tagInterracial LoveKatrina Meet John Ch. 01

Katrina Meet John Ch. 01


~Author: I'm new at this writing thing I might miss spell something or have so much run on sentence just bear with me and tell me if you like or don't like the story~


Katrina spent almost her whole life working and behaving like a classy woman, she really didn't have much time for fun so she didn't go out much.

Well let's see. One day she was at the office and her best friend since first grade told her she was going to would turn into an old wind bag. Because, all she did was sit at home doing nothing, but work.

"At lease, the whole office doesn't think of me as a party hoe" she thought.

"Only reason I don't go out is because, I don't really have nothing to do other than my work Trish."

She shushes me and said "I have a great idea, baby we are doing something tonight we are going to hit the new club called juice".

Shit! I screamed in my mind she knew, she was in trouble the head bitch of clubbing wants her to go clubbing with her. Shit, shit, shit!

"Trish, I swear I want to go with you! But, I can't honey. I still have work to finish in my office". Katrina said

Trish didn't say anything for what seem like hours, than she asks her.

"How long will that take?"

Katrina, answer falsely, "It a lot of work. I think it'll be an All-nighter."

She watches Trish walk toward kelvin, and ask him something and he blush, laugh than gets up walking towards Katrina. She thought maybe she should just leave, before he says anything that most likely makes her unhappy.

Kelvin was now standing in front of Katrina, and she waited to see what he would say.

"You didn't have to have Trish, ask me to help finish your work. I'll do it for you; you probably would be better at partying, than you are at your work anyways". He said sarcastically.

She watches him start to turn the corner. But before he could make that turn to go where ever he was going, he said in front of the people pertaining to work.

"Oh and Katrina have fun tonight don't get to hummer," said kelvin.

"I hope you don't get to hummer. Maybe, than you would stop cheating on your wife," She mumbles.

After, that terrifying scene, she walked in her office, slamming the door. Than Trish, comes running in happy, and unaware how unhappy Katrina was with her at the moment.

"So Katrina, babe we are so going partying tonight?" Said Trish excitedly "You should see the outfit, I have for later on."

She had enough, she was going to lose.

"Trish, I am, and I repeat; I am not going anywhere today with you, not just because, I don't want to but because of what you did out there with kelvin." Katrina said angrily.

"Ok, ok! I understand I shouldn't jump in, and did what I did in there. But I'm tired of seeing you waste your life away. You have a sweet body and you don't show it off, it's not fair." Trish replied back.

Damn! Now she felt like a jerk for making Trish, feel bad, when she only trying to help me have fun.

"On one condition, then I'll go with you." she said.

"I'll do anything, if you are going to night anything!" Trish screams.

"Ok than you have to hang with me at the club, until I feel like I want to leave ok." Said Katrina

"Ok that's fine, picking you up at nine!" she said, while running out the office.

She rushes home, jumped into the shower to wash away this horrible day off. After she towels herself dried off, she applied lotion all over her body. Now she was ready to get dress. She went to the closet looking around for her going out dress, her mother gave her; it was a pink sundress and some pink flats.

"I look very pretty and casual right?" She thought.

Trish arrived, and that idea was shot to shit!

"Oh hell no bitch you didn't just put that shit on," YELLED TRISH.

"Katrina, seriously you look like a little girl. I really don't know what to do with you sometimes." Trish vent.

"Trish, it's nothing wrong with this outfit." Katrina cried out.

"Katrina, babe you're going to a club not a working event, dress like you want to get laid tonight girly." Trish said.

After going through my entire closet Trish pick up the present she gave me for Christmas and some 4 inch red Levi heels throwing them onto the bed .

"Trish I don't want to wear that short ass dress that is in that box" snap Katrina

"Well Katrina I don't give two fuck put it on and I mean it go." Trish snapped back

I went into the restroom and change into the mid-thigh black dress and the red 4 inch heels, I stepped out and the look on Trish face told me all I needed to know that I look like a straight up hooker!

"Damn bitch I knew you had a body, but fuck the dress bring out the curves and everything you're hot". Said Trish

"Trish I don't think I can do this". Katrina complains

"You can't do what Katrina, have fun." Said Trish

"No I can't do this I look like a hooker in all of this, this isn't me it's you "said Trish

Katrina was so mad about the outfit that she didn't see the look Trish gave her, until she thought about what she said. Fuck in her mind she said, oh shit I just basically called my best friend a hooker.

"Shit honey I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it I'm just nervous about the club. Ok I'm ready now. Let's roll Trish". Katrina said quietly

"Katrina its ok, but you need to chill it's not like you're a virgin so chill and let go clubbing." Said Trish.

Trish really didn't have a clue that she was really a virgin. She thought.

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