tagGroup SexKatie Keeps Her Promise Completely

Katie Keeps Her Promise Completely


"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH...AAAAAHHHHHHHH" she moaned from deep down in her belly. "Wait, NO! Not yet. I'm not ready yet."

She whimpered the last through clenched teeth as the cock stretched her ass far beyond anything she had ever had there before. "NO, don't move! It hurts."

"I am not moving." said the stranger whose cock was now buried to the hilt in this redheaded bbw's plump, wide-spread ass.

She was starting to sweat. A glistening sheen of perspiration covered her entire body as she strained to take the full ten inches of cock that she had allowed to be placed in her ass.

Twelve hours earlier.

"Okay, okay" she said. I know I agreed to do this for you and I am going to go through with it."

Her name was Katelyn and she was a fiftyish woman who had been married to her High School sweetheart for over thirty years. She was about 5'8", slightly plump with natural 42 C breasts that drooped a bit without a bra, because of their weight. She had red hair, though she was actually a natural blond, but had gone gray early. Her entire family went gray by the time they turned 35. She liked sex, though not as much as her husband, but she did not like receiving oral sex. She did, however, love to suck cock.

Katelyn enjoyed light bondage and allowed her husband to take all the nude pictures of her he wanted. She had even gone to a professional photographer and had a set of "Bedroom" pictures done in various poses, though none of them were nudes or topless. Her husband, Patrick, had been trying to get her to do a threesome for nearly twenty years, but she always rejected the idea. Last Saturday night they had gone to a party at her best friend's house and all of them had had a good time. They had planned on spending the night instead of driving home, so they were a bit drunk. After everyone else had left, Pat asked Kate's friend, Chet, if he wanted to see Katelyn's tits. Chet was going through a nasty divorce and hadn't seen a set of tits in a long time, so he said "sure."

Katelyn was sitting on the couch. She had worn a loose fitting, deep plunging "vee" blouse and her bra did not cover her breasts very well. Pat had noticed Chet sneaking peeks at her tits whenever she bent over to sit down or put something on the coffee table. Chet could nearly see her nipples and he felt his cock stir a few times even though he had never considered the idea of fucking her before. Pat walked over and sat down beside Katy and put his left arm around her shoulder. Without warning, he shifted his weight to pen her right arm behind his body, and grasped her left arm with his left hand so it could not move. Then, he calmly reached over with his right hand, reached down into her cleavage and popped her right breast completely out into full view. Kate squealed and struggled, but could not get away. Her large, plump breast was fully exposed to Chet's view and he just smiled and stared at it. The nipple, which was pink and about ¾ of an inch long, was surrounded by an aureole the size of a silver dollar. It stood straight out and looked like it needed sucking. Pat asked Chet if he wanted a taste, and he said no, but thanked Pat for the wonderful show.

Soon after, they went to bed and slept the sleep of the nicely drunk . The next day on the way home, Katelyn told Pat not to ever do that again, as it made her feel used. Later that week they had been talking about why Patrick wanted to share Katelyn with strangers and he explained that the idea made him hard as a rock and, well, happy. He wasn't a happy person by nature, but the idea of watching Katelyn sucking some stranger's dick, or seeing her getting fucked made him extremely happy. When he was done talking, she had said nothing. The next evening after dinner, Katelyn had told Pat that she would agree to try a threesome, but that Pat had to set it up and it had to be in a hotel in the next city over.

Pat had smiled, kissed her sweet lips and thanked her. He then said he would take care of the rest. When Saturday morning rolled around, Katie was getting cold feet. She mentioned this to Pat, who was very disappointed, but said he would call the guy he had set up for them to meet and cancel the evening's plans. He had been pouty the rest of the morning and had said very little.

Finally, just after lunch she had relented.

"Okay, okay. I said I would do this, and I am going to go through with it. Call our date back and tell him it is back on."

Pat had nearly hurt himself trying to get to the phone to set things in motion again. That evening, about seven, Katelyn had gone upstairs and showered. She washed her hair, touched up her nail polish and put on her reddest lipstick. Patrick called it her "Blowjob red lipstick." And he loved to watch her mouth move up and down on his six inch dick whenever she sucked him. He especially enjoyed it when she wore the lipstick he had bought her for Christmas. Once the hair and makeup were perfect, Katelyn slipped off her bathrobe and put on a pair of black lace "boy short" panties.

She had lost weight, and they looked very nice on her ass. Next, she put on the bra that she had purchased for the professional photo shoot. It too was black, had thin spaghetti straps and a bit of a soft fir edging on it. It pushed her breasts together, enhancing her cleavage. She had a blue, silk blouse and a skirt that went with it. The blouse was clingy and she left it unbuttoned to just below the bra. When she moved just right, the bra was visible. The skirt was snug on her hips and curved down her ass slightly. It was not tight by most standards, but it was tighter than what she normally wore, and it hit her nearly exactly in the middle of her thigh.

When she walked down the stairs, Patrick was waiting for her. He whistled softly and told her she looked magnificent. And she did. Then they headed out the door, got in the car and headed off to their adventure. Pat was having a hard time driving, because his dick kept getting hard every time he glanced at Katie. They arrived at the bar where they were supposed to meet their "friend" and Pat sent Katie inside alone while he parked the car.

He had already sent their "friend"Chris a picture of her so he would know her when she walked into the bar. She sat down at a table in a corner and ordered a champagne cocktail. She figured she was going to need it to steel her nerves and keep her promise.

By the time Pat got in the bar, she had already downed one and had a second she was working on. Pat took a seat at the bar and looked around the room. He noticed a guy at the pool table dressed in slacks, a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled part way up and his black hair parted on the right side, but down to his shoulders. He was younger than Pat had thought. Probably in his mid 40s and was in good shape, but not a "Body beautiful." He had been watching Katie since she walked in and knew it was her. He had checked her out and decided that this could be a lot of fun. He liked plump women and he liked them slightly older. Katie had been looking around the bar wondering who her husband had set them up with and hoped he would not be some overweight slob who turned her stomach.

Chris walked over to where Katie sat and introduced himself. He asked if he could sit down and she said yes. She liked his aftershave and the fact that he was nicely dressed. The waitress brought him another Jack and coke and he ordered Katie another champagne cocktail. When the drinks arrived, he slid further into the booth and allowed his leg to lightly touch Katie's. She jumped a little bit, but then settled back down and allowed the pressure to increase. They were talking about her job as an architect and his as a ship designer. Katie could feel the alcohol moving through her body and she was beginning to sweat just a bit from the heat in the bar and the alcohol. The sweat was tickling down her cleavage and soaking her silk blouse.

Chris put his right arm around her shoulders and drew her to him. Their lips touched and she allowed him to kiss her softly. She liked kissing, and there had not been enough of it at home lately. It felt warm and inviting and she did not resist when he kissed her a second time, a bit more forcefully. She felt Chris' tongue softly part her lips and her tongue softly danced off the end of his. He pulled back a bit and looked at her. She smiled and said that she liked the way he kissed. Then she put her hand on the back of his head and slowly drew him into another, much more passionate exchange. Chris allowed his hand to drop down under the table and gently rested it on the bare thigh, just above her knee. She made no move to stop him, as she knew that much more than this was expected of her this night.

The booth was very dark and Chris slowly slid his hand up under the skirt Katelyn was wearing and allowed his fingertips to brush softly against her lace panties. She moaned a little, but made no attempt to stop him. Patrick had been watching this entire meeting from his vantage point at the bar and he figured it was time to join the fun. He went to the booth, sat down and introduced himself and ordered another round for all three. He was drinking Patron margaritas and was enjoying himself immensely.

After they finished their drinks, Patrick suggested that they go to their hotel. It was a very nice place directly across the street from the bar. It was near the airport, and was frequented by businessmen from all over the world. They walked into the lobby and Katelyn giggled a bit. This caused some of the patrons who were sitting in the lobby to look up from their computers. Most went right back to work, but a couple allowed their gaze to linger on Katie, who seemed to be glowing. The three of them went up to their room and as they walked in, Chris actually put the "Do not disturb" sign on the door.

They all took off their shoes and began to get comfortable. Pat had brought more alcohol to the room as well as a box of condoms. Just in case Chris had "forgot" his. Pat and Chris both decided to undress, as they all knew why they had come there. Katie turned her eyes away as Chris pulled off his shorts, but she could not help taking a peek. She gasped a bit when she realized he was quite a bit larger than Patrick. She just sat on the bed looking at the two men, looking at her. Finally, they walked over to her and stood her up. Chris unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it over her head and tossed it on the floor. Patrick unzipped her skirt, let it fall to the floor and then stepped back to look at his wife who was naked except for her black lace boy shorts. Her breasts hung nicely down, her lips were still nice and red and she looked radiant.

Chris whistled as he stepped away from her and just stared. He too, thought she looked good enough to, well, eat. Patrick pulled a plush chair over near the bed and sat down. His dick was already at attention and Katie knew exactly what to do. She dropped to her knees and took his rigid cock in her mouth. She actually liked to get his cock while it was still soft and suck it until it got hard. She loved the feel of his pole hardening in her soft mouth. She started to lick his shaft from balls to tip and then drove her mouth down over it. She wrapped her tongue around it and bobbed her head up and down. She knew all the signs and she knew it would not take long for Pat to come.

All the while, her breasts swayed and bounced against Pats cock and balls. The rigid nipples rubbing against him always drove him nuts. Katie was right. After about three minutes of her drooling and sucking on his cock, Patrick exploded in her mouth. He worked very hard to clench his pelvic muscles to prevent cuming too much and not being able to perform later. All the time this was happening, Chris had been sitting on the bed staring at Katie's plump, satin covered ass. He knew that if he did nothing else this night, he was going to fuck that ass.

Katie stood up and took a long drink of her champagne. She then turned around to face the bed and, because of his height, Chris' face was exactly in line with her breasts. He looked at Pat and Pat gave him a "Go for it." look. Chris then reached up and cupped both of Katie's boobs and took first one and then the other nipple in his mouth and sucked them greedily. A soft moan, almost like a murmur of joy escaped her lips as she wrapped her hands into the back of his hair and held him where he was. He sucked and nibbled on her luscious tits, as his hands slowly worked her panties down off the curve of her ass. As they hit the floor he stood, cupped her ass cheeks and lifted her off her feet. He spun and laid her down on the bed, all in one fluid movement. His cock was now at its full 10 inches and was nearly 3 inches around. Katie looked at it and, for the first time that night, felt a little pang of fear. A groan escaped her lips and her eyes widened as she realized she might not be able to deal with this cock.

True to her promise though, she rose up on her knees and pushed Chris back flat on the bed. Then she scooted herself around and took the rigid poll in her mouth. It stretched her mouth to its fullest, but she took over half of his dick. Patrick just sat in his chair with a huge smile on his face. He had not been this happy in years. He truly loved to watch his wife suck another man's cock. Her head was bobbing faster and faster as Chris started to groan. Suddenly, he grabbed Katie by the hair and forced her mouth down over his entire cock. Because of the pre-cum and all the saliva she was generating, it slid down her throat and she found herself unable to breath as Chris' cock exploded. She was struggling and gagging as the semen squirted out around the now deflating cock. But she felt herself grow dizzy from lack of air and she felt the room go black. She fainted. When she awoke, she found herself lying on the bed with both her husband and Chris watching her with looks of great concern on their faces. She slowly sat up, took a drink of water and then her champagne and smiled at them.

"I am fine. I just couldn't breathe for a second to long and that's why I blacked out."

Katie slowly got off the bed and went to the bathroom. She peed, cleaned herself up and walked, somewhat drunkenly now, back into the room where the two naked men now sat waiting for her. Both were already hard again. Katie saw this and winked at them.

"Give me a minute to catch my breath and I will be ready to go again."

"Who's next?"

Part 2

Katie had recovered from her fainting episode while sucking her and her husband Patrick's new friend, Chris. The six champagne cocktails she had consumed during the course of several hours had her buzzing along nicely. She was completely naked, standing in front of the two men who planned on using her plump body all night and she was wondering what else was in store for her.

She didn't have to wait long to find out.

Chris took her by the hand and led her to the bed. He sat her on the edge of the bed and pushed her back. Her feet were now straining to stay on the floor and she was lying flat on her back. Chris positioned himself between her now, wide spread legs and knelt down. He spread her pussy lips with his fingers and began to lick her clit. As he did that, he also began to slowly slide his fingers in and out of her soaking wet vagina. She moaned, softly at first then began to pump her hips in rhythm with Chris' finger. Patrick moved to the bed and positioned himself near her head, so that she could suck his dick again. He also began to play with her nipples, which he knew were a direct link to her pussy. She was moaning loudly and rolling her head from side to side. Chris continues to lick and nibble her clit as he fingered her cunt more feverishly. Suddenly, Katie exploded in orgasm. She actually squirted pussy juice out. She had done that occasionally when she first got married, but she had not done it like this in a long time.

Chris licked at it as it ran down his hand and then began licking the insides of Katie's thighs. Patrick had decided it was time to get serious about things and coaxed her up onto the bed. He spread her legs and licked her still quivering pussy. He then kissed his way up her plump tummy and placed the head of his swollen dick at the opening of her vagina. She smiled up at him and he thrust into her like a whaler launching his harpoon. Katelyn groaned and her eyes closed. She had a dreamy smile on her face as Pat began stroking her with slow, deliberate hip movements. This time, it was Chris' turn to watch and he found himself drawn into the sweaty, lust-filled scene taking place in front of him. He could see the sweat forming on both their bodied, but especially on Katie's tits and. He sat on the edge of the bed and took her hand, wrapping her fingers around his rock hard cock. She turned her head and smiled at him and began to stroke his male hardness.

Patrick shifted his weight and slid his arms down. He placed his hands on the inside of Kate's thighs and flipped her ankles up over his shoulders. Her soaking wet pussy was now completely open to his attack and he started pounding on her. She was groaning and whimpering, begging him to fuck her as hard as he could and Patrick did everything in his power to oblige his lust crazed wife. The sounds of their pelvises coming together made a loud "Smack" each time he came down on her. Since he had already come in her mouth once, Patrick was able to go for nearly 20 minutes before his wife's milking vagina succeeded in squeezing another load of cum out of her husband's cock. The entire time, Katie was begging and sweating. She also never released her grip on Chris' cock. She kept rolling her head to the side and looking at its swollen purple head. She couldn't help but wonder how it would feel in her as he came. Suddenly, Pat went rigid and slammed his hips into Katie's pussy. He dumped a huge load of cum in her, counting at least ten contractions as he seemed to empty his soul into her waiting pussy. It squirted out along the sides of his cock and ran down to the sheets. All the while Chris was waiting for his turn at her.

As Patrick pulled his limp cock out of Katelyn he moved up and wiped it on her left breast, rubbing it all over her nipple and then moving on to her mouth. She opened her mouth and sucked her husband's cock clean. She had her eyes closed and did not realize Chris had moved into position between her legs. Her eyes opened with a start when she felt the head of his dick part her pussy lips and begin to slide down her vagina. Her pussy was being filled and spread like never before and she let out a long guttural sound .

"AAAAArrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

She could feel her husband's cum being forced out of her with a slurpy, squishing sound. Suddenly, Chris flexed his hips and the head of his 10 inch slammed onto Katelyn's cervix. She yelped in pain and tried to squirm away from the giant intruder that was beginning to move in and out of her pulsating pussy. She grunted each time the giant cock bottomed out against her cervix and was beginning to sound like and animal in heat.

Patrick had moved back to his chair and was watching in fascination as the huge cock moved in and out of what he knew from experience, was a very tight, wet, and hot pussy. He took out the camera that he had brought up in his coat pocket and began to film every stroke and grunt. Katelyn could feel an orgasm building but could not quite get to the release point. She was become very frustrated and she finally looked at Chris and said

"I want it from behind. I want to get on my hands and knees and I want you to stick that big dick in my cunt and fuck me from behind. I want to cum again!"

Chris was off her in a second as she rolled over onto her stomach and pushed her ass up into the air in front of him. She looked back over her shoulder at this man who was a good ten years younger than she and said

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