tagErotic CouplingsKatie's Exploits Ch. 03

Katie's Exploits Ch. 03


Any woman who had had two mind blowing sexual encounters in a week would consider her self lucky and be content with her life, well content at least for a week. But I wanted more- I still wanted Dan Metellus the Professor Ancient economic history despite the one night stand with Jerome.

I had been huffing and puffing after that big gorgeous wolf for over a week but this little piglet hadn't been treated like a tasty morsel despite the much wriggling of the tail. The wolf apparently had been taking lessons in sainthood.

The 'bending down episode' seemed to have an opposite result. He was avoiding me like plague. He taught with his eyes staring straight and after giving assignments he walked out briskly with his female fans following him around the campus like sticky toilet paper. I was beginning to lose hope and began to keep to myself. Kirk tried to keep my hopes up but he too had begun to feel that maybe the Professor was an ethical man who didn't fuck his students and wasn't going to make an exception.

Sighing to myself I watched as he handed back the rated assignment papers. I hadn't done a good job this time and wasn't expecting a spectacular grade but when my sheet came to me I was in for a shock he had given me a D minus. I had never received that low a grade since my kindergarten art class. Staring at the paper I felt my cheeks flame and blood rushed to my ears. This was humiliating for me and from the smirk on Anna's face, who had passed me my assignment sheets, it wouldn't be long before it became a public knowledge that the brain of the class had fared so badly.

'Fuck the whole nasty bunch' I thought and glared back at her.

There was a cough and I heard Dan say "I have written a time on the back of the sheets for the students I would like to meet in my study. If any of you would like to make a change meet me after the class" and with that he began his lecture on Chengez Khan the Mongol Invader.

On the back of my sheet the time given was six in the evening which meant that I was the last one to be berated. He was going to make life difficult for me. Sighing I tried to concentrate on the matter at hand and when Kirk tried to see my assignment I pinched him hard on his thigh.

Raising his eyebrows at me, he snatched the paper, and when he saw the grade his brows climbed even higher on his forehead. Flipping the sheet he saw the time and a smile slashed across his lips. Giving me the thumbs up sign he went back to making notes on his laptop and when I tried to pass him a written note about my feeling crappy about it he refused to look at it and shoved it inside jeans his pocket. At that very moment I wanted to kick the butts of both the Professor and Kirk's all the way to Timbuktu.

After the lecture ended I watched the usual swarm of students descended on the Professor again and walked out with him.

Turning towards Kirk I saw him holding his 'A' graded sheet against his puffed up chest. I snapped at him and said "Don't be a juvenile Kirk, it doesn't suit you."

Smiling at me innocently he replied "What's the problem Katie? Can't get your mind to move from your libido to your books? Or is it because you're scared of the Professor?"

Stepping out of the hall with him I grumbled "Just that I have to meet him so late. The class load is heavy today and I will be real tired by evening and you know that after six in the evening the buses run after an hour. So I won't be home before seven thirty. That self-absorbed jerk."

Putting an arm around my shoulder he walked alongside to the next class and said "Don't call the fellow names. You bought it on yourself. If it makes you feel any better Patrick and I can cook dinner tonight."

Patrick was now practically living at our apartment. They had made their 'coupledom' public to whoever was willing to listen and they were always together. After a while it became too nauseating for me to watch them coochie cooing all the time and I expressed my feeling quite candidly, to which they laughed indulgently and said that I should find someone to love not fuck. They were assholes in love.

'Thanks' I said to him and mumbled under my breath about the endless candle lit dinners and violins that were drove me crazy every night. And as Louise the hag marched in to take our next class, Kirk settled down next to me and said "I heard that."

The rest of the day passed very fast and the butterflies in my stomach refused to settle down. And before I knew it was about six in the evening and I was standing outside the heavy oak door of his study.

Just when I raised my hand Saul came out and smiled at me and said "Welcome to the Lair. I barely managed to escape with my skin intact."

Walking into the study my eyes grew accustomed to the dark surroundings. Wood shelves were lined with books and a scent of sandalwood wafted to my senses, soothing my nerves and prepared me to face what lay ahead.

"Ah Miss Parker how are you? Have a seat." Staring at the man sitting behind a big desk I sat on the edge of the chair. He looked a little grime making my heart miss a few beats.

'He is not going to eat you up, you nincompoop.' I chided myself and held the mangled assignment sheet tighter in my sweaty palms.

"Can I have a look at your assignment Miss Parker?" he asked Gulping a breath in I smoothed out the tortured sheets and passed it to him over the desk. Raising an eyebrow over their tattered, damp condition he went through the four sheets and then sighed. Getting up from his chair he came around and sat down on the desk next to me. His leg touched the back of my fingers that were clutching the arm rest of the chair and heat raced down from my fingers to the pit of my stomach.

Sighing he bent down a bit and put the assignment on the desk in front of me and said "Katie this is your first assignment and it's downright lousy. You topped your class last year and this doesn't reflect your caliber. It's well below average. What's going on?"

Looking at him in the eye I nearly told him that my cunt was interfering with my brains. That all I could think about was sex with him in different positions, that all I could think was seeing him naked in my bed.

But all I did was bite my lip and look down at my clenched fingers.

Tipping my chin he looked into my eyes and said "I know there is this attraction between us Katie and it's time we did something about it or else it will interfere with your studies."

I couldn't believe my ears 'What did he mean by that? Sex?' My mouth went dry and I just stared at him.

He stood up and said "Stand up Katie and bend over the desk."

"Huh?" I stared up at him

In a strong voice he said "Move your ass and bend over."

Feeling nervous and excited I stood up and bent over his desk. The cold wood chilled my skin and made the nipples hard against my bra. Closing my eyes I wondered what was coming my way. I heard him push the chair back and then he pushed my skirt up and pulled my red thongs down.

Taking deep breaths in I told myself to remain calm but then a cry of surprise passed through my lips when I felt a light welt of pain streak a horizontal line on my buttocks . Turing to see what he was doing I saw him holding a scale in his hand.

"What the?-" "You need to be punished Miss Parker. This is for your own good. Please look ahead while I dish out what you rightfully deserve." Another whack followed his words

"This one is for distracting me in class" Whack three hit my buttocks and made me close my eyes

"This one is for wearing the blue thong and making me so horny that I cancelled the rest of the day's lectures"

Whack Four followed but this time the slight physical pain mingled with the pleasure that was waking up in my pussy. I pushed my ass a little higher to meet the much deserved punishment

"This one is for your bad assignment Miss Parker and the last one is a warning."

The last whack was followed by a caress by his hands .

Closing my eyes I rested my head against the cool wood and wondered what would be the next course of action.

There was silence for a few seconds and then I felt his hands cup my butt and he leaned on my back and whispered in my left ear "Have you learnt your lesson Katie?"

Feeling his cock push against my hot stinging buttocks I nodded

He bit my ear and strained his cock harder against my hips. The cloth over his cock brushed hard against my tender skin and the friction made my arousal even more intense.

Wanting more I whispered "Yes but-"

He grabbed my breasts from the back and leaned into me and said "Are you questioning my authority Miss Parker?"

Feeling his hands caress my breasts through the clothes I tried to frame a thought in my mind . But my body was treacherous and all I could think was of the heat that was building up in my cunt. My clit was swollen and the feel of the hard cold wood against my vagina made me want to turn and fuck him then and there. But he was the master here and if I wanted things to head my way then I had to submit to his rules.

"No I'm not questioning your methods"

He began to rip my pink blouse and I could hear the little buttons popping out. His hands then massaged the tops of my breasts. I wanted to tell him to tear open my bra and hold my breasts . My nipples were pebble hard and demanded his attention. Groaning I brought my arms to my sides and pushed on the wood a bit. I heard a low laugh and felt his hands pull the blouse of my shoulders. He then unzipped my skirt and pulled it off my legs one by one. As he came up he kissed each of my smarting cheeks and rested his face against my butt.

Then I felt the cold hardness of the ruler move up and down on my crack. Sucking my breath in anticipation I wondered what he would do next. But what he did shocked my sensibilities and yet made me buck a little in pleasure. He gently moved the scale against the swollen lips of my clit to and fro. I couldn't take it anymore, my nipples and cunt demanded more than what they were being given.

Holding my bra covered breasts in my hands I moved against the long width of the scale.

He whispered against my ear "You like that don't you?"

"Yes" I panted. The heat in my clit was building up.

"You're a real hot bitch you know that?" he said and I heard a metallic sound and then heard a sound of his pants falling to the ground.

And as he parted my butt cheeks he said "You deserve what's coming to you . Teasing me the way you did , all I could think about was fucking you hard so you would cum but again and again"

He then shoved his cock into my tight asshole. Feeling his hard muscle plunge into my ass the pain drove me a little crazy. Unable to hold back a little cry I moaned "ow it hurts."

To which he pushed harder and said "So it should, punishments are supposed to be pleasurable"

But his words belied his actions. He moved back a little, adjusted a bit and began to fuck me in the ass.

Soon enough the pain was overtaken by pleasure, the nerves around my hole began to pulse and send shivers of desire to my clit. But access was denied so I began to buck against him.

"More" I whispered "I want more. Take me from the front, fuck my pussy ."

But he laughed, moved his hands from my waist and tore open my bra, causing my brown tits to fall into his waiting hands. He began to twist and pull my nipples as he moved in me and as he plunged into my hole he panted into my ear "don't talk back. I will do as I please."

Unable to stand the pleasure that was reeling my senses I began to moan louder. The juices from my clit began to stream down my thighs and frustration made me thrash my head back and forth.

"Cant wait huh? Want to fuck me that badly eh?" his smug voice filled my ears.

Turning my head a little I looked into his flushed face and said in defiance "I've wanted to feel your cock in me since the moment I laid eyes on you. I've wanted to see you cum in me, to feel the spurt of your hot seed in my hole. I've wanted to be fucked by you Professor Metellus every frigging minute."

He stopped and stared at me. He then moved away and I felt his cock slide out of my arse hole. Turning me around he pulled me up in a sitting position and kissed me on the lips. He cradled my head in both his hands and sucked and nibbled on my lips and slowly moved his tongue in and out of my mouth as if his tongue was fucking my mouth.

I moaned against his mouth and held on to his arms. And I realized that he was still wearing his shirt. As he kissed my mouth and the sides of my neck I opened the buttons of his shirt and then plunged my hands in to feel the smooth skin it held within its fold. Looking down at his hard proud eight inch cock I let my fingers drop from his chest to enclose his manhood in a loving wrap. He groaned and leaned into my hands.

Reveling in the power I had over him I measured the unleashed power in my hands and lightly ran my fingers up and down the eight inch length and unable to stop myself I pushed him away , got down from the table and paid homage to his beauty .

His breathing became shallow and I could hear him pant. Sucking his dick I felt the thick length pushing towards my palate and he moved closer towards my mouth. Holding his tight buttocks I pulled him closer and began to suck his cock hard. It was my big sucky , my hard lollipop and I meant to draw the hidden nectar into my very being.

Massaging my head he rasped "God, I dreamt about this for so long. I wanted your lips on my dick. I wanted to feel you hold my balls in your hands. But what I want most of all is to know your sweet, delicious pussy."

Pulling me up, he picked me up and laid me on a leather couch that was next to the table. The cool smoothness of the leather against my naked body made the whole situation more erotic. Spreading my legs wide I began to massage my clit and smiled up at him. A low laugh rumbled in his chest.

Bending down on his knees next to me, he removed my hand and began to eat my pussy. His tongue rasped against my clit, delving in between the tiny divide between the lips he rotated his tongue and at the same time sucked the lips. Pleasure fizzled through my thighs and a hot flame of desire curled in my womb. Bucking against him I pulled his head closer to my bush and with the other hand I twisted my tit .

The juices began to flow and the smell of my aroused sex mixed with the smell of the incense. I couldn't stop the keening noises from escaping my lips and I wanted hs cock in me. Pulling him up I stared into his spring green eyes and said "I want you now. Can we stop playing?"

"Sure babe. Let's make some noise." And with that he slid his hard length into my waiting cunt. The walls of my cunt lovingly closed around him and as he slowly drilled into me, sweet hot pleasure engulfed my senses, turning my body into a hot house of pleasure.

Wanting to give him total access I wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust forward and felt him plunge deeper and deeper. His dick seemed to be reaching deep into my mouth of my cervix.

"Like it?" he rasped "Should I stop?" and he slowed down his movements

"No" I begged "fuck me harder" I whispered "How hard? Like this?" And he bucked against me like an ardent twenty year old and just when I was about to climax he slowed his movements and fucked my cunt slowly and thoroughly.

"You prick" I panted wanting the orgasm that was denied.

Nipping my neck he chuckled and said "what's the hurry? Got a bus to catch"

I dug my nails into his buns and replied "I want more. Cant play like this anymore."

"So we stop playing. Lets pay attention to the lesson I am teaching you then." As he said that he grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my head back. Tears clouded my eyes but I stared into his emerald eyes and thrust against him.

Kissing me hard, he began to pound in me in long deliberate strokes and with each thrust my cunt quivered demanding more and more pleasure. My wet pussy began to tremble and I lost all control. Screaming as the waves of delight pounded my cunt I gyrated against him willing the climax to take me to higher planes of ecstasy. He bent down and bit down on one of my bouncing breasts. Pain and pleasure mingled together and drove me over the edge. Orgasms after orgasms racked my body and he stabbed his hard rod in me one last time and I felt his hot wad shoot deep within my pussy. He came in me long and hard and as he tried to catch his breath he laid his head on my breast.

Gently he nudged his satiated dick out of my cunt and lay back on the couch and pulled my back against his chest. We lay together in silence. His large hands began to play with my tits willing them into hard nipples. I sucked a breath in and felt his hand travel down towards my clit. Rubbing our combined juices of love over my stomach he began to create more wet heat in my clit.

Pleasure snaked around my cunt and slithered towards my womb and I began to move my hips against his flaccid dick, waking it up again. He parted my butt cheeks and drove his prick into my asshole. The pleasure was too much . His clever fingers drove into my pussy and his prick fucked my arse. Moaning and gasping with hot delight I lifted right thigh and put it over his waist giving him more access to my cunt. His nimble fingers found my G-spot and the resultant pleasure drove me out of my mind . As I multi- orgasmed he rolled me on my stomach and drilled his hard cock into my tight hole.

My body had become his fucking rag doll. Biting down on my shoulder he grabbed my breasts and fucked me harder and harder. And just when I thought the rod would drive me mad with unending pleasure he surged and shuddered against me . His hot cum branded me as his and seeped out of my hole.

Getting off me he lay back on the couch and rubbed the cum on my back and said "You are the best fuck I've had in a long time."

Laughing under my breath I snuggle my arse against and him and tell him "I'm not gonna fuck again. My pussy is too fuckin sore."

He chuckled and replied "That's what you get when you wriggle your sweet arse in front of a horny professor."

An amicable silence descended on us. Just then we heard a knock on the door and heard a voice call out "Professor Dan? It's me Louise, I've come for the evening coffee you promised me."

Shocked we both stared at each, Dan hadn't locked the door. We scrambled for our clothes but it was too late.

The door opened in slow motion and in walked the frigid Louise Beard.

Frozen like a couple of naked jack rabbits caught in the harsh glare of the speeding headlights we saw horror seep into her winter blue eyes.

A trembling hand touched her mouth and she softly said "Oh my god!"

To be Continued...

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