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Katie's Devious Mind


This story will start off a little slow as I give some background. It will pick up in later chapters. I would like to thank volunteer editors Neng Bora and Honorable Rogue who helped with the story line and editing. Please keep in mind that this is fantasy and as such some things might not work in real life. I welcome all comments good and bad. I have more chapters finished but will wait to see the responses before I submit them.

Katie's Devious Mind

Jackie Meyer was sitting at her computer in her home office. She was a widow of two beautiful daughters. Katie, her oldest, was actually her step daughter. She was 24, and Sarah, the youngest at 18. Jackie had Sarah when she was 16 and still in high school. She was home alone as both of her daughters were out. Katie was away at college and Sarah was with a friend out of town for the weekend. As soon as Sarah had left Jackie turned to start her evening.

After dinner her mind wandered back to when her husband was still alive. She'd met him when she was a senior majoring in English Literature in college and he was a junior partner at a brokerage firm. She'd taken a job as a clerk to help pay the bills as she still lived at home with her parents who helped take care of Sarah. Bill was a rising star in the firm and destined to be a senior partner soon. He was a divorced father of Katie, a twelve year old bundle of energy. Although he was about 15 years older than Jackie, he didn't look or act his age. He was very active in the community and the sex was amazing. Just after she graduated, Jackie and Bill married. It was a marriage made in heaven. Bill was everything she could want in a man. He made good money, and took very good care of his Harem; as he liked to call his girls.

Jackie's parents loved Bill and accepted Katie as if she were their own. They never questioned how Bill treated Julie as he slowly molded their daughter to the woman he wanted. They were very happy Jackie had found someone who loved her and took very good care of her. Even if sometimes it seemed a little strange how she dressed or acted.

Bill and Jackie's sex life was very active, and both liked to explore new things. Or I guess you could say Bill liked to explore new things and Jackie always gave in. Bill was tall, about 6'4" inches tall and in good shape. He'd played football in college and maintained his conditioning. He had Dark hair and a muscular build. Jackie, stood about 5'5" tall, and weighed about 130 lbs. She still had her youthful figure and after her affair in high school she never really let any man get close to her. As Bill slowly gained her confidence and broke down her barriers, he released a sexual dynamo. She let him take her anyway he wanted and as often as he wanted. Bill loved her and took full advantage of his wife's submissive nature to push her limits. As time went on, Jackie fell completely under his spell. A typical evening at home had Jackie getting home from her part time job at the community center and fixing dinner. The girls got home from school and went to their rooms to finish their homework. Jackie almost always wore a dress, usually a sun dress that never went below her knees. The early evenings were like a typical family until the girls went to bed. As soon as the girls closed their doors, Jackie would strip and kneel before her master. Bill had her trained to submit to his every need, and Jackie loved it. The feeling of security, of having a loving master to take care of her and satisfy her needs was everything she could hope for.

After a year, Bill started to push her further into submission. Soon Jackie never wore any bras or panties and the dresses got progressively shorter. They now were well above her knees and she had to be careful not to expose herself to the girls. She often had her ass plugged and he controlled when she climaxed and even shared her with other men and sometimes women. By the second year at least once a month, the girls were sent to their grandparent's house. This allowed Bill time to totally dominate his wife. Usually when he returned from dropping the kids off, Jackie was kneeling naked beside the door. The rest of the weekend was spent with Jackie bound, gagged, plugged, spanked, and used in every way imaginable.

By the third year, the girls were spending two weekends a month at the grandparents. That was when Bill started to humiliate Jackie by having her naked and cuffed watching him fuck other women and then have her lick them both clean. Although she hated sharing Bill with other women, her mind and body craved the humiliation and the climaxes were amazing. By the time the girls returned on Sunday Julie was exhausted and bruised and totally sated. The end result was Jackie's submission deepening to the point that when Bill presented her with a collar she happily accepted and wore it proudly.

By now, Katie was 16 and Sarah was 10. Katie had noticed a change in her mother, and no longer brought home friends as she was embarrassed in how she dressed. Sarah was totally oblivious to the situation and didn't seem to mind or at least outwardly so.

It was the start of the fourth year their lives changed forever. Bill died in a plane crash on the way to a conference. Jackie and the girls were devastated. Although Bill had ample insurance, and they would be comfortable for the foreseeable future, Jackie was lost. After being so submissive to her master for the last four years, it was hard to start making decisions again. For the next three years Jackie did just enough to get by. Her parents took over taking care of the girls as she felt like she was a ship without a rudder. Thankfully Katie was just like her father and grew up fast. By the time she hit 19 she started to take charge and more often than not was a mother to her sister. It was almost like Katie was Sarah and Jackie's parent.

Finally, one night Katie grabbed her mother by the robe she almost always wore and lit into her. She smacked her face and demanded that she snap out of it. That night was the most difficult night everyone in the house had ever experienced since their dad died. By the next morning Katie had convinced Jackie to start her life again and get a job.

Over the next few months, Katie, Jackie, and Sarah's lives return to normal. Jackie started to work out and went back to school to get her teaching accreditation. She was now back in charge of her life and the house as both girls were looking at their mother like she was their mother again. Jackie was actively looking for a job and as luck would have it the local school system had an opening in the English Department. She applied and got the job. She was now teaching tenth and eleventh grade English. Jackie, after four difficult years was now back.

Katie was now twenty and was a sophomore at college and Sarah was fourteen and tuning into a younger version of her mother. Katie was tall about 5'10", slim with dark brown hair and medium breasts. She was definitely her father's daughter. She had his personality and typically dominated the room. Jackie had settled into working at the school and was liked by everyone. At thirty years old she still looked like she was twenty one.

After Katie left for college it was only her and Sarah, Jackie began to feel something was missing. She missed Bill. Or at least she missed how he treated her. She had never been as happy as when she was kneeling at his feet awaiting his command. Over the next three years things fell into a pattern. Although Jackie was outwardly happy, she needed something. She was afraid to start another relationship. Losing Bill had left a scar that still hadn't healed. It was then she overheard some of the other women at work and started surfing the internet. It wasn't long before she wandered onto several BDSM porn sites. When she found their erotic story sites it scratched an itch that had been eating at her since Bill died.

Jackie was now sitting at her computer with a bottle of wine and a few toys. As the computer started up her arousal started to climb. She started with the vanilla porn, one man one woman, but she wanted more. She needed to lose control and her mind took over. Her favorite fantasy was of a master ordering her to humiliate herself and with no one around; she stood and walked around the house. As she entered each room, she seductively removed some of her clothes, making sure they were left in plain sight. Although she knew no one would see them it excited her that she might be caught naked and not be able to cover her aroused body. By the time she returned to her office, she was now naked with her hands cuffed in front of her and the keys were on the kitchen table. She would have to go by the front door to get them. If someone stopped by there was no way she could remove them without them seeing her. As she sat down at the computer, she buckled the collar Bill gave her and attached the nipple clips that hung from the chains attached to the ring. She liked this collar as it locked on her neck and as with the cuffs; the keys were upstairs in Sarah's room and nowhere close.

Jackie's body was now on fire as she jumped to BDSM videos of helpless women being dominated by both men and women. It was now very late and she was naked and restrained. The fact that her clothes were scattered in different rooms increased her arousal to a boiling point. With her fantasy in complete control, she grabbed the dildo with a suction cup and attached it to the chair. As she watched the videos and her body demanding release, she straddled the dildo and slowly slid the dildo deep inside her. Jackie wouldn't normally go this far but with both girls out of town she felt safe to live out this fantasy.

Jackie was now riding the dildo pushing it deeper and deeper into her pussy. She kept the pace slow remembering when Bill had denied her a climax. The longer she could hold off the greater the orgasm. As she kept her body on the edge she switched to an erotic story website and pulled up one of her favorite stories. This particular story was of a teacher enslaved by one of her students. Although most of the stories were very farfetched, how any adult woman could put in such a position? To be dominated by one of her students was beyond belief, but still it always excited her and it was just a fantasy. She was still slowly fucking her pussy with a large dildo as she read the latest chapter. She imagined being humiliated in front of her own class. With the clips were tightly secured to her nipples, she reached up and pulled the chain sending a shot of pain through her body and straight to her pussy. At first her arousal dropped but that lasted only a moment before her muscles clinched the dildo buried deep inside her. The thought of being dominated and controlled into total slavery had her so worked up she almost felt she was in the story. As the story progressed with the teacher being forced to visit a glory hole and suck multiple cocks, Jackie started to rapidly bounce on the dildo mounted to her chair, pushing the rubber cock deep in her pussy over and over again. She was now totally out of control as she was pushing her body to what was sure to be an amazing orgasm.

Just as she closed her eyes to imagine herself in such a situation, she heard someone open the front door. Jackie froze in mid stroke. No one was supposed to be coming home tonight. Jackie was terrified as there was no way for her to explain what she was doing. Who could it be? Jackie was starting to panic but even worse, her body erupted with a massive orgasm paralyzing her as it pulsed throughout her body.

Jackie, now thirty four, was sitting in the office, her body still coming down from the intense orgasm. She had a collar locked around her neck and her hands cuffed in front of her. Her clothes were scattered around the house and someone had just walked in the front door. Jackie stood and quickly shoved the dildo into the desk drawer and looked around to see if there was anything to cover her body.

"Mom I'm home." Katie called from the front hall. She had decided to come home for the weekend. She needed a break from her studies for her PhD in Psychology. She glanced into the living room and was surprised and a little distressed to see a pair of panties and a bra lying on the floor. Not seeing or hearing her mother she walked into the kitchen.

Jackie, peeking out from the office saw her chance and bolted for the stairs to her room. Just as she hit the bottom of the stairs she remembered that the keys to the cuffs were in the kitchen. Not knowing what to do, she quickly ran up the stairs to find something to cover her body till she could get to the kitchen to get the keys. She quickly ran to Sarah's room and unlocked the collar. When she released the clips from her nipples she almost screamed in pain as the blood flow returned to the abused nips. Jackie quickly rubbed her screaming nipples and rushed back to her bedroom.

Katie, not finding anyone in the kitchen, walked back into the living room and noticed that her mother's office door was now open. She walked through the door and immediately noticed the smell of sex. She walked over to the desk and noticed what was on the computer. "Oh My God, mom was looking at porn!" She thought. Katie then looked closely around the room. The desk drawer was slightly open and inside she saw the large dildo. She also noticed a damp patch on the chair that was the source of the smell of sex. It was then she looked closely at the screen she was shocked to see that not only was there an erotic story, but several minimized webpages with all manner of BDSM porn.

Katie smiled as all this brought back memories of her dad. Even though her parents tried to keep their sex lives private, there had been many times she had snuck out of her room and watched her dad dominate her step mom. Katie left the room as she found it and returned to the living room. Just as she walked to the hall, her step mom came walking down the stairs. She wrapped around herself a bath towel and was carrying another towel covering her hands.

"Katie," Jackie called, "What are you doing home? I wasn't expecting you. What a nice surprise." Jackie said in a shaky voice.

"Hi Mom, I needed to get away so I thought I'd come home. I surprised you huh? I see you dropped some laundry in the living room."

"Oh that, I had a basket of clothes I carried down. I must have dropped some things. I was just about to take a shower when I heard something. I'm glad it's you. I was afraid it was a burglar or something."

Jackie continued down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. She quickly grabbed the keys lying on the table. Just as she turned to go back to her room, Katie walked in front of her and blocked her path.

"Kind of late for a shower isn't it." She asked.

"Oh it was a long day and I just felt like cleaning up." Jackie answered.

Katie looked down at her mother's hands, still covered with the towel and smiled. She then reached out and gave her step mom a big hug. Jackie not able to hug her back quickly said. "Sorry honey I have to go to the bathroom. I'll give you a hug when I get back." She pushed past her daughter and started to move towards the stairs. Just as she walked past her, Katie quickly grabbed the towel wrapped around her mother. The towel pulled away and Jackie was now naked except for a towel covering her cuffed hands.

"Oh God" Jackie cried and ran up the stairs. Jackie ran into her bedroom and quickly used the keys to remove the cuffs. She then walked into her on suite. Jackie sat on the toilet trying to decide what to tell her daughter. She was so humiliated; she had been seen naked and almost caught masturbating to porn. Why had she put herself in such a position? Jackie quickly started the shower and tried to wash away the humiliation.

Katie stood in the hall for a few minutes. When the towel dropped, she caught a glimpse of the cuffs on her step mom's wrists and her abused nipples. Katie smiled, she knew what was happening. During her studies they had covered dominate and submissive relationships. That was one of her favorite semesters ever. The subject was so exciting that at times Katie had trouble sitting still in class, and many times afterwards she had to run to the bathroom to relieve her arousal. In fact her doctoral thesis was exactly on this subject. 'The Need for Control by Persons with a Submissive Personality While Maintaining a Productive Life.' Katie realized her step mom was a perfect subject. But her mother couldn't know it was her that was doing the controlling. Katie couldn't trust anyone else to do this and she wasn't about to allow anyone else to have that responsibility. Katie didn't want to put her in a position to ruin her life, but she would need to push her limits and bring out her submissive nature.

Katie went to the office. She'd have to work quickly. She immediately called a friend at college. He was the biggest geek on campus and he owed her a favor.

"Gary, this is Katie, how are you?"

"Hey Katie, great, You?"

"Great, hey I need a favor and I think you can help."

"Hey no problem, after your help in Biology anything you need."

"Wonderful, I need a snooper program for a couple of PC's at the house. My mom thinks my sister is surfing where she shouldn't. She also wants to be able to monitor her activity remotely and maybe even turn on the webcam without her knowing. She wants to know everything she does on the computer. I'm not sure but I would bet she would like to watch her even when she is not on it. Is that possible?"

"Wow, that's a major invasion of privacy. Is your sister getting into anything illegal?"

"We're not sure but something is up."

"OK but if anything happens, leave me out of it. I can have something worked up in a few, but if her PC is off you can't turn it on remotely. But what you can do is get a few spy cams and mount them around the house. You can then have them connect to a server wirelessly and connect to that via the internet. Is there a place you can stash the server where no one will find it?"

"Spy cams? Where would I get those?"

"I have a source but the good ones are a little pricy. How much is your budget? The system could run about $2-3,000. Do you want to spend that much?"

"Yeah this is important. Can you help me?"

"OK, I'll have the snooper program emailed to you by tomorrow. Give me a couple of days and I'll get back with you on the rest. You're going to owe me big time for this."

"I'll tell you what, you get this together for me and I'll be totally available to you for a day." Katie said.

"A day? You mean 24 hours, and totally available? No restrictions?"

"No restrictions within reason, I'm not into pain and I won't do anything illegal or anything like piss play, and no tats or permanent marks, but other than that no restrictions. Will that work?

"For that I think I can get this together by Sunday. I'm pretty sure I can keep the cost down too. I'll email the program to you later."

"Thanks Gary, you're the best." Katie replied as she hung up her cell. She then walked to the kitchen to get something to eat.

Jackie finished her shower and started to dry her body. After having an amazing orgasm and almost getting caught she would have thought her arousal would be gone. But every touch of the towel to her nipples and pussy caused her to throb with desire. "How could her body be reacting this way? And what am I going to tell Katie? Should she tell her the truth or just pass it off? I guess I'll just play it by ear and see if she pushes it." Jackie thought as she walked to her room and grabbed a nightgown. After taking a couple of deep breaths she walked down to visit with Katie.

Katie was sitting at the kitchen table munching on some cookies when Jackie walked in. "Boy I feel better. There's nothing like a refreshing shower to relax you." .

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