tagBDSMKatie's Place Pt. 03

Katie's Place Pt. 03


Katie smoothed her dress down as she climbed the steps back to the reception. She dropped the keys that would unlock Tom's cell into her handbag and picked up the keys to the second padlock, the one she would be using to incarcerate her afternoon guest.

Katie hadn't known her Aunt that well, only that she had money and always dressed beautifully. On the rare occasion that she visited Katie's parents, she had driven a small Mercedes sport car. More often than not, though, she was travelling around the world, seeing things and going places that Katie parent's never had. Judging by the amount of money Tom had given her yesterday, things were starting to make sense.

She had always admired her Aunt and now she had a chance to emulate her. If she got this right, she could have everything her nut had. The excitement of this revelation had given her a focus like never before. She sat on a wooden chair in the reception nervously tapping her bare feet on the floor as she thought.

The last few hours with Tom had given her a much better insight into why he visited a dominatrix. It seemed to be more than just a sexual experience. After all, Tom could easily achieve that by hanging out in any of the bars in town. Instead, it seemed to be a way to take him away from the stresses life. For anyone locked in a cell, the only thing to do is listen and wait for their release. In that way, it brought them into the present as good as any meditation.

What Katie didn't understand yet, was why the power her role gave her infatuated her so. Possibly it was because she liked Tom? He was a good looking guy, but somehow she suspected that she'd enjoy locking other up just as much. Was it because her Dad had left them, or that every other guy she'd met had been an unreliable bum? Maybe this was just her chance to get revenge on the male of the species. But then she wasn't trying to get revenge on Tom, far from it.

It was after 8pm by the time punter number two had left, Katie walked over to her handbag and fished around for Tom's key. After a frustrating minute of searching she tipped the entire contents of the bag out on to the counter, some of which then rolled and clattered on to the floor. With the key found, she clutched it in her hand, returned to the basement and unlocked Tom's padlock. She flicked on the light and pulled back the heavy steel bolt.

"How did it go?" Tom asked casually, sitting on the mattress with his back pressed up against the corner of the cell.

"Good, I did what you suggested and he seemed happy."

"I'm not surprised."

Katie sat down on the mattress next to him and smiled as he put his arm around her. She brought her knees up to her chest and cuddled into him.

"He asked if I could handcuff him next time," she said, obviously tired from the excitement of the day.

"You OK with that?" Tom asked.

"Mmm, but only if can do it to you first."

Katie climbed to her feet, recharged and reassured by the hug.

"Too bad we can't spend the night with both of us locked in here," Katie smiled as she pulled the door of the cell closed from the inside. "If only there was only someone the other side to slide the bolt across."

The thought of spending the night with Katie was certainly appealing, but what was left of Tom's sanity was telling him 'no'.

"I could call a girlfriend, one push and we'd be stuck together." she fantasised.

"Let me walk you home." he said, pulling on his jacket.

Tom pushed open the steel door and followed Katie through the small doorway and at Tom's request, Katie relocked the empty cell. He watched with interest as the muscles in both her toned arms and legs tensed and her hips swung as she pushed the bolt across. The way her athletic body moved was so sexy that he almost asked her to reopen the cell and lock it again with him inside.

Once Katie had finally found her heels, they walked together back to Katie's small flat. Tom placed his suit jacket over her shoulders to stop her short flimsy dress being buffeted by the wind and the first few drops of the approaching storm.

Over a week had passed before they met again. Tom had been travelling with work and it was well after dark when he returned to the alley and to Katie's Place. He opened the front door and walked in to find Katie dancing in the semi lit reception, with tinny pop music blaring from her phone. The short denim shorts were back, but this time washed and she wore a pink gym top. Her hair was down and was swinging as she moved.

"Quite night?" Tom asked as he walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek.

"No, fully booked."

Katie was smiling as she danced over to her phone to shut off the music. She then started to pat the back and the front of her shorts. After much patting, during which time she had a slightly confused look on her face, she dug her hand into one of her front pockets and pulled out two keys. With one in each hand, she proudly held them up to show Tom.

"This one is an older guy, but kind of nice. And this one is actually a couple, bit alternative. They only wanted to be locked up, which is just as well as I wouldn't know what to do to two people."

Tom smiled at how Katie seemed to have reduced her guests to keys stuffed into her pocket. But then given the set up and the very real difficulty of extracting them from the cells without those keys, then maybe it was fair enough. Those keys were pretty fundamental to her guest's future lives.

"You realise that those are keys and not people?" he smiled.

"Are they?"

"Yes, your guests are real people." he clarified.

"No you're wrong. Once locked up they become my property, exactly like these keys." she replied, playfully sticking out her tongue.

The reality was that Katie was charging so little for her services, far less than a night in an average hotel in fact, that she had already gained the attention of the city's fetish scene as well as others tempted to try something new. But even at these prices, she was making more money than she ever had.

But while she was playful and innocent, her service wasn't without risks to both her and her clients. The fact that she often didn't spend the night there, instead locking them up and returning to her flat, was an obvious risk. In the event of a fire, her guests had no chance. Tom had ordered her a portable bed which she'd promised to use in future.

"So what's your problem, you'll be a key soon." the brunette giggled.

"Just a key?"

"Yes and where exactly would you like me to keep you?" she smiled provocatively as she slipped her hand down inside the front of her tight shorts.

"Look I don't know about tonight."


Her mood changed suddenly and she stared straight at him. She didn't like to be refused. While he liked her, cared about her even, it was these sudden and dramatic mood swings that worried him.

"OK, why not," he smiled carefully.

Katie instantly switched back, her smile returning in a way that was disconcerting. She ran over and locked the front door before slowly unbuttoning and slipping out of her shorts.

"Great, I've got a new move I want to try out on you."

With the shorts hanging around one ankle, she flicked her foot and sent them flying across the room where they landed out of sight behind the counter.

"The keys are still in there." Tom said with slight concern.


"Well they're pretty important to certain people."


"Well I'm going to become one of those people!"

Katie ignored him as she slipped off her t-shirt and stood in front of him wearing only white panties and bra. The material obviously contained some elastic as it glistered slightly as it wrapped around her butt and breasts.

"OK serious now." Katie tried to suppress a smile.

Tom put his hands to his neck. Not again! Why does she keep doing this to me?

"Now at all times your lips must be in contact with my panties." Katie commanded. "Fail to do that and the next time I close the cell door it will be for good."

Her words and her body took his breath away and he could do nothing but kneel down and comply. Within seconds of her order, his mouth was pushed up against her clit. She then turned closely so that he was pressed against her butt.

"Push in." the girl demanded.

He pushed his nose deep between her cheeks and breathed in deeply. Oh shit, he was going to that place again. Still on his knees, he followed her closely down the stairs and into the basement.

Katie stopped by each of the two locked doors and inspected the padlocks, which were of course securely locked behind the steel covers that prevented anyone using bolt cutters. With his nose still between her cheeks he couldn't see anything as they moved on and into the far cell.

As Katie turned around again, so that he was again kissing her clit, Tom looked passed her hip to see three heavy chains that were padlocked to the metal bolts attached to the floor of the cell. At the end of the first chain was a heavy pair of rigid foot cuffs that could be closed and locked centrally with a single padlock. At the end of the next chain was a similar pair of rigid metal handcuffs. The end of the third chain had an unlocked padlock looped through the last link, presumably for locking around the prisoner's neck.

With his lips still in constant contact with Katie's panties, he laid on the small mattress while she knelt above his head. She positioned the foot cuffs around his ankles and locked them with a padlock.

He'd just been chained to the wall and lost the ability to separate his ankles by more than an inch. He could no longer walk or run and all he'd been concerned about was keeping his lips in contact with this woman's underwear. A moment later and she'd taken away the use of his arms by cuffing his hands together. Two moments later and she'd also locked his neck to the wall.

"Well done, you did it." Katie smiled as she stood up, hands on hips.

"Is that your new move?" he asked.

"What do you think?"

"It worked for me."

"Good, those cuffs cost enough."

He tried to edge his way closer to her sexy body but the chains held him frustratingly out of reach. The only possible contact was his lips with her bare feet and so he kissed them.

He looked up at the 'CK' label on the back of her panties, they were probably the most expensive piece of clothing that she owned, certainly the newest. She was just a poor young woman, with who knew what problems and issues. Neediness and a fear of betrayal and abandonment had to be on the list somewhere.

"Mmm and to think that you lost your freedom just because you were busy kissing my butt".

"It is cute, come here."

Katie smiled as she swayed her CKs from side to side for his benefit while keeping them annoying out of reach.

Tom inspected the cuffs, pulling at them and trying to twist and wriggle his way out.

"Quite secure." he concluded.

Katie nodded slowly and crossed her arms.

"Special privilege for my business partner." she smiled.

"I guess the privilege doesn't extend to being given the key to the cuffs?"

Katie grinned and held up her fingers which she slowly kissed one by one.

"Those padlocks don't have a key. They only open with a fingerprint."

Tom looked and tried his finger against the sensor. Nothing happened.

"Mine, not yours silly!"

Tom lay comfortably on the mattress watching his jailer giggle. It was warm and the noise and stress of the day seemed to have disappeared. He had nowhere to go, which was just as well as the shackles she'd locked him in would hold him for his lifetime and plenty thereafter. Maybe he had a proposition for her.

"You need cash to kit this place out." he didn't mention the need to upgrade her flat and her wardrobe. "Why don't you rent me this cell on a long term lease for me to use whenever I want?"

He made her an offer, after which she opened her mouth and quickly covered it her hand.

"On one condition." she finally said.


"You will use it whenever I want."

Without fully understanding the full implication of what she had said and struggling sightly against the cuffs, he passed her his wallet and gave her the password that would allow her to transfer the first year's rent from his account to hers. Tom also handed her his phone and his keys.

"You can use the laptop in my apartment if you want." he offered.

With so many things to hold, Katie tucked his phone into the back of her panties and held his wallet and apartment keys one in each hand.

"You're very trusting Tom."

"That's part of the thrill."

"Is it?" she asked slowly.

"I can trust you, can't I?"

She looked at him without saying anything and then left the cell to deposit his belongings into her handbag. She returned a few minutes later, still in her underwear, and sat astride his face. She unbuttoned his trousers and slid his hard cock into her mouth. He thrashed about underneath her for the few minutes it took.

"Are you thirsty?" she asked in a strangely casually way as she stood up.

He nodded as he watched her lithe slim body glide back out of the cell. When she returned, she was holding her shorts.

"You OK?" he asked.

She ignored him and instead removed her panties and replaced them with her shorts. Even though her butt was slim and toned, the even tighter shorts had to stretch before they would enclose her.

"Is this where I become just a key in your pocket?"

"Aha. You can go in here."

Katie's fingers pushed the key deep into one of her front pockets. She then picked up her used underwear and stretched it over his face.

"I expect it to still be there when I come back."

"Yes Katie."

The semi naked woman just shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and walked towards the door. Until, at the last minute she paused, turned and walked back. She then knelt down and gave Tom a passionate kiss on the lips which lasted several seconds before leaving again.

Completely confused, Tom listened as the bolt slid home and was locked in place with the padlock. A second later the lights turned off and all was pitch black.

He fought violently against the cuffs for a few moments, even though he knew it was completely pointless. What had he done now? Not only was he back in her cell, but this time he'd let her chain him up as well. Emergency services wouldn't be able to free him from this. Plus he'd agreed to let this unknown and slightly crazy woman keep him here whenever she wanted and he'd paid for the privilege. She also had the keys to his apartment. He was even forced to breathe and smell through her used panties.

Katie now had almost complete control over him. It was the most exciting feeling he'd ever felt. He closed his eyes and waited for the next installment.

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