Katie's Craving


All of the sudden out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Brett's penis! When he had scooted over on the couch to take the baby from Katie, his gym shorts rode up higher on his thighs, which caused the head of his hard penis to be let out into the open due to him not wearing any underwear. A good three inches was exposed.

Katie suddenly felt flush and her blushing only worsened. "Does he have an erection from looking at my breasts?" she thought. Brett was still chatting with Katie, and he didn't realize his penis was exposed or that she had seen it because the baby he was holding blocked his view. She didn't want to get caught looking, so she glanced at the baby and chatted back with him. It wasn't long before she had to sneak another peak. She couldn't help it.

You see, Katie has always had a fascination with the penis for as long as she could remember. She loved to play with her husband's penis, whether it was jacking it, sucking it, or just fooling around with it. She had names for it, and would always be turned on when exposed to it.

She couldn't believe that she was being turned on right now at the sight of her son's friend's penis! She figured that the hormones in her body were out of whack due to the hormone pills she had been taking, so she rationalized that as the reason for wanting to take a look at it. She also rationalized that as the reason she allowed Doug to rub her thighs last night when playing the video game. "Get a grip, girl!" she thought.

Katie was having trouble lactating after she had Julie, so she was prescribed some new kind of hormone pills that stimulate lactation with positive side effects. One of the side effects was the chance of increased libido, which can be great for exhausted mothers who just went through childbirth. Not only was she constantly lactating since taking the pills, but her sexual hormones had been raging.

Her nipples were now poking out twice as big as earlier, and she was feeling hot. She couldn't remember the last time she saw a grown man's penis that wasn't her husband's, if ever. It made her curious.

For the next minute or two, Katie pretended to be watching TV, but she often snuck peeks at his cock. She knew it was so naughty to do this, but she couldn't help herself, and the horny feeling was appealing to her. Plus, she justified it being legal since he was now 18 years-old. Brett was doing the same thing as Katie, but he was peeking at her nice tits, which were nipping through her tank top. There was a lot of sexual tension in the room.

Just then, Mr. Jones yelled from the kitchen that dinner was ready. Katie was jarred out of her horny daze, and felt a pang of guilt for looking at the kid's penis willingly. She took the baby from Brett's arms and couldn't help but glance at his cock again. When the baby was out of Brett's arms, he immediately noticed his cock was sticking out of his shorts, and he suddenly panicked.

He didn't want to adjust his shorts and draw attention to it with Katie right there, so he sat frozen. He looked up to see if she was looking and surprisingly enough her eyes were fixating on his cock as she got up from the couch with the baby in her arms. The crazy thing to him was that she didn't seem distraught or shocked as she looked at it. After a few seconds of her staring, she finally turned her head away and headed for the crib to put the baby down.

He wondered to himself if she had seen it all that time he was holding the baby. He figured she must have because she was sitting right next to him the entire time and she did get kind of quiet. He was so turned on with the fact that he had seen her naked breast and that she had willingly looked at his hard cock. He yelled to Mr. Jones that he was going to wash up before dinner, but the real reason for going to the bathroom was to rub one out. It wasn't but ten tugs before his cock exploded into the toilet paper he was holding. It was the most fulfilling orgasm he could ever remember having.

During dinner Brett couldn't keep his eyes off Katie's breasts. They were so nice and perky, and her nipples were spectacular. He had been around the hot mom many times before, but he never saw her wearing such a thin top without a bra. Plus, her breasts were larger than he could ever remember.

Katie regained her composure and was able to spend the rest of the evening without having impure thoughts of the penis she had seen earlier. There was no denying the exciting feeling and thrill she got while sitting on the couch next to the young man, but that was territory she knew she would never cross, so she had to get it out of her system. However, she was certainly looking forward to giving her husband a nice blowjob later on if he was up for it.

Sex was a bit of a rarity since she got pregnant with her third child, and she had been unusually horny since taking the hormone pills, so often she was left unfulfilled in the sex department. Katie didn't understand why God had put her in her sexual prime right now and gave her husband the dreaded erectile dysfunction at the same time. Still, she sometimes would play with his penis before they went to bed, whether it was sucking it or just massaging it, and if he got hard and was in the mood, she would be treated to some good sex.

Brett left shortly after dinner and wasted no time rushing home to jerk off again. The mental image of her left breast was crystal clear in his mind, and he was very excited at the thought of her looking at his cock. He thought to himself that he would try in the future to expose his prick the same way as earlier to see if she takes an interest.

Katie stayed up with the baby until Julie fell asleep at 9:45. She put her in the crib, grabbed the monitor, and headed for her bedroom. While she was getting ready for bed in the bathroom, her mind drifted back to Brett's young cock. It was so naughty to think about it, but she couldn't help but get hot. Living the life of a housewife and a mother of three children rarely had moments like this that produced such sexual tension and excitement.

Katie's cock fetish was the worst kept secret among her close circle of friends. She was always so fascinated and intrigued whenever the topic came up. They had all bought her some dildos one time for her birthday as a gag gift, but she threw them out in fear that her family might find them in her closet. However, there were many times since then that she wished she still had the dildos.

She took off her tank top and shorts before slipping into a sexy little piece of lingerie she bought online from Victoria's Secret. It was a baby blue colored chemise that ended mid-thigh. It was held up by two thin spaghetti straps tied together by bows and it dipped low enough to show off some of her cleavage. It was very thin, so her nipples were protruding against the fabric.

Katie only wore this type of lingerie when she was trying to arouse her husband, and being that she was feeling very hot and horny right now, she hoped he was still awake. She put on some lotion all over her skin and headed for the bedroom, only to find Frank sound asleep. She climbed into the bed and nudged her husband, but he didn't move.

She huffed and lay down. After staring at the ceiling for several minutes, she got up and grabbed the baby monitor. Katie was just not used to falling asleep this early now that the baby usually kept her occupied late, so she left the bedroom and headed for the den to sleep on the couch with the TV on. Oh how she sure wished she still had those dildos.


Chris didn't know that Brett saw his mother breastfeeding because he was upstairs in the shower. He would have been royally pissed if so. This made Chris angry because he knew how his horny friends talked about his mom, and he didn't want her to give them any more ammo.

Unfortunately for Chris, the next day at school while at lunch Brett was telling the guys about how he saw Mrs. Jones breastfeeding. In most circumstances it might be gross for the boys to hear that, but because it was Mrs. Jones, who they all lusted after, the boys found it very erotic. He also mentioned that she was hungrily looking at his cock through his gym shorts.

Chris was at the soda machine when Brett was telling the friends. After he told the story, their friend John started cracking jokes about how they should all go over to his house after school to watch her breastfeed. John was a funny guy, but he was a jerk and not easy to get along with. He was a good looking 18 year-old by all accounts, but he was extremely immature when it came to girls. For example, his current goal was to have sex with girls' names starting with every letter of the alphabet (i.e. A = Anne, B = Brittany, etc) until he tackled every letter. He had a chart on his wall keeping tabs.

Chris was walking back to their table at this point, as John encouraged the chatter among the boys.

"I remember going over to his house a while back," John recalled. "I thought he was home, so I just walked into the laundry room. There I saw Mrs. Jones in the laundry room folding clothes wearing just her bra and panties. She was caught off guard and yelled at me to go wait outside, but not before I got a good look at her big tits and nice ass covered by the skimpy underwear. She was pregnant at the time so her stomach was round, but she still looked amazing. Her tits were awesome and looked like they were going to bust through the bra."

"Yes!" Brett chimed in. "He's right, her tits are awesome, and I got to see them bare! Playboy material!"

"Yeah, they're amazing," piped Doug, who was also at the lunch table. "She sat in my lap the other night while we played Xbox and she let me feel on her tits for about fifteen seconds!" Of course, it was only a couple seconds, but he wanted to embellish the story to his friends.

"Damn, she must be horny and undersexed," Brett replied. The other guys at the table couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"I would love to suck on those melons and get some of that milk," John said laughing.

At this point, Chris had walked up to the lunch table and heard the last statement by John. It was obvious what they were talking about being that all the other guys immediately shut up when they saw Chris.

"What's so interesting John? What the fuck are you talking about?" Chris said standing above John where he sat.

"I was just telling them how great this milk is," John said pointing to the bottle of milk he had sitting on the table with his lunch. "I love milk, especially your mom's," John said laughing and looking at the other guys. The others were shocked that he had the nerve to say that to Chris. Everyone knew John was an asshole, but that comment crossed the line.

"Well here, have the milk if you like it so much," Chris said picking up the milk bottle and pouring it on John's head. It didn't take but a second for John to jump out of his chair and swipe the bottle away from Chris's hand, but not before Chris landed a right hook to John's jaw. The other boys sat in shock about what had just unfolded.

Within seconds the two boys were grabbing, hitting, and wrestling each other in the middle of the cafeteria. Some of the guys stood up and cheered on the fight, while the others jumped in the pile to break it up. Both Chris and John got some good licks in, but John definitely got it worse, and he deserved it.

The fight was finally broken up, and the school resource police officer was close by and had to detain Chris because he was belligerent. John calmed down and raised his arms as if he were innocent, while Chris yelled at him and the police officer.

Chris was not usually a troublemaker or fighter, but John definitely set him off with the comment about his sweet mother. He never felt so angry before in his life, and it cost him. Because of the fight and the fact that he fought to get out of the police officer's clutches while cursing at him, Chris was sent to the principal's office and received a suspension from school for a week.

The Jones's were called down to the principal's office, and as you can imagine they were furious with Chris and very embarrassed. The Jones's were deeply involved in the school, so it only made his actions worse on them. Luckily he didn't have a prior altercation record at the school, and the fact that his parents were involved in the school he got off rather lightly considering.

It wasn't until later that evening when his parents dropped the bomb on him by telling him he was not allowed to go to the beach. Frank and Katie had a long discussion about it before they told him, and decided that a punishment of that magnitude was necessary. Granted, they weren't all that angry that he got into a fight because they know boys will be boys, but the fact that he resisted the school resource officer and used foul language to him was embarrassing to the family and not something they were going to tolerate. They had to set an example.

However, there were two issues that came into play. The first issue was the fact that Chris got into the fight with his friend John, who was planning on going to the beach with them. The Jones's were puzzled about this. They tried asking Chris about it, but he wouldn't say exactly why he fought his friend.

The truth was that Chris felt very uncomfortable telling his parents that John was joking about Katie's breastfeeding. It made Chris uncomfortable enough to talk about it under any other circumstance, much less this one. He just told them that he has never liked John, and his built up anger went over the top at lunch. Still, the parents were skeptical that something else was going on, but they didn't press him any further.

The second issue was the fact that Katie was to chaperone the boys on the weekend beach trip. She wasn't the one who reserved the beach condo in the first place, so she wasn't technically responsible for the condo whether she went or not. None of the other boys' parents could chaperone the trip, which made Katie feel bad for declining at the last minute, but Katie and her husband decided that she would not go without Chris. The boys would just have to find another way. Besides, Katie was skeptical about going in the first place; being that she just recently had a baby.

After the parents broke the news to Chris that he was not allowed to go to the beach, he went upstairs to sulk in bed. He couldn't believe the events that unfolded. After he went upstairs, Katie and Frank resumed their parenting discussion on what to do about the current situation.

They concluded that as a punishment beyond not being allowed to go to the beach, he was to go to his grandparent's house over spring break and do yard and house work. These were Katie's parents, and they lived about an hour out of town. They decided Frank would drop him off on the way to his bike race, so that he would be without his car. That way, he wouldn't be able to go meet his friends.

As they were in the family room trying to sort out how to call the other parents to cancel the beach trip, John knocked on the front door. He had also got into trouble in school because of the fight, but his mother was more lenient on him. It helped that he didn't actually throw the first punch and also cooperated with the resource officer. His mom told him that the only way he would still be able to go to the beach would be if he went over to the Jones's house and apologize to Chris and the family. John felt that was a small price to pay, so he agreed to it.

The Jones's greeted him at the door and accepted his apology. He feared that Chris told them what he had said about wanting her breast milk, but from the friendly manner the Jones's were acting told him that they didn't know. Of course, he did not mention why the fight started, but he did his best to sound sincere. The Jones's thought it was very nice and brave of John to come by and apologize (of course, they didn't know his mom put him up to it). They actually wished their son had done the same thing.

John asked to go apologize to Chris, but Katie said she thought he might be asleep and that she would check on him. He followed her to the bottom of the stairs while she went up to his room. She was wearing some small workout shorts and a t-shirt, so John stared at and admired her curvy ass as she walked up the steps. When she got halfway he was able to see up the small, loose shorts at the curve of her ass cheeks. He briefly spotted her pink panties hiding under the shorts.

Each time he looked at his friend's hot mother now, he couldn't help but picture her the last time he was over when he barged into the laundry room and saw her in a skimpy bra and panties. It was glued into his mind, and his penis was certainly reacting to it at the moment. He reached down and shifted his cock in his pants in fear of getting busted by Mr. Jones who was in the other room calling parents to cancel the beach trip.

Katie went into Chris's room and told him that John was over to apologize, but Chris said he didn't want to see him, and that he just wanted to go to sleep. His mom tried to plead with him to go down and apologize, but Chris wouldn't budge. This only pissed Katie off more, and she thought to herself that he now definitely deserved to miss out on the beach trip. She was over feeling sorry for him. She then broke the news to him that he would be spending spring break at his grandparent's house, and that he needs to be packed and ready to go at 5:00 AM.

Katie came back downstairs and lied to John that Chris was asleep, but that she would tell him tomorrow he had come over. She offered him a drink, and he accepted being that he didn't want to pass up the opportunity to stare at the busty blonde in her house wear. He hoped to sneak another peak up her shorts. Mr. Jones thanked John for coming by to apologize and went to bed. Katie scowled at her husband, implying that she was disappointed he didn't want to stay awake and get intimate the night before he was to go out of town. "Might as well start sleeping in separate beds if that's how it's going to be," she thought.

John and Katie sat at the kitchen table and talked for about a half hour while he drank his iced tea. She told him that she was sorry but Chris was not allowed to go to the beach, and she would not be chaperoning their beach trip. Normally he would be upset about not being able to go on the trip, but he was mesmerized by the sexy mom and showed no disappointment. She had that kind of effect on people, making them feel at ease with bad news.

It was almost ten o'clock, and Katie was wondering if John had a curfew. Since he was suspended from school as well, it was not considered a school night for him, so he wasn't worried about getting home a bit later than usual. Katie said she rarely went to bed this early with the baby constantly needing attention. Usually she stays up late with the baby, and her husband wakes early to take care of Julie while Katie sleeps in. The baby was asleep right now, which was refreshing to her.

Again, John kept picturing her in her underwear. His cock was definitely aroused while he sat there talking to her. Even though she had a t-shirt and nursing bra on, he still stared at her large breasts in admiration.

"Mrs. Jones, I want to apologize for barging in through the garage door last time I was over. I should have knocked," he said trying his best to sound sincere. The reality was that he was thanking his lucky stars he barged in. Katie blushed at his comment, remembering the incident.

"Oh my gosh, I was so embarrassed," she said giggling. "At least I wasn't naked!"

John's cock stirred at that comment. Katie actually surprised herself by feeling a little thrill saying that. She was no exhibitionist, but picturing her showing off her beautiful body to this horny young teen felt hot all of the sudden, and she was shocked when she caught herself wondering what his cock might look like. "Damn you Katie; get a grip," she thought.

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