tagBDSMKatie's Place Pt. 02

Katie's Place Pt. 02


That night, in complete darkness, he had removed his suit and shirt and laid them down carefully on the floor. He didn't have his phone and the complete lack of any light made his watch as good as useless. She had effectively left him in complete sensory deprivation, unable to hear or see anything. He lay down and was soon asleep. He woke at various times but had no way of knowing whether ten minutes or ten hours had passed.

At one point he climbed to his feet and felt for the door. The metal was colder than the room as he pushed hard against it. He smiled as he imagined the padlock just inches away, that she had snapped shut and which he had no hope of ever opening. He felt very safe and relaxed as he lay back down and returned to sleep.

Katie was tossing and turning in her small flat ten minutes walk away. There was no air conditioning and the fan did little to cool the humid air. She lay in the middle of her double bed naked, having long since kicked off the sheet.

At 5am, just as the sun was rising, she finally gave up trying to sleep and stepped across her untidy room collecting several days of discarded clothing. With just a towel around her, she walked down to the communal laundry and stuffed everything into the washing machine. Carrying the keys to the cell that she'd kept close to her body ever since locking him up, she ran barefoot back up to her room.

She threaded the keys on to a silver chain that she wore around her neck and jumped into the shower. She washed her hair twice and scrubbed her body until steam and the smell of body wash filled her small flat.

She waxed her legs and dressed in a short blue dress that hugged her body, but did little to cover her legs. She put her hair in a neat ponytail and applied make up and heels. She finally returned to the laundry to retrieve and slip on a clean bra and pair of panties.

With two takeaway coffees in one hand and her keys in the other, she made the short walk back to the alleyway, stumbling a couple of times of the unaccustomed heels. She opened the door and walked into the back room where she un-padlocked the steel hatch.

A shiver of excitement ran the length of her body as she lifted the steel and saw the fit, bare-chested guy beneath her, shielding his eyes from the light.

"You still here?" Katie smiled as she crouched down, knees together and handed him a coffee through the heavy grille.

"Actually I was just leaving." he joked with his dry throat from lack of talking.

"Like to see you try!"

Katie giggled, shaking her head as she sat down on the grille above him and again slipped her feet through the bars. He noticed her new look. Even her feet which again she swung and which this time almost knocked over his coffee had been cut and painted pink.

"Well if the coffee's any good I may stay."

"Good I have a proposition for you," Katie said as she instinctively tried to cross her legs, but couldn't with the grille between her knees.

"A proposition?"

"I want you to help me make this business work."

"What business?"

"This business, my Aunt's business!" she exclaimed.

He smiled and rolled his eyes. In response she pulled out her dress from under her so that her skimpy pink panties were resting on the bars just above his head.

"Oh don't do that," he complained as he buried his face into the back of her calves.


"Because... I'm a guy who's just spend all night locked in sensory deprivation and now your body in that dress is giving me sensory overload!"

"Good." she smiled oblivious to the anguish she was causing below.

He ran his hand through his slightly greying, dark hair.

"There's more to this business than you know," he replied having finally refocused on the question.

"That's why I'm making you the offer. I need your help."

"Look I don't know."

Katie was pouting as she wrapped her ankles around his neck and squeezed.

"Look at it this way, who else can I ask?"

It seemed as though she needed his help, at least this might give him some leverage.

"Maybe we should talk in the cafe over another coffee."

"No I like you down there," she smiled as she tried to rub her feet against his face.

OK, it gave him no leverage. He grabbed her feet and again started to massage them mainly as a way of controlling them and stopping himself from getting kicked in the face.

"First I need to know my business partner's name." Katie said.

"Tom," he replied after a short pause.

"OK Tom, pass me your wallet, I just need to check."

"That's not necessary."

He was still distracted by her slim legs when she pulled them back through the bars and stood up.

"Maybe you will show me your wallet tomorrow!"

She spoke calmly, but firmly as she lowered the steel hatch cover, plunging him yet again into darkness. Standing in bare feet on the hatch, she counted in her head until she heard the inevitable cries of help from underneath. She listened with amusement they grew more desperate before finally reopening the hatch.

Katie then spent the next ten minutes going through the contents of his wallet while he rubbed her feet. Having examined and taken photos of the array of identifications and platinum credit cards she handed it back down to him intact.

"So you really are Tom."

"And you are?" he asked.

"Why, Katie," she giggled innocently.

The smiling brunette continued.

"You made the right decision to be my business partner. I wasn't going to unlock you until you did".

Tom smiled, although the seriousness of her voice and the way her brown eyes focused on him was slightly unsettling.

Katie closed the hatch and walked back down to the basement. She took the key from her necklace, where it had hung since her shower, and stepped bare foot into the cell.

Stood beside him, Katie looked very different to how she appeared when sitting on the grille above him. She was at least five inches shorter than him, slim, vulnerable and certainly less intimidating than when she'd had him under lock and key.

"Your home is very small." she observed as she placed one hand on each side wall of the room.

"It's not my home, Katie."

"Isn't it?"

"Don't you ever wear shoes?" he asked, keen to change the subject.

He pulled on his shirt as she ran her hand over his tight, fit abs.

"Katie!" he said admonishingly.


With her most innocent expression, she ran her fingertips up and over his slim, muscled chest, occasionally catching his eye as she did so. He had to button up his shirt to make her stop.

The various delays, instigated by Katie, meant that Tom didn't have time to return to his apartment to shower before his meeting and so Katie suggested that he shower at her flat instead. Carrying the keys to her flat and a badly drawn map, Tom finally left the place almost twelve hours after arriving.

Ten minutes later, he reached her small and very untidy flat, which comprised a single room with an ensuite bathroom. He was starting to see why Katie was so keen to make a go of her recent inheritance.

He picked up her tiny denim shorts that she worn the day before and that had evidently missed the early morning wash. He held the soft worn denim against his face where he could smell her scent magnified from many many wears. He quickly folded them up and put them down. What was he doing? Why was his path becoming so entwined with this woman's?

After clearing the bathroom so that he could shower, he left for his meetings. By early afternoon he had finished and returned to the alleyway with sandwiches and coffee. He didn't know quite why he'd returned. Maybe because he'd promised her he would, or because she had the ability to blackmail him, or because she needed someone to stop her getting into trouble. Or maybe just because he wanted to experience the excitement of being locked up by her one more time.

Katie opened the door, let him in and then deadlocked it behind him. She skipped over and handed him one of two notepads that she'd bought and a pen. Even though he'd just left a meeting where they had discussed a major transaction, no one at that meeting had had anything like this girl's infectious enthusiasm.

The smooth curve of her nose seemed more pronounced as she put on her best business face. Although standing there bare foot, wiggling her hips slightly did detract from the business like image.

"I want you in the cell so I can visualise our service!"

"Our service?"

"I hope you're not thinking of breaking your promise," she replied with determination that contained the slightest hint of menace.

Tom smiled as he put his hands up and led the way down to the basement and into the middle cell. She stood in the doorway watching him loosened his tie.

"What?" he asked.

She blew him a kiss before shutting the door on him. The sound of the door clanging shut and the padlock locking always gave him a chill of excitement and the pink panties that soon appeared sitting cross legged on the grille above him were also taking him to a place that he was trying to avoid.

"OK, sexy guys come and I lock them up," Katie spoke as she scribbled into her notebook.

"Well yes, but the punters may want a little more than that."

"Like what?"

Tom was determined to put her off and make it all sound too hard but so far it wasn't working. Her youthful enthusiasm would take more stopping. At the very least he needed to make sure she knew what she was getting into.

"Discipline, caning, face sitting..."

"Sure, no problem," she replied as she wrote more notes.

"But you have no experience of any of this!" Tom was getting exasperated.

"I have the rest of the day to practice sitting on your face."

"They may want certain role plays." Tom continued.

"Sure, they play the role of the guy locked up tight and I play the mean bitch with the keys."

The pink panties disappeared and the hatch slammed shut. A minute later there was a jangle of keys and Katie was back with him in the cell.

"Lie down!"

He rolled his eyes but obeyed as Katie stood with one foot either side of his head.

"Let's see how difficult this sitting on people's face think really is, shall we?"

With that she sat down straight on his face with her full weight and stayed there until he struggled.

"Air, Katie, I have to breathe."

"Go on then," she replied a little annoyed that she hadn't worked that out.

"And maybe kneel down first and then lower your butt more slowly and sensually?"

They spend the next hour experimenting with every position they could think of, both enjoying the feeling.

"Do I past teacher?" she finally asked.

"You're good, you have one cute butt," he panted.

"That's good as I have a guy coming this afternoon who wants me to sit on him."

"What? No way!" Tom exclaimed.

Katie, who was now sitting on his chest, reached behind her and unbuckled his suit trousers and reached inside. Tom started to protest and tried to sit up, but she slipped forward so that she pinned him with his head between her thighs. She squeezed her thighs together as she continued to massage him.

But then, before making him come, Katie simply stood up and walked out of the cell. Tom realised too late and by the time he got to his feet she had closed and bolted the door. Tom stood in the pitch black and listened desperately as she locked the padlock.

"No Katie, don't do it." he cried.

"I'm sorry I have to shut you in Tommy."

"I thought were business partners?" he said trying to play her at her own game.

"I promise I'll let you out when he's gone."

Rubbing herself against his face had turned her on and she sat down, legs apart leaning against the outside of the door, and with her hand inside her underwear brought herself to orgasm.

At the same time, Tom was leaning against the inside of the same door, knowing that there was no possible way out. Why was he so concern anyway, he hardly knew this girl? Surely he hadn't started to care that much. He could still smell her scent on his face. Her body, that was now out of reach, was about to pleasure another guy. But surely he couldn't be jealous, could he?

The hatch in the ceiling opened for just a second and something dropped to the floor. He felt for it and unable to see, held it up to his face. It was her pink underwear, no doubt some sort of present to keep him company while she was away.

Shit, she probably was up to this job, within less than a day she'd taken him from uninterested to bordering on the obsessed. When she finally released him, he would need to find a way to extract himself from her web, without any comeback or blackmail. Although as he lay on the small mattress in the dark, with her panties held to his face, he knew it wouldn't be easy.

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