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Katie's Neighbors



I'm a long standing web-friend of the sexy "moistmomma" (see Katie's Cinema Morning, Daddy Darren, Drew's Mom 1 & 2, Meet the Keathleys). I told her about my fascination with her Katie story and the potential for further episodes of the goings-on in the little town of Riverside, and, as she has less time to write at the moment, she gave me her permission to carry on Katie's saga for her. This is my first attempt which, by the way, she has seen and endorsed.


Katie jumped as Gary grabbed her from behind and hugged her, his powerful arms warmly comforting. "Mmmmm," he said softly, his mouth at her ear. "Eying up the talent are we, hon?"

Katie giggled and pressed back against him. "You do it all the time, baby, so why not me?"

"Absolutely! You know I'm for anything that fires my baby's pussy". One of his hands slid between the folds of her bathrobe and down over her belly to find her pouting cunt lips. "Oh baby – so wet already!" Gary chuckled delightedly.

"Well, look at him," Katie whispered, turning to brush his cheek with a kiss. "You have to admit that he's seriously sexy."

Gary studied the boy in the front yard across the street. Young Brett Nelson was a problem kid – Katy and he were only just on speaking terms with his parents but had learned enough to know that the boy had a truly independent spirit. As usual in one that young, it had led him into all sorts of trouble. But both he and Katy had commented over the last twelve months on how sexually attractive he was becoming and right now he was washing his family 4x4 wearing only a pair of gray gym shorts.

"Yeah!" Gary breathed. He rubbed himself up against Katie's ass and she could feel the hardness of him.

His fingers were still stroking Katie's pussy lips- he now slid them in and caressed inside her and she groaned heavily.

"Bet you'd love to be fucked by that one, hey baby?" Gary whispered urgently. "Bet you'd really love to have that kid pounding his cock inside you!"

"Damn, Gary ... you're gonna make me cum if you're not careful!" Katie ground herself back against her husband's hard shaft.

"Mmmmm!" Gary's breathing was urgent and warm in her ear. "Guess he's turning us both on. Fuck, look at that amazing ass! Why are boys' asses so fucking gorgeous?" Brett was bending down to clean the wheels and his shorts cut tight into the crack between his firm young cheeks. "Did I tell you that his dad was at the porno cinema again on Tuesday evening? I've told you before, he's got a really nice dick on him. I wonder if the kid's inherited that gene?"

"That place amazes me," Katie chuckled. "First I find Don in there ... bank manager, pillar of society, lay minister and all that. And then you tell me that Curt Nelson goes there! Hell, Gary, he teaches Sunday School!"

"Mmmmm," Gary mused. "Wish I'd had a Sunday school teacher like him when I was a kid." He nuzzled Katy's ear, whispering, "Some kid off the street came in and Curt had him suck him off."

"Noooo!" Katie giggled. "Not Curt Nelson?"

"Heck yeah, baby. Drove him wild. He was fingering that kid's ass like there was no tomorrow!"

"Gary," Katie pleaded. "Please can we go back there again real soon?"

"God yeah, baby. Maybe this weekend? Even this morning would be good!"

They were watching the kid finishing off the wash, both lost in their own particular reverie. Suddenly, Gary had an idea.

"Just a moment, hon ... let's see what I can set up"

"What do you mean ....?"

"Just stay here, just like this." Gary moved round to the front of her and opened her robe to the point where it only just covered her breasts. "Stay right by the window, just like that."

With that, he was gone and Katie heard him pad barefoot down the stairs. Seconds later, he emerged below her and sauntered over to where the Saturday newspaper had been chucked onto the driveway. Katie realized that he, like Brett, was in shorts and had now slipped on a pair of sandals, but otherwise he was naked and, although he had adjusted his erection, it was still distorting the front of his shorts.

Gary picked up the newspaper and then, casually placing it in front of the bulge, sauntered over to the kid who looked up in surprise when he heard him: "Mornin' Brett. How you doing?"

"Hey, Mr. Petersen!" He was surprised that the handsome neighbor had troubled to come over to say hello, and his expression showed that he was expecting a follow up question. But none was forthcoming and, as he resumed his cleaning, Gary leaned against the car and chatted amicably; having once been a summer camp leader made it very easy for him to chat with a kid like this.

Katie could see the mild suspicion replaced by cool indifference, but gradually he became more animated and he started to laugh and joke with Gary. At one point, Gary made a very deliberate move to look up and then wave at her. Inevitably, Brett's gaze followed and he stared as Katie waved back, aware that her almost naked breasts were jousting against each other in the open neckline of her gown. She warmed to Gary's blatant ploy to show his wife's charms to the kid and she even leaned a little forward to wave more energetically. Brett beamed and stared openly, a confident smirk on his face, unworried that he was openly ogling the wife of the man to whom he was chatting.

Gary grinned, almost conspiratorially with the kid and then, his hand on his shoulder, turned him away.

Well, I did what he asked! Katie smiled to herself and turned to put on her slippers and then made her way downstairs to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.


"So where are your folks, Brett?" Gary asked, having just asked to speak with Curt Nelson, only to be told that his parents weren't there.

"Mom's away with my sister this weekend and Dad's taken her car into town," Brett replied. "And I'm grounded this whole weekend ... this is a punishment." He grinned at Gary.

"Oh yeah? Shirking studies, eh?"

Brett laughed. "No, nothing like that." He winked at Gary. "They found porn in my room."

Gary was taken aback for a moment, his mind only able to focus on the image of Curt Nelson at the porn cinema only a few days before, sprawled in his seat stroking his impressively thick cock and enjoying the admiring looks he had got from the other men around him.

"Porn? Well, as someone who appreciates porn, I have to admit that any form of punishment seems inappropriate to me, but then I'm not your father."

Brett looked up, grinning. "Really? You mean that even with a wife like yours, you still use porn?"

"Yeah ... she loves it."

Brett was giving the vehicle a final rub over with his dry cloth and he kept glancing at Gary, a saucy smile on his face, wondering just how the couple from across the road used their porn. The bulky package of his cock and balls showed clearly as it bounced beneath his gym shorts.

"Hey, want to have breakfast with us, kid?" Gary asked, adding: "As your folks aren't around." He knew that it was probably obvious that the invitation was a direct result of the sexual content of their discussion, but it didn't really worry him. He didn't think Brett was the type to worry the slightest about a thing like that.

"Great! Thanks!" Brett replied without hesitation ... and not without a glimmer in his eye. Gary, resisting the urge to reveal his own excitement, kept his newspaper where it was but was desperate to bring his new relationship with this boy to the level he wanted.


"Hey you guys," Brett grinned, wiping his mouth with his napkin. "Great breakfast! "

"Glad you enjoyed it, honey," Katie smiled from the kitchen side of the counter as she noted Brett gazing at her tits through the opening of her gown for about the fortieth time!

"Yeah...," he sighed, lost in his thoughts as his eyes lingered. Katie grinned, turning to place stuff back in the refrigerator.

"Bring your coffee back here, kid," Gary chuckled, sprawling on one of the sofas in the living room."

As Brett sat down and settled back, Gary called to Katy.

"Can you believe it; hon ... Brett was being punished this morning for having porn in his room."

"No!" Katie retorted from the kitchen. "Good job your folks weren't like that – you'd never have gotten out of the house!"

Brett laughed, loving the easy way the topic was discussed in this household.

"Think I should tell him what I was telling you earlier, baby?" Gary asked.

"About what, honey?" Katie retorted, switching on the dishwasher and bringing her coffee through to join them.

"What I saw Tuesday night?"

Katie grinned broadly and nodded.

Gary turned to Brett. "You know the Aphrodite downtown, Brett?"

"You mean that porn cinema? Yeah! Can't get up the courage to go there; I hear it's pretty heavy in there. Have you been?"

Gary nodded. "And not just me. I saw your dad in there."

"You're kidding!" Brett was genuinely shocked. He just stared at Gary, open-mouthed. "Naaah, he'd never go to a place like that. He's too straight – always quoting the bible at me."

"Really?" Gary chuckled. "Well I don't know what the bible says but I can't see a problem with a god-loving person also loving sex. Seems to me there are many worse things that a person can be damned for. But anyhow, it was your dad and he was ... er ... very obviously enjoying himself!"

"What? Wanking? My old man was wanking!"

Gary grinned and nodded. "Nice cock!"

Brett chuckled, shaking his head in wonderment. "Yeah, he has got a big one ... well, just seen it soft. Guess that's where I get it from!" He winked at them. "Fuck! I'd have loved to have seen that ... but if he goes to the Aphrodite, I can't go there now, can I?"

"Can't see why not," Gary replied. "Might do his attitude towards you a lot of good, if you confront him with his own secrets."

Gary grinned. "Yeah," he said. "Yeah, you're right, man!" He chuckled at the thought.

Gary grinned conspiratorially at Katie. "So how would you like Katie and me to take you there?"

"What?" Brett's face was a picture. "You mean ... both of you ... there ... now?"

Gary nodded.

Brett looked genuinely shocked as he turned to Katie. "You ... you've been there before?"

It was Katie's turn to nod, her face betraying her amusement at his incredulity.

"Fuuuuck!" was all the boy could utter.


By the time they drove away from the house and down Sycamore Drive, Brett was sitting forward, his elbows on the backs of the front seats, chatting to them.

"Do you reckon Dad might be there right now," he half-laughed, a little nervous at the possible confrontation with his father.

"I hope so," Gary chuckled. "It's about time he loosened up with you."

"You guys are so cool," Brett laughed. "I can't believe this!" He shook his head in wonderment.

There were a couple of minutes of silence before he spoke again.

"I have a confession to make."

"Oh? What's that?"

Brett gave a nervous little laugh. "I reckon I've got to come clean with you, seeing as you've been with me. I ... well, a couple of times ... I ... I sort of ... snuck up to your bedroom window at night. I mean, you two always looked so hot to me. I'd been sort of wanking in bed thinking about you and wondering if I could see anything."

"And did you," Gary laughed, loving this frankness and knowing Katie would find it hot too.

"Naaah ... but I heard you! Fuck you guys are loud!"

They both laughed and remained totally unphased by this. Encouraged, Brett continued.

"Fuck, I blasted a couple of really big loads against your wall!"

Katie turned to look into his eyes with a warm smile. "Mmmmm, I'd have loved to have seen that"

"Me too," Gary added, winking at Brett. He reached across and the boy gasped audibly as he slid his hand up Katie's nearest thigh and revealed her panty crotch, running a finger along the deep cleft where they cut between her cunt lips. Then he hooked the material to the side so that the boy could see the full fleshiness of her swollen labia.

"Shit!" Brett gasped.

"Imagining my cock plowing this, were you?" Gary grinned.

"Jesus, yes!" Brett husked, his mouth dry and open.

"Well, we must arrange for you to come over, mustn't we?" He winked again at the boy. "No telling what we could all get up to!"

"Oh, shit!" Brett moaned, collapsing back on the back seat, his hand clasping his throbbing hardon under his gym shorts. "Are you really serious?"

"Of course," Gary chuckled. "We'd love that, wouldn't we honey?"

Katie smiled sweetly in response, turning in her seat to gaze at where the boy was holding his raging erection. She looked up from it into the boy's eyes and saw the painful tension revealed in them. She desperately wanted to ask him to show it to her but knew that he'd probably explode as soon as he saw her gazing at it and she didn't want that, so she just winked and turned to look at the road again.

Brett saw her reach over into her husband's lap and craned forward again to watch as Katie unzipped him and pulled his thick sausage out. As she gently stroked the shaft, she turned to Brett again. "As you might have already guessed, Brett," she said, "my husband's bi. How do you feel about that, honey?"

"No problem, Mrs. Petersen," he said, licking his lower lip as he watched her caressing hand. "No problem at all."

It was only a short drive into town and in no time they were parking in front of the Aphrodite. It was set back from the road with a small car park in front.

"Shit! There's Mom's car," Brett hissed. "Dad is here!"

"Sure is," Gary grinned as they got out of the car and walked towards the entrance.

There was a small shop at the front of the cinema and Gary went up to show the passes to Carlos, the manager. He spoke to him quietly for a couple of minutes and returned with a third pass for Brett.

"There you are, kid," Gary passed it to him. "Your own pass for 12 months. Hope you get a lot of pleasure from it."

"Jeez, Mr. Petersen. Thanks! I owe you guys big time."

Katie winked at him. "Oh, you'll pay! Don't worry!"

The three of them laughed as they moved towards the inner door leaning into the cinema.

Carlos grinned at Katie. "You said you'd be back. You must have really enjoyed it the other morning?"

"Oh yes!" Katie whispered, placing her hand on his tattooed bicep and smiling sweetly at him. "You and the guys were very hospitable."

Carlos beamed and laughed loudly.

"What does that mean?" Brett whispered to Gary.

"We'll tell you later," Gary replied. "Let's just say for the moment that Mrs. Petersen was the center of attention! She made a lot of men very happy."

"Fuuuuck," Brett gasped, getting the gist of what Gary was saying. He looked at Katie. The smile was still on her face and she placed her hand on his butt cheek.

"Let's say I had the morning of my life, Brett." She stroked his firm buttock through the material of the gym shorts.

Carlos had come through with them and between the door and the curtain about four feet beyond, he turned and unlocked a door, holding it open for them.

"This used to be the projection room before these places turned to back-lit video screens," Gary whispered. "Sometimes Carlos lets customers use it. I thought it might be a bit soon to surprise your dad. We'll pick our moment."

Carlos shut the door behind them and they were alone. There was a long window at the front of the booth and they could see the screen through that but, if they stood on the platform just under the window, they could see the patrons. As they got used to the light, they could pick out more details and it was Gary who was the first to say: "Isn't that your dad, Brett ... just down here?"

Brett looked to where Gary was looking, the back row just below them. "God, yessss!" he hissed "It's him!" The tousled "dirty blond" head of hair was unmistakable. And sitting beside him, head on his shoulder was the sleek blond head of a young girl.

"Who's that with him," Katie asked.

"Damn ... God knows." Brett stared hard and then gasped again as his father turned his head and kissed the girl full on the lips. His hand was on her thigh and massaging it under her short skirt. Brett half-giggled with shock at seeing his dad like this. "Jesus! The dirty old man!"

"Easy, son," Gary chuckled. "He's only a couple of years older than me!" They both chuckled.

Curt Nelson turned his gaze to the screen where a young woman was being gang fucked by half a dozen Latino men and they could now see the girl's face.

"Oh my God!" Brett gasped.


"That's ... that's my sister's best friend, Debbie!!" He gazed at Katie and Gary in disbelief. "My old man's feeling up my sister's best friend in a fucking porn cinema!!"

Without the window, the couple would have been in touching distance. As Curt's hand slid further and further up into the girl's crotch, she squirmed against him and they could see here eyes were closed, blissful ecstasy on her face.

"I can't fucking believe it!" Brett hissed

Their eyes had adjusted enough now for them to be able to see the whole of the small cinema auditorium and they realized there was only one other guy in there, right at the front. He now got up from his seat and moved rapidly back and out of the cinema. The cinema was deserted – it was never very busy on a Saturday morning and that was probably one of the reasons why Curt had brought the girl there today.

Realizing that they were now alone, Curt shifted round more and, pulling her skirt right up, rammed two fingers in and out of her cunt.

"Oh FUUUUUUCK, look at that pussy!" Brett groaned. "I've wanted to see that for years ... damn!" He was massaging the front of his shorts and Gary and Katie could see the thickness of his rod now.

Katie placed her hand on his firm buns. "You wanted to fuck her?" she whispered in his ear.

"God yes," he moaned, loving the way Katie was caressing his ass and leaning back a little against her. She reached round him and, gently moving the boy's hand away, took over stroking his prick through the thin material of his shorts.

"Mmmmmm" she whispered softly in the boy's other ear. "Bet she'd love this cock, Brett. But just think of your Dad's cock spreading that gorgeous little pussy. Doesn't that turn you on?"

"Oh fuck yeah," Brett moaned.

The girl's hand grasped at the obscenely swollen bulge at Curt's crotch. He looked down and moved her hand away, finding his zipper tag and tugging it down a little. He then took her hand again and placed it over the zip. She took the hint and tugged it down, having to really pull on it to get it over the straining bulge. The flaps of his shorts peeled back and the swell of his package seemed to mushroom through the gap.

"Jesus!" Brett exclaimed as she bent down and licked the obvious ridge of his dad's hard cock. Curt arched his hips up in obvious pleasure and they could just hear his low groan through the panel.

Debbie was obviously no novice. She tested the heft of his shaft up and down wit her teeth, gently biting and making him writhe in his seat. His fingers fucked her pussy hard and her thighs parted even wider to give him better access. They could see that her panty crotch was stretched to the side and his thick fingers were glistening from her cunt juices.

Curt lifted his butt off the seat and Debbie immediately tugged down his briefs. There was a chorus of gasps in the little projection room as the three saw his fat veined cock spring up and slap against his hairy belly. Debbie gazed at it in and obvious mix of delight and awe. She lifted it and brushed her lips over the shining knob and they glistened from his precum as she then strained up to kiss him on the lips.

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