Katie's Cinema Morning


Katie raised herself and positioned herself over Don's cock which the black guy, wiping his mouth with one hand, had taken from hers with his other and was holding upright. A moan of pained delight escaped from her throat as her cunt slid tightly towards the black man's hand. He withdrew it and they saw her take the final five inches, right down to Don's hairy balls.

Don' face was also distorted with pleasure as he savoured the tight pussy sliding down his shaft. "Oh fuck, baby, that's GOOD!" Katie gazed at him as she savoured the feel of his thick weapon flexing excitingly insde her. Dressed in his suit jacket, shirt and tie, his upper body maintained his image as an authority figure and she could picture him in his office at the bank and behind the pulpit in church. But his lower half was a strong, thrilling pussy pleasurer as he moved expertly in his seat, sending his cock into every part of her wet, throbbing pussy.

As she fucked him, her cunt oozed its juices and the slurping of cunt on cock grew louder and more deliciously obscene. Two guys in overalls, open to the crotch, had replaced the spectacled guy and, as she leaned on the back of Don's chair, one of them reached out to take her tits in his rough hands and was weighing them incredulously while the other held his iron hard cock in front of her face. He wiped his glans against her lips with wide strokes, coating them with his precum until she opened her mouth and he sank in deep, and when she moaned, she sent tingles surging through his entire lower body.

Don turned to where ther other guy had now taken one of her big nipples between his lips and was sucking on her swollen tit. The guy groaned because, at almost that moment, he felt a little spurt of her clear warm milk against his tongue. He took his mouth away while he savoured the taste, his hand flying up and down his superhard cock. "Ohhhhh FUCK!" he exclaimed before diving in again to suck some more.

Behind her, the black guy had moved away and three other guys to get in close and hands were all over her ass and her thighs, and one was feeling her cunt lips as they slid on Don's thick pole.

Even the cinema manager was now standing at the door, keeping half an eye on the shop outside but his attention on the live show that his films couldn't compete with. He knew he should stop them but, as always, he also knew that it was spontaneous live action like this that kept most of his patrons coming back for more and, anyway, the guy who was standing beside him had specifically warned him this was going to happen.

As Katie's passion grew, she bacame more centred on the pleasures her entire body was experiencing, all of them from men she had never even spoken to before, apart from Don. She gazed around her and there were now at least a dozen men around them. All of them willing her on, encouraging her with their cock displays. She had a sudden urge to reciprocate and sat upright on Don's straining cock, still fucking him hard but holding up her tits and displaying them to the men, massaging the swollen mammaries and rolling the fat nipples in her fingers.

Powerfully, Don sat forward and then stood, keeping Katie impaled on his cock, as he shuffled round and lowered her again. She placed her feet on the armrests and her hands on the back of the chair. Now the guys could all see Don's thick log, glistening with her juices and his precum, pounding her eager cunt. His low-slung, heavy balls swung back and forth, slapping loudly against her ass as she gasped and cried out. Her huge tits juddered and slapped from side to side as Don grunted and pounded her.

"Take my cock baby," he growled. "Oh yeah...that's it...clench on it with that tight pussy!" His hands clutched her buttocks and not only was he slamming his hips back and forth, he was also pulling her onto him.

Katie squealed with pleasure and, leaning her head back, gazed longingly at the cocks nearest her face, those of the two builders. They fed them to her as she hungrily slurped on them. Don leaned forward and sucked on her tits as he fucked her and was rewarded with some of the milk that they offered. His face was wet with it.

Suddenly, a figure pushed his way between the two builders, his cock outlined in the dim light. Katie felt a surge of recognition as it was pushed down and she eagerly sucked it ointo her mouth.

"Oh yes, baby," the disembodied voice gasped huskily. "Suck me, you delicious little slut!" Katie's eyes widened in horror.

Gary? .... Gary! Her mind couldn't take it in at first. What? How? Gary?

He withdrew his cock and leaned forward and she saw the youthful, almost cheeky features of her husband. A grin spread over his face and he leaned down. "Fuck baby," he said softly. "You're so hot!" He kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear: "Looks like you're really enjoying Don's cock. Huge isn't it?" He traced her hair back from her forehead with his fingertips and kissed her tenderly again. "And all these other cocks ... all these guys ... all wanting you, sweetie. Doesn't that feel great?"

Katie smiled and nodded. She was too excited to really question why and how he was here, how long he had been here, what he had seen. She just knew he was complicit in some way and a surge of added excitement coursed through her veins. She looked at Don and he was grinning too. He had slowed his strokes but now he sped up again and Katie cried out. She looked back but Gary had retreated again and two new guys in suits were stroking her cheeks with their inflamed cocks. She kissed and licked each one, loving their different tastes.

Do was now groaning with each thrust and she knew he was close to coming. "Oh God yes, Don," she cried out. "Shoot that spunk into me, Daddy."

"Oh YESSSS!... yes, baby!" he growled, making sharp deliberate jabs into her, his ass clenching hard. Al the guys crowded in, getting as close as they could.

From behind them came Gary's excited voice. "Yeah, buddy! Pump your cum into my little slut wife!"

There were a couple of audible gasps as the men realised she was being fucked in front of her hubby. Immediately she felt the first wet splat of cum land on her as one of them exploded.

"YEAH!" Gary barked. "Come on my beautiful sexy wife! Coat her tits in cum!"

Don's growl built to a roar as she felt his initial fat spurts of cum jet massively against her innermost flesh, before he pulled out and exploded over her, some of it shooting up onto her face and hair. Then it was if she was in a shower as guys gasped and groaned and cried out, showering her with cum from all sides. Most of them aimed at her tits and, inevitably, many shots hit her face. She felt it all over her lips and licked it off.

Don's cock was back inside her now and he was fucking her furiously again. "Cum for us, baby!" he growled. Katie gazed at him. All she could feel was that fat shaft inside her, still rock hard, and she realised she needed no begging. She was close. She whimpered, she gasped desperately.

"Oh yes, Daddy... you're doing it! DOING IT!" She looked about her. "Gary?" she called.

"Yes baby!" he pushed his way through the guys, together with the cinema manager. Both were stroking their cocks, neither having cum yet. "Cum for us sweetie," he said softly. He placed his hand on the shoulder of the Hispanic and he sank to his knees, taking Gary's cock into his mouth and expertly sucking on it. "This is what you've been wanting to see for a while now, isn't it baby?" he grunted, moving his hips in reciprocation.

Katie gazed at the sight of his cock in another man's mouth and immediately started to convulse. Don held her firmly, battling to keep his rhythm going as she cried out, almost wailed and shook uncontrollable.

Cries of "Oh yeah! OH YEAHHHHH!!" rang out from the men as they realised she was cumming. Don winced as her cunt clamped on his cock, and rewarded her with a couple more shots of spunk. And Ken staggered, almost falling, as he spurted massively into the manager's mouth and throat and the latter could be heard audibly gulping down Gary's load.


The cinema had almost returned to normal as the three of them sat sprawled in their seats. Don had taken a wad of tissues from the briefcase under his seat and the two me were cleaning the cum off Katie and off their cocks.

Gary kissed her cheek. "Wow baby, I never even imagined you'd be that hot!" he chuckled

She giggled, quietly pleased. "You bastard!" she hissed. "Were you here all the time?"

Gary gave her one of his cheeky smiles. "Yeah, I was sitting at the back with Don. It didn't take you long to get going with him, did it, you lovely little slut?" He kissed her mouth sensuously. "Fuck you were all over him." She looked at Don and he grinned back at her, mouthing a kiss.

"Of course, I wasn't certain you'd come at all, but I was ninety per cent sure. I thought if I left a cinema pass by the bed you wouldn't be able to resist." He laughed, pulling up his briefs and trousers. "I even won a bet with Don, that you'd be here before 12!"

Don was enjoying dabbing at her tits, caressing them gently as he wiped the cum off them. "It was worth it, buddy," he purred and dropped the tissue with the others in a pile on the floor. "I don't think I've ever handles that much cum! You were swimming in it, Katie!"

A lot of the guys were still around them, sitting and fondling their cocks, still fascinated by the dynamic of this threesome and reluctant to leave while Katie's tits remained boldly naked.

"So..." Don asked as he sat back to tuck his cock away and tidy himself, "... do you think you might come back some time with Gary, Katie?"

Katie looked Gary and he burst out laughing. "Oh yeah! Just try keeping her away now!" He pulled her to him, his arm round her shoulder, and kissed her cheek. "I know my slutty wife, don't I baby?"

Katie nodded happily, and tugged her tee shirt over her head. She stood up. The two guys followed suit and they all slipped out of the row. As they emerged, blinking, into the shop, Carlos the manager grinned. "See you soon!" he said. She looked back and smiled sweetly at him.


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I think a lot of husbands can relaete to that scenario very enjoyable.

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