tagBDSMKatrin: Malachi in Charge

Katrin: Malachi in Charge


Katrin rolled her shoulders as she stepped under the hot pulsing spray of the shower in the dressing room. Dancing was a lot tougher and more physically demanding than she'd expected. And, she had to admit to herself, she'd been getting a little soft since she'd left the farm. She really needed to start working out more regularly again. She would only regret it if she let her figure go to seed. She stayed in the shower until the water began to cool. As she dried her hair, a tedious task to keep her curls from getting out of control, she made a mental to do list. First, of course, was to visit Malachi's office and find out what he had in store for her. She was pretty sure it would be sexually related, he'd enjoyed watching her with Candy far too much that morning to go over anything else. She could feel herself getting wet, just at the thought of having sex with him, stripping nude for him, allowing him to take any liberty he wished with her body. She shivered, a small smile playing at her lips, as she slipped into a pair of worn blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt, not bothering with a bra or panties.

There was a small part of her that felt guilty about the amount, and types, of sex she'd had in the past 24 hours. She still couldn't believe that after four years of celibacy, she had let go so completely. It was, however, a rapidly shrinking part of her because all that sex had been fantastic. From the first moment she'd been bent over the desk she felt far more calm and relaxed than she had for a long time.

Slipping into a pair of flip flops, she stuffed her things into her locker, and then headed down the hall to Malachi's office. In just a moment, she was standing outside his open door. She knocked lightly on the door jamb.

"Come in, Red, and shut the door behind you." He sat on the corner of his desk, wearing only black leather pants and his heavy motorcycle boots, and giving her a smile that was just barely shy of evil. Leaning her back against the door as she closed it, she drank in his bare chest and arms, covered in tattoos. Her heart began to race, some instinct telling her that this man did not do gentle sex.

"Strip down and come to me."

Katrin did as ordered, leaving her clothes in a pile in the middle of the floor, then dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to him.

"Very, very nice, little girl. I'm going to enjoy playing with you." He grabbed a roll of duct tape from his desk. The first piece he ripped off went over her mouth. He then pulled her up to rest on her knees while he wrapped tape tightly around her wrists several times. Pushing her upper body back down, he did the same to her ankles.

"Roll onto your back and bend your legs at the knee at a ninety degree angle." Malachi's voice was sharp and demanding; combined with his tough looks it made her shiver with abject arousal. She was so a sucker for a man who knew how to take charge. Katrin managed to keep her calves relatively stable and parallel to the floor as he wrapped tape around her knees.

Setting the roll of tape aside, Malachi rolled her back over and positioned her on her hands and knees. Giving her that scary smile again, he stood and walked over to a wall covered in paddles, whips, collars, gags and many other instruments that teetered on the line between sexual torture and sexual pleasure. He perused them all, pacing slowly as he made he decision about what to use on her, finally picking up a round leather covered paddle about six inches in diameter. He tapped in lightly against the palm of his hand as he walked back over to her.

"You ever been spanked before, Red?"

She nodded yes.

"As a part of sex?"

She nodded again and he laughed. "Very nice. You look like an innocent little angel, but you're just a whore at heart. Isn't that right?"

Katrin's breathing became more rapid as she nodded again. She sensed Malachi kneeling behind her, and she tried to prepare for the first blow, but not being able to see him was taken by surprise. He paddled her ass hard and fast, picking up pace and intensity the more she squealed and tried to move away.

"Whore, sweet little whore," he murmured. "Stay still, baby, and it'll be over sooner. That's right, just take your punishment for being such a slut." He stopped for a moment, grabbing a handful of her curls and pulling her head up and to the side so he could see her face. "Tears look good on you, whore. Almost as good as your ass looks now that I've paddled the hell out of you. I love the way blood rushes to the surface on redheads. Are you having fun?"

Katrin nodded slowly. "I'll need to see for myself," he told her, forcing a hand between her thighs and up to her pussy to run his fingers along the lips of her pussy. "What a wet whore you are. Too bad for you it's not your cunt I'll be fucking today."

He stood to the side of her and unzipped his pants, releasing a huge erection. Katrin's eyes widened, and she knew her face paled. She had never taken a cock that large in her ass before, and had a strong feeling that Malachi didn't believe in taking things slow and easy. He picked the paddle up and again positioned himself behind her, spanking her erratically for several more minutes, keeping her on edge and wary.

Katrin was sobbing and shaking by the time he set the paddle down, but still so aroused she had no desire to try to get away from him. She would take whatever he chose to dish out to her today and thank him for the privilege. She felt his hands on her ass cheeks, stroking before his lips hit the hypersensitive, bruised flesh. She screamed behind her tape gag as he dug his fingers into her skin and chuckled darkly.

"You really are a fantastic find, Katrin." He patted her ass lightly, sending more shock waves through her. "I need to get some lube, but then I'll be right back to take your sweet ass." She didn't even try to turn her head to watch him. She was starting to get tired and wanted to conserve all her remaining strength for what was coming.

She heard him opening a cabinet, then closing it, and in just a moment he was behind her again. He pulled one of her ass cheeks to the side and she felt cool liquid being dripped onto her asshole, followed by the pressure of his finger working some of it into her, followed a moment later by a second. He fucked her ass that way for a couple of minutes, making her even more aroused, then spread the two fingers before squirting some of the lube into her tightest tunnel.

"Without lube, anal sex sucks for both people involved. Learned that one the hard way. Look back at me."

Katrin turned her head slowly and watched as Malachi poured some of the lube into the palm of his hand and slowly stroked it over his cock. She was transfixed, watching as his erection grew even harder and longer. She still wasn't completely convinced this would work, but she was wholly committed to seeing it through to the end.

"Good little whore. Head down." Malachi gripped her hips and she felt his cock head spread her flaming ass cheeks before pressing against the rosebud of her anus. He pushed in slow and firm, opening her up in sweet agony, lingering far longer than necessary when the widest part of the head of his dick entered her. Katrin moaned low, and pushed back against him ever so slightly. In the next instant, he slammed into her hard and fast, pulling her hips back as he shoved his forward. She screamed again, the pain radiating through her whole body, causing her head to spin. She whimpered as he pulled back and pushed forward again. Her ass was acclimating to his size, but was still burning from the fullness.

"Mmmmm, this is fantastic, baby. You feel so good around my cock." He pumped at a steady pace, his hands stroking her from shoulder to hips, occasionally dipping around to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples. Katrin did her best to keep up, despite the shaking of her fatigued arms and thighs and dizziness from all the sensations flooding her body. She was still crying; every time their bodies met the feel of his thighs against her ass sent a fresh wave of pain. She had no idea how she was going to drive herself home in this condition.

"I'm almost there, Red," Malachi panted, picking up the pace. Katrin could feel her body priming itself for an orgasm. When he reached around to play with her breasts again, she began panting herself and when he sank his teeth into the juncture of her shoulder and neck she let out a high pitched moan behind the tape gag, throwing her head back as he slammed into her a final time and his cum spilled deep into her ass. He pulled out with a laugh, and left her in the floor while he went to clean up in his private bathroom.

Just when Katrin thought she was going to collapse he came back in and rolled her to her side. Taking a wicked looking knife from his desk he cut the tape restraints and peeled them away slowly, watching her face as she whimpered and begged with her eyes for him to just rip the bonds away quickly and be done with it, yet knowing that he wouldn't. He enjoyed inflicting pain too much to hurry it. At last he peeled the tape away from her mouth.

"What do good little whores say?"

"Thank you for fucking me."

"That's right. Now put your clothes on and get the hell out of my office. I've got work to do." He smiled just a little as he said that, to let her know it was nothing personal.

Katrin crawled back over to her clothes, not to please him, but because she wasn't steady enough to stand just yet. She slipped the shirt over her head, then looked at the jeans for a moment. It was going to hurt like hell, but it had to be done. Using the edge of a chair she pulled herself to half standing and half leaning while she tugged the denim on, hissing sharply as they rubbed against the abused flesh of her ass. Without another word to him, she opened the door and hobbled down the hallway back to the dressing room, hoping he wasn't planning on a repeat of their afternoon anytime soon.

"I see my brother has gotten to you." Micah stood just outside the dressing room. She had been so focused on staying upright she hadn't noticed him.

"Yeah. I'm gonna head home now and pass out."

"Grab you bag and I'll drive you. No offense, but you look a little stoned. Malachi tends to push girls as far into sub space as he can, but kicks them out before they've fully recovered."

"Nothing you're saying makes sense right now." Katrin swayed dizzily and Micah caught her against his chest.

"Never mind your stuff for now, Red. I'll take you to my place and bring everything to you later." She looked up at him with unfocused eyes and he kissed her forehead. "I'll take care of you, babe. Don't worry about anything."

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