tagInterracial LoveKatrina Meet John Ch. 03

Katrina Meet John Ch. 03


~Author: I hope you enjoy the story so far. And I'm looking forward to hear from you thank you for reading. ~


She was quiet while, John drove home like a man on a mission.

Katrina was in the passenger seat biting her lip trying to find a way out of all this.

She was so scared to go home with him. She knew what he wanted, every man seem to carve it. Sex!

She was so frightened, that her thought wonder to the night she never wanted to remember.


She was about 21 first years in college Trish, some roommates, and she went to this frat party. One of the many frat boys throws every week. She meets a boy name mike and he was fun they dance a lot, and did what college kids did party.

"I'm going to get something from my room want to come," he yells over the music.

"No I'm fine I'll stay right here," She yells back to him.

"You don't have to go in with me," he promises me.

So she didn't see anything harmful about that.

Up they went. She was getting near his bedroom, and she started to get this very weird feeling like something bad was going to happen. Katrina slow down and she thought he was just going to keep walking and she would make a run for it. But he didn't.

What do you think you--?


"Katrina, Katrina, do not fuck with me. If I ask you a question answer goddammit." Said john.

She didn't hear him ask a question she just got so lost in her thoughts, that she didn't hear him.

"Sorry what was the question?" she asked.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked.

"Why did you ask me that?" Katrina replied.

"You didn't answer my question," He said.

"Fuck you! I don't belong to you, and how do you know I am a virgin. I could've given my virginity to a boy in the back of a dirty Honda, for all you know" she said.

"What the fuck, you just say to me." John yelled.

He was pulling her toward him so they were face to face.

She back track when he started yelling at her, and she was kind of scared and aroused by the violence in his voice.

Katrina could feel how well build he was with his chest smash again her; where her nipple was stabbed into his muscular chest and putting a deal of pressure on them.

The feeling was so incredible she moan out loud.

"You like that baby girl" he growl, and pulled her head back while biting, licking, up to her ear.

"Please," she moans again.

"No, you don't want it bad enough." he said and sucks a patch of skin into his mouth.

"Please, john please, baby make it stop." she begged.

"Make what stop?" he asked.

"The burning down there," she whines.

"Down where?" he ask "baby tells me."

"Hmmm," she moans.

"Tell me!" john demand, and pulled away from her.

She cried out.

"In my pussy!" she hurried in a whisper.

"Where?" he loved when she begged, it only reminds him of how much he is going to make her cry with extreme fantasy.

"In my pussy!" she yelled back.

Seeing how he affect her so much, made him lose it.

He captured her lip in a tongue twisting kiss while taking the key out the ignition and pockets them.

John, moan into her mouth when she ran her fingers in his hair than grad a hand full, then guides his lip closer to hers.

He picked her up and on his lap, and took her by the hips grinding her again his dick.

"Mm, hmm, more." she moans into his mouth.

"Oh he was going to give her more." he thought.

"Put your legs around me now!" he growl into her ear.

She put her legs and arms around him than assume kissing him.

Walk blindly to his front door still kissing her unlock it and continue walking to the master bed room.

He enters the large beautiful room without giving her time to armor his grand house and laid her onto the silk sheets.

He was in a great rush to have skin on skin contact he end up not being able to undo the zipper on the dress and ripped it in two.

"Hey! That was brand new dress." She said in between kisses.

"I'll buy you a new one, right along with a new bra and thong. After tonight you can have how much bra's dresses, and thong's you want" he said

John ripped her bra off, he was glad he couldn't take her thong off since he remember taking them from her in the car.

"O" "hmmm" he kisses her down her neck, "k". She said in between moans

He kept kissing her down her stomach, to her belly button, than down her legs kiss each ankle. Then He kisses a path to her little toe and making sure to stop and suck on each of her big toe and sending an amazing stock deep down into her pussy.

"Oh, john" she groan, trying to get her pussy into his face.

He got a hold on her thigh and pushes them onto his shoulders, used to finger spreading her open to him.

He bent his head and grabs her pussy lips with his mouth and suck on them until she jerked and swarms. He slaps her bottom.

"Stop moving," he said.

"Please it feels so good more dam you more" she moan, gipping the silk sheets and grind her pussy into his face.

"whack" didn't "whack" I "whack" tell "whack" you "whack" not "whack" to "whack" move. He spoke in between spanking her for her attention.

His answer was screams than moan and her arching her lower body up toward him.

"Answer me" he said "whack"

"I'm sorry just don't stop" she yelled.

"What do you want baby you want me to fuck you deep in your juicy wet pussy with my fingers, while eating this sweet hot pussy and making you scream and cum on me". He voiced

"Yes, yes! That's what I want." she begs.

"Say it, say what you want me to do with my fingers" he insist on hearing her say it

"Fuck me with your fingers so deep that I come and I want to cum in your mouth please baby" she told him.

She hopes she said what he wanted to hear, so she can get what she wanted the most.

He followed instructions and lower his face back to her pussy and lick her slit back an forward over and over than he went lower some more and licked over her butthole up to her pussy.

He glides two fingers slowly into her depths, he than nib on her clitoris, making her grab a hand full of his hair wanting him to give her more.

"Is there something you want?" he asked

"Oh shit oh shut I'm Cumming, john.........hmmm she screams.

He swear everyone from all 7 colonies can hear her screams of pleasure, but he wasn't mad at her he was proud and feeling manly; because he was and will be the one to make her shriek his john like that. John promise from this day forward that his name would be the only name she will ever be crying out. He took her legs off his shoulders, so he can take-off all his clothes. He looked up to see her with and unbelievable look on her face

"Sweetheart I need to make love to you." he said

"John, that's not going to fit in me." she said fearful

"Is that a dare, because I love a dare babe" he responds, and chuckle

"It not a dare it's a true statement," she said.

"It'll fit fine." he said

"How do you know that, I bet you don't you care if you hate me" she said just messing around.

He pulled her up by her hair roughly.

"Don't you ever say some shit like that to me, you hear girl," he spoke dangerously low.

"Whatever," she said.

"I said do you fucking hear me Katrina." he growl's

"Baby please I understand," she encouraged.

He then took one of her legs, and put it on his shoulder, the other she curved around his waist.

She Leans forward and grab his cock to rub up and down on it slowly after a while picking up speed.

"Baby girl stop!" he begged

"You don't like how I do it" she said letting go of his cock and pulling her hand back to her side.

He picked up her arm and kisses the back of it.

"Baby girl if you didn't stop I would've fucked you right then and there but I dint want to hurt you by fucking you and losing control. I want your first time to be special." he said and kissed her forehead.

"Ok but why don't you want to lose control is it because I'm not experience at sex." she pout.

She was so cute when she pouts; her lip sticks out, he just wanted to suck, and bit it.

"No it because if I'm workup I'll probably fuck you" he told her

"Oh I understand" she said.

But he knew she didn't believe him so he sat up a little and slide his dick along her pussy lip and slit making shore to make circular motion around her clitoris.

"Do you want this big long white dick Katina? He asked

"Yes put it in me!" She said in a rush.

He plunge his dick into you tight pussy until he reach the burial that prevent him from his new home.

"Baby girl" he called out.

"Hmmm" she called back with a painful expression on her face told him the few inches that were inserted in her hurt.

"Look at me baby girl" he whisper next to her ear, "look baby" She looked up.

He pushed it really fast and she cried out in so much pain, she pushed, yelled, scratched, for him to get off.

"Baby I got you you're ok, you're ok" he cooed.

John kissed everything he could reach her forehead, both her eyes, her chin, her jaw, her neck ,her mouth; he shoved his tongue in her mouth causing her to moan and run her fingers massaging his head, moving her pussy around on his dick getting nowhere, but she still tried to get him to move in her.

"Are you sure your ready baby, be sure because if I start there is no one on this earth that can stop me from pounding in this tight pussy baby girl so me sure." He growls next to her ear

"I'm sure fuck my with your whit cock baby" she groan

He pull out and back in slowly still not trying to hurt her

"C...can you make m...me cum" she stuttered

That's all he needed and he slam in to her so hard she scooted up the bed, and her breast jigged, he lean up and he suck her nipple into his mouth, he licked and suck until he felt satisfied with the mark he left than moved to the next breast and did the same. He continues to pound her harder and harder until he felt his ball push up warning him that he was on the verge of Cumming. He came to a stop

"Say this pussy is mines baby." He demand

He leans up a little and slip his hand in between him and squeeze on her clitoris.

"John!" She moan

"Say your mines, and your pussy belongs to me Katrina". He said and pinches her nipple

"My pussy belongs to you, everything I am belong to you baby, everything" she moan in a whisper.

he when crazy with her finial accepting that she belong to him and he slam this cock back into her warm, tight pussy, watching her tits bounce with every thrusts.

"Baby I need to cum, I need it so bad!" she screamed

"I know what you need" he said, and bit her neck while he jackhammer into her

She started to Cumming and squeezing the life out of his cock.

He took her hair yanking and pulling, than twisting her hair around his fist and fucks her so hard that he knew she wasn't going to be a able to walk for a while.

"Shit baby you're so tight" he growl into her neck and cum while still fucking into her pussy until he spent and his dick went soft.

"Baby you ok?" he asked

"That was amazing" she said sleepy

"It was and I can't wait to do it again," he said already getting hard.

"Whoa slow down there big boy I just last my virginity just a moment go, I can't take you right know." she said

"Do you regret giving it to be baby girl?" he asked a little worried

"No I'm happy I gave it to you," she told him with a smile than yarn.

"I'm happy because if you did than we just would have to go again" he said and kisses her neck. "Sleep"

"Goodnight j!" she said before a little cute soft snore.

"Night baby girl!" he smiled while falling asleep she nicknames him and she didn't even notice it.

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