tagRomanceKatie My Love

Katie My Love

byTrapper ak Bobby©

I first met Katie online a couple of years ago when she showed interest in some photographs I posted in a photography site. It was pictures of oil well fires in Iraq and she contacted me and we exchanged a few emails and hit it off immediately and became friends. She introduced me to messenger so we began chatting direct and got closer and closer and then began talking to each other by phone a few times each week.

As we got closer we talked about personal things in our lives and I learned a lot about how she had a very unhappy life mixed with some very bad luck . She came from a very well off conservative family and was engaged when she was quite young to a guy that was very much older then her. She stopped short of telling me she had never loved the guy but as I listened to her it became obvious.

I suspected the match had been arranged by her family and that the church had played a good part in it. The guy apparently was a bit of a mental case in that he couldn't hardly talk without quoting the bible. A month before their wedding he was involved in a car accident where he was hit broadside and ended up a paraplegic. His spine was severed and he became instantly paralyzed below the waist.

She continued with the wedding plans as was her family's wishes and spent five years nursing him and putting up with his uncontrollable rants. His health was deteriorating as well as his mental state and he controlled Katie's life until at times she said she wondered if it was worth living. When he finally passed away she finally managed to get away from his church and religion. Unfortunately she found she had become a lonely twenty eight year old that was very insecure and had never been anywhere or done anything. And then she met me.

I am a civil engineer that is employed by an oilfield fire protection company. The last four years I have been in the middle east under a four year contract. I have accumulated time off and have not had to do much work in the last year and then my father passed away last spring. I have had to manage the estate and my inheritance is such that along with the good money I made in Irag I dont have to work for a while but that would not be my way of life but I have in deed been taking it easy.

I'm thirty two years old and in good shape, well over six feet tall and athletic. I do a lot of swimming and keep myself in shape. I have not been married but was engaged to someone for almost three years and luckily got out of that years ago.

I eventually got a picture of Katie that she reluctantly sent to me and for some reason I had not expected her to be so pretty. In the picture she was wearing glasses and had beautiful long black hair. She looked like she was a bit petite with a very healthy clean look. I remember how I was struck by her after that picture and from that moment on I began to take our online relationship seriously and began to actually pursue her and began to really look forward to our chats and make special time for her.

As we became very close our talks turned to personal things and one long night we talked about our sex lives. I told her about how I had been active since I was in high school and how I spent a lot of time with an older lady when I was young. She knew I had been engaged and had sex many times with my former fiancé. If the truth was know I was rather experienced for a single guy but right now I had not been on a date in a long time.

She never really disclosed a lot about herself that night. Then one day when she was probably a bit depressed and we had been talking very intimately she confided to me that as far as sex went she was technically a virgin. I was a bit shocked at first and she went on to explain it to me.

She said her self righteous husband never hardly touched her before his accident as he wanted a virgin bride and then he was hurt in the accident. He was completely unable to have sex with the result that Katie had never had a mans cock inside her. She told me that she had however spent time with him in bed and done some serious petting in that she would lay nude with him and he did finger her and masturbate her to orgasm a few times.

Apparently he was not really a very kind person and was sometimes rough and hurt her a few times. She said that she thought her hymen was probably ruptured or at least partially gone. She had never seen a hard cock except in pictures and she had certainly never touched one. She almost sounded as if she was apologizing for her lack of experience. I assured her that telling me everything about her like she did only made me like her all the more.

However with the lack of experience or not Katie was no prude and she had a great sense of humor and I could tell in our conversation that she was a very sensual person. She had a very keen interest in anything sexual and we engaged in a lot of light hearted teasing. I was not beyond teasing her about letting me teach her and she reacted in good form and gave it back as much as she received.

Her dream was to have children but was now a bit concerned that her clock was ticking and time would maybe run out for her. We joked about how I was the only one around and we had some fun with that over the next while and began teasing each other about it at almost every chance.

We continued our chatting and flirted real heavy for a few months. I almost knew more about her then I had known years ago about the girl I was engaged to. We now had a multitude of pictures of each other and got into using the web cam but unlike most we kept our clothes on but I did manage to talk her into showing me her two piece bathing suit and she looked great.

We actually got so wrapped up in each other that neither of us were going on dates or even looking at other people. We finally arranged to meet each other and as expected she was a bit nervous. I was nervous also in that I had heard so many stories about how people like us finally met after chatting for ages and it went terrible. I made the arrangements and decided on Phoenix, which is not too far from where I live in Dallas.

Katie lived in Utah so Phoenix was neutral territory and would be more comfortable for her. It was all arranged that we would meet and spend a long weekend together. We agreed that we were not going there with the intentions of going to bed with each other and that it very well might not happen. I would get a suite with two bedrooms and we would go from there. I dont think either of us wanted to ruin our meeting. Katie originally almost backed out but she was coming and I arranged to meet her at the hotel.

My flight got in earlier so I was around the hotel well before she arrived. I went down and took a stool in the bar and was watching a replay of a football game when I saw her walk into the room. I recognized her right away and she almost took my breath away. Katie was exactly as in her pictures, she was petite but curvy and her long straight black hair was tied back, framing her pretty tanned face. She had just a sprinkling of freckles across her nose and she wore a lovely long dress that made her look sexy even with its conservative styling.

She was stunning and I walked up to her and she recognized me and smiled as I took her hands in mine and hugged her gently. Katie responded and then took my arm and came to the bar with me. We chose not to take a table and just had the one small drink. I could see she was uncomfortable and I'm sure she didn't care for the bar atmosphere so I decided to get her out of there. We went up to the hotel suite where her luggage had also been sent.

I had earlier got room service to set it up for dinner complete with candles near the large window so it overlooked the city and the desert. We ate leisurely and enjoyed the conversation. She had brought her excellent witty sense of humor and was so easy to talk to. We talked as if we had known each other for ages and I found myself very comfortable in her presence. I was very infatuated with her beauty and could feel the closeness growing with us and on more then one occasion I found her studying me.

After the fine dinner we relaxed taking our time with each other and then we went down and took a leisurely walk a couple of blocks to an excellent club I had checked out earlier. I dance well enough to make up for an inexperienced partner and it was working out nicely. We enjoyed the music and soon were on our second bottle of chilled white wine and it was excellent. As the night progressed I held her close to me exploring the contours of her lovely body.

I felt her warm towards me and somehow already knew that things were going to work out good for us. We spent most of our time looking into each other's eyes and then it progressed to murmuring into each other's ears as we slowly moved across the floor. At the table she hardly took her hand off mine and I think I sort of swept her off her feet.

We stayed until it was very late and then started the short walk back to our hotel holding hands like teenagers. When we were in the elevator I took her in my arms and she molded her body to mine as our lips touched. She seemed to be restless and excited as she spoke quietly.

"I really want to sleep with you tonight." She took a breath as if she was thinking then told me. "And when we go to bed I want you to do it to me."

When we got inside our suite I took her in my arms the moment the door closed. She melted into my arms and I began to remove her clothes. I soon had her dress on the floor around her ankles and she was left standing there in her black lace bra and panties. Without taking my eyes from hers I unhooked her bra and bared her beautiful breasts. They were lovely and firm with small upturned nipples that were already hard. I gently cupped them and rolled her nipples and then without looking away she lifted her breasts to me as if she was offering me her body.

I slid her panties down over her smooth thighs and soon they were on the floor. I stood back and looked at Katie and smiled. I knew she was doing her best to be calm and she was beautiful as she smiled back at me. I loved the way her long shinny black hair flowed down over her shoulders and at the base of her tummy the matching tuft of soft black hair was very small and heart shaped. I ran my hand down her belly to the juncture and found her warm wet and surprisingly slippery. She moaned softly when I gently ran my finger along her wet slit.

It was warm in the room as I threw off my clothes and knelt between her legs. Katie's lips were a bit puffy and I could smell the slight fragrance of her excitement. She tasted fresh and sweet and I worked my tongue in her slit and around her hard clit until her legs bowed and she began to push her hips and started making little movements towards me. She leaned back against the wall as her hands tangled in my hair.

She spoke softly, "I really like that, don't stop, I've never had anything like that before,"

I caressed her sides and hips until I felt her muscles tighten. Her whole body began to quiver as she whimpered softly and moaned. Her whole body was being absorbed into a very intense shuddering orgasm and I took her in my arms as I felt her legs going weak.

I carried her to the bed and lay her down in its center, and kissed her on the lips knowing she could taste herself on my mouth. Katie was still breathing hard from her climax and her chest was rising and falling beautifully. I looked into her eyes and pushed her knees apart and slowly opened her legs. There was no resistance as I moved them back so she was completely open to me.

Her lower lips were firm and compact. They were parted slightly and I could see the inviting pink wetness in the dim light of the room. My hands let go and she held herself there as I caressed her hips and waist while I moved forward between her soft wide spread thighs. My rather large cock was now very hard and pointed right between her legs and when I was over her without letting her eyes leave mine she spoke.

"Please do it to me gently and I don't want you to wear anything."

I gently pressed my lips to hers and touched her tongue with mine as I moved my hips forward. She caught her breath when she felt me moving the tip of my hard cock between her lips until I found her entrance. I spread her slightly and moved it in her until the head was wet and lubricated. I forced it gently and the tip began to open her a bit.

Katie's eyes widened and dilated as she felt me begin to enter her tight channel. I went in a little until I felt a tight spot and instantly stopped and let her get used to the feel of me. She tightened her arms around me and moaned when I began to push into her slowly but firmly. She took me all the way into her until our bodies came completely together. She gasped and I felt her legs come around me.

Katie had been very ready so when I pushed gently she took me quite easily and I could tell it wasn't hurting her. She caught her breath as her heat and wetness enveloped me and I lay still on her for a long time as I let her adjust to the feel of my cock being inside her for the first time.

It was only when I felt her start to test the feeling and push a bit towards me that I started moving slowly in and out. We stared at each other as I moved within her. She was being very shy but soon her hips were moving with mine and her eyes began to glaze a little. I broke the stare and lowered my head to suck her ear lobes and my hands kneaded her breasts. Her back arched and I could tell she liked the feel of my cock as I continued sliding smoothly in and out a little more quickly now.

Katie was very tight inside and was grasping the hard cock inside her in such a way that I was not going to last much longer. I felt my balls tingle and the feeling spread inside me. I lifted my head to again look deep into her eyes that were teary with lust, desire, and need. I felt my climax rising, my body began to stiffen as my cock swelled larger and even though Katie had never felt it before she knew what was happening. She stared back at me and with a look of determination she uttered "don't take it out."

She tightened her arms on me and continued, "do it inside me," She took a deep breath and held on to me.

I sank all the way into her and held it deep with the tip almost inside the very entrance of her womb. When I gushed she cried out, my loins spurted and spurted, until I was empty and could feel it running from her. She held me tight as she seemed to welcome every bit of it.

I stayed inside her for ages letting it soak as I caressed her and held her close while she clamped her legs around me locking me in her. I could feel a gentle milking action on my drained cock while she buried her head against my neck and whispered "thank you" quietly in my ear. I know she had liked it as much as I did and there was no way I was going to let Katie go now.

Finally, I turned her on her side with my deflating cock saturated, dripping but still gently clasped in her. We drifted off, arms and legs still somewhat entangled. We dozed and played with each other most of that night and into the wee hours of the morning. Katie was very sexual and no longer shy as she experimented and got to take a close view of my cock as she stroked me until it was rock hard but we were so tired I took her in my arms and we lay back and went to sleep.

We awoke at dawn still in each other's arms and Katie pressed her lips hard to mine. She sucked my tongue and was breathing hard and we were slightly rested now so it didn't take long before I spread her legs and mounted her. I slowly pushed my cock all the way into her again and she brought her legs up and around me. She began to move with me right from the beginning this time and soon was moaning and whimpering.

Katie was a little more demanding now so I moved hard against her and ground myself against her tender area and immediately she responded. Then as if she had been doing it for years she began to orgasm right at the very moment I spurted my semen in her. I could hardly believe how wonderful she was and how she gave herself to me completely. We were both worn out so she molded herself softly against me and we both slept soundly until late in the morning.

We had room service bring breakfast and later like a pair of kids we played around under the warm spray of the shower with her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms around me as she rode up and down my cock. She could not seem to get enough and there was not a hint of nervousness from her any more. We settled down a bit and kissed passionately our tongues sliding against each other as I held her to the wall and pumped still more warm semen into her.

We were in no hurry to leave the room and we stayed in there and chatted. Outside it was 110 degrees so we stayed in the comfort of the air conditioned suite. We had our afternoon lunch sent up and I was happy to see that she liked beer and had brought a pair of faded tight fitting jeans. She wore them with a light cotton top that showed off her firm nipples and she looked great as we lounged around the room.

I asked her about what would happen if by letting ourselves go the way we did I happened to get her pregnant. Katie didn't seem all that concerned and made a joke as she answered. "that's simple, in that case you would have to marry me," and we laughed.

Katie said the last couple of days with me was the best she had for as long as she could remember. She had hardly any family and since her husband passed away lived alone so she had no commitments and was not worried nor was she in a hurry to get home. I was pretty much the same as all I had to do was phone and get my brother to look after my dog and keep checking the house for a few more days or even weeks.

We sat on the couch together with her hands in mine and we became to talk serious. I just came right out and told her that I didn't really want to go home alone after this and would find it hard to leave her. She was very much like me in that she wanted to be with me. Without saying it we both began to face the truth and there was little doubt we both knew what had happened with us.

Katie had to go out to get some things and while she was out I sat down with the phone and made a whole lot of phone calls and some surprise arrangements. I was taking a chance but I somehow knew that Katie was going to say yes and would have no problem in agreeing with what I planned.

That night we left Phoenix and like a pair of excited kids took a short flight to Las Vegas and moved into a suite in the Mirage hotel. We never went into the casino but spent a beautiful night in each others arms without sex, and talked until the sun came out and then we slept for a few hours. That morning I took Katie shopping to one of the exclusive jewelry shops in the hotel. We took care of a few other things and later that afternoon we were married in one of the small chapels on the strip.

I suppose this was a case of two adults who knew each other so well through hours and hours with each other that decided to do something silly. We both knew we were in love long before we met in Phoenix and getting married also turned out to have been a good thing for another reason. It was hardly a month later when we were in the Florida Keys that Katie suddenly got sick one morning. Of course we knew she had missed her period by a couple of weeks.

Katie was pregnant and was going to have the baby she wanted so badly. That only added to our happiness.

A couple of weeks after we got that news Katie and I returned to her home in Salt Lake City to make moving and sale arrangements. We now live happily in Dallas awaiting the birth of our first child.

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