Katie's Awakening - Her Cuckold


After sipping from our drinks for a few minutes as Katie alternated between kissing Jonathan anywhere she could reach and resting her head on his chest, she announced that she was going to bed. She didn't even try to keep her legs together as she swung off of Jonathan's lap and I could clearly see the shining wetness of her pussy. She gave Jonathan a long hug, slowly rubbing herself against the large bulge in his pants.

Once Katie left the room I turned to Jonathan and said, "Katie and I have an 'understanding.'"

Jonathan looked at me with in confusion and asked the obvious questions, "an understanding?"

"Yes," I answered. "She can do what she wants with whomever she wants and if I'm lucky she might let me watch."

"And you're OK with that?" Jonathan was taken a little back by this.

"Best thing to ever happen to me," I said. "She'll probably come to your room later for some innocent reason. To see if you need anything, or if you have enough towels, but really it will be because she wants to sleep with you." Jonathan was watching me intently.

"All I ask is that you don't hurt her feelings," I continued. "If you don't want her or you're in a committed relationship, turn her down gently. Otherwise, have fun." Just talking about this, offering my wife to another man, was making my balls ache. From what I'd seen I thought the possibility of him turning Katie away was remote, but I wanted to give him an out if he needed it.

"Ahh...ok man. You wouldn't shoot a brother would you?" he asked in half-jest. I handed him Katie's sodden panties, it was a replay of what I had done with Tom. It had worked then and it worked now. Jonathan ran them through his fingers feeling the wetness before looking up at me.

I just smiled at him. "You're safe with me, but Katie may use her body to kill you." He thought I was kidding. He learned.

Jonathan headed off to the guestroom and I went to the master bedroom. The doors to the two rooms were close but they were out of sight of each other.


Katie was waiting for me in our room; wrapping her body around me she said, "I love you and I'm so damn horny. Oh Jimmy, if he doesn't fuck me I'm going to ride the Sybian all night and keep both of you awake with my howling. Do you know what he did in the car?" She stared at me as she asked the last question.

"He played with my pussy on the ride home, he was fucking me with two fingers and rubbing my clit at the same time, I could feel his cock under my ass. It's huge! If you'd have taken two more minutes to get here I would have had an orgasm." She looked at me and said, "He might have had one with me."

"I left a wet spot on the front of his pants," she continued. "I could see it when we got into the house. That's one reason I had my legs on his lap, to hide it so he wouldn't be embarrassed. But mostly I just wanted to feel him against my legs."

Katie was wearing a white nightgown that I'd never seen before. It was made of some sheer material that hung from her shoulders by straps and continued, more or less, straight down. By more or less I mean that it also hung from her nipples, which were hard points sticking out at a slightly upturned angle. The material clearly showed the swelling of her breasts which looked at least one size larger than normal. The gown stopped at mid-thigh and, just to be sure, I pulled up the hem to see that she wasn't wearing anything else.

"What to do I do now?" she asked.

"Go to his room and ask him if he's comfortable and needs anything from you. That simple," I answered. With a smile she turned off the light in the bedroom and was out the door, leaving it open.

The feeling of uncertainty combined with intense jealousy was almost overwhelming. I found myself breathing rapidly as sweat formed on my forehead. I wanted to stop her; I wanted to watch him fuck my wife senseless. Although it was more likely that he would end up senseless. It was the smile she gave me that clinched it. She had smiled uncertainly, as though to ask, 'are you sure? Once I'm in his room it will be too late, I'll never be the same again and never fully yours again either.'

Had I not been caged I would have climaxed at that moment. I had never been that close to an orgasm before without being erect. I knew that it would have been the strongest one I had ever had. The feelings of excitement and dread ran from my thighs to my chest. My muscles were knotted and my heart raced in my chest. I sat on the bed trying to catch my breath, as fast as I was panting I couldn't get enough oxygen. I was frantically kneading my cage through my pants wanting release yet happy in the frustration that I felt. I was a mess.

I heard her knock on the guestroom door and open it. When she stepped inside she asked Jonathan if he was comfortable or if he needed anything from her. I heard him say, "Oh I thought you might be the escort I ordered for tonight."

"I am," said Katie. "I'm your entertainment for the evening. Wow, is that big cock for me?" Whatever else might have been said was lost in the sound of bodies colliding and very loud kissing. The next words I heard were from Katie. "I want to suck your cock, Jonathan. I've never seen one so big before, and it's not even hard!"

A moment later I heard Katie again, "oh yes... yes....oh Jonathan...." The wet sound of her lips, "you taste so good I wish I could get more of you into my mouth."

"Play with my balls, Katie. Yes like that. Oh I like it when you suck them. You're kind of a slut aren't you Katie dear?"

Katie answered in a shy voice, "I'm your slut tonight." I know that Katie loves dirty talk when she's really turned on. "I'll even be your whore if you want me to." This was the start of long night for Jonathan. When Katie starts talking like that it means that she's totally forgotten about me or anything else. She's only thinking about her own needs and pleasure. It was her way of signaling that the limits were off, anything would go.

My heart broke in my chest and my cock almost tore my cage apart as it tried to break through the wires. It had been a long time, since before her lost weekend that Katie had talked that way to me. In one way I really had lost her, but in another way we were closer than ever. We were each giving the other what they wanted. It was an intimate sharing that was even closer, in its own way, than sex with each other.

"Ohhhhhh....ahhhhh.....yessss...." the sound of Katie's moans brought me back to reality.

"You like having me eat your slut pussy, don't you," Jonathan asked.

"Oh yes, oh please don't stop," Katie replied.

"Don't stop what?" Jonathan teased.

"Eating my cunt, please eat your slut's cunt!!!"

Here it seems like everything is happening very fast but in reality 30 or 40 minutes of kissing and, I assume touching, and generally making out again had gone by. Except for the wet sound of Jonathan's mouth on Katie's pussy, everything was quiet as I snuck down the short hall so that I could peek into the guestroom.

I knew that the hall floor wouldn't squeak and that I would be able to see a side view of the bed from the reflection in the mirror over the dressing table. Who the hell has a dressing table in a guestroom? We do, and a well positioned one at that because neither of them was likely to be looking at the mirror and able to see me peeking in from the dark hall.

I was shocked by what I saw. Not the sight of Katie lying on her back on the bed with her legs pulled back to her chest exposing and spreading her pussy, I expected that. Not even the sight of Jonathan kneeling on the floor next to the bed so that he could eat her. It was the sight of his cock bobbing as he worked on her. It was huge. Uncircumcised, about as long as Katie's forearm, and thick, much too thick to fit into Katie's little pussy, I thought.

I stayed just long enough to watch Jonathan get to his feet, line up his cock with her opening, and start to slowly ease it inside of her. Pulling out and pushing slowly back in so that his cock would be wet with her juices and her cunt would gap wider with each stroke.

Katie starting howling with the first contact, "oh god.....Jonathan....you're so big....go slow....oh yes....more...more....ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuck meeee....." with that he pushed about half way in. Katie was throwing her head from side to side, her mouth wide open in a silent scream as her hips pushed upward trying to get even more of that massive prick inside of her.

I crept back to our room, Katie hadn't given me permission to watch, as I heard her screaming, "FUUUUUUCCKKK MEEE JONATHAN.....HARD.....HARDER...FAST....OH FUCK ME FAST....FASTER....ALL THE WAY INSIDE....OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH........MAKE ME YOUR WHORE......"

I listened to them fuck for a long time after that, lying on my bed, until I finally drifted off. I was awakened around 3:00 in the morning by the buzzing of my cell phone, I looked at the caller I.D. and was surprised to see that it was Katie calling me. I didn't say anything when I answered, which was smart, because it was Katie asking if I wanted to face share.

I tapped yes and the next thing I saw was Katie throwing her leg over Jonathan's hips in a reverse cowgirl position. She must have propped her phone on the chair in front of the bed so that I could see her. Jonathan, of course, was lying down with his head safely behind Katie so he couldn't see a thing but her backside.

Katie waved Jonathan's massive cock at me smiling broadly. His cock extended higher than her belly button and was so thick that she couldn't close her hand around it. I watched transfixed as she first raised herself and then, after first rubbing his cock over her swollen clit, lowered herself slowly onto this unbelievable pole.


My cage was jumping and pulling at my balls so hard that it hurt. Precum was dripping out of me and I was afraid that I was going to have a full orgasm. I almost did when Jonathan joined the conversation.

"This is my cunt isn't it Katie?" he said. "Your cunt belongs to me now doesn't it Katie?"


He raised her slightly and started long-fucking his cock into her from below as Katie's mouth flew open in a silent scream. She was supporting herself with her hands on his knees but I could see his entire length pulling out and then slamming back into her.

"You're my black cock slut aren't you Katie? Tell me, say it" he continued.


Katie's pussy was stretched beyond what I would have thought possible. If I fucked her now she wouldn't even feel me, and I wouldn't feel her. But if she was Jonathan's slut I was still hers, and I was counting on that and her promise not to fall in love with anybody else.

Jonathan said he was going to cum and Katie immediately responded, "CUM INSIDE ME....SHOOT INSIDE ME....SO FUCKING DEEP.....I WANT TO FEEL YOU CUMMING...."

I looked up again as I heard her scream, both from the phone and from the door, "I'M CUUUUUMMMMING.....OH MY GOD...OH MY GOD....I'VE NEVER CUM LIKE THIS....IT WON'T STOP....OOOHHHHHHHH PLEASE...I CAN FEEL YOU SHOOTING...." I couldn't tell if she was asking please let me stop cumming or please keep it up.

I watched as Jonathan's massive balls started to constrict and he shot his cum deep inside my unprotected wife. I could hear both of them moaning as his sperm flooded her. His prick must have reached to her uterus. I don't know how she got it all in there.

Soon Katie was leaning back, showing me the river of white running out of her pussy, around Jonathan's cock, and onto the bed. She was smiling, knowing that she was breaking my heart and driving me crazy with my need for her, all at the same time.

"I can't remember the last time I came while my husband was fucking me," she said looking straight at me through her phone. "Thank you....thank you....thank you...," she continued as she turned her head to kiss him. I couldn't breathe, my heart seemed to stop beating. Katie hasn't been able to come while we were making love? She'd hurt me, and yet I knew it was true. She needed more than I could give her.

She jumped off him, his big cock flopping against his thigh, and turned the phone off before he saw what she had done, but not before I saw how distended her pussy was. I can't describe it, she was huge. Her boobs looked swollen too I noticed. Katie doesn't have small breasts, a little larger than normal maybe, but now they looked even bigger.

I must have fallen asleep again because the alarm went off just as Katie crawled back into bed with me. She was flushed and smiling, something sticky and white on her face and in her hair. She took my hand and put it on her cunt so that I could feel her wetness. She was gapping open and as I touched her she sighed and ran her hands over my cage. I could feel the softness of her fingers through the gaps in the wire as she started to stroke the cage as through it was my cock. It felt wonderful and at the same time it felt frustrating.

Finally she turned away from me and fell asleep. My cock was aching as I got out of bed to get ready for work. My balls felt heavy and I now knew what the term 'blue balls' was all about.


During the day Jonathan disappeared into one of the unused offices for a while. I thought he might be taking a nap but apparently he was also making some phone calls. When we arrived back at the house that evening Katie was dressed to go out.

She looked like one of the backup singers in the old Robert Palmer music video "Addicted to Love." Her dark hair was pulled back into a severe knot at the back of her head, her lips were painted bright red, and she was wearing a slinky black net dress that I'd never seen before. It clung to her body so that I could clearly see her breasts wobbling and her nipples poking through the knit fabric. Her legs were bare and she was wearing very high heeled black shoes, I'd never seen them before either.

She looked amazing, I don't think I'd ever seen her look so beautiful and so hot. She was stunning and I was knocked back a step or two. I wanted to stand there and admire her at the same time that I wanted to rip her dress off and fuck her silly, even though I knew that wasn't in the cards. In fact, knowing that fucking her wasn't in the cards was the thing that made me feel that sweet combination of jealousy and want that I loved and needed. It put me on a sexual high that was incomparable to anything before. I had no doubt that without the cage I would have climax because of my mixed and heightened feelings.

Her time in the sun had given her face a light tan that, along with her flawless skin, made her look perfect. There wasn't wrinkle or freckle on her face, the skin looked so smooth and soft that I could lose myself just looking at her. Her eyes were big, bright and deep, like they always were, but tonight was special. Tonight it felt like she was looking deep inside of me.

I knew that he belly was flat and that her soft breasts stood out from her chest and begged to be squeezed. There isn't a straight man alive that could resist them. He hips flared out just the right amount leaving a slight gap between the tops of her thighs through which you could see her labia. Of course, you couldn't actually see all of this through the knit dress she wore but you could see enough to know that it was there.

Katie watched Jonathan disappear down the hall and into the guestroom. I watched Katie while my heart was aching from wanting her so much. I'd had her all to myself until her 'awakening' and now I didn't have her. I was just a bystander to her sex life. I hated it and I loved it. I hurt from the loss of her and my cock hurt in its cage from what I had gained by sharing her.

"Jonathan and I are going out tonight honey, there's some dinner in the microwave for you" Katie explained. "You have my permission to peek tonight when we get home," she giggled as she said the last part. My heart leapt in my chest.

Just then Jonathan came walking into the living room having changed and looking ready to party. "Don't wait up for us honey. I don't know when we'll be home," Katie said as she kissed me goodbye and they headed out to her SUV. I noticed her giving the keys to Jonathan before they were out the door that connected the kitchen to the garage.

I was completely humiliated. I had just watched my beautiful wife walk out the door, on a date, with a black man. Worse, I knew that he was going to fuck her tonight and that I wasn't go to. That she would do things for him, say things to him that she'd never do or say for me. The feelings were very intense, more intense than any single sexual experience I'd ever had.

I changed my clothes, ate dinner, watched some TV, walked around the house wondering what they were up to. I kept looking at my phone to see if Katie would call me like she did last night. She did call one time for a few seconds. It looked like she was holding the phone under the table, her legs were spread wide and her pussy was visible. So was the very black hand that was caressing her thigh and pushing her dress up higher. She hung up before I could fully grasp what I was seeing.

Finally I gave up and went to bed keeping the phone next to me in case she called again.

My imagination was running wild so I had a hard time falling asleep but I must have dozed off because I woke with a start when the garage door went up. The hallway was in deep darkness but I had left lights on in the living room. As I listened by the bedroom door I heard several male voices and one distinctive female voice as a group of people walked into the livingroom.

Katie sounded excited, anxious, and a little bit drunk. I could hear them talking but not the words, there was a lot of male laughter. I started to creep down the dark hallway and as I moved the noises started to make more sense.

"Let's get the dress off this bitch," said one male voice.

"Want me naked huh?" Katie responded. I could hear the sound of her dress being unzipped.

"That's all you've been wearing all night?" another voice asked. "Hell, if I'd have known that we'd have fucked you in the car."

"But I want more room than that," said Katie. "Oh god, I want that cock...."

As I peeked around the corner I could see Katie on her knees in front of a very large black man. His cock, which wasn't as big as Jonathan's, was hanging in front of Katie's face as she licked him from his balls to the head of his prick. There were two other black men as well as Jonathan; all but Jonathan were getting out of their clothing as fast as they could.

Katie was naked except for her shoes, the black dress had been thrown into a corner. Her hair was not as severely knotted as before and her bright red lipstick was smeared. Naked on her knees she was even more beautiful than before she left the house. Her breasts were heaving from excitement as she sucked and licked her nipples hard. She was moaning as she worked. Her tiny hands dwarfed by the large cock she was holding to her mouth.

Soon Katie was surrounded by semi-hard black cocks. The size of their cocks varied quite a bit, one was slightly larger than the one Katie was worshiping, and one guy was average size. Katie went from cock to cock, sucking, licking, and groaning, using her hands to stoke the cocks that she was not sucking on.

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