tagIncest/TabooKatie's Devious Mind Ch. 02

Katie's Devious Mind Ch. 02


I would like to thank the volunteer editors that helped me with this story. I would also like to thank all of you who responded to the first chapter. I hope this chapter meets your expectations.


Synopsis: Katie, an adult step daughter, discovered her mother's submissive nature decided she would use her mother as the subject of her thesis and drive her into slavery. The first chapter gave the history of the family and how her step mom, Jackie was an easy mark. Katie now has webcams throughout the house and complete control of both her step mom's and step sister's computers.

Jackie was so angry at her daughter for treating her like a slave. Ordering me about and making me flaunt my body in stores and at the restaurant. Why I couldn't refuse and stop it I don't know. The final straw was when she enlisted the waitress and made me expose my tits. I'm still pissed it went that far. But what bothers me most was my body's reaction to everything that happened.

Even though she was pissed at Katie for what she did, her body was out of control. Jackie was so aroused that as soon as she got home and stormed to her bedroom, she stripped off her clothes and masturbated till she climaxed several times. The next day Katie had a friend over and worked on the house and computers. She said it was some security program designed to keep them from being hacked. Jackie avoided her daughter not wanting to address yesterday's activities. Her mind still reeling at so easily submitting to her dominating step-daughter, she hoped it was because she was interrupted on Friday night.

It's been two weeks since Katie had surprised her step mom. That weekend was still fresh in her mind as she thought about how she found her mom watching and reading BDSM porn. Taking advantage of the situation she'd dominated her mom till she found her limit and refused to obey.

Since that weekend Katie had been monitoring the computers of both her mom and step-sister. What was interesting was that both were very much alike.

Gary had cameras hidden all over the house. There was no place for either of the two women to hide and the system worked perfectly.

Over the next couple of months Katie watched both Jackie and Sarah go about their normal activities. The one thing that surprised Katie was her sister.

It seemed Sarah also liked to look at porn as well as read erotic stories. Just like her mother. As Katie monitored Sarah's online activity she logged her passwords and watched as Sarah regularly visited her favorite sites and masturbated while reading erotic stories almost every night. Her favorite genre tended to gravitate towards submissive mothers and daughters being forced into serving masters and mistresses in all kinds of kinky sex, including incestuous sex with each other.

As Katie watched her sister's daily ritual, her mind was already thinking of ways to marry both her mother's and sister's fantasies into one. "This could get interesting." She thought. As time passed, Katie started to converse with her sister in chat rooms using a fake name and using a voice modification unit. Katie disguised her voice to sound like a man, effectively hiding her identity. During these conversations Katie started to push her sister into sending pictures of herself and even on occasion turning on her web cam as she dominated her step sister into increasingly kinky things. Last week she demanded that Sarah could no longer wear any underwear and could only cum with permission. This week she commanded that Sarah be naked whenever they spoke.

Sarah was now totally hooked on talking with her mysterious dominate friend on line. Each time they chatted, Sarah was unable to refuse what he demanded. She no longer wore underwear and was now sitting in her room naked waiting for him to arrive. She was perpetually horny and could hardly wait to get home each night to satisfy her needs and beg for permission to cum as each climax was more intense than the last.

Jackie on the other hand wasn't able to satisfy her needs as often as her daughter, however when she did find the time and privacy the sessions were no less intense. Katie watched closely as her step mom would sneak onto her computer whenever she had the opportunity to scratch the itch that kept her on edge. Katie used this obsession to follow Jackie wherever she went online. She finally was able to lure her to a chatroom to see how she would react with others.

At first Jackie didn't communicate at all. Most of the people there seemed to be posers or perverts. Just as she was about to leave, she received a private message. It simple said "SLUT!"

Katie watched Jackie's reaction and smiled as Jackie quickly typed an answer. "I'm not a slut. Who do you think you are?" Jackie waited for an answer, which seemed to take forever. Just as she started to leave again, the answer popped up on her screen. "I am the answer."

"The answer? The answer to what?"

"You've lost control. You need someone to take control and satisfy your needs. You're lost and need direction."

Jackie read the response over and over again. "Who are you?" she responded.

"Who I am is irrelevant. What I am is more important. I can scratch your itch and satisfy your desires."

"How do you know what are my desires?"

"Why else would you be here? The only thing I want to know is are you worthy?"

"Worthy? That's pretty arrogant of you."

"Times up, Slut"

"Wait, I'm worthy," Jackie quickly answered. "You're right, I need control. I lost mine when my husband died." Jackie answered but cringed as she let out too much info about herself.

Katie smiled as she watched Jackie plead for the mysterious person to answer. Katie waited and watched for about 15 minutes. She then typed, "OK slut, if you want control you need to follow my directions. If you don't I'm gone. Do you understand?"

Jackie read the response; she paused, and then typed, "I understand, I'll do as you ask."

"Ask hell, I don't ask. If you want to continue this be here tomorrow at 11:00 PM. You will have two pictures ready to send me, one of you standing naked, and one of you standing naked by all your toys."Her mysterious person then signed off.

Jackie gasped, how could she do this. She didn't know which picture was worse. If anyone she knew got ahold of either picture she could be ruined. But deep down inside her gut her body had already made her decision.

Katie watched as Sarah ran into the house and up to her room. She watched as Sarah stripped and turned on her computer to log into the chat room. She smiled as she knew exactly what to do. The longer she denied her a climax the further she could push her. As Sarah waited and watched the chat room closely, her hand slipped down to her soaking wet slit and started to caress her folds. Katie smiled as Sarah closed her eyes and moaned as her fingers slipped into her cunt and her thumb touched her clit. Katie waited and watched as Sarah kept pushing herself closer to an orgasm. Just as she was about to explode, Katie sent a message to her to join her in a private room. Sarah groaned as her entire body screamed for release.

Sarah quickly joined her master and said, "I'm here master."

"Took you long enough, you weren't trying to get off were you?"

Sarah gasped, "O...O...Oh no master but I'm so horny I need to cum. Please may I cum Master?"

"I think you are lying. Turn on your web cam and let me see you." Katie demanded as she spoke on her voice changer app.

"Yes master." Sarah replied and switched it on.

"I see you followed orders to always be naked in your room. Now let me see your slutty cunt."

Sarah blushed down to her tits and slowly stood and spread her legs. She then reached down and spread her lips as she was expected to do whenever her master demanded to show her most private parts.

"You lied to me. Your cunt doesn't lie. You are dripping down your legs and it's easy to see you've been playing with your cunt."

"I'm sorry master but I'm so horny. Going commando at school is driving me crazy. I need some relief. Please don't punish me, I need to cum master. I've done everything you've demanded. Please, please, please let me cum. I'm begging you." Sarah pleaded.

"Slut, you know I now have pictures and videos of you fucking your slutty cunt and cleaning your toys with your mouth. You know you have told me who you are and where you live. How would you like it if I sent these pics to your school or posted them to the internet?"

"Oh My God Noooo. Please don't do that. I'm sorry I'll be good. Please don't."

"You disobeyed my command and now you have to be punished. Starting tomorrow you are no longer allowed to wear any pants of any type. You are now only allowed to wear skirts or dresses." Katie said angrily while watching Sarah's reaction.

Sarah gasped, "Oh God I can't do that. I'll flash the entire school. Please master at least let me wear panties!" Sarah cried.

Katie smiled and said, "If you want to ever cum again you will never question my commands again slut! Let alone what I can do to you if you refuse."

"Yes master, I will do as you order. May I cum now? I'm so horny I can't stop leaking."

"First I need to give you instructions for tonight." Katie said. Katie knew that Sarah was planning to spend the night at her friend Karen Morgan's house. Katie had watched Sarah and Karen several times get intimate in Sarah's room. They had started out kissing and petting but each time they went a little farther. It was always with Sarah submitting and Karen in control pushing things a little more each time. The last time Karen had Sarah naked on her knees massaging her feet. Karen was on Sarah's bed in just her bra and panties loving every minute while lightly playing with her cunt. Katie was sure Karen was going to make Sarah eat her cunt when Jackie knocked at the door. Sarah jumped up and grabbed her robe to cover her nudity just as Jackie opened the door. Jackie noticed that Sarah was flushed and saw that she was naked beneath her robe. She also saw that Karen was in her undies but didn't say anything about it. As she looked at Karen she noticed that her panties had a large wet spot in the crotch. Jackie blushed and quickly left the room leaving the girls giggling behind her. Katie changed to the hall camera and watched Jackie leaned against the wall and slid her hand into her panties before rushing to her room to masturbate at what she saw.

"You're going to your friend house tonight, right?"

"Yes master, I'm going to Karen's house for a sleepover. She's my best friend."

"Good, take your laptop with you. This is what I want you to do. I know you two have experimented and explored each other. Tonight I want you to get her to play a game. Any game I don't care what. You are to suggest that the loser is to be a slave to the winner. You're to lose, and when you do I want you to strip naked and kneel at her feet. I want you to seduce your friend and do everything she tells you. Make sure you have your computer on and let me watch. You must make her orgasm. If you don't I'm afraid a lot of people will be watching you on web."

NO, I CAN"T DO THAT. Her mom is going to be home. She might catch us."

"If she does then you are to offer to be her slave too." Katie said. She knew Karen's mom Marsha was bi -sexual by the emails and conversations she'd overheard with Jackie. If everything worked out as she expected then not only would she have Sarah and Jackie, but Karen and her mom as well.

"Now get dressed, I want you to wear that short jean skirt, a crop top, and sandals nothing else. Make sure you flash her mom whenever she looks at you."

"Yes master, may I cum if she tells me to?" Sarah asked as she walked to her closet and grabbed her clothes.

"Only after Karen and maybe her mom climaxes first."

"Thank you master I will obey." Sarah said wondering how to make it happen.

Jackie on the other hand was now on line almost every other day. Every time Sarah was out with friends her mother was looking at porn. Usually reading erotic stories and masturbating to a climax. Katie had used her mother's addiction to porn to lure her into a BDSM chat room site. After a couple of weeks using an alias she was now chatting regularly with Jackie drawing her deeper into a submissive relationship with her as an on-line Dom. The more they chatted the more Jackie revealed about herself. Jackie was now hooked on the chats as each time they spoke her on-line master became increasingly demanding on what he required her to do.

Over the next few weeks Jackie fell into a routine, work, home, and porn. One night Katie was talking to both her sister in her room and Jackie in the office. As both women were now submitting to all her commands she had both of them naked sitting at their computers playing with their cunts, when she decided to push them a little further. First she ordered Jackie to go the kitchen naked and walk out on the patio. While standing naked outside she was to play with her cunt until she was told to stop and return to the office. She then ordered Sarah go down to the kitchen and get a cucumber out of the fridge and push it into her cunt and masturbate till she was ordered to return to her room.

Jackie at first resisted the idea of roaming the house naked with her daughter upstairs but soon capitulated and slowly snuck outside. Just as she stepped outside she gasped and dropped to her knees. She was glad the patio light was off as her neighbors were sitting outside on their deck drinking and playing cards. With the light off they couldn't see her but her body shook with arousal at the potential of being caught by her nosey neighbor. Jackie whispered into the phone, "I need to get back inside; my neighbor is outside with his friends. I can't let him catch me. Please let me go back inside." She begged her online master.

"No slut, get your hand busy and start playing with your nasty cunt." Katie demanded. Jackie moaned, still on her knees she spread her legs and slid her fingers deep inside her needy pussy. After a minute her fingers were a blur as she worked her way to a massive climax watching her neighbor closely hoping no one would look closely at the back of her house. The possibility of being caught by her neighbor greatly increased her arousal. She knew it wouldn't be long till she orgasmed.

Sarah gasped when told what to do but only hesitated for a moment before slipping down stairs. Both women had their phones with them as Katie continued to talk to them as they completed their tasks.

When Sarah arrived downstairs she peaked around the corner at the office. She couldn't see in the office but noticed the light on and slipped into the kitchen. If she had looked at the sliding glass door she would have seen her naked mother on her knees playing with her cunt. But her attention was only on getting to the refrigerator to get the cucumber and complete her task. As she opened the door the light lit up the kitchen. Jackie immediately panicked and dove away from the door. She knocked over a planter which made a loud noise. She quickly stood up next to the wall hoping that Sarah wouldn't see her if she looked out.

"Oh my god master, Sarah is in the kitchen. What do I do master?" she whispered into the phone.

Katie was just about to answer when she heard Sarah moan, "Someone is outside master, please let me go back to my room master.

Katie muted both phones and laughed out loud. Once she was able to control herself, she unmuted Sarah's phone and said, "No slut, go over to the door turn on the light and lock the door. Make sure the cucumber is imbedded in you needy cunt. Do Not Stop Fucking Your Sloppy Slit."

Sarah groaned and slid the large vegetable inside her body and started to fuck herself while walking to the door. She locked it and turned on the patio light. "May I go back to my room master?" She begged.

"Yes slut you may but keep fucking yourself." Katie answered.

Jackie was standing against the wall when she heard the lock turn on the door, then the bright light lit up the patio. She almost screamed as her hand was still rapidly fucking her cunt and now she was clearly visible to anyone who looked over at her house.

Katie heard Jackie's barely stifled scream as she dived off the patio and into the garden behind some shrubs. Unfortunately for her the sprinklers had been on most of the evening and the garden was a mass of mud. Jackie was now naked covered in mud and locked out of the house. The easiest way back into the house was through the patio, down the driveway to the front door to where they had a key hidden for the front door.But when she looked up from her hiding spot her neighbors were looking at her back door. There was no way she could go that way without being seen.

"Master I'm trapped. Sarah locked the door and turned on the light. I had to hide in the garden and now I'm covered in mud and the neighbors are watching my house. What do I do master?" Jackie whispered into the phone.

Katie knew that the humiliating situation her mother was in was driving her arousal to new levels simply said, "Are you still playing with your cunt slut?"

"Yes master, I can't seem to stop and I need to cum so badly. Please let me cum so I can think clearly and figure a way out of this."

Katie knew exactly where her mother was and knew that the shrubs would hide her in spite of the light so she simply said, "Call me on Skype, I want to see you."

Jackie moaned and quickly complied with her master's command. When the call connected there was no one in the picture but she heard her master's voice.

"Get up on your knees slut and keep fucking that sloppy pussy. Make sure I can watch you. With your other hand grab handfuls of mud and cover your body. I want to see if you are totally covered with mud."

"Oh god please master I'm begging you to let me cum and get back in my house. My neighbors will see me. The phone is lighting me up."

"Are you disobeying me slut? Do you want me to expose you to the world? Would you like me to call your daughter and have her rescue you?"

"O...O...H...H God no please don't master. I'll obey. Please don't call her." Jackie cried as she shoved three fingers deep in her cunt while grabbing handfuls of mud and smearing it all over her body.

"Make sure you cover your face and hair slut. I want you completely covered."

Jackie moaned as the more of her body she covered the higher her arousal. Her body was now out of control and the only thing that mattered was fucking her cunt and covering her body. Just as she took a large glob of mud and covered her scalp she heard, "CUM SLUT, CUM NOW!"

Jackie mind and body exploded in a massive orgasm as she fell down into the mud as her body started to convulse radiating out from her mind and cunt causing all her muscles to spasm. A moan rushed out her mouth from deep within her as all control was lost. Jackie was now lying in the mud as her bladder cut loose and piss shot out of her cunt and all over her legs. She had no idea of how long she lay in her garden and didn't know if anyone saw or heard her. All that mattered was the orgasm that wouldn't quit leaving her helpless as her hand was still fucking her battered cunt refusing to allow the orgasm to stop.

Katie watched in fascination as her mother's orgasm coursed through her body. After about a minute all movement stopped as Jackie blacked out. Katie wondered if she pushed her too far when she heard a faint moan. A minute later Jackie rolled over and looked at the phone. "Thank you master, may I try to get back into my house now?"

"Yes slut, crawl over to the fence, climb over it into your other neighbor's yard. Go around front, do you have a garden hose in front?"

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