tagIncest/TabooKatie's Devious Mind Ch. 05

Katie's Devious Mind Ch. 05


Karen smiled as she looked down at her helpless mother. Her head was buried in the cushions of the couch and her ass draped over the back. Her hands cuffed behind her back and now her skirt was up around her waist. With her left hand holding Marsha in place, she brought her right hand back with the doubled belt and with all her strength she brought the belt down on her exposed ass. Marsha screamed as the pain shot through her ass and straight to her brain. She immediately started to beg her daughter to have mercy. "Oh my god, Karen please don't do this, oh god it hurts, please, please, please don't punish me." Marsha begged. But her mother's cries fell on deaf ears as Karen again swung the belt down on the helpless mother in front of her. Marsha squirmed trying to get away but with no leverage she only managed to spread her legs further and exposed her sphincter and opened her lips. As the blows continued to rain down, Marsha quit struggling and was soon begging to serve her mistress daughter. "Oh please mistress, please mistress have mercy on me. I will obey your commands. Please let this slave serve you." Marsha said hoping that promising to submit that the punishment would stop. In spite of the pain, something in Marsha's brain clicked. After dominating her friend and watching her accept her slavery, Marsha's mind was filled with submissive fantasies. Now being punished by her daughter was bringing those fantasies to life. The result was her arousal was now skyrocketing and her pussy was soaked. When Karen changed position and brought the belt down the center of her ass and the end smacked her dripping pussy, Marsha screamed as her body exploded sending pain and pleasure throughout her extremities. Karen stopped and watched her mother convulsing as her entire body was consumed with sensations. She dropped the belt and slid her hand over Marsha's hips stopping at her rear passage. She took a few seconds to lightly push on her anal ring before continuing down to her gaping and dripping slit. Marsha was no longer in control and gasped as the touch increased the pleasure to new heights.

"Oh god" was all she could say as her body exploded in another orgasm. Karen smiled as she bent over, keeping her hand on her mother's pussy, and whispered into her ear, "Who owns you slut?"

Marsha groaned as her body was consumed with sensations pulsing from her head to her toes could only whisper, "You own me Mistress."

Karen grinned and lightly nibbled on her ear as she pulled her almost comatose mother to her feet and led her to the bedroom. "How could this day get any better? What started out having her BFF handed to her as a slave, then having Sarah's mother joining her kneeling and submitting next to her daughter? Now having her own mother joining them, was filling her mind with endorphins increasing her arousal to heights until now, she had never experienced.

When they walked into the bedroom, Karen stripped and lay on the bed. Marsha still handcuffed stood at the foot of the bed waiting on instructions. With her eyes taking in every inch of her beautiful daughter all she could think of was how much she wanted to please her. Karen looked at her slave mother and watched her face seeing the look of lust in her eyes said, "What do you want slut?"

Marsha flushed not expecting to speak, was humiliated having to verbalize her desires to pleasure her own daughter. "Please Karen, may I pleasure you?"

Smiling while watching her mother's humiliation, she pushed her further. "How do you want to please me slut?"

Marsha looked down at her feet and whispered, "May I lick your pussy Karen?"

"Karen? I am your owner now call me Mistress slut."

"Yes Mistress, may I use my tongue on your pussy Mistress?" Marsha answered.

Karen rolled over on her stomach, pulled her knees up under her and shoved her ass in the air. "Slut, crawl up and use your tongue on everything you see. Make sure you pay attention to both my holes."

Marsha crawled forward, leaned in and targeted the rear passage. She extended her tongue and started to rim her ring. Her mind and body was now relishing her submission to her new mistress.

For the next hour Karen had Marsha use her mouth on all of her body. She enjoyed the power of control over her now submissive mother. After several orgasms and no longer able to stand anything touching her sensitive clit, she pushed her new slut away. Marsha now lies on the bed exhausted from the constant effort of pleasing her mistress. Her face was covered with saliva and cum. Karen slid down and caressed Marsha's face and smiled. "You're going to be my favorite slut. You'll still have Jackie to play with as long as we have her. But when she is gone, you'll be my slave." She then kissed her mother deeply; she had never loved her more.

Marsha melted in the daughter's arms and accepted her kiss, her mind embracing the new arrangement and her body flushing with arousal. "May I cum now Mistress?" Marsha quietly asked.

"Not now slut, Maybe later when we have retrieved the slaves. Right now we have to pick them up and finish getting them ready for tonight." She answered.

Twenty minutes later the two walked out the door and headed to the salon.

Jackie and Sarah were sitting naked in two different cubicles. They had not seen each other since their mistress's left. It had been two hours with several different beauticians working on them. Their entire bodies had been worked over. Each had a manicure, pedicure, haircut, and facial makeover. Just when they thought it was over, they were instructed to lie back and contacts were inserted on their eyes. These were not regular contacts; they were designed to blind the wearer. Now both slaves were effectively blind. They could see light and shapes but nothing else. All during this process there were no mirrors. Both slaves had no idea of how they looked. Now blinded, the beauticians placed wigs on their heads and finished with their makeup. The slaves were now finished and ready to go.

As Jackie was pulled by her leash out of the chair and led out into the hallway, her body was shaking as being blind left her feeling very vulnerable and heightened her other senses. She had no idea of what she looked like and now she stood helpless and naked somewhere in the shop.

Sarah was standing in the hallway also blind and naked. She was still wearing her collar and leash but had no idea of where she was other than in the shop or who was around her. They hadn't let her see herself in the mirror, but there wasn't any part of her body that hadn't been touched. As she stood wondering what was next she heard Karen's voice.

Karen and Marsha walked into the shop, each was nervous about how the slaves would look. As the two mistresses walked down the hallway they each gasped. Standing in front of them were twins. Only if you looked closely could you see a difference in their age. Both were still naked and collared, but the wigs and makeup totally changed their appearance. Even if you knew them; you wouldn't recognize who they were. The manager of the shop walked up behind them and asked, "Satisfied?"

"Absolutely" Karen answered. Karen turned to her slut mother and said, "Mother, go take care of the bill and I'll dress our sluts."

"Yes Mistress," She answered. The manager heard her response and wondered what happened in the short time since they left, but smiled and led Marsha to the checkout.

"Ok slaves, time to get dressed." Karen said as she handed a bag to each slave. "Get dressed and I will lead you out to the lobby. You have two minutes or you will be punished."

"Yes Mistress." They answered.

Jackie and Sarah opened the bags feeling the contents trying to figure out what exactly they were expected to wear. When they emptied the bag they found out it was only a jacket. When they slipped it on they realized how short it was, it only came down to just below their crotch and had no buttons. Both Jackie and Sarah wrapped their arms around their bodies trying to cover as much as they could, but being blind they had no idea if they were successful.

Karen looked at the distressed sluts and smiled. "OK sluts, let's get out of here." She grabbed their leashes and pulled them out to the lobby. With both slaves now dressed almost identically they looked even more like twins.

When the two slaves entered the lobby, there were audible gasps from the women waiting on their turns. Now standing in the middle of the lobby, the two nearly naked slaves were blushing to their toes. With both slaves blind; and only hearing the gasps both Sarah and Jackie could only guess at what they looked like and who was looking at them. They didn't know if there was someone they knew or even if they were actually dressed. Marsha finished paying and turned to see the blushing slaves smiled and grabbed their leashes. "Let's get going sluts. We have another stop before tonight."

Every eye in the place watched as Karen walked out first, followed by Marsha leading the two slaves.

Twenty minutes later, Marsha pulled up to a tattoo, piercing, and fetish parlor. Jackie was shaking, as she didn't know where they were or any idea of what was going to happen to them. She was afraid and humiliated and now both Sarah and she were at the mercy of two cruel mistresses. Karen noticed her fears and said, "Don't worry slut, nothing permanent is going to be done today."

Both Jackie and Sarah relaxed a little but were still scared. Both were certain that anyone who saw them would recognize them. Little did they know that they could walk through school, as no one would have any idea of their identities.

When the car stopped, Marsha jumped out, opened the back door and commanded, "Get out slaves, this is the last stop before we party."

Sarah cringed she knew that there was supposed to be a party for the seniors out at a farm on the outskirts of town tonight. She had hoped to go before her master had taken control of her life. "They couldn't mean that party could they?" She thought to herself.

Now out of the car, Marsha grabbed the leashes and pulled them into the parlor. Once inside, the manager behind the counter smiled. "Those are some fine looking slaves." She said. "Follow me I have everything ready."

Both Sarah and Jackie imaginations were going into overdrive. Without being able to see and no idea of where they were all they could do was blush and whimper. Marsha pulled them down the hall and into a large room. All around them, hanging on the walls were all manner of bondage apparatuses. Chains, cuffs, spreader bars, clips, whips, floggers, blindfolds, everything a person could want to bind and whip a willing or unwilling participant. Sitting on a table in the center of the room were two sets of chains.

Karen smiled and said, "Those are perfect Ms. Starkweather. Would you help us put them on?"

"I'd be delighted my dear." She answered. "Bring one over and I'll show you how these work." Karen grabbed Sarah's leash and said, "Drop the coat cunt. You won't need it anymore."

Sarah pulled the coat open and slipped it off her shoulders. She was now naked and trembling with excitement. She felt a pull on the leash and followed it but had no idea of where she was being led.

When Sarah bumped into a table she stopped and waited for instructions. "Stand still cunt this will only take a couple of minutes." Karen said.

Ms. Starkweather grabbed the first set of chains. Each set consisted of a wide steel collar. It was hinged and had a locking hasp. It looked almost medieval. Attached to a ring on the front of the collar was a one and one half-foot chain that led down to a 4" diameter steel ring. Extending out from the ring were several other chains. One was about two feet long went around the waist, two longer chains with cuffs on the ends, and the shortest chain designed to go between the legs and attach to the waist chain. Next to the each set of chains were two steel cuffs each with six-inch chains and a locking hasp on the end. The chains were not delicate but heavy gage steel, each link almost a quarter-inch thick. Each of the cuffs matched the steel collar.

Ms. Starkweather removed Sarah's existing collar and replaced it with the new one. When closed and locked it left no doubt she was a slave. Once the collar was locked in place, she grabbed the long chains and cuffed them around her ankles. Sarah gasped as the weight of everything caused her shoulder and neck to bow reminding her of her place. She then took of the two cuffs with the hasps and cuffed her wrists. She grabbed the waist chain and pulled it tightly around her body and attached the end back to the other side of the center ring. She secured the hasps from the cuffs to the waist chain and locked them in place. Sarah was now completely secured, her arms chained to her sides.

Karen pulled Jackie over beside her daughter and copied Ms. Starkweather's example and soon both slaves were standing wearing only chains attached to each extremity.

Jackie moaned as just the weight of the bonds sapped any residual resistance and implanted in her brain complete submission.

Karen looked at the slaves and was almost giddy. "Is this everything Ms. Starkweather?"

"Not quite my dear. We just have a couple of details to finish everything up." She answered.

She walked over to a shelf on the wall and pulled down two large vibrating dildos and some lube. "Here take this one and insert it into your slave's cunt. When it's fully seated, take the last chain and feed it through the loop on the end. Then pull it up to the back and tightly secure it to the chain around her waist. The vibrators are remote controlled and the batteries should last at least a couple of hours. I'll give you a couple of spare battery packs in case you need them. The only thing else if you want would be to shackle their legs together with hobble chains. If you do that I would suggest you remove their heels. Being blind and hobbled they could fall and hurt themselves. I like my slaves barefoot though. It makes them feel even more like a slave. Their only possessions are the chains. They have absolutely nothing."

"OOOH I like that. Let's do that. May we have a couple of hobble chains?" Karen moaned.

"Why certainly my dear, I have a couple right here." She answered as she pulled a couple of 1-foot chains off the wall. The two women knelt down in front of the slaves, removed their stiletto heels and attached the short chains to their ankles.

Karen then grabbed the center rings on each slave and pulled them across the room. Both slaves had a little trouble adjusting to the hobble chains but followed the lead of their mistress.

Jackie and Sarah both groaned as they tried to move. The heavy chains on their bodies weighed them down not only physically but mentally as well. The crotch chain pulled and pushed the dildo in their cunts raising their arousal and deepening their desire to serve their owner. Just as they were adjusting to walking, Karen turned on the vibrators on low. Both women gasped as it moved deep inside their bodies.

Ms. Starkweather then spoke, "OK let's finish this up and you can be on your way." She then let the four women into a room across the hall. Inside the room were a couple of chairs similar to barber chairs. "Have the slave sit down in a chair and attach their collars to the headrest." Marsha and Karen followed directions and soon both Sarah and Jackie were secured to the chairs.

Ms. Starkweather then pulled out two temporary tattoos and placed them on a small table beside each chair. "These are temporary but should last at least a couple of weeks." She then went to work placing the tattoo on Jackie's chest right above her tits. When she finished applying it and pulled off the paper backing, Jackie now had in large font "SLUT" stretching across her chest over both tits. It was large enough that in order to cover it she would almost have button up a blouse completely to the neck. She then turned to Sarah and did the same, but this time it was "CUNT". Neither slave had any idea of what was placed but both knew it was humiliating. She then handed Marsha and Karen their leashes and said, "We're done. If you would follow me to the checkout you can be on your way."

Karen took the leashes and said, "Go take care of the bill and I will bring out our slaves mother slut."

"Yes Mistress," Marsha answered.

Ten minutes later the two slaves were loaded in the car on the way to their final destination for the evening.

Katie sat at her computer going over the recordings from Marsha and Karen's house. She watched as her slut stepmother and her cunt stepsister were being dominated. She smiled as she watched the slaves sink deeper into submission. But then out of the blue, the surrogate mistresses dressed the slaves and left the house. This was unexpected and unwanted. Katie had not given permission for the slaves to be exposed in public. If anyone were to do that is would be her. She fast-forwarded the recording till she watched Karen dominate her mother. Even though this was not unexpected the slaves were nowhere in sight and this pissed Katie off. She fast-forwarded again but saw nothing more than an empty house. Katie immediately called first Marsha's cell and then Karen's but both calls went straight to voicemail. Katie was now panicking, as she was no longer in control. This was not supposed to happen. The whole purpose of this was for Katie to dominate Jackie so she could protect her but give her what she desired. Now these two fucking bitches were out of control and no telling what they were up to. Katie quickly made a couple of calls and grabbed her purse. She was now going to lower the boom and take complete control over Karen and Marsha.

Jackie and Sarah sat quietly in the backseat of Marsha's car. They had no idea of where they were. After an indeterminable amount of time the car stopped and the back doors opened. "OK slaves out of the car." The two submissive women slid out and stood with their heads bowed.

Karen spoke to her slut mother and said, "Get their outfits out of the trunk slut."

"Yes Mistress." She answered.

"Slaves, here is what is going to happen. You are going to a party and you two are going to be the entertainment. The fun part of this is you won't have any idea of whom you're with. Won't that be fun?" Karen stated. Both slaves gasped and started to back up. But blinded and shackled they only ended up against the car. Both Jackie and Sarah started to whimper and tears flow down their cheeks.

"Please mistress; we can't be exposed like this. I will be ruined. I will lose my job and possibly end up in jail. Does our master know what you are doing?" Jackie pleaded.

"Oh shut up slave. What you don't know is that you are totally unrecognizable. As long as you don't speak, no one will know or even guess it's you. And as far as your master, the fool gave you to us and we're in charge now. We control your lives now and this is happening. Now we're going to dress you and you're going to this party. You're going to blow anyone who sticks a cock in front of your face and you're going to get your first cum bath. Now shut up or I will gag you." Karen said.

Jackie bowed her head and said, "Yes Mistress."

Marsha closed the trunk and handed Karen Sarah's clothes if you could call them clothes. Karen grabbed a top and tied it around Sarah's tits. It consisted of a sheer veil six inches long and one foot wide. Attached to the top corners were two strings that tied around her body. The "SLUT" tattoo was in plain view. Karen then grabbed the skirt, which was in essence just a loincloth. It was two pieces of the same sheer veil material, eight inches wide and ten inches long. Each piece had two strings so they could be tied around the waist. Although they felt they were covered, the sheer material hid nothing.

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