tagIncest/TabooKatie's Devious Mind Ch. 04

Katie's Devious Mind Ch. 04


Devious Mind

Synopsis: Jackie Meyer is a high school English teacher that was a submissive to her husband/master. She has a 24 year old step daughter, Katie, and an 18 year old daughter just finishing her senior year at high school. Her husband died several years ago and as time passed Jackie longed for the control he had exerted over her. Katie came home unexpectedly one night and discovered her mother masturbating and watching BDSM porn. She has since used technology to take control over her step mother and step sister. She has just exposed their submission to each other and forced them into incestuous sex. They are now on the way to Sarah's best friend house as slaves.

I'm sorry about the delay in posting this chapter. I've had a lot of problems getting editors to work with me. It seems that either their real life gets into the way or the story is too long or some other excuse. I think I now have one that is responding much quicker. She now has chapter 5 and says she will finish it in a few days. I am working on chapter 6, but my life is going to take me away from writing for a couple of weeks. So chapter 6 and possibly chapter 7 if needed with show up in about a month. Please let me know what you think. I, like every other writer here am a comment whore and loves feedback both good and bad. Just remember this is entirely fantasy. If incest, humiliation, domination and submission are not your cup of tea move on.

Jackie was driving down the street dressed only in the cover-up draped around her waist, a tight tank top and 5-inch stiletto heels. The plug wedged in her ass was keeping her arousal high even though her ass burned from her last punishment. She nervously fiddled with the leash attached to her collar as she dreaded leading her daughter Sarah up to Marsha and Karen's door. The humiliation ever increasing as they neared their friend's house. Jackie looked at Sarah sitting next to her. Her tits were hanging out from the bottom of the top she had just cut off, her nipples barely covered. Jackie looked down at the shorts she was wearing; the splits up the sides making the shorts look more like a loincloth than shorts. Sarah too was wearing a collar and a leash. "God I can't believe I'm going to lead my daughter like a slave, almost naked to their door and turn her over to them." Jackie thought. "What are they going to do to her? What are they going to do to me? I'm a slave too. What do our master's instructions say? God I'm sooooo horny I'm about to cum just sitting here."

Sarah sat next to her mother looking out the window. After last night submitting to Karen and her mom, then coming home to seduce her own mother her mind was confused. Her master had now taken complete control. He controls what she wears, what she does, and when she cums. He even controls her mom. If they don't do as he commands, he'll expose them to the world. They'll lose everything. Even though the threat was there, deep down she knows she craves his treatment and control. She craves the humiliation, and especially the orgasms. She even craves the sex with her mom. Sarah wondered when he'd have her on her knees sucking cocks and being fucked in all her slutty holes. She shivers at the thought, but instead of being revolted at those deviant thoughts her mind craved the idea of servicing multiple cocks with her mother beside her.

Sarah was jolted out of her daydream when the car pulled into Karen's driveway. Her cunt quivered with excitement, as she knew her life would now be forever changed. There would be no going back to her previous life.

Karen and her mom Marsha could hardly wait till the slaves arrived. Sarah's master had contacted them last night and recruited them to dominate the two slaves. As part of the deal, Karen and Marsha would take control of the two slaves under the direction of the faceless master until they accepted their submission and slavery. He would then reveal himself to them. The thought of having total control of Sarah and her teacher mother was intoxicating. Both women were so excited that it was going to be tough not to orgasm when they knocked at the door. Karen looked at her mom and giggled her pussy gushing down her legs. It didn't matter if she was wearing and panties or not, her body was trembling.

Marsha heard Karen giggling and laughed as her own body was tingling with excitement. Unable to control herself she turned and grabbed her daughter and pulled her into her body and planted a kiss on her lips. Both women were drunk with arousal and kissed passionately as they caressed each other's bodies. It took everything they had to keep from tearing their clothes off and making passionate love right in front of the door. The waiting for the slaves to arrive was almost unbearable. Just as their lust was about to consume them, Jackie's car turned into the driveway.

Katie watched the two women surrendering to their lust and smiled. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. As part of the deal she made with Marsha and Karen, they had to allow her access to their computers. Once she had access she quickly tapped into their security system and now was able to see everything in every room. She also now had all their passwords and there was nothing they could hide. As she hit the record button to start the process she knows that when she is finished all four women would be on their knees begging to submit themselves to her.

Marsha and Karen watched as their friends now slaves quickly walked up the steps to their front door. Karen started to open it as soon as they knocked but her mother stopped her.

"Make them wait on the porch for a while. The longer they wait the more humiliation. When we open the door they will do anything to get into the house and out of sight. Look at them, they are almost naked and Jackie leading Sarah on a leash is killing her. If anyone would see her she could never live it down." Marsha said as she peeked out the peephole on the door.

Jackie stopped the car as close to the house as possible. She wanted to minimize their exposure to the neighbors. She looked at Sarah and said, "Are you ready?" Sarah couldn't talk and just nodded. Her body and mind had almost shut down with excitement. Jackie grabbed the instructions, her leash and opened the door. She quickly looked up and down the street hoping no one was out. Seeing no one she stepped out of the safety of the car and scurried around to the passenger side and opened Sarah's door. Sarah just looked at her mother a blank look on her face. Jackie grabbed her leash and pulled the fellow slave out into the open. Sarah gasped as her mind exploded with humiliation if anything touched her she would explode in a massive orgasm. Jackie tugged lightly and walked quickly to the front door her own body trembling with arousal and humiliation. Once at the door, she turned and said, "On your knees cunt and spread your legs." She then put her leash in her mouth and knocked at the door while watching up and down the street hoping to get inside before someone saw them.

Karen quickly pushed her mother aside and looked out at the nervous slaves standing on the porch anxiously looking up and down the street. Sarah had dropped to her knees and spread her legs. Now her short shorts were doing little to cover her dripping cunt. Her top was now above her tits and her nipples in plain view. Jackie was standing closest to the door holding Sarah's leash in one hand, her own leash dangling out of her mouth and an envelope in her other hand. The cover-up draped around her waist had turned and her pussy was no longer covered. Karen watched as Jackie's chest was heaving and her nipples pushing out of the thin tank top. It looked like she was hyperventilating and her whole body was flushed.

As the seconds ticked by Jackie's breathing became difficult. With each breath her humiliation increased. She looked back over her shoulder and saw Mrs. Perkins the president of the PTO walk out of her front door and gasped. Jackie quickly knocked again hoping that Mrs. Perkins didn't notice the nearly naked pair standing on the porch across the street. Just as panic was setting in, the door opened and her friend Marsha was standing in the doorway.

"Oh my, what have we here? I knew Sarah was coming over to complete her slavery to Karen, but you too Jackie? I love your new look, almost naked and wearing slave collars. Is that a leash you're wearing? Well what would the neighbor's think about a naked Jackie Meyer delivering her own daughter into slavery. I guess you better do what your told if you want to keep this a secret." Marsha said while trying to keep her own composure.

Jackie didn't think she could be any more humiliated but the words cut her to the bone as tears streamed down her face. She couldn't look at Marsha and stared at her feet. "Please mistress we will do as you command. Please don't expose us to the neighbors." She said as she held out the envelope to her new mistress.

Marsha smiled and said, "Give me your leash and drop to your knees. Then pull Sarah's leash between your legs. Pull it tight so her face is in your ass and put it into your mouth."

Jackie groaned but quickly complied. Soon Sarah's face was buried deep in her ass as Marsha pulled the two slaves on their hands and knees into the house. Although she had never been so humiliated before, she felt a great sense of relief at no longer being exposed to the neighbors.

Sarah was not aware of anything. Her body was on autopilot. She just knelt on the porch till she felt a tug on her leash. When her face was pulled into her mother's ass, she extended her tongue and started to lick her mother's dripping pussy. When her slut mother started to crawl into the house, she inserted her tongue and closed her eyes.

Karen and her mom giggled with excitement as they watched the two slaves on their knees in front of them. Karen gasped and said, "Look mom, Cunt is eating her slut mother! I now know why her new name is Cunt. She can't stop licking any cunt in front of her."

Both of the two slaves moaned as now their former friends knew of their incestuous relationship. Jackie's body was now out of control as an orgasm was building rapidly from deep within her. She knew unless Sarah stopped soon she wouldn't be able to stop it.

"Please mistress may I cum? I'm begging you please let me cum. I can't stop it please... please... please may I cum?" Jackie begged to her new mistresses.

"Absolutely not slave control your body and push your needs back. You are not allowed any pleasure. You are only to give pleasure." Marsha yelled.

Jackie's body was now shaking as her muscles twitched in excitement. Her eyes wide as saucers and her mouth open in a silent scream. She was panting like a dog and drooling on the hard wood floor. Sarah gained some measure of control, realizing what she was doing and stopped licking the cunt in front of her. Jackie's arms collapsed and her upper body was now on the floor. Her ass pointing up in the air with Sarah's face still buried deep into her dripping cunt.

Marsha walked behind Sarah and smacked her ass. "Who told you to stop Cunt? Get that tongue busy, if slut doesn't cum in two minutes we're going to pound your ass till you can't sit down for a week."

Sarah squealed and quickly started to lick again. Jackie screamed as her orgasm exploded out from her center to all extremities causing her to lose control of all body functions and releasing her bladder into her daughter's mouth.

The leash holding Sarah tightly to her mother's groin dropped to the floor but Sarah kept licking as ordered. When Jackie's orgasm exploded, Sarah opened her mouth to accept her mother's fluids drinking them down and quenching her thirst. The act of drinking the piss set her off as her own orgasm coursed through her body and squirting down her legs. Both slaves were now lying on the floor in a puddle of their own fluids moaning as their orgasms continued to flow up and down their bodies.

Marsha and Karen stood spellbound at the sight before them. Both had slipped their hands down to their own cunts as it was the most erotic sight that either of them had ever seen. Marsha was the first to gain some measure of control looked down at the quivering slave and said, "Strip slaves and clean up your mess."

Jackie and Sarah slowly rose to their knees and stripped off what little clothing they were wearing and started to clean their fluids off the hardwood floor. Jackie was so embarrassed about pissing in her daughter mouth she couldn't look at her. She didn't know that when she did, Sarah had a massive orgasm bathing in her mother's fluids.

When the slaves finished with the floor, Marsha told Karen, "Have your slave throw out those rags. Then she is yours to use for the next hour or so. I'll take the other one with me. I can't wait to have her put her tongue to good use."

"Yes Mother, you heard her slave. Pick up those rags you wore in here and take them out to the trash."

Sarah gathered the scattered clothes and started to get up. "Who said you could to walk. You're my pet now and pets walk on all fours. Use your mouth to carry the rags." Sarah moaned and gathered what were their clothes and put them in her mouth. The taste filled her mouth and what should have repulsed her only excited her. As she crawled towards the back door the clothes dragged between her legs and left a trail of moisture trail down the hall.

Jackie watched as her daughter's ass went down the hall. What have I done? I'm a terrible mother. I just surrendered my daughter to a life as a slave. As these thoughts filled her mind, she felt a tug on her leash. Without looking up she followed her ex-friend and now mistress up the stairs. With each step she felt her old life disappearing. As her humiliation increased so did her arousal. By the time she reached the top of the steps, her body was again close to another orgasm.

Katie watched as the mother and daughter embraced their roles as dominates and her slaves accepting their slavery. Just as they went their separate directions her phone rang.

"Hello," Katie answered.

"Hey Katie, its Gary, how are things? Is the programming and camera working to expectations?"

"Hey Gary, yeah everything works great. What can I do for you?" Katie asked but knew what he wanted.

"Remember when you called you said if I did this for you I get 24 hours with you as my slave?" He said.

"Sure do but I might have a better offer if you're interested." Katie said with a smile.

"Yeah, what's that? It'd better be pretty special as 24 hours with you is pretty hard to beat. I've thought of nothing else since our agreement. I'm planning of taking full advantage of my time with you." Gary said driving home is point.

"I think you'll want this instead of me," Katie said. "How would you like two women instead of just me? And I'm talking about two very pretty women. Two women that will be totally submissive and will do whatever you so desire no questions asked."

"Two women, what two women and when you say pretty how pretty? Gary asked. He thought she's trying to get out of our deal.

"How about I send you pictures?" She asked as she attached pictures of her mother and sister to a text message. "Check your phone."

Gary felt the buzzing and opened the message. He moaned, as there in front of him was a picture two very fine women. But as he looked closer her recognized who they were. "Hey, isn't that your mom and sister? They're the slaves you want to send over?

"What does it matter who they are, only that they will do as you command. I'll tell you what, if you take them instead of me, you can even have their tits pierced. I'll even pay for it."

"Man I seen some kinky folks before but you take the cake. I sure wouldn't want to cross you. OK I'll take them but I'm not piercing them until just before I send them back. I want to use those fine tits and I want from Friday evening to Sunday morning."

"Suit yourself on the piercing but you're already getting double the women. I want them back Saturday evening." Katie said.

"Hey what would people say if I told them that you hacked their computers, planted hidden cameras, and turned your own flesh and blood into sex slaves?"

"They're not my blood; they're my step mother and sister. I'm only related by marriage. Besides they were well on the way before I got involved. I just pushed them the rest of the way. Ok you can have your extra time. When do you want them?"

"Bring them by my house next Friday. Have them dress like school girls, the younger the better." Gary said.

"Talk about kinky you pedophile." Katie laughed.

"It's not for me; I'm turning them over to a couple of professors who promised me extra credit and reference letters."

"They'll be there at 5, OK?"

"Works for me, see you then."

"Oh I won't be there, they'll drive themselves. I told you that they'd do what their told." Katie said as she hung up the phone.

Marsha led the slut slave into her bedroom. "Who knew that my daughter's English teacher was a closet slave? Oops I guess it's just a slave now that you're out of the closet." Marsha said as she looked down at Jackie. "You know keeping your secret is going to be tough, but if you're good and do as you're told we just might be able to keep a lid on it." Marsha said while watching the slave's reaction.

Jackie, still kneeling on the bedroom floor listened as her mistress talked. The threats her master made to increase his dominance seemed moot now. When she tried to resist he threatened to expose her, as she submitted to his demands, he exposed them to their friends. Now they were in deeper than ever. Not only did their master have damaging videos of her and Sarah having incestuous sex, Marsha and her daughter witnessed it live. Unless she wanted to go to jail she had to obey no matter what. Jackie's head dropped and her entire body deflated as she now realized she has no way out.

"Mistress, this slut slave will obey your every command. Please don't expose us to the world." Jackie pleaded as she lowered her head and kissed her ex-friend's feet, showering them with kisses.

Marsha almost climaxed right there as she watched Jackie Meyer, teacher, respected mother debased herself and begged to be her slave.

"Well slave let's start with you using your talented tongue. Get up over here and eat me. I need to relieve some stress." Marsha said as she sat down on the bed and pulled up her dress. Jackie followed her mistress across the floor keeping her head down by her feet. When Marsha sat on the bed she lavished her tongue slowly up her ankles working her way up her legs. Using her hands she massaged her calves while kissing her way to the junction and her center. Marsha moaned and lay back, stretching her arms above her head, relishing the attention of her new slave. When Jackie reached Marsha's box, a moan escaped her lips as Jackie licked up and down her labia. Jackie used her hands to push her legs apart giving her total access, spreading her lips wide. Jackie's own arousal was now taking hold as she drove her tongue deep inside her mistress, drinking her fluids and loving her taste. As she slid her tongue up her slit finding her mistress's clit, she slid two fingers deep inside her. Marsha was now trembling with excitement as her body was now out of control. When the slave's fingers curled inside her and pressed her G spot her hands grabbed the back of her head using the slaves face to increase her pleasure. Just then Jackie's mouth found her clit and sucked it into her mouth, clamping her teeth down on the sensitive nub pushing Marsha over the top into an explosive orgasm. Jackie's face was now pressed into Marsha's cunt cutting off all oxygen as her head was now trapped between Marsha's legs. Jackie struggled to keep licking and sucking the pulsing center of her mistress as the world around her slowly turned black.

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