tagIncest/TabooKatie's Devious Mind Ch. 07

Katie's Devious Mind Ch. 07


Katie knelt down in front of Sarah and carefully removed each contact. Sarah obeyed and closed her eyes. She moved in front of Jackie and did the same. Katie stood and paced for a minute before she spoke again.

"I want you to know that I never wanted you to be outed to the world. I made a huge mistake trusting those two women. I will make it up to you. When I tell you, I want you to open your eyes. I'll then explain everything to you."

Katie stood on front of her mother and sister. "OK, open your eyes."

Both slaves opened their eyes and blinked trying to focus. When they looked up both women gasped as they saw Katie.

"KATIE?" both Jackie and Sarah screamed as one, "What are you doing here?"

Katie cried and swooped down and hugged both women. She was almost hysterical thinking that she had ruined both her Mom's and sister's lives. The three women sat in a close embrace holding on to each other, each needing to tell the other what had happened. None of them could speak but each needed each other to know their love. When Katie pulled back, she looked down and took a deep breath and started to speak.


"Katie wait, I need to tell you something," Jackie interrupted. "The last few months around here things have changed. I want you to understand that we still love you and hope you can understand. But Sarah and I are slaves. We are owned by our master. We do so willingly and completely. Please try to understand but this is what we want." Jackie let out a huge sigh and looked closely for Katie's reaction.

"Mom, Sarah, I know. I'm your master!" Katie said.

"What? No, you can't be, our master is a man. He has been training us and has waited till we accept our slavery to revel himself. He is to be here any minute." Jackie explained.

"Mom, listen, I'm your master. Do you remember when I caught you naked and watching porn? You know the weekend I took you shopping? I recognized then that you were a submissive. I guess I always knew. I remember when Dad was alive and he dominated you. I didn't understand till college but I knew you were a submissive. That weekend I had a friend tap all of your computers and installed cameras all over the house. I watched you both for weeks. I knew everything about you; all your internet surfing, your diaries, even your account numbers and passwords.

"I lured both of you and released your submissive selves and ended up being your Master. But I was a bad master; I lost control and put my slaves in danger. I thought I knew what I was doing but instead I may have ruined your lives. I'm so sorry," Katie cried.

Jackie and Sarah sat in stunned silence, neither could say a word. Each was thinking back over the last few months. It was Sarah who finally broke the silence.

"Wow Sis, I guess I never really knew you as well as I thought I did. All I want to say is, don't be sorry! I'm not, I've learned a lot about myself and I'm OK with what I learned. I don't know how you did it but I'm glad you did. I can't think of anyone else I would want for my master but you."

Jackie nodded as she watched and listened. "Katie, I've been missing something in my life for several years now," she finally began. "When your father died, it left a large hole in my heart, but it also left me without direction. I need that direction and being a slave satisfies those needs. You may have made mistakes but what you did for both Sarah and me filled a need we both had. Only we didn't understand it till you came around. Please don't be sorry; I am a slave!"

Katie looked at the two of them; both had big tears flowing down their cheeks. Both had big smiles and both slid off the couch and dropped to their knees.

"Please Master, may we call you Mistress?" Sarah asked as she looked at her mom and giggled.

Katie was stunned; she thought they would hate her forever. But instead they had truly embraced their submissive selves and now identify themselves as her slaves. "Of course, slaves always call me Mistress."

Sarah laughed and jumped into her sister's lap and kissed her firmly on the mouth. Katie, taken aback accepted the kiss and returned it deeply. Soon both sisters were passionately kissing and caressing each other's bodies. Jackie watched for a moment, then slid behind her mistress and nibbled on her neck, while sliding her hand down her back and onto her ass. Soon the two determined slaves stripped their Mistress and bathed her with their tongues, bathing her with their love and devotion. Soon Katie was naked with Jackie between her legs and Sarah nibbling on her nipples. Katie orgasmed twice before she was able to take control. She ordered both slaves to the master bath to clean their bodies. Even though slut and cunt playfully caressed and played with their Mistress, it was clear that Katie was in charge. Everyone knew that this was the bonding time that they all needed. Tomorrow they would start their new life as Mistress and slaves.

Once they got to the bathroom and entered the large shower, Jackie began to wash Katie's body starting with her hair while Sarah dropped to her knees to wash her feet and legs. The two slaves gently and thoroughly cleaned their Mistress, meeting in the middle of her body. It was then they stopped using the luffa and started to use their tongues. Jackie cleaning Katie's hips and ass as Sarah licked Katie's stomach, working down to her core. Soon both slaves had their tongues buried deep in Katie's orifices bringing her to multiple orgasms. As Katie's legs gave out, the two slaves gently lay her down on the tile floor and continued to pleasure Katie's body. Finally Katie could take no more and ordered the slaves to stop and dry her body.

Once that was complete, the three women retired to Jackie's king size bed. The Mistress/slave relationship was blurred for the next couple of hours as they each took turns pleasuring each other. When all their bodies were sated and they no longer had any energy to continue, Katie turned to her loving slaves and asked, "I know I pushed both of you into this, but when did you realize that this was what you wanted?"

Sarah answered first. "I think it was when you made me go downstairs and fuck myself with the cucumber. I thought Mom was just in the next room and I was scared to death that I'd be caught naked and masturbating in the kitchen. But in spite of the fear, my mind couldn't resist your commands, and I didn't want to either. If Mom caught me I would just tell her that I was my Master's slave. From that point on I would never refuse any command."

Jackie leaned over and kissed Sarah gently on her lips and smiled. "It was the following week for me. When you had me cuffed on the porch, naked, and told me that Sarah was on her way home. My body and mind exploded. I was afraid to be caught, but exhilarated to think I would be caught and have to admit I'm your slave. Then when Sarah got home and seduced me I had what I think was the most intense orgasm of my life. When I came to and saw Sarah kneeling on the floor I realized that we both were slaves. My mind, though, still resisted some, but I think that is when I truly accepted my place as your slave."

Katie listened to both of her slaves describing when they embraced their status and smiled as she remembered the episodes, during each of which Katie remembered she too had massive orgasms and could only think of possessing her slaves.

The women talked late into the night and just before they were about to sleep, Katie sat up and said: "Slaves, tomorrow I am taking complete possession of you. But this time there will be rules. I want you to understand that I've learned a lot these last couple of days and I believe these rules will assure you that I will protect you forever. Katie looked at the two of them and said quietly, "I accept your servitude and will strive to be a good Mistress. Here are the new rules."

I will never allow someone else to dominate you without first setting firm rules on treatment, exposure and conduct.

I will protect you with my life. I will never knowingly put you in a position of danger. That doesn't mean I'll spare your punishments, but it will never be more than you can take.

You will each give me a safe word or phrase. I will always honor that and, if you use it, I will stop immediately whatever is in process and release you.

You will serve me unquestioningly and without hesitation. Failure to comply will mean punishment.

I will control everything whenever you are at the house; what you wear, what you eat, when you go, when you cum, everything.

When outside the house, you will follow my instructions and dress how I see fit. You will address me as Mistress at home and when we leave as Master. I will use your slave names of cunt and slut whenever at home.

We all will use our real names when out in public, unless I say otherwise.

I will write these rules down and we will all follow them. Agreed?"

Both Jackie and Sarah beamed and vigorously nodded their heads and said: "Oh yes, Mistress, we agree."

The three women lay down with Katie in the middle and Sarah and Jackie cuddling up next to her on each side. Soon all were in a deep sleep each dreaming of what might happen tomorrow.

Sunday started with Jackie waking first and slipping out of the bed. She walked downstairs and started breakfast, her naked body alive with excitement. Her Mistress step-daughter and daughter were still sleeping upstairs. Jackie knew that her life had changed; Karen had already exposed her to many men. But instead of fear and humiliation, she felt at peace. Her body was relaxed and ready to obey any order given. She wasn't afraid of what anyone would think or the repercussions of her servitude. All that mattered was to make her Mistress happy.

Sarah woke up next and headed to the kitchen. As she walked into the room, her mother was busy fixing an enormous breakfast. As she watched her scurry around the room singing and smiling, Sarah slid up behind her and grabbed her tits. Jackie gasped as she thought she was alone, but he didn't resist. It didn't matter who was grabbing her, the thought never occurred to her to stop her. Jackie's body relished the touch as she leaned back into Sarah naked chest.

"Good morning Slut, is there anything I can do?" Sarah asked as she continued to caress her mother tits.

"OHHHH, good morning Cunt, oh that feels so good. Yes would you set the table?" Jackie answered between moans.

Shortly Katie walked through the door and watched her slaves preparing breakfast. As soon as they saw her they both turned to her and dropped to their knees. "Good morning, Mistress, please sit and allow us to serve you," they spoke in unison.

Katie walked up to her slaves and smiled; she gently touched their cheeks and sat down at the table. There was only one place set. "Yes, slaves serve me my breakfast," she commanded, noticing that her body flushed with power and arousal.

Soon Katie was eating a meal fit for a king; all of her breakfast favorites were around her. The two slaves knelt on either side of her smiling and competing for each morsel of food she would slip into their mouths. "You're going to make great pets, slaves." Katie announced. Both naked slaves shivered with excitement. When Katie slid her chair back, she ordered slut to kneel beside cunt. "Are you still hungry?" she asked.

Both slaves nodded and wiggled their asses, enjoying their new status as pets. Katie reached out and grabbed a piece of sausage and held it out in front of their faces. As they followed her hand back and forth, Katie tossed it across the kitchen. The slaves turned and scrambled after the morsel of food, jostling each other trying to be first and savor the bite from their Mistress. This time Sarah was faster as she smiled and chewed the bite and swallowed. Both slaves quickly crawled back and waited for the next bite. Katie laughed as she watched the slaves playfully push and shove each other trying to get a better position. Katie grabbed another piece and tossed it out the patio door and onto the patio. Both slaves scampered after the bite, there was no hesitation about going outside and eating the bite off the ground. Neither slave cared if the neighbors saw them or what they were doing. The only thing that mattered was pleasing their Mistress.

Soon Katie stood and ordered the slaves to clean the kitchen. She walked upstairs to pick out what her slaves would wear when they went over to Karen and Marsha's house. Katie smiled as she thought about how she was going to punish the two sluts that abused her slaves.

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