tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKatie's Week of Repercussions Pt. 01

Katie's Week of Repercussions Pt. 01


The following takes place immediately following the events of "Katie's House Party Exposure"


Katie awoke the following morning to a splitting headache. As her eyes struggled to open, she felt around at her surroundings, trying to remember where she was or how she got there. Her hands searched her immediate proximity, revealing first what she recognized as her her living room couch, and then that there was an unclothed body resting behind her. All of a sudden it occurred to Katie that she too was completely naked. The reality of this situation hit her like a falling brick - her eyes shot open and her body tensed as she quickly sat up to take in her environment.

She was fully nude on her living room couch. Lying next to her was Pat, her old friend from high school who had always lusted after her. He was still asleep, but his erection was still resting against her bare leg. Katie began to panic - what had happened the night before? She remembered playing beer pong, and then she remembered her sister's challenge to play for their clothes. That explained her current state of undress, but she could barely remember Pat showing up. Did she really cheat on her boyfriend Nick with the one person he was most jealous of? She tried to think back to the evening, but could only find fleeting images. There was Sean handing her shots, her sister losing her top, and then she recalled her head to toe exposure.

But what about after that? It was all just a blur, a drunken haze of nakedness and cell phone flashes. How could she had let people snap photos? For once she was thankful she was from a small town. Whatever happened last night at least happened back home, a place she would soon escape back to her far away college life. She shifted her body away from Pat's, but as she did so she felt a liquid begin to trail down her leg. She reached her hand down and quickly confirmed her fears, not only had he had sex with Pat, but she had let him in without a condom. She looked down at her naked friend. She felt ashamed of her actions, but couldn't help but take a moment to admire his stiff manhood that must have been inside of her just hours before. After a deep breath, Katie stood up and hurried to her room to find some clothes.

She knew she couldn't be face to face with Pat once he was awake, so she quickly made her way out of the house and drove to her best friend Haley's. All she could think about on the drive was Nick - how could she have done this to him? How could she ever fix this? She loved him so much, and she convinced herself that the events of the night before were the fault of the alcohol and her sister's antagonizing. Whatever happened, it wouldn't ever happen again. Maybe everyone in her town would now know what she looks like naked, and even having an orgasm, but she would be out of her town soon and hopefully the tale from that night would never follow her.

Haley was reluctant to give Katie the details, especially since she was embarrassed by her own involvement. "Look, it was just one of those nights that happen in your college years," Haley said. "Consider it an early spring break, something you just had to get out of your system."

Her best friend's words gave Katie some solace. It was just a college mistake. She'd put it behind her and go back to her loving boyfriend. Plus, it wasn't all that bad. So some friends saw her naked, girls in college go skinny dipping all the time. It's college, everyone gets naked at some point. Well, except for her she thought...no one had ever seen Katie naked except for Nick, and she had really made him wait for that too. And now she had slept with Pat...that was the bigger mistake. But Nick had been my only and he's not a virgin, she thought. I was just evening the playing field.

These were the reassurances Katie provided herself as she took her flight back to school the following day. She hadn't spoken to Pat again, and when she saw her sister and brother they awkwardly avoided any talk of that night's exhibition. Katie was just excited to make it back to school, where all of this would be left behind and she could get back to her wonderful boyfriend and all of her oblivious college friends.

"Welcome back baby!" Nick greeted her at the airport with a big hug and a kiss. Katie couldn't help but feel guilt at first, but over the next couple of weeks she tried to let it drift away. She coped by being extra nice to Nick, and giving him more consistent sex than he had ever experienced with her before. This was making things right for Katie - after all, telling him would only hurt him, but spoiling him would make him so much happier. Everyday that passed she felt more comfortable with her decision, and more certain that the events that transpired were behind her. Everything was back to normal for Katie, until one Monday when things took a sudden turn for the worse.

It started that day in her Pyschology class. "Hi there Katie," a voice called out. It was a handsome boy with dark hair who was sitting a couple rows behind her. Katie recognized him as a member of the football team, but didn't recall ever meeting him before.

"Oh, hi...um...?"


"Right, Greg. Sorry, have we met?"

"Well, not formally," he replied. Katie sensed a bit of a smug tone, but before she could say anything the teacher began the lesson. She turned back around with a polite smile. She had seen Greg a couple times in class before, but wasn't sure what provoked this unique introduction.

After a late lunch at the dining hall with Nick, Katie headed to the library to get some studying done before soccer practice. She had found a quiet corner on the fourth floor stacks, surrounded by seemingly endless shelves of books in each direction. This was her solace - a chance to focus on her studies and leave the rest of the world behind. It was these quiet visits that allowed her to maintain a 4.0 GPA across three separate majors.

About an hour deep into the Economics text, Katie heard some footsteps nearby. It wasn't completely unexpected, students sometimes wondered to this part of the library either looking for a rare book or a quiet place to hookup. What did surprise her though was who turned the corner - Greg, the football player from her class.

"Hi there Katie," he said with the same smug tone.

"Hi. Greg, wasn't it?"

"It was, and it still is." Greg tossed his book bag onto the table and sat down in the chair across from Katie. "How goes it?"

"Well, actually, I was looking for a quiet place to get some studying done. If you don't mind..." Greg didn't move. Was he not catching the hint? Was this his form of a pickup? And how did he find her here anyways?

"Oh I don't mind. But as it turns out, I think you might want to chat with me," said the athlete.

"Maybe some other time. I've got this Econ test I've got to get to."

"You see, this is kind of a pressing matter." Katie had a bad feeling run through her. "So last week we hosted some promising football prospects. You know, to show them around, introduce the team, have some fun. You get the gist." Katie nodded nervously as Greg continued. "And then this one kid - pretty good player actually - tells me over a couple beers that he knows a girl who goes to school here. Turns out, she went to high school with him. Turns out, he was actually fucking her little sister."

Katie's heart began to race. "What are you...?"

"That's cool I thought," Greg continued. "But no big deal. But then another couple beers go by, and suddenly this kid starts bragging. You know how it goes - talking big to make an impression. He says this girl was pretty hot, in a nerdy kind of way. Then he dropped a bombshell - apparently, this chick got railed in front of everyone at a party just last month." Katie's jaw dropped open. Greg didn't give her a chance to respond. "Well, high schoolers always like to talk big, so I didn't pay much attention to it. But then, he said he had proof."

Greg's hand reached into his pocket. His eyes were locked on Katie's. She knew what was coming, but she couldn't help but look, hoping it wasn't the worst. Greg pulled his phone out and flipped through it. "So then he shows us this, and suddenly I realized not only was he not bullshitting, but that I know the girl - she's in my Psych class!"

He clicked play on his phone and turned it around to face Katie. She thought she knew what was coming, but it was worse than she could've imagined. There she was, naked on her couch surrounded by her peers. She was on top of Pat, riding him hard and screaming. Her face was pure drunken lust. The sounds of her riveting orgasm blasted through the phone speakers. "Turn it off!" she called out.

Greg obliged, stopping the video and putting the phone back into his pocket. "It took me a minute to recognize you. I mean, you're always so conservative in class, who knew you were such a slut when it came down to it?"

"Please, you can't show that to anyone here," she pleaded, but something told her there was more to this little game.

"Well, I've been enjoying it for myself for now," Greg replied. "Turns out half your high school have been passing this around, a town-wide spank bank I'm told. But no one's put it online, and it seems your little town is content keeping it to themselves. But I don't know, I'm thinking the world might want to see this."

"You can't..." The desperation in Katie's voice couldn't be contained.

"Well, I could," Greg said smugly. "But I don't need to. If you make it worth my while that is."

"What do you want?" She was on the verge of tears.

"I want...whatever I want," he replied. Katie looked at him curiously. "I want you to do whatever I ask, whenever I ask. I want to be entertained. I want to see the conservative chick from the front row show me her true colors."

"Forget it. There's no chance in hell..."

"Well then I guess I might just have to send this over to your little boyfriend Nick first, see what he thinks of it."

Katie's heart almost stopped. "How do you know Nick?"

"Oh I don't know him personally," Greg said, clearly with this plan all plotted out. "But as it turns out, his roommate is in my frat." Of course. Nick's roommate Danny was in ADG, one of the more popular frats on campus.

Katie contemplated. She was cornered. Nick couldn't find out, that much she was sure of. And more so, if no one from back home was putting the events on the internet, she had a chance to put an end to all her shame once and of all. "If I agree...and I do what you ask...when does it end?"

Greg smiled ear to ear. He knew his plan had worked, now he just had to reel her in. "I'm not a bad guy Katie, I'm willing to be reasonable. All I ask if for is five days of complete compliance. When you wake up Saturday morning, your sluttiness will forever be safe with me."

"And you'll delete the video?"

"No, that I'm keeping. It's going to make Psych class so much more enjoyable."

"Then how do I know you'll never share it?" she asked, though she knew even if he deleted it from his phone he surely had backed it up.

"You're just going to have trust me. But I give you my word."

This wasn't the most comforting response, but she didn't have much of a choice in the matter. "No sex, that's where I draw the line. I won't cheat on Nick again."

"No sex, not without your permission."

"Which you won't get it." She took a deep breath. There was no good alternative. She knew this meant she'd be exposed to some degree again, but at least it was to only to someone who had already seen her. And even if she wouldn't admit it to herself, she was beginning to feel the same tingling excitement she had felt at her house. "Fine, I'll do it." Greg could barely control his satisfaction as he put his hand out to shake on it. Katie was well aware that this ordeal was playing as well as he could've hoped. She reluctantly extended her hand and shook. "Now what?"

"Now," Greg replied, "you are going to hand over your underwear."

"Seriously?" she asked, though she expected about as much. Greg nodded to confirm. Katie stood up coldly and began to head toward the restroom.

"Where do you think you're going?" he called out.

"To take off my underwear, like you asked."

"First of all, there won't be any 'asking' this week. I'm going to tell you what to do and you'll do it, that's the deal. Secondly, you're going to hand it over right here."

Katie looked down at her outfit. She was wearing jeans and a white blouse, with a black bra and thin black panties beneath. There was no way to hand them over discreetly. "We're in the library, there's people around."

"I know where we are. And if you're quick about it you might not get caught. And if you do...well, one person isn't as bad as a whole party, right?"

He made a good point, but Katie was also very drunk that night and not thinking clearly. Now she was sober, and only Nick had ever seen her naked body when she's sober. Of course, Greg had already seen her have a screaming orgasm without anything on, this was nothing in comparison...except it was in the flesh, face to face. She trembled nervously, but reminded herself this was just the beginning. Greg is clearly going to see her naked this week. She just had to get it over with and hope she could contain the situation so Nick never found out.

She realized her bra was easy enough, so Katie reached her hands up her shirt and unhooked it, then tossed it across the table to Greg. She looked around sheepishly, then began to unbutton her jeans. She never used to wear revealing panties, and now for the second time she'd be exposed with them on. She undid the zipper and began to move the pants down, but before they got down her sexy soccer player thighs she heard someone coming. She immediately jumped back into the seat, with the jeans about 6 inches down her legs. Greg simply smirked in enjoyment as a female grad student walked by. She looked at Katie and Greg curiously, but continued on.

"Please continue," Greg said calmly, "and stand up again for me." Katie stood, staying close to the table so it at least blocked his view somewhat. From this position she looked down and noticed that Greg had an erection pushing against his pants, and a rather large one at that. She felt a surge go through her body, but shook that feeling away quickly. She grabbed her pants and pushed them to the ground, stepping out of them as quickly as possible. She put he hands on her underwear, but Greg's voice stopped her. "Slowly," he said, almost salivating at the show before him.

Katie sighed, but obliged. She moved her underwear down her legs slowly, and as she did the fabric stuck to the moistness between her legs. Greg smiled. "I thought you might enjoy this." Katie went red with embarrassment, and pushed the panties all the way off. She stepped out of them, picked them up and tossed them to Greg. She grabbed her jeans, but was stopped once again by Greg. "Wait," he said. Katie stood anxiously as Greg's eyes examined her neatly trimmed mound first hand. He gestured to her sports bag she had with her. "What's in there?"

"My soccer uniform. For intramurals."

"Put those on instead." She knew not to argue, and instead reached into the bag and brought out the short, black mesh soccer shorts. She hurriedly stepped into them, but knew as she raised her legs that she was giving Greg a great show. "The shirt too." She checked around, and with no one nearby she took off her shirt, revealing her perky B-sized breasts to Greg for the first time. She threw on her white soccer shirt, quickly realizing that her hard nipples were clearly visible through the fabric.

Greg held up the underwear. "Now these are mine for this week." He put them into his bag. "And for the rest of this week you won't wear any underwear at all." Greg stood up, and Katie was hoping this particular chapter might be over. A week of no underwear she could live with. "Oh, and you are not allowed to have sex with that boyfriend of yours either. No blow jobs, nothing. That goes for you too, you can release that tension only when I tell you. And I'll know if you lie." He turned to leave. "Have fun at soccer practice Katie, I'll see you there." And with that, Greg walked away, in complete control.

Katie checked her watch, it was indeed almost time for soccer practice. She stopped by the bathroom and checked the mirror. She could see the outlines of her nipples, something she would never before have considered revealing, but it wasn't too bad given the circumstances. She then reached inside the shorts and touched her opening. She was rather wet, and she was ashamed to see how aroused this situation had made her. She had rarely masturbated throughout her life, but she considered giving it a try in the bathroom. Then she remembered Greg's words - "I'll know if you lie" - and she decided against it. Not only was she indeed a rather poor liar, but it simply wasn't worth the risk of breaching their agreement. Instead, she grabbed her bags and headed off her soccer practice.

When she got to the field, she immediately noticed Greg on the sidelines. He was sitting with two of his frat brothers in beach chairs. When he spotted Katie, he gave her a smile and a wave, and then pointed her out to his friends. Katie chose to ignore them and headed over to the team. After all, if this was the show they came to see it certainly wasn't much. She heard the captain, Angela, call out - "alright girls, let's get it started."

As Angela began splitting the teams up for a scrimmage, Katie was approached by her friend Cassie. Cassie was a beautiful blonde that Katie had met freshman year and become very close with. While Katie had the athletic legs and curvy ass, Cassie had a slim frame head to toe combine with some delightful c-cup breasts. Her hair, normally reaching just below her shoulders, was pulled back in a ponytail, and her big blue eyes always caught every guy's attention.

"Forget your sports bra?" Cassie called out to her friend.

"Uh, just thought a little freedom might be nice," Katie replied. Cassie laughed at this response, and before the discussion could continue Angela had split them up to their respective teams and the scrimmage had begun.

Katie did her best to put Greg and his friends from her mind as she hustled up and down the field. She felt her breasts bouncing around, but knew they weren't big enough to be too noticeable. She had a feeling the frat boys would be disappointed, and she soon had them far from her mind while she put everything she had into the practice. About twenty minutes into the game though, Cassie approached Katie on an out of bounds play. "Looks like you weren't kidding about that freedom."

Katie was confused at first, but then she looked down. She hadn't taken into account that she was wearing a white shirt, and twenty minutes of sprinting around the field had left her rather sweaty. Her shirt was becoming quite transparent, and her perky breasts far more visible than she would've liked. As she ran past Greg and his friends they gave her some cheers. She tried to hide her embarrassment as she ran off to the other side of the field.

Over the next thirty minutes of practice Katie's shirt became more and more see through. She didn't know what else to do other than ignore it. She looked around the field and realized they had spectators, about a dozen or so students enjoying the show. All she could do was pretend she didn't notice her revealing nature, and play it off like an accidental mistake. Worse yet, with no panties she could feel her juices flowing freely, and the more she ran the more aroused she got. At least the other girls on the team didn't seem to care, though she thought they might've just been being polite knowing Katie's normally conservative nature.

When practice ended Katie wasted no time running over to grab her bags and immediately headed off towards her dorm, keeping the straps of her backpack strategically placed over her nipples. She could feel the eyes glued to her as she walked off, but there was no rule from Greg that she needed to stick around. The safest place for her to be was her dormitory, and she kept a fast pace as she headed straight for it.

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