tagRomanceKatrina Ch. 03-04

Katrina Ch. 03-04

byDG Hear©

This story is seven chapters. I am posting two chapters at a time till all are posted. You may want to read the first and second chapter before this one. Thank you to Linda62953 for taking the time to edit my story.

Chapter 3

I finally arrived home and my mom was waiting for me. She helped me bring in all of my and Alecia's things. She had my old bedroom ready for me and had Alecia's crib already set up in there.

I hugged and kissed my little baby. I had to wonder what kind of future she would have. I would make sure she didn't make the same mistakes that I did, but then realized I was talking and sounding like my mother.

I was about to tell my mother the whole story, but she said I needed to eat something first. She made me some bacon, eggs and toast. Afterwards, I told her the whole sordid story. I began by telling her she was right, and Matt had just used me for sex. She asked me about child support and that's when I explained to her that Matt's name wasn't on the birth certificate.

I explained that he wasn't going to put it on, till after a DNA test had been done. "Did he have the test done?" my mother asked.

"Yes, and it shows he's the father which I already knew, since I had never had sex with anyone else." Mom said she forgot something and went and got a pill. She told me to take it now, it was the "morning after" pill.

I told her I was on the pill, and she explained to me that it was to make absolutely sure I didn't get pregnant again. She reminded me I was on the pill the last time and had gotten pregnant.

I looked at her and said, "Mom! I love you so much. You're the only one who understands." I started crying.

She hugged me, and told me to let it out. We all needed a decent cry once in awhile. I noticed she also had tears in her eyes.


I had only heard from Jeff twice in the last nine months. Once after I told him I was pregnant and again after Alecia was born. He did tell me to take care and that he wouldn't be in contact with me often since he was deployed to some combat zones.

I figured he used that as an excuse and probably didn't want anything to do with me since I had a baby now. I guess I could hardly blame him, but I did miss him. I know that he would have been the only person I could have turned to, besides my mom. I did continue to write to him, but got no letters in return.

My younger brother and sister were happy to see me and they said they loved their little niece. Mom would let them hold her and feed her a bottle but only if they were sitting down. They both said they loved her, but how can a cute little girl like her have such stinky poop. We all had to laugh.

I contacted the college and told them I had moved back home and would no longer be able to do the billing. I thanked them for giving me the opportunity to make some extra money. I would have liked to continue, but their rules are that the positions are for those who live on campus.

Mom came home on from work Monday afternoon and told me she had gotten me a job interview at the hospital. I had to go through the interview process but she was pretty sure I would get the position. She did tell me it would be on the midnight shift, but it was a start. I would also have to take the exam for my nursing license soon.

At the interview, they said they were impressed with my resume, since I had graduated with honors at both high school and college. They asked me why I didn't continue on and get my four year degree. Mom had told me to tell them the truth and I did.

I told them I had gotten pregnant and have a sweet, beautiful little girl. I let them know I was planning on continuing with my education, doing on line courses and going locally, if needed. I did receive my degree as an RN but still had to take the state licensing exam, which I planned to do fairly soon.

They did tell me, they knew my mother and if I was half the nurse she was, they would be pleased, before telling me the position was on the night shift as a nurses' aid until I took and passed the state exam. They wanted to make sure I understood that. They would hold the RN position open for me for a month. I assured them I would be ready and had made an appointment to take the licensing exam the following week.

I was to start work on Friday night. It was also a weekend job. I would work the night shift, ten hours a night, Friday through Monday. I would get Tuesday through Thursday off.

The nights I worked, I needed someone to watch Alecia for a few hours during the day. Needless to say that when Mom was home it was fine but there were days that we both might be gone for a few hours. Our neighbor Mrs. White agreed to be our babysitter whenever we needed one. Usually it was when Mom left for work in the mornings, until I got home.

I have to admit, it was hard getting used to working the night shift. I would come home and usually feed Alecia and I loved it when we both took a nap. I would have to get up when she was awake though, until my sister got home from school. My sleep was rather erratic. Mom told me that was the price I paid for motherhood, but she also told me she was very proud of me.

I started on-line classes from the local college and did most of my studying on the days I didn't work. There was hardly enough time in my schedule for taking care of Alecia, work and trying to get some sleep. It was nice to help support myself and Alecia. Mom wouldn't take any money from me. I did help pay for the groceries and things that Alecia needed. I also paid for the babysitting Mrs. White and my sister did for me.

The following week I took the state board exams, passed, and was officially an RN. I was so happy and so was the hospital as well as my mother. Needless to say it changed my duties at the hospital. I had a lot more responsibility, but also a bigger payday.


Mom sat down with me and asked to see the DNA results of Matt and Alecia. I showed them to her and she said Matt needed to help pay for his child. When I asked her what if he released the pictures of me? She said, "So what! You're not going to school there anymore and I don't think the Balo's want to go to court and tarnish Matt's reputation more than it already is.

"The internet is filled with people having sex. I don't think you have to worry because the two guys you were with would probably be kicked off the team if the school found out the truth. I don't believe his parents would let Matt go public with the pictures."

Mom called Mrs. Balo and said that they needed to talk. Mrs. Balo was trying to make me out to be a slut and trying to seduce her son. "Well in that case she succeeded. I have the DNA results that state without a doubt, your son is the father of my granddaughter. All we need to do is come up with a reasonable support amount or we will see you in court."

Mrs. Balo was probably saying all kinds of shit because my mom was just listening and shaking her head back and forth. Then my mom let her have it with both barrels.

"Listen, you Bitch! You're not talking to some damn teenager. Your son fucked my daughter and they produced a baby. He then set her up to be fucked by his friends." Mom stopped talking for a bit and then started again.

"I don't give a flying crap about your son's pictures. He 'WILL' be paying child support! I suggest we meet and decide on an amount or we will go to court and I'll also push to have him charged with setting up my daughter to be used. If we win or lose, he and his buddies' football careers will be over."

Mom was listening again. She wrote down some information and said she would see her then. I was so proud of my mother. I was wrong about her. I wanted to be just like her.

She told me we had to go to Toledo, Ohio on Tuesday evening and have a sit down with the Balo's and their lawyer. It was only a two hour drive from our house to Toledo. I asked mom if we should get a lawyer and she told me it wasn't necessary; that we had Matt by the balls. It made me smile.

We showed up at the appointed time and the only person that was there was the Balo's lawyer. "Where are the Balo's?" Mom asked.

"I'm sorry, but they couldn't make it, but I have full power of attorney to speak for them. I have their required signatures on all the documents." He showed them to us.

"So, what's their offer?" asked Mom.

"Well, they would prefer to make a onetime bulk payment instead of monthly child support payments. They would like to keep his name off the birth certificate if possible. They would be willing to pay extra to make that happen."

"You mean to tell me that your asshole clients don't want anything to do with their granddaughter?" Mom said very loudly. People were staring at us but that doesn't faze my mother. "What kind of numbers are we talking about so they never have to speak of their grandchild again?"

I could tell the attorney was flustered. I doubt he expected to be talking to someone like my mother. "Umm... They mentioned fifteen thousand dollars."

"That's not even a thousand dollars a year. I think we'll let a court decide" said my mom.

"Wait! Please what do you think would be a fair offer?" asked the attorney.

"For what that asshole kid put my daughter through, I would say five hundred a month. That would be six thousand a year for eighteen years. That makes it a hundred and eight thousand dollars. We'll settle for half that amount, fifty-four thousand dollars and we'll throw in that he won't be listed as the father on the birth certificate."

He excused himself and walked away from the table. I could tell he was arguing with the person he was talking with on the phone. He composed himself and came back to the table. "The Balo's agreed to your counter offer, if you agree that their son can give up all his parental rights to said child. Also your daughter cannot have any contact with the Balo's or their son."

I spoke up and said, "The "said child" has a name, it's Alecia. I'll agree to your client's wishes and under no circumstances, do I want them to visit, see or contact my daughter in any way, ever. If they should, I want it stipulated that they will give me the entire hundred and eight thousand dollars for getting in our personal space." My mom was smiling at me.

The attorney agreed to the stipulations since he knew the Balo's wanted this over with and had no intention of seeing my daughter. He filled in the stipulations. He said that he would send us a copy of the official contract when he filed it in the courthouse. He would mail us a copy along with a check for fifty-four thousand dollars. He wished us a good day and left.

"We did good," my mom said. We went to a restaurant and ate dinner before we returned home.

On the following Tuesday, I brought in the mail and received a check for fifty-four thousand dollars along with the contract stating there would be no contact between the Balo's, Matt, Alecia and me. I sat down and cried with joy. I had Alecia in my life and never had to worry about Matt or his family harassing us. It was hard to believe that Matt was their only son and they didn't want to see their granddaughter, but because of our contract they no long had any interest in Alecia.

I was still crying when mom walked in and asked me what was wrong. I showed her the check and the letter and said it was tears of happiness and I had her to thank for it.

We had another talk and I told her I was going to put four thousand in my checking account and invest forty thousand dollars. She asked me what about the other ten thousand and I told her I was giving it to her and wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

"Honey, that's what mothers do for their children."

"I know, but I know you're not wealthy and I want you to take it. Please!"

She agreed to take it and maybe fix up the house a little. I couldn't believe it when she said I was a good person and caring daughter.

I was doing very well in my studies and was well liked at work. I listened to my mom, who had told me to try my best. I found it to be great advice. I hadn't dated anyone and my mom had asked me if I was doing ok. I told her that for now, I had my hands full, with being a mother and taking college courses as well as working a full time job.

I reminded her, of what she had said when I was younger. "You don't need to rush to date, you have your whole life ahead of you."


Life was continuing on and we were doing pretty well. The holidays were fast approaching and it would be Alicia's first Christmas, but I was the one who received the biggest surprise. It was the day after Thanksgiving and there was a knock on the door. I answered it, and there stood Jeff. I couldn't believe it.

I jumped into his arms and asked him how come he never wrote me to tell me he was coming home. Again I had tears running down my face. I invited him in, and my mom came in and gave him a hug. My sister and brother also came in to say hi.

We were all sitting in the living room when I heard Alecia was awake from her nap. I went and got her and felt a little funny bringing her in so Jeff could meet her.

"Jeff, I mentioned the love of my life in my letters, this is Alecia."

He looked at her and said she was beautiful, just like her mother. He asked if he could hold her and I handed her to him. She had the biggest smile on her face when he kissed her on the forehead and hugged her gently. He held her while everyone was talking to him.

My brother Pete asked him a lot of questions about the service, like how was it overseas and questions like that. I just sat there and listened to Jeff answer Pete's questions while he was holding Alecia and kind of talking to her at the same time. I glanced over at mom and she sort of smiled at me.

Mom asked Jeff how his parents like their new house. They had moved to the suburbs when Jeff enlisted in the service.

"They like it fine. It's really a nice neighborhood, but this was always home to me. I spent my whole life just two doors down and my best friend lived here."

"We did have a lot of fun times, didn't we," I said smiling.

Jeff has an older brother and sister who were seven and nine years older than him. He always said, he was a "surprise" baby. His mom was surprised when she found out she was pregnant with him.

Mom asked if anyone wanted some hot chocolate, she had just made it. Everyone said yes, and I said I would get it. I got out a tray and five cups along with some marshmallows. I poured the hot chocolate into the cups and carried the tray into the living room and Jeff wasn't in there.

"Where's Jeff?" I asked.

"He's changing Alecia. He said he thought she made a mess in her diaper. Mom said she would do it but Jeff said he's changed his nieces and nephews diapers for years," said Pete.

Everyone took a cup of hot chocolate and put in their own marshmallows; I went in to see Jeff. I couldn't believe he was changing my baby girl and talking to her. I wanted to cry, but held back.

"There! All done. Where does mommy put your dirty diapers?" He was talking to Alecia. I told him, "In the diaper pail beside the bed." He didn't know I was there and turned and smiled at me. He handed me Alecia and I told him his hot chocolate was in the living room.

He stopped in the bathroom and washed his hands and came back in the living room to sit down. I asked him how long he would be home for.

"It depends on what you call "home." I was transferred to Selfridge Air Force base in Michigan. It's about a sixty mile drive from here. Hopefully, I will be spending the rest of my time there. Of course there's always the chance that I could be deployed overseas again but my CO said it was unlikely since I did three consecutive duties overseas."

"Does that mean you will be coming home more often?" asked Lori.

"Yes but I have to work most weekends since I'm in the military police now. I'll get maybe one weekend every two months off. I'll live on base but at least I can call once in a while, if you don't mind Mrs. Whiting"

"I don't mind at all Jeff. You're welcome here anytime," said Mom. "What are you doing for Christmas? Do you have to work?"

"Yes ma'am, both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I will get the two days before off. I told Mom we could celebrate Christmas a couple of days earlier. She liked that idea so that's what we are going to do," replied Jeff.

"Maybe you can stop by here for a few hours one of the days," I suggested.

He said he liked that idea and maybe we could go out to dinner or something, if it was ok with my mom. Mom laughed, and told Jeff that I didn't need her permission to go out on dates or have old friends over any more.

Mom asked Jeff if he wanted to stick around for a couple of hours and she would order pizza. Of course Pete and Lori were big pizza eaters and begged Jeff to stay. He said he would, and maybe we could catch up on old times.

We had our pizza and all of us talked and laughed some more. Jeff asked me about Matt and Alecia. I told him I would tell him later. I didn't want to talk about it in front of Pete and Lori. We had told them that Matt didn't want to be in our lives. Pete called him an asshole, and my mom told him to watch his language, but he was right.

Pete and Lori asked if they could go see their friends who lived down the street. Mom said it was fine and she told me she would take Alecia in the den and watch her. Our TV was in the den. Mom always said the living room was for guests and visitors. Not for distractions from a television set.

We each got another cup of hot chocolate and sat in the living room and talked. He wanted to know what had happened to me. He said he knew me well enough, that he knew I was hiding something.

Chapter Four:

Jeff and I sat down and talked. He was the one person that I could tell anything to and knew for sure, he would keep it between us. He asked me if I loved Matt and about getting pregnant. I told him I wasn't really comfortable talking to him about this.

"Trina, I need to know what happened to you. You wrote and told me you were dating Matt. Then I got a letter, and you told me you were pregnant and then the one that said you had your baby. Where is Matt in all this? Do you love him?"

"Ok, I'll tell you everything but please, don't judge me. Of all people, I don't want you to hate me," I began to tell him my story. "I went to the prom with Matt and he and his friends got a bit frisky and I was so happy that you were home and took me to school the following days."

I explained that I didn't see Matt for a year until he transferred to the college I attended. We started a relationship and I decided to go on the pill. We had sex and I got pregnant.

"So, what happened? Did you love him?" asked Jeff.

"I believe we were in lust, but not in love. After getting pregnant I told him I was going to have the baby and our relationship went downhill from there."

I continued on, explaining our relationship and how Matt said he would take care of the baby, but he really did nothing. When I told him how Matt had set me up and that Tony and Brad were in on it, he got really aggravated. I told him that they spiked my wine cooler and later had their way with me.

He asked me why I didn't file charges against them, and I told him about the set up and how Matt came in and took pictures. I told him it would have been my word against the three of them as well as a witness that Matt brought along. I explained that Matt has pictures on his cell phone and said he would post them on the internet if I ever said anything.

"That son of a bitch! I ought to go kick his fucking ass," said a very angry Jeff. "I wasn't there to protect you, and now I'm totally pissed off."

I did explain how my mom had stood by me and how we got money to take care of Alecia and I never have to see Matt again.

"What kind of fucking man would abandon a sweetie like Alecia. What a fucked up asshole." I knew Jeff was really aggravated because he hardly ever swore around me.

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