tagBDSMKatrina and Mama Ch. 03

Katrina and Mama Ch. 03


A lot of times, in order to get a better rate, Dirk would fly into Asheville, NC to a smaller airport. It was worth every penny in gas for him to get a better price but it sure was a pain. The drive was about an hour and a half. So, I took advantage of this last time alone with her. She needed to know how it would be for us when Dirk came home.

It was another beautiful day in Eastern Tennessee. We had the top back and the windows down enjoying the nice warm air of early evening. We were both dressed in tank tops, with no bras, and short shorts, with no panties. We were all nice and smooth and driving to pick up Daddy Dirk from the airport.

Once I hit the highway, I turned the radio down and looked at her with the most serious look that I can give. "Alright sweetie, I need to give you a head's up on how things are going to play out here. When Dirk comes home, he automatically becomes everyone's dominator. I am always the last on the list, I am the submissive. He does not give up his throne easily but is willing to make room for you there. Basically, what I am trying to tell you is that he has the ultimate say and will dominate you as well as myself. He will give you some leeway when dominating me, but not much. He likes to be in control in the sexual arena of our lives."

"He's not going to take you away from me, is he Mama Ronnie?"

"No, he will not take me away from you; I just want you to know that you have to listen to him as I have to listen to both of you. He is very anxious to get home and be with you. In fact, he plans to start in the SUV on the way home. So, when we get to the airport, you must sit in back with him. He wants to get you hot and ready by the time that we get home. Oh sweetie, he is going to fuck you blind. I just know it. He has wanted inside you from the first time he saw you. I am telling you this because you have been a part of his fantasies as much as you have been a part of mine. And the fact that he has not had any pussy in two days and has been doing nothing but thinking of us here alone fucking and sucking and licking and kissing each other. He is going to need some almost instant relief when he gets in the vehicle."

"Oh Mama, I can give him some relief, that is for sure. I want to suck his cock so bad I can taste it. I want to taste him sliding down my throat. I have not had cock in so long, my mouth is craving it. How big is he Mama?"

"Oh my sweet little slut, he is going to fall in love with you as I have. His cock is about 8 ½ inches long and very nice in girth. He will not disappoint you sweetie. Tonight is going to be fun and we will probably play until almost dawn. He will expect you to be able to get a few hours of sleep and then after our breakfast fuck, we will have to get the outbuilding ready for your coming out party. We will have to have the building cleaned up and all of the equipment wiped down, floors swept and the fridge stocked full of alcohol. There are four couples staying the night. The others will trickle out slowly after about four or five hours. We will keep fucking until there is no one left to fuck. Everyone is very excited to meet our third partner. Especially Kelly and Grace, who are regular visitors here. Grace is my best friend down here and they come over all of the time to play."

"I am so up for this whole scenario; I can't stand it. My pussy is soaked just thinking about the things that might go on tomorrow night. But let's get back to Uncle Dirk. Tell me what makes him tick. Give me some pointers on what he likes and what he likes to do. Please, Mama, I don't want to disappoint him. I want to impress him as I have impressed you."

"Well, let me start by telling you that for a 51 year old man, he is still every bit as virile as the day that I met him. He loves sex and will forego sleep for any chance at pussy or cock. He is bi-sexual sweetie and loves to suck cock almost as much as he likes to eat pussy. He is tremendous at both. In many party situations, Dirk was voted to give the best blow job out of us all. He just likes to make sure that his partner is happy on so many levels. There is not a whole lot that he does not like. It really turns him on to be able to spank his female partners and make their asses turn red. That is his signature. The more the woman can take, the harder his cock gets. He loves for his females to be restrained and immobile so that he can take them as he wants to. He hates being pushed away when the woman gets too sensitive. Dirk wants to give you more than you think that you can handle."

"That sounds absolutely HOT! I can't wait. I will love being taken by him while being restrained."

"Oh baby doll, you are going to make him very happy. He will have every one of your holes at least once tonight. I expect more, but at least once for all three. Now here's what I would like to do for the next hour. I want you hot and dripping for him when we pick him up."

My pussy was already getting wet in anticipation of driving a sucking, fucking couple back to my mountainous home. I was going to be able to watch everything through my rear view mirror and if I was lucky, Dirk would give me permission to touch myself. Yes, he has to give me permission. In every other aspect of our lives, we have a mutual partnership. Each of us gives 100% of themselves to the other for our every day activities and the way that we live our lives. However, when we are together in the same room or car, he was in complete control of me in my sexuality. I loved it this way. In my full time job, I am a big decision maker. In the bedroom, I liked to be told what to do and when to do it. It was my way of letting go of the tension from life. He has no power over me if we are apart but when we are together, he sculpts me to what he wants for the fuck session of the day. Today would be no different.

I reached over and pulled her tank top back and gazed at her erect nipples underneath her shirt. "Looks like you are getting pretty turned on about this whole scenario. Is this correct?"

"Oh yes, I can't wait to see Uncle Dirk dominate us both. And the fact that I still have my control over you is almost too much to imagine."

I reached into her tank top and pinched her hard nipple and twisted it. She moaned and sat back against the seat with her head thrown back. She pushed her tank top up to not have anything in the way. While I fondled her left tit, she reached up and started squeezing her own right tit. She was pinching and twisting her nipple while I did the same to the other. My pussy was flowing freely into my thin short shorts. I started wiggling my hips in my seat to try and give my clit some relief. Katrina noticed me grinding my hips and looked me in the eye for a second.

"Does my little slut need some release? I think that I should give you some relief while you are driving. Are you going to be able to concentrate on the road while I finger your hot little cunt?"

"Oh yes, Mistress, I have had lots of practice. Dirk loves to do that while I am driving. Again, in control of me all the time, he has trained me to not take my eyes off of the road and to not close my eyes during orgasm. That's how he taught me how to get around down here when we first moved here. We would go out driving and he would make me cum and cum and cum and I couldn't get lost. He told me when to turn, arbitrarily, and I would have to find my way back home. It was hot as hell to have to think while he was doing to me what he was doing to me."

Katrina took her seat belt off and pulled her tank top off, completely and threw it in the back seat. She got up on her hands and knees and leaned over the console toward me. She reached down into my shorts and slipped her middle finger in between my pussy lips and rubbed my juices all over my clit. I looked down and set the cruise control. We would be on this highway for about 45 minutes. My speed was one thing I would not have to watch and control. I loved highway fingerings. I spread my legs open wide for her and she leaned over and pulled my tank top down and took my right nipple into her mouth. I reached underneath of her and began fondling her beautiful C cup titties. Then I realized that in this position, I could finger her cunt while she was doing mine. This could get very hot, very quickly. I played with her tits for a while and pinched on her nipples while she was biting mine. She added her index finger to my pussy and slipped both of them inside me for a few strokes.

"You are so fucking wet, you little whore. I love what I can do to you. I am going to make you cum like a tramp. You be sure to keep your eyes on the road."

She took her fingers out of my wet hole and rubbed my juices all over my already hard clit. It was feeling way too good. I was not going to be able to hold out too long with her rubbing like that. She circled my clit with her hot fingers covered in my cream and just rubbed over and over in circles. Then she took my clit between her thumb and forefinger and started jacking off my hard little clit. It felt so good. I pinched her nipples tight, one right after the other, and slipped my hand down into her soft waist band. I was inside her in no time. She was soaked. She started humping my two fingers and my fingers got covered with her juices in not time. She was hot and slick and I was trying to keep up with the rhythm that she was using on my clit.

Then she took her fingers and moved back to my cunt. She slipped two fingers in and on the next down stroke she added a third. I followed suit and added my ring finger to her slippery fuck hole. I brought my thumb up to her clit and started rubbing. She moaned into my nipple and began meeting my every thrust. She was fucking my hole with her fingers and added her thumb to my clit. I saw a semi-truck up ahead of us about a mile away. We were gaining on him, but at a slow rate. I looked at the speedometer and figured I could have her cumming by the time we were passing that truck. The windows are down and he was going to be able to look down and have a look see.

I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and slipped her shorts down off of her hips. I wanted the truck driver to see her nakedness and my fingers inside her wet pussy without any obstacles. She looked up at me and smiled. She spread her legs apart and I slammed my fingers back into her wet hole. She was wet enough to take another finger and tight enough to enjoy it. On my next stroke inside of her, I added my pinky finger and just started wiggling my fingers. My pussy started quivering in reaction to her fingers and thumb rubbing me inside and out. When my cunt muscles tightened around her fingers, I put my signal on to pass the truck. We had about three car lengths of room. We were passing but at a slow rate. As we got into his mirror's view, I glanced to see if he was looking yet. He was. This was going to be absolutely HOT!

Her muscles started to quiver and I added my thumb to rubbing her clit. She was bucking her hips against my every thrust. She had her mouth on my left nipple and was oblivious as to what was about to happen. She was getting me closer as I was her. We were almost even with the truck driver's door and I looked up through the sun roof and noticed him gawking. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes were wide. This was it; I wanted him to see the juices flying from her cunt as we passed directly under his window. I tapped the break so that the cruise would be off and we could keep it even with him for a couple of minutes.

As I pulled up right next to him and we evened out our speed, I leaned down a little and he was smiling and not taking his eyes off of us but for split seconds to keep an eye on the road. We made eye contact and he nodded his head as if to tell me to get her over the edge. I increased my intensity of stroking her insides and rubbing her clit and she bucked her hips against my thrusts and bit down on my nipple like she was going to bite it off. I came, screaming out and she squirted all over my fingers and filled my hand with her cum. She moved over to my other nipple and kept rubbing my clit with that thumb and wiggling her fingers inside me against my tender g-spot. It had been used a lot this week.

I was cumming again in seconds and when I glanced over at the good looking truck driver, I noticed he had a camera in his hands and was recording us. We had a straight stretch of road for the next few miles and we took advantage of that. We were the only vehicles on the road for miles. I increased my speed and got all of my fingers nice and wet. I still had a puddle of cum in my palm and was going to use it to my advantage. I took my fingers out of her cunt and they were glistening in the evening sun. I reached my full hand up to her ass and spread her natural juices all over her asshole. He smiled at me and nodded his head again. I spread her juices all over the outside and the outer ring of her tight puckered hole. She had not let me fuck her ass with a dildo in the last two days. She wanted her ass nice and tight and virgin like when Uncle Dirk got home.

She accepted me rubbing her ass though. I am sure that she wanted to be lubricated for her Uncle in case they got into an ass fucking position on the way home. I rubbed her outer ring until she relaxed and then I shoved, forcefully and slowly, my middle finger into her tight little ass. Dirk was going to love fucking this ass. He loved it tight and dripping wet.

Once she got used to my middle finger, I added another one and fucked her ass nice and slow. The truck driver was getting an eyeful and loved it. She actually was able to maneuver her thumb and get it inside me while I was in the driver's seat. She began fist fucking me with a purpose. She was going to make me cum loads. I had never been fist fucked in the vehicle. Dirk could not get his entire hand inside me in this position. This was erotic and HOT!

I added a third finger into her ass and she took her mouth off of my nipple long enough to say, "No more, I want to be nice and tight for Uncle Dirk's big cock. Do you understand, cunt?"

"Yes Ma'am, I'll get you off nicely with three fingers. You know that Mistress."

She went back to biting on my nipples. Back and forth from left to right and back again, she bit and sucked my nipples until I couldn't stand it anymore. When my cunt started squirting, she held her hand still except for the tips of her fingers which were playing with my spot. I increased my ass fucking fingers speed and depth. She was fucking my hand back with everything that she had. The truck driver was getting all of this on camera and I had no doubt that it wouldn't be on the internet by this evening. He was going to make sure of it. No faces could be seen and that was going to be hot as hell.

I pumped in and out of her tight ass as she fist fucked me while I was doing 70 mph. I looked over at the truck driver and he winked at me. I was getting closer and she could feel it rippling through my body. She began wiggling her fingers and slamming as hard as she could in this position. It was electrifying and I pumped her ass even harder. I could feel her hips bucking to meet my strokes and the way I had my hand positioned, the heel of my hand was stroking across her hard little clit. She was humping my hand like a dog and rubbing that clit even harder. She bit into my nipple and tugged it away with her teeth. She was going to town on my nipples and I was going to town on her ass and clit. It was all very exciting and watching the truck driver capture it all on camera. I screamed out when I came like a whore. She was working me in a way that I didn't know was possible. I squirted and came all over her hand. She bit into my nipple harder and squirted all over my arm. Her ass grabbed a hold of my fingers and was not going to let them go anytime soon. She was convulsing in orgasm and her ass was throbbing against my fingers. Once I got a little leeway inside of her, I began slamming my fingers into her at a fast rate. I could hear the wet sounds emitting from her holes and she had taken her hand out of my cunt and was rubbing my clit like she meant it. It was hard and fast and made me meet her rhythm with my thrusts.

When she came this time, she soaked the seat underneath her and all the way to my elbow. I came simultaneously with her and soaked my shorts. I would definitely not be able to get out of the truck anytime soon. My shorts were soaked through to the bone. She finally let up on rubbing my clit as I took my hand out of her ass. She plopped her naked butt down on the seat that she had just filled with her cum, into the puddle she sat. She was in a post orgasmic fog and still did not notice the truck next to us. I took a hold of the wheel with both hands and winked at the truck driver. That's when she noticed. She looked over at me to see how I was fairing and she saw me wink, not at her. She whipped her head around and was welcomed with the applause of a nice looking older truck driver.

"Oh my god, did you know that we were being watched?"

"Of course I did sweetheart. And he got it all on his digital camera. It was hot as hell fucking your ass with him driving beside us and taping. I couldn't wait until you realized that we had an audience. I can't wait to tell Dirk about it. He is going to flip. Give the nice driver a wink and a squeeze of your tits."

She looked up at him and grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples. She was embarrassed but turned on. She fondled her tits until we started to pull away from him. He gave us a few toots on his air horn and then one real long one. Katrina looked over at me and said, "How long were we traveling beside him?"

"I don't know, maybe about the last 20 minutes or so. He loved watching you get fingered. He had a front row seat for both orgasms. Are you upset with me?"

"No, not at all, Mama, it was just a surprise, that's all. I would have put on more of a show for him if I had known I had an audience. I hope he enjoyed that."

"Oh I am sure that was the highlight of his trip. We'll have to keep an eye out on the internet for it. Hopefully he will put it on a well known website or something where we can search for it. Dirk is going to flip when he finds out. That is HOT no matter who you are."

We rode in silence for a few miles as she threw her tank top and shorts back on. She looked well fucked and ready for her Uncle Dirk. My cell phone started ringing about ten miles from our exit. I picked up and said, "Hello?"

"Yeah...we're almost there sweetheart...Yes, she has been primed and ready...I will pick you up in our normal spot outside of baggage claim....Yes, in the back seat, of course Master...Yes, I will be a good girl while you have your way with our new lover...Yes, of course her cunt is dripping for you...I won't be late...we are about seven minutes from the exit...Thank you Master, I will." I hung up the phone and looked over at Katrina. She looked beautiful and anxious. "Master says he wants you in the back seat, shorts and tank off, with your legs spread when we pick him up. The first thing he wants to see is your pussy, glistening and waiting for him. If you are not in that exact position when we pick him up, he will punish the both of us. And you don't want to get on Master's bad side all too soon."

She climbed in the back seat and took off her clothes like she was told. The back windows were tinted and not rolled down. She would be completely unseen except when he opened the door. I gazed at her in the rear view mirror and asked, "Are you excited baby doll? Master is extremely excited and can't wait to fuck your brains out. It is going to be a very eventful ride home for you. I will have the agony of watching only and not being touched the whole way home. This will be your time with your uncle alone. He will find your hot spots soon into the ride and he will hone those spots down to your top three before we get home. I want you to know that he has asked me no questions about what you like as he likes to find out for himself. In fact, I am not allowed to tell him anything of our week together until we get home and all get naked and have some fun first."

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