tagIncest/TabooKatie's Devious Mind Ch. 06

Katie's Devious Mind Ch. 06


Karen watched as the two slaves lay on the garage floor expecting them to panic after she exposed them as submissive slut slaves. However both naked, shackled, and cum covered women simply had a look of contentment on their faces. It appeared that they were actually relieved and accepted their status. Karen looked at the men standing around the slaves. Only three of them had actually gotten off but the slaves were hardly functioning. She leaned over and grabbed the slave's leashes and pulled them towards the door to the house. Marsha standing behind her mistress daughter wondered what was going to happen when she heard Karen speak.

"Mommy slut, it looks like the slaves are done for the day. Drop to your knees and finish off your friends and send them home. Come inside when you finish. I'm sure their master is wondering what we did to our slaves."

"Yes mistress," Marsha answered and dropped to her knees on the pillows.

The men looked at each other and smiled, none of them could believe what they had just witnessed. However they weren't going to argue. Soon Marsha's mouth was filled with cock while another filled her cunt. The others crowded around her stroking their cocks while Marsha worked to please them all.

When Katie left her apartment she called Gary and told him she needed some help. She explained the situation and told him if he worked with her he would have plenty of access to two very submissive slaves to use. All she wanted was for him and a large friend to drive to their home and pick up a couple of naked submissive women. While he was there he could satisfy any urges he may have but he had to bring the slaves back safely. It didn't take Gary long to agree as he was now thinking with his little brain instead of his head. Katie then headed home. It would take a little more than an hour if she hurried. While on the way she signed onto her remote server with her iPad to monitor Marsha and Karen's house.

As she drove, she watched as Karen had her step-mother and step-sister start servicing the men. When Karen exposed Jackie and Sarah's identities she almost wrecked her car. Katie screamed at no one in particular as she realized that being a master/mistress was more than just ordering slaves to humiliate themselves but also to protect them and keep them safe. She made a big judgement error with Marsha and Karen. She thought that because they were friends they would play with the slaves but not put them in harm's way. Now she had to fix it and punish them for taking advantage of her family.

As soon as Karen entered the kitchen door from the garage the phone rang. She picked it up and Katie's disguised voice was heard across the room.

"What the fuck did you do to my slaves? Who do you think you are to take them out without my permission?" she screamed.

"Calm down. You gave us control and we did exactly that. You're online and we're here. They're our slaves now. You can watch but we now own these sluts." Karen answered.

"Oh you think you're in control?" Katie said, "Well let me set you straight. When you and your slut mother decided you wanted to partake in this adventure, you gave me total access to your computers and security system. Neither you nor your mother has any secrets from me. I know everything about you. I know all of your family and how to contact them. I now control all of your accounts and passwords. I have taken control over everything you own and all of your money. Oh and as an added kicker I taped your little incestuous get together this afternoon. I'm sure that when I send it out you both will be the talk of the town."

Karen gasped, "Wait a minute if you do that then your slaves will be exposed too!"

"Oh but you already did that. It's either you do as you're told or I will ruin you. I will leave you broken, penniless and in jail. Your entire family will disown you." Katie spat into the phone.

Karen started to panic, her mind was now confused and fear was raging deep inside her body. She wanted to run out and get her mother, but she was out in the garage fucking her ex-boyfriends on her orders. Karen had taken control but now all control was suddenly whisked away as she stood alone in her kitchen. Her shoulders slumped as defeat enveloped her body and she surrendered to the master barking at her on the phone.

"What do you want Sir?" she asked quietly.

"In about an hour there will be two men at your door. You, your slut mother and the slaves are to be kneeling by the door naked. You're to remove the shackles from the slaves and put everything on you and your slut Mother. Give the keys to the men and follow their directions. I will contact you when I get my slaves back and inspect them. If I am unhappy with anything you have done I will take it out on you. You are not to cum for any reason and clothing is at my discretion. If you are lucky, come Monday I will release you from the chains and won't expose you to the world. Do you understand SLAVE?"

"Yes Master, we will do as ordered," Karen quietly whispered into the phone.

"Now put me on speaker," Katie ordered.

"Yes Sir," Katie answered as she pushed the button.

"Slut, Cunt, are you two alright?" Katie asked the two slaves kneeling on the floor.

"Oh yes Master," Sarah answered. "This cunt is here to only do as she is told. I am yours to use as you see fit Master."

"Yes Master, This slut accepts her position as your slave. I will do as you command without question or hesitation. I have been exposed to the world and now have nothing to hide. Please use me." Jackie said.

Katie was taken back by her mother's and sister's comments. The slaves were not cowering on the floor, but proudly kneeling awaiting their next order. She smiled as she knew that they had totally succumbed to their submissive nature. However as she watched and listened to her slaves she realized that they needed her more than ever. She had to protect them and keep them safe.

"Remember my orders Karen you have less than an hour. I will be in touch." Katie said as she hung up the phone. She then turned to the computer to watch her new slave hurry to complete her tasks.

Marsha had finished with the first two men as each had spewed his seed into her body. But instead of stopping there, the men changed places and started over. Marsha was now sitting on John's prone body with his cock deep in her ass. Mike was buried in her cunt as another cock was fucking her face. Marsha was no longer an active participant but just a warm cum dump. Her mind had shut down with all the sensations. As each man deposited his load Marsha could only groan. There was no pleasure no orgasms she just wanted to finish the job and do as she was told. When they were finished they walked out of the garage leaving her on the floor covered in cum.

Karen listened as the Master hung up the phone and turned to check on her mother. When she opened the door and peeked into the garage, all she could see were six men surrounding her mother fucking her in every hole. She gasped as she realized that she was in over her head. Her mother was being brutalized, they no longer controlled their lives, and she had exposed her best friend and mother as slaves. Karen felt very small and very much like a kid. Instead of rescuing her mother from the men, she quietly closed the door and ran to her room crying.

Twenty minutes later, she heard the men leave the garage. Karen summoned all her strength and walked downstairs and opened the garage door. Laying on the floor, her mother, semi-conscious, covered in cum and piss as each man had relieved himself before they left. She ran over and hugged her mother crying. "I'm so sorry mom. I lost control and we're in trouble. I thought I knew what I was doing but I've fucked everything up. I'm so sorry mom," she cried.

Marsha opened her eyes and looked at her daughter. She was no longer her mistress but a scared little girl. "Sweetheart it's OK. I'm OK. I don't care what happens we have each other. We'll get through this," Marsha said as she wrapped her arms around her crying daughter. "Now tell me what happened while I was fucking the world."

Karen looked at her mother and laughed. "It wasn't quite the world mom."

"It sure felt like it. I don't know if I'll ever walk right and I think my ass may never close." Marsha said as she smiled. She was just hanging on but her daughter needed her to be strong. She was back in charge at least for now.

Karen explained Master's call and how pissed he was. She told of the threats he made and the instructions he told her. Marsha sat for a minute before she spoke. "OK then I guess we need to get things ready for the visitors. Grab the keys and let's release slut and cunt. You go down and take off the chains and I'm going to take a quick shower. I may not have another chance when they get here. Should we take out the contacts? Maybe it's best if we leave them blind for now," Marsha said.

Karen nodded and slowly got up and helped her mother up from the garage floor. They then walked into the house to get things ready.

Katie arrived at her home about 45 minutes after her call to Marsha's home. Gary and his friend arrived a few minutes later. Katie explained where to go to pick up her slaves and what they should do to Marsha and Karen. Gary stood looking at Katie and sighed. "Katie what in the hell were you thinking? How could you treat your family like this? I wondered why you wanted me to set everything up in your house but I never thought this would happen. Do you think you can fix this?" Gary asked.

Katie looked up at Gary, tears streaming down her face and said. "I don't know if I can, but what I do know is I want to punish those two bitches that abused my mom and sister. I know I pushed them a little far but they loved every minute of what I did to them. I had no intention of ruining their lives. When that fucking slut bitch Karen identified them to those men she went too far."

"Please Gary; I need you and your friend to go get my family. The two fuck-ups will be naked next to my mom and sister. They will be chained and kneeling on the floor. I need you to get them back here safe and sound. You can do anything you want to the chained sluts but bring the others back here." Katie pleaded.

Gary looked at his friend. He wasn't a fighter but he was a large man. His friend was just as large and the two of them would be pretty intimidating. He looked at his friend and back at Katie. "OK we'll do it but you'll owe me big time. What about next week. Do I still get two slaves to service the professors?"

"Oh thank you Gary, of course I'll owe you and yes you'll get your sluts for next week. Only it might not be my mom and sis. I'm thinking I'll send those other two. As far as what I owe you; just let me know what you want. If it's me you've got me. This time there will be no limits. I'll do whatever you want." Katie said as she looked down at the ground. Inside her head she felt that this would be a good punishment for having lost control and ruining her family's lives.

Katie watched as the two men left and headed over to pick up her family. She then sat down to wait till they returned. She was thinking of how she was going to tell them that she was their master and how she was going to make it up to them for her mistakes.

Gary and his friend Mike sat in the car for a minute, no one said anything till Mike turned to his friend and said, "Man you have some fucked up friends. What are we going to do when we get there man?"

"Hell I don't know, I've never done anything like this before. Let's just play it by ear and see what happens. You never know maybe we can get a blowjob or a quick fuck. But if anything seems fucked up let's just grab Katie's mom and sister and get out of there." Gary answered.

"Sounds good to me." Mike said.

Ten minutes later Gary pulled into Karen and Marsha's driveway. The two large men walked up to the door and walked in. They stood inside the door and looked at the four naked women kneeling in the hall. Jackie and Sarah knelt with their knees spread wide and their hands behind their heads. The temporary tattoos were prominently visible just above their tits. Beside them Karen and Marsha knelt, both were wearing the chains that had recently adorned Jackie and Sarah. The collars with the locks, their hands attached to the waist chain, and the shackles and hobble chains on their ankles. Both were afraid to look up at the two large men. Neither knew what was going to happen. Karen was shaking with fear as she knew their Master was very pissed at her. She was certain that she was going to be whipped, flogged, or beaten as punishment for trying to steal the slaves.

Marsha was also shaking, but she was shaking because her body was out of control. Just a few hours ago she was a mistress to her friend and daughter, then she surrendered all control to her own daughter. She was then fucked mercilessly by several of her old boyfriends and left in a puddle of cum and piss. Now here she is kneeling in her own front hall, chained, shackled, and helpless, about to submit to two unknown men. Her mind was wallowing in the humiliation and arousal, and her cunt was dripping down her thighs.

Gary smiled as he took in the scene and looked over at Mike standing beside him. He winked at Mike as he said, "Where are the keys to the locks slaves?"

Karen, without looking up, opened her hand with the keys. "Here they are Sir," She said quietly.

Gary took the keys and grabbed Karen's chin. He pulled it up and looked into her eyes. Karen stared into the large man's eyes and shivered. "Please have mercy Sir," she begged.

Why should I slut? Did you have mercy on your friends? Did you protect them? Or did you abuse them for your own pleasure?" Gary demanded.

"I'm so sorry sir; I didn't follow instructions and abused my power." Karen said as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Damn straight you did, now you are going to pay the price. You two turn around and push your asses up and start to pay your debt." Gary said as his mind was being seduced by the power he now had over the two beautiful chained slaves in front of him.

Mike looked over at Gary and smiled as Marsha and Karen rushed into position, exposing their most private areas to the men. Gary watched and waited till they were in position, and then removed his belt. "As part of your punishment you are both to receive twenty lashes from my belt. Then I want you both to beg us to fuck your asses. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir they answered in unison.

Gary turned to his friend and said, "Care to start us off?"

"I'd be happy to," he answered as he was now getting into dominating the two chained women.

All this time, Jackie and Sarah quietly listened to what was happening. Sarah heard her friend admit she abused them but didn't understand. She is a slave and what happened to her was what happens to slaves. Instead of feeling relief at being rescued, Sarah wished she was in Karen's position. She was craving being spanked and fucked in her ass. Jackie also listened and waited for her instructions. It didn't matter what was being done to others. The only thing that mattered was to follow commands and do as she was told. Jackie felt at peace with her position as a slave.

As soon as Marsha and Karen were in position, Mike swung back the belt and brought down a viscous blow on Karen's exposed ass. The crack of the belt was so loud that it took a split second before Karen screamed as the pain shot thoughout her body. A large red welt streaked across her ass. Before she could gather her senses the second blow landed just below the first. Again Karen screamed and tried to move her hands to block any further blows. But the chains attaching her hands to her waist prevented any such maneuver.

As blow after blow landed on her ass and welts appeared over welts, Karen was blubbering and begging for mercy. When the last blow landed, Karen was no longer thinking of anything but pleasing the men.

"Please fuck my ass; I need a cock buried in my bowels. Please, please deposit your seed deep inside my ass." Karen Begged.

Mike handed the belt to Gary and dropped his trousers. His cock was harder than at any time before. He knelt down behind Karen and spit on her upturned ass. He then rubbed the head up and down her slit, using her own moisture to grease his cock. He lined it up at her sphincter and pushed. Karen screamed as her ass was not ready for the intrusion. Mike stopped as his mushroom head pushed past the entrance. He waited for a second before he pushed harder; pushing at least 4 inched inside the tight passage. Karen was crying and gasping as the pain shot out from her ass. However Mike was not in the mood to give her any relief and pushed again, burying his cock entirely in her bowels. Karen was shaking as the cock felt like it was splitting her in two. When he started to move in and out of her ass in slow long strokes, Karen was panting and trying to relax her ass to relieve some of the pain.

Gary took the belt and stood behind Marsha. He looked down at the slut in front of him and brought down a vicious blow that almost knocked Marsha down on her face. She screamed as the pain shot out and shut down all body functions. On the next blow, her bladder release and piss streamed out and landed on the floor. Gary moved out of the way and proceeded to pound her ass again and again. By the time he was finished, Marsha was incoherent and begging to serve him in any way he wanted. Gary opened his pants and pulled out his cock. He knelt down behind Marsha and shoved his cock into her abused ass. There was no finesse, just hard fucking. The only good thing was that Marsha had just been fucked a short time before and her ass accepted the intruder with ease.

The two men pounded the sluts' asses with abandon till their climaxes rose from deep in their bodies. Soon both shot their loads deep in the bowels of the slaves. When each finished they grabbed the head of the slave and shoved their cocks down their throats for cleaning. When they finished they shoved the slaves down on the floor and said. "Your Master will contact you tomorrow. Remember we have the keys and only if your Master wants will you be released. Mike and Gary turned to Jackie and Sarah and pulled them to their feet. "Come with us you two. We are taking you to your Master," Gary said.

Karen watched as her friends brutalized the fucking sluts that abused her family. She smiled a weak smile as she knew it was her fault that this all happened. As she paced the floor, her mind wondering how she was going to tell them that she was their Master and how could she expect them to forgive her. She dropped to her knees and started to cry. She was so ashamed.

Ten minutes later, the men showed up with Jackie and Sarah. Both women were still blind and weren't sure where they were. When they walked into the house, Gary told them to stand in the hall. He walked into the family room and spoke quietly to Katie. "I hope you know what you're doing. I'm not sure they know where they are. They have some kind of contact in their eyes and can't see anything. I've never seen anybody so submissive. I think you might have taken this too far."

Katie nodded and gave him a hug. Thank you so much for all you've done. I watched you punish those two bitches. They deserved what they got. You guys go ahead and leave, I got this." She said.

After the guys left, Katie walked into the hall. Jackie and Sarah were kneeling beside the door with their hands behind their heads. Katie grabbed her voice synthesizer and spoke to her slaves. I'm going to take out your contacts. Please shut your eyes when I remove them. I will let you know when you can open them. Both slaves answered in unison, "Yes Master."

Katie knelt down in front of Sarah and carefully removed each contact. Sarah obeyed and closed her eyes. She moved in front of Jackie and did the same. Katie stood and paced for a minute before she spoke again. I want you to know that I never wanted you to be outed to the world. I made a huge mistake trusting those two women. I will make it up to you. When I tell you, I want you to open your eyes. I'll then explain everything to you."

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