tagGroup SexKatie's Birthday, Part A

Katie's Birthday, Part A


Saturday rolled around, as it always does, after a busy week of work and recovery. Katelyn had been fucked silly the previous Saturday night, after finally agreeing to her husband's twenty year quest to get her to have a threesome. Her initial threesome had turned into a six-man gangbang and every orifice in her body had been repeatedly fucked by all six men. She estimated she had swallowed at least a quart of semen, as well as taking that much up her still, mildly sore ass. Her tits had been covered in man-cum, as had her face and pussy mound. Her pussy had been hammered repeatedly and she had no idea how many times she had reached orgasm.

The fucking had lasted the better part of the night and when she finally fell asleep in her hotel bed, she slept in sheets that were soaked in sweat, semen, vaginal fluid and K-Y that had been used once or twice on her ass. She was sure that the hotel house-keeping staff must have had a grand time trying to figure out how many orgasms had been had in that bed the night before.

Her husband, Patrick, had been planning her birthday celebration for several weeks before she agreed to the threesome and the success of that Saturday night had caused him to change some of his plans for her party this night. Katie knew Pat had some friends coming over to celebrate her birthday and she was looking forward to it. Good food, plenty of her favorite wine and music to dance to was on the menu and she was looking forward to it.

The day just flew by and soon it was time to get ready for the evening. She showered, put on her makeup and dressed in white, lacy boy-shorts, a pair of jeans that fit just right, a nice bra and one of her husband's broadcloth, long sleeved white work shirts. She dabbed a bit of Obsession perfume behind her ear and in the valley of her cleavage and she was ready to go downstairs and enjoy the evening. The guests had begun arriving and included her friend Chet, her friend Bonnie, from the gym, and a few guys that she and Pat played pool with on occasion. Everyone just seemed to flow towards the patio and the alcohol.

Pat gave Katie a big glass of wine just as the doorbell rang again.

Katie said:

"I'll get it.",

as she ran for the door. She hadn't bothered to put on shoes, having had a wonderful pedicure and manicure just that morning. Her nails were all painted a bright, fire engine read and had a white heart on each index finger. When Katie opened the door, she was VERY surprised to see their new friend Chris standing there with flowers, a bottle of champagne and a present in his hands. She looked at him and felt just a twinge of pain in her plump ass. She said:

"Well, hello there, Chris. How are you this evening?"

Chris told her that he was fine and that Patrick had invited him over for her birthday party and given him the address. He said he hoped she liked the champagne and she gave him a big kiss on the cheek as she took it and the flowers from him. She grabbed his hand and led him to the deck where she introduced him to everyone as a cousin of Pat's.

Katie went to the kitchen and put the flowers in a vase and the champagne in the fridge. Pat had followed her into the kitchen and come up behind her to nuzzle her neck and sneak a squeeze of her breasts through the shirt and bra she was wearing. She turned and looked at him with one eyebrow raised and said:

"So, you invited Chris! And what, exactly, do you think is going to happen tonight?"

"He's just here to help celebrate your birthday."

Pat said with a smile.

Katie couldn't help but notice the slight bulge in her husband's cutoffs. She found herself drifting back to the previous Saturday night when she first felt Chris' 10 inch cock slide into her soaking wet pussy. It was so big, that she could feel the walls of her cunt ripple ahead of it like a wave moving towards the beach. She was suddenly aware that she was starting to get wet and had to shake her head to clear it of the feelings she was remembering.

Patrick just smiled at her and said:

"Felt good, didn't it?"

as he slid his hand across her plump ass. He reached up and cupped her chin and gave her a long, wet, passionate kiss. He slid his tongue between her lips and into her mouth. He found her tongue waiting for his and they twirled around each other in a dance known only to lovers.

"Maybe you would like a little more of it?" Katie asked.

Pat laughed and said

"Maybe "I" would like more of it? Maybe you would like some more of it. Maybe, you would love to feel that 10 inch cock in you puss, mouth or ass again."

He had a smile as big as the hard cock in his cut-offs and he could not help but notice that her nipples were so hard they were clearly visible through her shirt. He slowly reached up and ran both of his palms over her protruding nips and she closed her eyes with a dreamy look on her face as a soft moan escaped her sweet, red lips.

What they didn't know was that Katie's friend, Chet, had come into the house and was standing just out of sight of the two of them. He felt his cock stir as he listened to the exchange between Katie and Pat. Chet had never considered fucking Katie, as she was too plump for his taste even though he had not had sex in over two years.

He had fantasies of some 40-something Milf throwing herself at him and, thus far, it just hadn't happened. Still, fucking Katie had always been out of the question, until this moment that was. He had never considered this side of her before and listening to her and Pat make references to, what had to have been, one giant fuck session, he found himself wondering what it would feel like to have her lips wrapped around his, now, rock hard cock. He thought to himself:

"Shit, as long as it's been since I came, it will probably be as thick as pudding and she would gag on it."

Still, he couldn't help but feel himself ready to find out what Katie's breasts would feel like in his hands as his lips sucked on her nipples until she screamed. The night could get interesting and he wished he could fast-forward to the fun part. He cleared his throat as he walked into the kitchen, interrupting the lust-filled moment that had just transpired between husband and wife.

"Hey, the steaks are done and everyone is starting to eat. What can I help you two put out, so we can get things going?" Chet asked.

He couldn't help but notice that Katie's nipples were sticking straight out, or that she had been cupping Pat's hard cock through his shorts. Katie blushed as she dropped her hand and stammered that she was just about to bring the steak sauce, veggies and hot buns out and that that was everything. Chet smiled to himself at the thought of getting his hands on her "hot buns" and realized that he was as horny as he had ever been in his life.

Maybe it was the beer he had been drinking all afternoon or walking in on Pat and Katie talking about her getting fucked by Chris, or maybe it was all of the above. Chet didn't know for sure and he really didn't care. Suddenly, the fact that Katie had a plump ass and a bit of a tummy no longer mattered, he just wanted to empty his two years worth of cum into her or onto her. He really didn't care.

As they stepped onto the deck, Chet let his hand drop down and gently touch Katie's round ass, startling her for a second. She just smiled, not realizing what was on his mind, or that the touch had not been accidental. The slight breeze caused her nipples to harden again as goose bumps ran up her spine and down her arms and legs and she giggled a little at the pleasure it all caused her. For his part, Chet was quite pleased with himself for sneaking a little feel of the birthday girl's plump ass.

The rest of the party was uneventful except that Pat, Chris and Chet tried to fondle, caress, or otherwise touch Katie all afternoon without being obvious to her or the other guests. It always looked to Katie like an accident or just coincidental contact as they brushed her breast while reaching for the salt, bumped into her ass while getting to their chair at the table, or gently pressing their groin against her tummy, hand, or ass as they were dancing to one of her favorite songs. By 8:30, everyone was gone except for Chris, Chet, and one of Chet's friend's Frank.

Katie was feeling a very nice buzz because of the champagne she had been drinking. Pat had been mixing it with a nice shot of Grand Marnier and she had killed one full magnum and was working on a second. When the dishes were done and everything cleaned up, Pat looked at Katie and asked her if she had opened Chris' present to her. She went to the table where it lay, picked it up and shook it. She didn't hear anything rattle, so she walked to the living room couch and sat down with the four men watching her every move.

As it turned out, Frank had been watching the shenanigans all afternoon and was himself, incredibly horny. He also thought that something special was going to happen that night and he wanted to be a part of it. Unlike Chet, Frank had thought about fucking Katie from the first time he met her. They had been at a party and she was wearing a loose-fitting top that showed her large breasts when she bent over. He had made a point of asking her to repeat things while he was sitting on a sofa, and had had a wonderful view of her tits, all the way to her pink nipples, every time she would bend down to repeat what she had previously said. It had been all he could do to not reach down her top and pinch those wonderful buds on her tits. He thought how great they would feel in his hands and how nice it would be to just unload in her plump ass or pussy. Either would be fine with him, as long as he got to dump his balls into her.

While Frank had been remembering and fantasizing, Katie had opened Chris' birthday present to her. It was in a box from her favorite BBW fashion store and as she pushed the tissue paper aside, she realized it was a belly-dancer costume. It was nearly see through, was teal blue and green and had two coin belts instead of one. Katie's face lit up like a Christmas tree as she turned bright red and giggled uncontrollably.

She had always wanted a belly dancer costume and this one was beautiful. She knew immediately that the second coin belt was actually a necklace that covered the dancer's breasts along with the shear, cropped top. She looked up at the four men sitting watching her and smiled. She leaned over to Chris and kissed him squarely on the mouth, sliding her pink, sweet tongue across his lips and lightly touching the tip of his tongue. She pulled back, blushed again as she looked at Chet and Frank and said:

"This is perfect. I LOVE it! I have always wanted one and this is so beautiful. It is my colors and everything and I love the two coin belts."

Pat looked at her with a huge smile and said:

"Why don't you put it on and model it for us? You can put on a show, if you like. I don't know about these other guys, but I, for one, would LOVE to watch that. I can get us all a fresh drink while you go change. What do you think, babe?"

The other three men all voiced their approval of Pat's plan and headed for the kitchen to get fresh drinks. Pat picked up Katie's glass to freshen hers as well, as she looked at them and said:

"Hey, wait a minute! I didn't agree to do any dancing for you four goof-balls. I know I have had quite a bit to drink, but I never agreed to perform for you. Mr. Patrick, I bet you think you about have me drunk enough to repeat last Saturday night. That's why you invited Chris over too."

She was slurring her words pretty good and giggling as she spoke, but her tone was playful and erotic, and her eyes were dancing like the stars that were peeking out of the night sky. She seemed to be oblivious to Chet and Frank, then focused on them and said:

"Oops! I bet you think you know what happened last Saturday night, don't you? Well, maybe you do and maybe you don't! But you'll have to get one of these two to tell you about it."

She pointed at Pat and Chris as she said the latter and giggled some more. Her skin was flushed and she had a sheen of perspiration on her lips, neck and down into her cleavage. She could feel her nipples rubbing against her bra and knew that they were sticking straight out at the four men who were now watching her intently. She also became aware that her panties here soaking wet from vaginal secretions caused by alcohol, the guys constant fondling and bumping, and her own desire to feel Chris' hot, throbbing cock impaling her hungry pussy again.

"Okay. I will model the outfit and do a little dance I learned in Bursa last year when I was there."

She was very matter of fact about what she was going to do and it was clear that she was feeling no pain. She got up and, rather unsteadily, she headed for the bedroom to change into her birthday present. The three guests looked at Pat, who just smiled a huge smile and said:

"Let's get a fresh drink and find the right music. I'll make Katie a fresh cocktail and we can arrange the chairs so she has a nice place to dance in the middle of the living room. Then we'll sit back and enjoy the show. And, whatever else the night holds for us. Gentlemen, let's get ready."

With that, the four men got their drinks, arranged the chairs in a semi-circle and Pat found the CD that Katie had brought back from her last trip to Turkey. He had listened to it with her one night when they were fucking each others' brains out and really loved the mental image that he now had of her moving her hips to the beat of the drum.

As they took their seats, Pat glanced towards the bedroom door and realized that Katie had not closed it. In the large mirror that sat on top of their dresser, Katie could be clearly seen stripping out of the clothes she had worn all day. All four men could watch, though Frank and Chris had to turn around in their chairs to see what the other two were looking at. All four broke had the biggest smiles imaginable on their faces.

Katie had pulled her blouse and shorts off and was reaching behind her to unhook her bra. As she let it fall to the floor, she ran her hands under her breasts to rub where the underwire always dug into her. This movement caused both of her tits to rise up and then settle back down onto her chest. She had a dreamy look on her face and was humming to herself. The men watched as she then sat on the edge of the bed and slid her panties over her round ass and down her legs. She stood up and tossed the white boy-shorts into the hamper, as she reached into her gift box and took out the panties that came with the outfit.

She stepped into the panties and pulled them up over her hips and adjusted them for comfort. Then, she pulled the "pants" out of the box and put them on. As she pulled them up to her waist, she bent over and picked the top up off the bed. This caused all four men, who were mesmerized by what they were watching anyway, to catch their breath as one as her breasts hung down from her body and looked like they needed a real good sucking.

She slid into the top and then picked up the coin belts. She placed the one around her waist and let it settle onto her left hip. The second one was slid over her head and draped across her titties. She reached back and found the two chain straps that ran from her shoulders to two eyelets on the bottom at of each side of the gold decorations. She snapped both of them and then turned to move into the living room. She never seemed to notice that the door had been left open, or that the four men had watched her every move as she stripped and then put her costume on.

As she moved into the living room, she slipped the veil on which finished off her outfit and completed her transformation into a Middle Eastern belly dancer. She was about to put on a show that none of them would never forget and that would leave them all exhausted and lying in a pool of sweat, sperm and pussy juice.

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