Katrina and Mama Ch. 03


"She tastes so good. I have had that pussy more times this week than I have ever had anyone sexually and I still can't get over how good her pussy tastes. I want to eat her pussy always, Master. I don't ever want to give it up."

"Oh sweetheart, why would you ever have to give it up? I thought you were moving in here with us?"

She climbed off of my face and sat down on the bed. I scooted up into a sitting position with my legs still quivering. I was light headed from the intensity of the orgasms that Dirk had given me with his fingers. There is a point that when he starts fingering me that I can't get enough of his fingers. Then there comes a time when if he touches me one more time, I am going to pass out. He had almost reached that stage this time and I was having a hard time calming down from this one. Katrina started talking while Dirk sat up from his position and sat Indian style.

"Well, I wanted to talk to you about that when you got home. I guess this is as good a time as any. Do you want a drink of water?"

I could only nod my head as I was still coming down and getting my heartbeat to a normal rate. Dirk said, "Yes, please, that would be great."

She got up and walked over to get our glasses of water. I saw that hot pink anal plug sticking out of her ass and got turned on all over again. She was holding some more of Dirk's cum in her ass for me. I had almost forgotten about it. She walked back with two glasses, handed them to us and got hers and sat back down.

"Well, I told Mama Ronnie here that I wanted to talk to you face to face about our living arrangements before I committed to anything. She thought that was fair. So, here I am. Uncle Dirk, I would love to move in here and come and go as I please. I don't want to cause any riffs in yours and Mama's relationship and I don't want to feel like a third wheel. If you can guarantee to me that I will not cause any hindrance to your wonderful relationship, then I will think long and hard about moving in here permanently. I sure don't want to come between you two and I would hate to think what Nikki is going to think, but I would love to be here. I have had more satisfying, mind melting sex here than I ever have in my entire life. I also feel more loved here than I ever have. So, what do you say?"

He looked me in the eye and I just nodded my head. We had talked about having someone like Katey in our lives permanently. She would be someone to fill the gaps of loneliness for either one of us. When I go on book tours, a lot of times Dirk is left here alone for weeks at a time. When he goes away for business, I am here alone for at least a week at a time. She would be a constant in our lives, someone to be there for both of us. She needed reassurance from Dirk and now that she had seen what the man could do for a woman, she was definitely leaning towards moving in.

"Oh baby doll, it is so kind of you to think of us first. That shows a kind heart and willing spirit. There would be no more perfect fit for us if we put an ad in the paper. Katrina Michelle, you were such a part of our lives in your teenage years that it has been kind of lonely without you around. We are so ecstatic about you being back in our lives and the chance to become a permanent fixture around her that we would do just about anything to have you move in here with us. I really don't think that you understand how Ronnie's and my marriage is. We don't now or ever base our happiness on sex. Sex is a big part of our lives and we both need different things at different times. You know we met swinging, right?"

"Yes, I do now. I didn't before I came down here this week. I think that it is awesome to be able to find your true love in a lustful situation like you did."

"Well, then you know that sex is a huge part of our lives. We have wanted a partner to share with our wonderful lives for quite some time now. You would be the perfect fit for that empty hole that we have. Please come and join us in our wild adventurous, sexual lives. Please be our third. We will never make you feel like a third wheel. We will include you in all over decision making and make you a full partner in our lives. Please be that person for us?"

She looked at him and then at me. I nodded my head in full agreement with what he was asking of her. She smiled and said, "Where do I get to sleep?"

"Well, you would sleep in our king size bed with us. Where else would you sleep?"

"I didn't know if you were going to make me sleep in the loft or not."

"You will have to utilize the back bedroom's closet though. With Ronnie's closet as customized as it is, she has it about as full as it can get. But back to the sleeping arrangements, part of that not making you feel like a third wheel is to share our sleeping space with you. There is plenty of room for the three of us in there without being claustrophobic. We can take turns being in the middle and cuddling up to each other. What do you say? C'mon and make the commitment to live here. We'll have your stuff down her next weekend. I've got the means and the resources to make that happen with calm, cool and collectedness. We'll make it a weekend trip, the three of us. We will take turns driving and playing in the back seat. It will be a hot little endeavor. Let's do it sweetheart!"

She looked at us as we were watching her. She smiled real big and said, "Okay, I'll be your third. Thank you so much for the offer and the reassurance. I can't wait to see the look on William's face when we pull up to pack up my stuff."

I smiled a great big smile and thought; this is exactly what we needed around here. She was going to be a very welcome addition to our circle of swinging friends. She was already a welcome addition here. "Well, now that that's settled, we've got a lot of exploring to do in the next few hours. What would you like to do or see next sweetheart?" I asked Dirk.

"Well, I don't know about you two, but I could sure use a shower. And I think that we need to get all of your holes cleaned out and ready to reuse and abuse. What do you say? Want to come in the shower with me and get clean enough to fuck?"

I looked at Katey and saw her smirk. "What about Katey's anal plug, Master?"

"Oh, I almost forgot about that load she was holding for you. How good of you to remember. Let's see, why don't you eat it out of her ass right now before we go in and finish up the cleaning out of your cum-filled holes. I think that once I get clean, I will be able to plant my seed inside of your tight little cunt. It should be nice and tight from the fist fucking that I just gave you. Why don't we use the spreader bar to spread her wide for your cum feast?"

"That sounds awesome, Master. Thank you for allowing me to do that. C'mon you little cum filled whore, lie down so we can get you spread open for me."

She lay back and spread her arms out and her legs. Dirk got the spreader bar out and hooked her ankles to it while I restrained her arms. He pushed the spreader bar apart until he saw her wince but not cry out and then he added a couple more inches. Then as he lifted her legs with the pulley, I reached over on the nightstand and grabbed the nipple clamps. Dirk smiled at me and nodded his head in agreement to attach them to her nipples and then to the clasp up above.

"Master, should I blindfold her?"

"No, not this time, there will be plenty of time for that later. For now, let's just get her ready for you to eat her ass."

Her arms and legs were spread as far apart as we could get them without causing too much pain. Master motioned for me to come down and get between her legs. That is when he pushed her legs back and locked them in place over her head. The pink anal plug was sticking out from her ass cheeks and looking so fucking hot I couldn't stand it. I watched as Master came around to where I was and nodded. I leaned over and licked at from the anal plug up to her clit and back. She moaned with pleasure. Master was right beside me and watching my every move. He loved to watch me eat a woman out, whether it is her ass or her cunt. He reached up and smacked her ass and she bit her tongue. I was proud that she didn't make a whimper.

Apparently, she had forgotten about her punishment that was coming from the trip home. Master never forgot when it came to punishing someone. He pushed me back for a minute and just wailed on her ass. Every spot he smacked, there was a pink mark that was going to turn red. He mixed it up a little and had no real rhythm to his spankings. He always made the person being punished, try and guess his next move, but it never happened the way that we expected it. Master was making her ass sting, no doubt about it. I could tell that Katey was biting her tongue on every smack he was giving her. Her ass was turning a nice shade of red and her pussy was getting wetter with every strike.

"Now, young lady, I hope that you will think long and hard before making any kind of sound or movement from here on out when I strike you unexpectedly. That is what being a submissive is all about. Insubordination is a huge trigger for me. That is why Ronnie and I have the relationship that we do. I am in charge at all times when we are together, sexually. That will be the way it is going to be with you and I, as well. I don't like to be questioned and I don't like to be disobeyed. You will learn this quickly or pay the consequences for it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," she said with tears in her eyes, "I will listen and not question you. I will be a good girl, I promise."

"Alright then, Ronnie, why don't you take that nice big butt plug out and get started. I really need a shower and a good fuck. This scene ought to make me nice and hard watching so go ahead and eat her cum filled ass."

I moved up a little on the bed and grabbed a hold of the huge ass plug and slowly removed it. It was covered in Master's cum and it made me hot to think that her ass was holding on to his load for all of this time. I leaned over and stuck my tongue into her anal cavity and licked until I couldn't get anymore inside of her. She moaned in pleasure and I licked harder and faster. Then I saw out of the corner of my eye, Master was moving up behind her head. His cock was semi-hard and he was stroking it.

"I think that I need you to give me a blow job while she is eating your ass. I need to be as hard as a rock for this shower. C'mon bitch, open up."

He shoved his semi-hard cock into her mouth and she started sucking. There was no mercy in this blow job. In fact, he was fucking her mouth like it was a pussy. I watched her suck him off while I was cleaning out her asshole and giving her a good reaming. Dirk's cum was so musky and salty inside of her that I was getting wetter just eating his cum out of her ass. His cock was getting harder with every stroke inside of her mouth. I loved watching other women suck my man's cock. It has always turned me on.

As I was licking her ass clean, I noticed her pussy was dripping now. I reached up with my right hand and stuck two fingers inside of her cunt and started stroking her insides. She was hot and drenched and felt good with my fingers sliding in and out of her wet canal. I added another finger inside her in no time and started finger fucking her cunt while I was still licking out her ass. I love the feeling of a wet pussy. I love the slipperiness that it brings forth when someone is completely turned on. She was hot and getting wetter with every stroke. Knowing that my tongue wasn't long enough to get her going good, I slipped one of the pussy soaked fingers out of her cunt and slid it into her ass. She squirmed and tried to fuck me back but really couldn't move. Her muscles started contracting around my fingers and I noticed that Master was as hard as a rock now. I looked at him as he was thrusting his hard cock down her throat. He gave me the go ahead to give her an orgasm.

I slid my fingers from her cunt and slammed them into her tight ass, all three of them. She jumped and Master slapped her face. Then I shoved all four of my fingers from my left hand into her cunt and started fucking her like a whore. She started moaning on Master's cock and clinching her pussy muscles around my fingers. She was so soaked that it was like fucking jello inside there. I loved to make this girl cum.

I looked over at Master and saw that he was watching me finger fuck this girl silly. He slowed down on his pumping down her throat and he reached over with one hand and began circling her clit with his fingers. With the other hand, he reached over and started pinching and twisting her nipples. If it was at all possible, her cunt got wetter. It was hot and erotic and I was having so much fun sharing my new lover with my old lover. She didn't last long with all of that going on with her. She exploded and squeezed and squirted. It was so fucking hot that I almost came right then and there. The pressure that was produced by her ass and cunt muscles was amazing. Master pulled his cock out of her mouth and she screamed and thrashed her head back and forth as her orgasm overtook her. About the time that she hit her complete peak, he sped up the circles around her clit and frigged her pussy until she went even higher.

"That's it, you little slut, cum for us. You are nothing but a two bit whore who likes to fuck and cum and suck until you can't move, aren't you? Yeah, you like to have fingers filling your holes while sucking on a cock. And you like to have your clit rubbed and your nipples pinched. You are such a fucking slut. I love it!"

When she finally came down and was breathing only half like she was hyperventilating, Master withdrew his hands from her body and I slowly emptied her holes of my fingers. She was still moaning and had some post-orgasmic tremors going on. I sat back on the edge of the bed as Master let her legs down. We unhooked her ankles and he put the bar back up into its cubby. She immediately closed her legs together for relief. Then we undid her wrists and we pulled her off of the bed. Slowly, we walked her into the bathroom on some very shaky legs.

Master turned the water on and all twelve shower heads started streaming hot water into the stall. She finally had some strength and stopped leaning on the both of us. Master nodded for me to get in the stall first. He always made it about five degrees warmer than I liked. I knew better than to gasp when I got in and the hot water hit my skin. Unfortunately, Katrina did not. I had not warned her about his hot showers. And, sure enough, she gasped when the hot water hit her skin.

Master smacked her wet ass very hard and very fast. She didn't know what had caused this sudden outburst of punishment from our Master, but she quickly learned. "That's a big no-no my little whore. I don't like to hear any sounds because of the heat of the water. You must get in and not lose your breath because the water is so hot. This is the way that we shower when I am home and that is law. Do you understand me bitch?"

"Yes, Master, I am sorry. It took me by surprise, please forgive me. It won't happen again, I promise."

"Well, if you say so then that will have to be good enough. Your word means everything in this household and I will hold you to it. Now, let's get you two cleaned up. And, I think, for the rest of the night we should do some role playing. Katrina, I want you to be calling me Uncle Dirk and Ronnie, I will be Daddy to you for the rest of the night. I need some good old fashioned fucking from my little girls. Does this sound like a plan?"

We both nodded our heads as Dirk got one of the shower heads down and began spraying me off. We all grabbed a pouf and began soaping it up. I washed Katrina off while Dirk was washing me off. We were spreading soap bubbles all over each other. When Dirk brought his pouf down over my nipples, they stood straight out. I washed Katrina's pussy and ass really well and I might have lingered on her clit a little longer than I should have. She moaned in ecstasy and Dirk looked at me and nodded his head. I rubbed the pouf over her clit a little harder and with a lot more force. Dirk followed suit on my pussy and soon we were all moaning and groaning in pleasure.

Dirk was behind me and brought me to his hips. His cock was still as hard as a rock and I think that I was finally going to get some of it. He grabbed both hips and brought me back to him and he slid his hard cock into my awaiting cunt with ease. I continued to rub her clit with that pouf and slipped two fingers inside of her during that frigging of her clit. She leaned down and took one of my pierced nipples into her mouth and sucked it like she was trying to nurse. I loved being in the middle like this. A slut on my tit and a cock in my cunt is more than any girl should have. I loved having Daddy inside me like this. He was ramming his dick into my pussy like it was nothing. I felt so tight wrapped around his prick that it wasn't going to take much and I was going to cum like a whore.

Katrina moved to the other nipple and gave it some attention. Then she reached down and began rubbing my clit with a passion. I added another finger to her slippery wet cunt and Daddy inserted a finger into my ass. It was all very hot. I could feel Katrina reach under and rub Daddy's balls while he was fucking me like a little tramp. He started moaning and added another finger to my tight ass.

"Oh god girls, you are going to be the death of me. Ronnie you feel so good on Daddy's cock and Katrina, you feel awesome rubbing your cousin's clit and massaging my balls. You both are truly little sluts. I am a very lucky man to have two tight little cunts to fuck anytime and every time that I want. Ronnie, I hope you are ready for a really good fuck because Daddy is not going to cum anytime soon. Your cousin helped me out with that letting me fill all of her holes on the way home."

"Daddy, I am so ready to be fucked like a whore by you and Cuz. I love having your cock inside of me with Katey rubbing my clit. Daddy, I am not going to be able to last long. It feels too good. Oh god, fuck me Daddy!"

Katey started rubbing me harder and faster while Daddy was fucking both holes with a vengeance. Daddy was huge and filling me up quite nicely. I continued to finger fuck her faster. I threw the pouf on the ground and returned the favor of rubbing her clit with my fingers. She was soaked and slippery and I loved her tight little cunt.

Daddy added one more finger to make it three and just went to town on my ass. He was alternating strokes between my ass and my pussy and I couldn't take anymore. Katey bit down hard on my nipple and I exploded in orgasm.

"That's it baby girl, cum for Daddy. I can feel all of your muscles contracting around my hard cock. C'mon baby doll, I want to feel every inch of your cunt spasm around my cock. God, you feel great!"

I screamed out and squirted all over Daddy's cock and Katey's fingers. My body was convulsing and I was breathing heavy and squirting until I almost couldn't stand anymore. Katey rubbed a little bit harder and a little bit faster and I came even harder. I pumped my fingers deep inside of her and rubbed her clit to the rhythm that she was rubbing me. This next time, we came, together. Hard and intense was this orgasm. I arched my back and screamed.

"Oh my god, Daddy, fuck me harder. Katey rub me harder. I feel like such a whore, make me cum harder!"

"Yes, make me cum harder," Katey said throughout her orgasm, "your fingers feel so good inside of me. And I love to feel you rub my clit like that. Make me cum, Cuz!"

Daddy wrapped his arm around my waste and pulled me closer and deeper. I could feel his rigid cock getting harder. He was going to fill me up with his seed. I loved feeling him explode inside of me. I wanted to feel his cum dripping out of me and I wanted to have Katey suck his seed out of me when he was done. His cock was so hard and my cunt was so tight that I could almost feel the pulse of his sperm rising up from his balls to the head and into my cunt.

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