tagIncest/TabooKatie's Diary

Katie's Diary


Just getting out of the shower, I had to run down the hall dripping wet and get a towel because my wife was downstairs doing laundry in the basement and talking to an old friend on the phone. Obviously, she wasn't available to get me one.

Scampering down the hallway naked, I had looked over into my daughter's room only because it was there. She and her friends, who slept over, had left, leaving a huge mess in her room.

Jen and her friends, Tricia and Katie, were up late last nigh. Both my wife and I heard them laughing and chatting away and heard the quiet screams and gasps as if they were up to no good. For a few hours until maybe 3am, we heard them. Then it got silent, so I assumed, they went to sleep.

Jen's room was a mess. Clothes, towels, underwear, and books were all over the place. "What the hell, I thought, what a mess!" I began to go in and start cleaning up the mess. I knew Jen's clothes when I saw them. These were not Jen's clothes.

She was conservative in nature in what she wore. She never wore underwear like the stuff I was seeing. I saw a lot of sexy stuff all over the floor. As I said, this was not Jens.

My boys had gone to basketball early, so I was hoping they didn't see this mess or go in. Jen and her friends were at least 18 and she had a very mature personality for her age. She was also physically mature for her age.

I started to bend over and pick up this crap and realized it was not Jen's stuff. "Whoa, I thought, this is quite grown-up for these girls. Oh well, they are getting older and more independent. I have to deal with it", although, I was becoming a little curious in their choice of clothes.

Instead of actually picking the girls underwear and other clothes with my hands, I kicked it all into a pile between the beds, which I probably shouldn't have done in hindsight. I went to pick up and stack the 'books' and to my surprise, these were their diaries. I didn’t know they still kept them.

Jens wasn't around or in sight, at first. Katie's was and I didn't read it at first. It said on the opened page, "Mr. D. and my thoughts and feelings and D. Jr.", dated 2-12-04.

"HUH? I thought, no do not read". However, it said Mr. D and D Jr. I could not resist. I couldn't stay away!

I should have respected it. I should have. Sitting on the bed now, I was thinking of Katie, Tricia, and Jen too. No one was around. The diary started in like this: "I like D Jr. He is sexy. What a body, what a smile and eyes. He is so sweet."

D Jr. is my son David, a year older at 20. Continuing, it said, "I wanna more then just be with him, I wanna do him! Do him all over! I would like to slip my hand down his jeans and feel him and his C and see what it's like and see how he grows in my hand."

Now, Dave Jr. is a sophomore in college and Jen and her friend's are freshmen.

“Whoa, stop it”, I thought. Somewhat interesting, but gross also, it’s my kid I’m reading on and on about and she wanted to have him and get naked with him. It goes on to the next page.

Now, it started out with something entirely different! "Mr. D, wow! He is so damn fine! He has that chest that is just what I like and those love handles!"

(Katie was a chubbier girl and real pretty with a round and slightly plump ass, but it was sexy).

“Whoa, what the hell”? I read on, "I'd love to lick him up and down. I would love to feel his dick in my mouth! OMG, would I. I don't know why, but he is soooo sexy. He is funny too. He always is so open and sympathetic.”

”He always makes me feel welcome here. I love him I think, not that kind of love, but I am attracted to him. I wish he knew that. It would be so cool if he knew how I feel."

She goes on about wanting to be touched by me and kissed all over. I realized at that point I had a hard on. I had a full-fledged boner and I didn’t have a towel or clothes on.

I was so aroused by what she wrote. I read this and didn’t even hear anything around me. Nothing! I had been in her room a half hour and didn't even realize it. My wife was still downstairs, but I wouldn't have known it.

I was so into her journal. I combed thru it. She had written about me before. Me? Me? I was so damn horny; instinctively I had reached for my cock, which was already hard. I read her entries and I was so into them because she had turned me on with what she wrote!

She was into her fantasies also and how she described sitting down on top of me and sliding her hott pussy on my face as she would hold her boobs up and smile with her eyes closed.

I was hotter than ever; I got up and went into my room with her diary; I rested myself on my bed with the door wide open not thinking at all! I was into Katie's journal; I didn't even hear the front door open! I didn’t hear the footsteps. I didn't hear them giggling. I was in my room, reading intensely and stroking my dick! It was hard and rumbling with that white greased lightening! I was so damn horny and excited! I was burning up with arousal.

Totally naked and laying on my bed, I didn't hear anyone in Jen's room. I didn't notice anything or anyone go into the bathroom next to my room. I didn't see a body or shadows even.

I was so engulfed! My mind worked overtime fantasizing. I was almost there. Ready to explode, thinking quietly yesss, yesss, yesss! I didn’t say anything! I was jacking myself off as I read Katie’s thoughts!

All of a sudden, I saw something! It was Tricia!
"Ohhh my Goddddddddddd", she screamed! "Ohhh my gawd" again she screamed!

At the exact moment that she screamed, I exploded, I cummed and cummed up and into the air and Tricia saw me ejaculate. She became grossed out horribly!

At the exact same instant and for whatever reason, she felt the need to peak in to my room and see me masturbating!

Why, why? "Ohhhh grossss, eckkk", she screamed. There I was cumming all over my hands, all over my belly, and my thighs and cock; nothing at all went on Katie's diary, not a drop!

Jen was still downstairs. Katie came running down the hall. She of course looked in and she saw me completely naked too and didn't know how to react, but she saw what looked like her diary and she was embarrassed, very embarrassed!

Hell so was I and I quickly slid as fast as possible, underneath my covers. Tricia immediately left the room disgusted. Katie didn't know exactly what to do. Jen was running up the stairs and down the hall. Under the covers, I tried to wrap a towel around me at that point but as I tried, everyone could see cum all over me.

Katie did and she said, "What, oh my God that's my diary, ohhh nooo" in mock surprise!

Then Jen came into my room finally and yelled at me after seeing what occurred. Screaming and disgusted with me, she yelled out, "How could you daddy? How could you? That is so gross!" She started crying and screaming at the top of her lungs and even yelled some profanities at me.

Now my wife comes running! "Jesus I thought, damn, how am I ever going to explain any of this to her, how?" I leaped into the bathroom, locked the door, and cleaned up. Now my next thought was how to return the diary. Then after that, I wondered how I was going to apologize to Jen and explain this to my wife!

Everyone forgot about it at that moment, except Katie. I finally came out and behind everyone else, she stood there and looked at me and smirked.

Then she blushed and mouthed the words, "Send it to me, and send it by mail.” No one saw her say it but me and she winked.

Obviously, I had to explain everything to my wife, which was not pretty. Somehow, I had to explain what occurred, to Jen. That was definitely not going to happen; my wife took care of that. I was in the doghouse. I didn’t know for how long.

Anyways, I was doing research for work a couple of days later. I got this email from Katie. "I hope it was worth it. Can we talk sometime?"

I didn't respond for 2 days after that. I had to communicate eventually; but what I would say was the question. I secretly did want to get it on with her; it would be cool! I didn't know if or when I would be with her.

Either way, I did know deep down that, it wasn’t going to happen! I couldn’t let it. I would email her soon enough with the right response.

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