a small towel onto the floor and told her to make herself presentable. As Greta left the room she instructed Katie to crawl into the large front room and then took Jamie and me by our hands and walked us out. She casually told Jamie she liked the way his slut sucked her clit and wouldn't mind having that done again a few more times before the end of the night. She also mentioned that might be made more enjoyable if he was fucking his slut in the ass at the same time.

When the three of us arrived in the front room, Lady Desirée invited Jamie and me to return to our wingback chairs and enjoy the show. As we took our seats, our house slaves lowered themselves onto their knees at our feet. Moments later Katie crawled into the room. Lady Desirée ordered her to remain on her knees for the time being. After walking slowly around her, she asked Greta about the pinkness of her asscheeks. Greta explained what had led to the spanking. Lady Desirée then asked if Katie was ready for service. Greta laughed and told her she already knew the answer to that. I'm sure she did. Greta then said she'd get the serving table.

Jamie and I looked at each other, both wondering why a serving table was needed. I'd been given instructions by Jamie that this session was to be primarily sexual in nature as opposed to training for maid's work, and I thought I'd made that clear to Lady Desirée. When Greta returned with what appeared to be a modified weight bench, I had an idea of what was about to happen and it wasn't anything to do with maid service.

Greta placed the bench in the middle of the room. Lady Desirée instructed Katie to get up off the floor and lie on the bench with her head positioned between the two upright posts located at one end. Katie attempted to get up but Greta slapped her ass hard. Katie quickly asked permission to get up as a bright red handprint formed on her asscheek. Lady Desirée granted her permission. Once Katie was lying on her back on the bench, Greta pulled one of Katie's legs up and fastened her ankle to the top of one of the posts. She then did the same with her other leg. Katie was now clearly on display, her pussy, ass, breasts and mouth easily accessible for anything and everything.

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