tagNonHumanKatja Pt. 05

Katja Pt. 05


Author's Note:

This is a work of pure fantasy.

The story contains sexual activities and situations between a man and a humanoid cat-girl that are to be read only by readers above the legal age of consent. All characters having sexual relations are above the age of 18. Or whatever the legal age is on whatever planet they came from. All the character names, places are made up and not real.

Yes, the Ancient Alien people were right. This is Part 5 of a love story and more of a human male and humanoid cat-girl from another planet.

Also, for convenience and to keep the story moving, everything has been converted to English such as language, measurements and names, etc. etc.

As are most of the stories I've written and will write, if you're looking for story that goes, "They met, they had wild sex, the end" I would advise reading something else. I stopped this part of the story at a place that seemed right when I was splitting it up. As soon as I get the next part cleaned up, I'll post that and so on and so forth.

I still consider myself an amateur writer, so please take that into consideration when you read it. I write for my enjoyment and for the people that like it. And remember, this is pure fiction and fantasy.

If you don't like how and what I write, oh well. Don't read it. My feelings won't be hurt.

For those of you that do like what I've posted so far, thank you and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did write it.


Tony laughed, then he and Erik went to sit with the girls. Ariel jabbed Tony with her elbow and said grinning, "He's getting better, it must be because he's a Lieutenant now."

They finished their tea and coffee, then Katja and Ariel each grabbed one of his arms and said, "Come on LT, it's time to go to work."

Part 5

They headed to the ship and once there, Erik grabbed his backpack and Katja the bag with the coffee maker. As they walked up to the check point, the guard that Erik knew and often stopped and talked to, came out and went to attention, then saluted Erik saying "Good morning Lieutenant Woodes."

Erik gave him a sloppy salute and grinned as he went past, saying to him, "I'll get you for that."

"Yes sir, Lieutenant sir." He answered grinning back.

The girls giggled as they walked over to the garage, Katja had told him they would stop there first to check in, then she would go with him to his office to help set things up.

Erik and the girls walked into the garage and the first thing Erik heard was "Attention." Erik stared at Katja's crewmen in formation standing at attention. The senior crewman walked up and saluted Erik, "Good morning Lieutenant Woodes, Welcome."

Erik saluted him, "Good Morning, and thank you for the welcome."

"Sir, would you care to address the crew?" The crewman asked.

Erik noticed a slight smile on his face, it was well known that Erik had adopted his mates crew.

Erik smiled and said, "Yes, of course I will." Then he and the crewman walked to the formation and he stood smiling in front of them. Then crewman ordered, "At ease."

Erik smiled and said, "Good morning to all of you, I thank you for this impressive greeting on my first official day, you all look fine and I know that Ensign Katja is proud of you all. Though I have only known you all for a short time, I myself am impressed and proud of you also. I watched the other day as you performed a task that you had never done before, and you did it like professionals that have been doing it for years. This is something you should be proud of, as I know your leadership is."

"In the weeks to come, I've been asked to teach you and share what knowledge I have with you, and you need to know, that this is not because you're not trained well, or don't know your job. This is because your leadership wants you to learn more and learn things that you may not have seen before and most importantly, to keep you all safe. So, that will be my task and it will be a pleasure to do it. Remember, no one knows everything, and any day you can learn something new, makes the day more worthwhile and you better.

"So, as I said, I thank you for the warm welcome and I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead. And remember, be proud of what you do, because it is important, if you didn't do your job, nobody else would be able to do theirs."

"I wish you all of good day."

The crewman order, "Attention." And the formation came to attention sharply. "Dismissed, let's get to work."

Erik walked back to where Katja and Ariel stood smiling. He looked at them and asked, "Was this all this you're doing?"

Katja smiled and said, "No, this was all their Idea, they like and look up to you."

Ariel smiled, "That was a nice speech brother."

Katja picked up his bag and said, "We should get to your office."

Erik nodded, "Ok, I'm ready, I think I remember how to get there."

Erik led the way and he did stop for a second at a cross passageway, then he remembered, took the right one and finally ended up at his office door. He opened it and let Katja go in first, then he followed. He put his backpack down on the desk and took the bag from Katja.

Katja walked over and closed the door, then locked it. The next thing Erik knew, she was in his arms kissing him. "That was a wonderful speech you gave my mate. The people are even prouder of themselves now." She laughed, "Though, they think that they are our crew, instead of just mine. They kind of adopted you as their officer."

Erik smiled, "I don't mind, as long as you are all right with it."

Katja smiled, "It's fine by me." She looked around, "This is a nice office you have."

Erik laughed, "Nice? The room has a desk, bookcase, and a file cabinet. You call that nice?"

Katja nodded as she came over and hugged him the kissed him. "Yes, nice. It doesn't have windows and the door locks." She kissed him again, "Very nice."

Erik grinned, "Yes. I see that now, very nice. I wonder if the old couch will fit in here."

Katja grinned back, "I don't know. But if it doesn't, we still have my quarters."

Erik pull her to him and kissed her. However, they weren't at it long, when the intercom buzzed. Katja look at him and said, "Crap."

Erik kissed her quickly again, and went to open the door. One of the males stood there smiling, "Good morning Lieutenant Woodes, Ensign Katja it is good to see you again. My name is Ensign Nevis, I'm one of the other instructors. The Commander asked me to stop by this morning and show you how all the equipment works and were things are. Is this a good time? Or should I come back later?"

Erik nodded, "Yes, it's fine. As long as you don't mind talking while I set a few things up before we really get into it."

Nevis smiled and replied, "No sir, that's fine by me. I know you just got in."

Erik nodded, "Very good." He turned to Katja, "Well my mate, I guess you should go and see to the crew. I'll stop by a little later hopefully, if not, I should see you at lunch."

He escorted her to the door, and gave her a quick kiss mouthing "I love you." She smiled and did the same.

He turned back after closing the door. "Well then Nevis, tell me about yourself. Oh, and in here, my name is Erik, so you can drop the sir's and lieutenants if you would."

Nevis told Erik about himself while he pulled out his laptop and plugged in a power strip using the adapter Katja had gave him. He asked Nevis a few questions and then setup his coffee maker to make his first pot of coffee in his new office.

Then he put some pictures on his desk he had taken of Katja, Ariel and Tony and booted up his computer.

Erik smiled, "Okay, I'm ready. What's first?"

Nevis smiled back," Why don't we go to the classroom you'll be using, then I can show you how everything works."

They walked over to the classroom and Nevis said, "Okay all this is fairly simple, all the controls are on the podium." He showed Erik what controlled what. He pushed one button, and a screen came down from the ceiling. Then he said, "And because the controls are labeled in our language," He pull out a paper with all the controls and hook-ups on it and labeled in English and handed it to him, "I made this up for you so you'll know what's, what."

Erik nodded and thanked him, "Okay then, easy enough. Can I connect my computer into it?"

Nevis nodded, "You should be able to if its standard earth computer. I'll get you an output adapter for yours and you just attach it here." He opened a panel on the side of the podium and Erik saw the different connectors. "The paper I gave you also has what connectors are what on it."

Erik nodded, "Good, most of my info and lessons are on slides and spreadsheets. Once I either edit or replace somethings when we find what works and what doesn't, can they be converted to whatever format the computers here use?"

Nevis smiled, "Yes, most defiantly. That's easy."

Erik grinned, "Okay then, that's great. I guess that's it for now. If I get stuck, I'll come get you. Thanks for everything."

Erik went back to his office and poured himself a mug of coffee. He took a sip and opened up his laptop. With a copy of the lesson plan near him, he cross referenced his power point slides to the different items. He wasn't too worried, the first class was not only training for the crew, but for him also. He continued to work, checking this and that, rewrote a few things that on second thought he didn't like. He took a drink of coffee and found that his mug was empty, so he went over to refill it and discovered that he had already drank all that he made. He had been working for hours and not even realized it. Just then, his intercom buzzed and he went to the door and saw Katja standing there with grin, "I was wondering what happened to you, ready for lunch?"

Erik looked with amazement at the clock and shook his head when he saw the time. "Yes, I am." He laughed. "I didn't realize it was this late." He closed the screen on his laptop and walked to dining hall with her.

They got their meal and sat at their normal table with the rest of her crew. Katja grinned and asked, "What had you so occupied?"

Erik smiled, "I was going over everything for the lesson and changing somethings, one led to another and I lost track of time." He grinned, "That happens to me a lot when I get involved with something."

Katja grinned and said to "I'll have to remember that." Erik smiled back and winked at her.

They quickly finished their meal so they could head to her quarters for a little alone time. It was nice to be able to actually hug and kiss his mate and be out of the eye of all the others. They spent about a half hour relaxing and talking, and of course a bit of making out. Finally, Katja sighed and said, "Well, I guess I should go back down now, before someone starts looking for me."

Erik grinned and said, "Well, if they are, tell them you were in a meeting with a superior officer. And that it would have been impolite to leave early."

Katja giggled, "I may just have to do that. You know my love, I thought it was going to be fun working together, but now I'm not too sure. I have to see you, be near you, and not be able to do anything about it. It's not fair."

Erik agreed with her. "I know, it's like a starving man seeing a meal but can't get at it."

Katja laughed, "Oh, so I'm a meal now?"

Erik kissed her and replied, "Well, I do like nibble and lick you, you taste so good." Katja laughed as he nibbled at her neck to prove the point.

They left her quarters and he said was going to come down and nose about some. He was pretty much done with what he wanted to do with the course.

When they walked in the office, Ariel was at her desk looking over some paper work. She saw them and smiled as she said, "It's about time you showed up LT, I thought you were going to be hiding in your office all day."

Erik laughed, "Almost, if Katja hadn't come knocking on my door, I'd still be working." Then he said, "I was going to come looking for you anyway."

Then before he could say anything else, Ariel jumped up and came over to grab his arm and laid her head on his shoulder. "Really? You were looking for me? How nice." She said grinning evilly.

Erik grinned, then kissed her on the top of her head, saying, "Defiantly not that way, my dear sister. So, don't get your panties in a twist."

Ariel looked up at Erik, "Panties in a twist?"

Erik nodded still grinning, "Yes, old earth term."

Then Ariel started laughing, which it turn, got Katja laughing and then him. Finally, Ariel was able to stop and she wiped tears from her eyes. Ariel hugged him, then kissed him saying, "By the Goddess, I love you brother. "Panties in a twist" I have to remember that."

Erik smiled, "Well, since you have it all out of your system now, what I was going to ask, were you able to get a meeting set up for Thursday morning?"

Ariel grinned and nodded, "Yes, I did. I got the final yes answers today. I was going to tell you later."

Then he turned to Katja, "Kitten, I need a favor, could you show me how to use that com unit? And where do I find the number or whatever to get to who I want to talk to?"

Katja smiled and said, "Yes, I can do that. It's easy really if you know the name of who you're looking for. Here, watch."

"Say you wanted to find Ariel, you type in the name and it will come up like so." Erik saw a small screen like a cell phone's. It had the name and the contact info. "Then," She continued. "Just click on either "Call" or "Message" It's very much like the cell phone you got me."

Erik nodded, "Yes, your right, it is like the cell. What if I don't know the name, only were they work or what they do?"

Katja smiled, "Then, just type in that. Like repair crew, see? It comes up with a list of people and what they do, you just need to scroll through the list until find what you're looking for."

Erik smiled, "Thanks love, that is very easy. I'm going to walk around and see what's happening. I want to get some more ideas for the course."

Then he asked, "You busy? Or would you like to join me in case I have a question?"

She thought about it for a moment, then smiled. "Yes, I think I will."

"Great." Erik said smiling. "Let's go."

They walked around the garage with Erik taking mental notes as they went. They looked at maintenance being done, various repairs, and installs. The finally ended up at the loader with the cracked arm. Erik asked her, "Are they going to repair this?"

Katja shrugged, "I'm not really sure. We've never had this situation before. If we were back on home world, they would replace it. I'm not really sure if it can be fixed."

Erik nodded, "Would you like me to find out?" He asked.

Katja looked at him, "You know someone who could tell you if it could be?"

Erik nodded and replied, "I might, I don't know if he still works there, let's find out."

He pulled out his cell phone and called his old supervisor. The phone rang a few times and John answered. "John, it's Erik, how you doing? That's great, hey, I got a question for you. Does that guy who welded up that payloader that time still work for the company?" "He does? Great, hold on for one second"

He turned to Katja "Do I need any kind of special permission to bring a couple of guys on board to look at this? And give them a tour afterwards?"

Katja shook her head no, "As long as you're with them, it's fine."

Erik nodded, "John, got a favor to ask. If I bring you and him on board, could he look at a job here and let me know if it can be fixed? I've got one their loaders that's got a big-ass crack at one of the pivot points, I'm no welder, so I don't if can be. Then I'll give both of you the nickel tour." "Ok, I got it, well just give me a call and let me know okay?" "Thanks, I owe ya."

Then Erik started laughing, "No, Sorry, I'm not coming back to work there. I'm very happy here right now." "Okay, let me know when you can. Talk to you later."

He turned to Katja, "Ok, we'll have to wait on his call, he wasn't sure when they were free. But it should be by the end of the week or maybe early next week. The guy I asked for has done this type of repair before, so he'll be able to tell us if I can be done. If he can't, maybe we can find a replacement for it that will fit or can be adapted."

Katja smiled, "Thanks love, I really wasn't sure what to do with it."

Erik grinned, "Not a problem kitten, this way you can look like a miracle worker to higher ups."

Then he got serious for a moment, "Do you have time to show me how you schedule and do the maintenance lists before we leave?"

Katja smiled and said "Sure, let's go to the office."

They went in and she laid everything out for him. He asked some questions and they discussed it a while. Then she looked up at the clock and said, "I need to make my rounds so we can go home. But we can talk more about this tomorrow if you want."

Erik nodded, "Maybe, I'll see after we get in. I guess I better go back and get my stuff. I be back and then we can go."

Since they were alone, he gave her a quick kiss, then headed to his office. Once he got in, he saw the message light on the com unit flashing. He opened it up and saw that it was from Neko asking if he could stop by in the morning to talk to him.

Erik smiled and answered the message telling him yes and for him to stop by anytime he wanted.

He shut down his computer then but it into his backpack, did a quick look around to make sure everything was secured and headed back to pick up the girls.

Once they got back, he and Katja went in to the bed room to get changed and cleaned up. The minute they got in the room, they were in each other's arms, kissing. They had wanted this simple pleasure all day, so they undressed each other stroking and kissing as they went. Then they went in to the bathroom to get cleaned up, and as usual, he let her go first so he could watch as she stood in the shower turning. He smiled to himself, any time I can see my mate naked was a plus to the day. When she turned, she held her hands on the top of her head and this made her breasts jut out. Gods she was so beautiful he thought to himself.

When the timer went off, she stepped out and rinsed the shower floor off. The units on the ship had vacuums that did that, but here, they just rinsed the floor of anything that came off. Then she smiled at him saying, "Your turn love." Then she giggled and added, "And my turn to watch you."

Erik grinned as he stood to reset the panel. Then turned to see Katja smiling at him, "I see you liked watching me my mate."

Erik had gotten a hardon watching her clean up, "That's what happens when you see your gorgeous mate all day and can't do anything about it. Then you get home and see her naked."

Katja laughed, "So, instead of talking you should be cleaning. That way we can do something about that, it looks a little uncomfortable." She licked her lips and smiled at him with lust in her eyes.

Erik grinned, "Yes my mate, anything you say, your wish is my command."

Once Erik was done, he stepped out and came over where Katja was sitting. He reached down to help her up, but she shook her head no and she pulled him to her and took hold of his cock to wrap her lips around it. She swirled her tongue around the head, then took him all the in. She let go of his cock and used her hand to massage his balls as she started to suck him bobbing up and down on him.

Erik had moaned when he first felt her lips around him. He put a hand on each shoulder to support himself as she sucked on his cock. She did this for a few minutes more then stopped. She grinned up at him and said, "Just a little preview my love." Then she squeezed and stoked him upwards making a big drop of precum ooze out. She licked this up, the stood pulling him to her to hug and kiss him.

As he held her he said, "Have I told you recently just how much I love you."

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