tagMind ControlKat's Boytoy: First Boytoy

Kat's Boytoy: First Boytoy


Note: This story takes place in the World of Civero. All characters are 18 and older.


My name is Kat, and I am an Esper, a person with psychic powers. Growing up, I had always used my abilities sparingly, taught never to abuse them. However, by the time I hit High School, curiosity compelled me to test and flex my gift; I developed powers of mind reading, mind control, and some minor illusion casting. I tried to follow my parents' advice, and be a "good girl" for quite a while; it was not until college that I decided to really get my money's worth out of these abilities. What can I say? I was young and horny, and surrounded by similarly young and horny men and women whose lustful thoughts and drives could only be ignored for so long. I decided to finally do something I'd always fantasized about, but never dared to do, even in the hormone-drenched world of High School: I decided to use my psychic powers to fetch myself a boy-toy lover.

I first met Ben in Creative Writing. I thought he was rather cute, a tall, blue-eyed redhead. He was quite creative, sharing stories of fantasy and adventure with the class. He was also shy and had a huge crush on me. I was tall, with black hair, green eyes, and a fit body, exactly his type. I could feel his eyes, and his thoughts, draw towards me within moments of our first class together. I smiled, and wondered if he might ask me out. He never did, though, and soon enough, I found myself too busy with school work to really think about dating.

However, halfway into the semester, I could still feel him gazing at me, apparently content to continue admiring me in silence. I would have been flattered, but for a distinct sense of lust radiating off him, getting stronger as the weeks went by. He clearly had a hard-on for me, and I wondered why he never tried, even once, to hit on me. Was he really that shy?

I decided to investigate this a little further. I figured if he was going to have naughty thoughts about me and not do anything for me in return, I may as well enjoy the show. Peaking inside his head, I discovered a very naughty fantasy indeed. It was rather surreal. He was imagining some sort of elaborate story wherein he was an adventurer captured by a witch, played by me. In the fantasy, I was intent on getting some sort of information out of him, but rather than torture him pain or use some kind of mind control, I was casting spells on his cock, driving him mad with pleasure. As he tried to refuse giving in, "I" would do anything from suck him to fuck him to stroke him to just letting my magic surge through his organ, driving him wild until he couldn't take any more, then continuing to play with him despite his protests. It became evident that there was no information for him to give, and that "I" was just playing with him for amusement.

I found this fantasy extremely amusing, not to mention very arousing. This was exactly the sort of thing that I had fantasized about doing to someone back in High School (minus the witch get-up of course), but never dared to actually try. I decided to plumb deeper into his mind, and saw many similar fantasies. The details were different: he might be a supervillain, and I a superhero trying to "convince" him to change his wicked ways. I might be a vampire and he a common villager who I wished to turn. He might be a hunter and I a fairy who had decided to capture him and teach him a "lesson" about respecting nature. Heck, some fantasies were even quite mundane, just the two of us in his bedroom, me stroking him slowly as I whispered teasingly in his ear. Always him helpless, totally at my mercy, as I took him to heights of pleasure he could only imagine. The more I looked, the more aroused I became.

I had gotten so into sifting through his thoughts, I almost didn't notice when class was over. I came back to reality and noticed my hand was gripping the side of my desk so hard, my knuckles were white. My nipples were hard, and I felt warm dampness between my legs. As I hurriedly gathered up my things, I looked for Ben, but he had already rushed out of the room. I suppose my bringing his fantasies up for me to look at had affected him just as much as me; I'm sure he was nursing quite the hard-on right now, and was racing to relieve it.

Me, I barely made it to the bathroom before my own fluids could create a noticeable stain in my shorts. The room was thankfully empty, and I cast out a blanket psychic notion that anyone wanting to use this bathroom should go to the next one. Once in the stall, I hurriedly yanked my shorts and panties to my ankles, sat down and spread my legs, letting out a gasp as my fingers touched my clit. I rubbed in gentle circles, and was so worked up, I came in under a minute. I played Ben's fantasies in my head over and over, adding my own little notions and details, and continued to touch myself, slipping two fingers from my other hand inside my sex. As I caressed my inner walls and rubbed my clit with greater urgency, I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out as I came twice more in quick succession.

Only then was I satisfied enough to cool off, clean up, and make my way back to my single dorm room. As I prepared for my next class, I made up my mind then and there that I was going to indulge this fantasy of ours. I couldn't, of course, set-up an overly elaborate scene such as his fantasies, and frankly, I thought trying to do so would probably be too weird. But I could certainly accommodate the spirit of the idea.

When we next had class, I telepathically planted a notion in Ben's head to go to the college's main library in a couple hours. After class, I waited for him to arrive, and as he walked through the stacks, I just "happened" to round the corner, and "accidentally" bump into him, dropping my books onto the floor. Ben immediately bent down to pick them up, instinctively the nice guy, and by the time I was crouching down to help, he already had the books in his hand, rising up to give them to me. That's when he noticed who I was. Instantly, his face went red.

"Oh, man," he said. "I'm sorry!"

I smiled warmly at him. "No problem." Taking the books back, we stood, and I made sure he went first, so that as he rose, he caught a glance at my cleavage. His eyes widened slightly, and he swallowed. Internally, my smile became a grin. Poor guy. This was going to be easy, I thought. I almost felt a little sorry for what I had planned for him.

"Hey, so, you're in my Creative Writing class," I said. "Ben, right? I really like your stories."

"Thanks," he smiled a bit sheepishly. "I, uh, I like your stuff, too. You write really well. You've got a better sense of characterization than I do."

I chuckled good naturedly, "Well, thank you, that's very sweet. Hey, maybe we can collaborate sometime."

He smiled broadly. "Yeah, that would be great!" He composed himself, trying not to sound too excited. "So, what are you up to right now?"

"I was about to go to one of the private study rooms," I said. I gave him another disarming smile. "Care to join me? I do have some homework to do, but maybe we can brainstorm a little bit afterwards." Ben nodded eagerly. "Okay! I'll go get a key from the front desk. Wait here." So saying, I turned, and left him standing there, waiting. I had him hooked; now the fun would begin!

Before I got even five feet from him, I started psychically "uploading" erotic thoughts into his mind. As he watched me go, images bloomed intensely in his mind's eye, flashes of me in various poses, partially naked, or stripping down to full nudity but coyly hiding my naughty bits. He was mentally smacking himself for thinking such things, but I did not let up, taking erotic pot shots at him the whole way to the front desk and back. In that time, he had retreated a few steps into the shelves, grabbed a random book, and was trying to cover himself as he felt his cock grow erect.

Part of him wanted to run the bathroom to quickly take care of this embarrassment, but another part didn't want to risk missing me when I came back. I reinforced the latter notion. I took my time returning to make sure his head was nicely loaded with a whole stack of high-definition images of me to enjoy. By the time I got back, he was no longer resisting the imagery, and was a bit lost in his head. I tapped him on the shoulder, and he jerked out of his haze.

"Hey, I got the key," I said. "Sorry to make you wait."

"Uh, n-no problem," he said, a little huskily. I led him to one of the rooms, a small space with a table and four chairs. The small window looking into the room was blocked by a little poster of some sort, so between that, the locked door, and another psychic broadcast that anyone passing the room should mind their own business, the place was quite secure. We both sat down, and I set a book in front of me, leaning forward to read it and giving Ben another view of my cleavage. Having taken a seat directly in front of me, Ben was immediately entranced by this view. Sensing his attentions, I smirked, and decided to step things up a bit. I found the part of his mind where his libido pulsed warmly. I imagined the libido to be a dial of sorts, and with that in mind, I took hold of it, and slowly turned it up. I heard Ben give a small gasp as his arousal suddenly began to rise quicker than normal.

Without even realizing it, he tried to touch himself right then, his hand sliding forward to press against his erection. However, I caught him in time, and I made him pull his hand away, psychically controlling his arm. I didn't want this ending before we even got started, after all. As I half-heartedly read through my text book, pretending to be fully engrossed, I slipped into his mind further, looking for certain nodes and notions. If I wanted this to go to my satisfaction, I was going to have to take a few precautions.

I located several key functions in his mind, and pictured before me a series of switches. My psychic "fingers" brushed over these switches, inspecting which ones did what, until I found the three I was looking for: "Masturbation", "Sex: Initiate", and "Orgasm" all currently in the "on" position. I paused before I flipped them. Briefly, I realized how ambitious this was. I had never before attempted so fine tune a control. But I was determined to make this work, and I wasn't going to let myself get squeamish now. I flipped each "switch" to the "off" position. Now, no matter how much he wanted to, he could not masturbate. It was no physically impossible for him to pleasure himself. He also could no longer initiate sex, which would prevent him from just pouncing on me. Finally, would not be able to achieve orgasm, no matter how aroused he was and no matter how long or intense the stimulation he felt.

He must have instinctively felt these changes, even if he did not understand what they were at the time, for he let out a little noise, halfway between a gasp and a short whimper, each time I flipped a switch. I felt a sting of pity, but I was too excited myself now. I couldn't stop myself. I went back to his libido dial, and I turned it up a little bit more, and punctuated this with a fresh gallery of erotic images, now accompanied by the sounds of women gasping and moaning in pleasure rippling across his psyche.

He was almost shaking by this point, and his breath was heavy. He was burning with desire, and he found himself unable to do anything about it. He was so lost in his haze, he couldn't even think of anything to say. I decided, after letting him spin his wheels for a bit, to break the ice.

"Enjoying the show?" I said. I indicated my chest, but did not look up at him.

"I, uh, I..."

"It's okay, you can look," I said. "Still, I never knew you were so interested in me."

"I've always been interested..." His voice was thick with lust now. "You're so pretty, so... so sexy..."

"So why did you never say anything?" I said. I finally looked up at him. His eyes were half-lidded, still locked on my chest. I smiled slightly, and I turned the dial up a little bit more. His eyes widened again, and he squirmed in his seat. I put the notion in his head that he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. I didn't want him trying to leap up and run for it before he burst. Not that he could burst now.

"I, uh... I was t-too shy... th-thought you wouldn't be... interested..."

I turned up the dial a little more. "That's a real shame," I said. "I can't help but think of all the fun we could have already had together." I made sure he thought of it too, beaming a full on movie of us fucking and going down on each other right into his head. He let out a quaking groan. "So, now that that's out in the open, would you like to have some fun with me, finally?"

"Oh, god, yes!" he was breathing almost raggedly now, gasping out each word.

"Well, I'll have to think about it," I said coyly, and again turned the dial a little higher. "Let me finish my homework first." His eyes bugged out cartoonishly.

"Come on," he choked out. "You can do it later."

I let out a mock sigh. "Oh, sure, now that the Kat's out of the bag, so to speak, I'm supposed to just drop everything and immediately service you. I think if you made me wait half a semester, you can wait another hour or so."

I couldn't quite hold back the grin as I saw his almost pained expression of pure lust, but he didn't really notice. His eyes were still locked onto my chest. "Please!" he gasped.

I couldn't help but chuckle. "You're lucky you're so cute. Take your cock out." He did so, my masturbation inhibition not preventing him from at least revealing himself. I kicked my shoes off and slid my feet into his lap. Even through my socks, I was surprised at how hot his penis felt, and how intensely it throbbed. For a brief moment, I considered having some mercy, and dialing back the intensity of my psychic teasing. But just as quickly, this notion was snuffed by a desire to take it further. I turned the dial of his libido once again, a bigger turn than before, and not so slowly this time. I squeezed his cock between my feet, and he let out a shout that made me jump. His hips bucked sharply. I realized, as aroused as he was, that my simple squeeze would have made him cum right then, if I hadn't turned off his orgasm.

I reinforced the psychic broadcast around the room to make sure no one investigated what was going on inside. Then, I went back to my homework, barely able to focus on it, as I slowly squeezed and stroked his raging hard cock with my feet.

An hour later, I couldn't take it anymore. Ben was beyond forming words at this point, nearly drooling, lost in a world of lust. I withdrew my feet, the socks now soaked with pre-cum. However, the sensations of my feet caressing him didn't stop as I implanted the psychic impression that I was still stroking him. I slipped into his mind and seized his motor functions, making him stand and tuck his cock into his pants, while I put my shoes back on. I wanted to feel him inside me right that instant, but I wasn't about to fuck him in the library.

The walk back to my dorm was about twenty minutes at a brisk pace. We were hindered by the fact that I was making sure no one paid attention to us, at the same time trying to keep Ben upright and walking despite never letting the sensations on his cock cease. My own hips twitched reflexively, my shorts soaked, as lust boiled inside my sex to the point it took all my self-discipline to not just tackle him and fuck him blind right there on the sidewalk.

We stumbled into my dorm room, and without wasting time verbalizing, I made Ben strip naked and get on the bed. Practically ripping my own clothes off, I pounced on him, and in one smooth motion, took him inside me.

Oh, sweet Lord, his cock was so hard, so hot. He filled me completely, nearly burning me from the inside. I screamed as I felt an orgasm rip through me as soon as he was fully within. I shook and shuddered, falling onto his body, letting him clutch at me as I clutched at him. Even in mid-orgasm, my hips instinctively jerked on top of his, already working desperately for a second release. I shoved myself upwards and rode him hard and fast, waves of pleasure rippling through me as his cock rubbed me with a delicious friction, better than anything I had ever felt before. I tried to time my motions to match the bucking of his hips, but it was useless as raw instinct took me over, and all we could do was thrust against each other like crazed animals. I have no idea how I managed to stay on top as I shook violently enough to make my teeth rattle, snarling and screaming in ecstasy. I got so carried away that when my arms gave out, and I dropped down to lie on top of him, I bit him on the shoulder hard enough to draw a little blood. I came and came and came, one orgasm scarcely finishing before the next hit me like a freight train, each climax rocking me to the core.

I have no idea how long this went on. I could only imagine what it was like for Ben. Teased beyond belief, to feel such pleasure so for so long, yet be unable to release, only having the pressure build and build and build, without end. It had to be absolutely maddening. A few times, I tried glimpsing his mind as we fucked, but doing so only channeled pleasure into me so immense it nearly tripled the force of my orgasms.

Eventually, we must have simply passed out from sheer exhaustion. At least, I did. It was the better part of a day later when I finally came to. I was still lying on top of him, and I realized with a start that he was still inside me. I slowly lifted up, my body aching in protest. I felt like a rubber band that had been overstretched and snapped, stapled back together, and snapped again several times. Ben looked half dead. If it weren't for the pulse of his cock inside me, and the heat still coming off him, I would have thought he was. I slowly slid off, wincing as he slid out of my sore sex. I felt weak as a kitten as I collapsed onto the bed next to him, and curled up against his side.

I reached into his mind and saw that he was in dreamless sleep. I slowly coaxed his consciousness awake, carefully cradling him, and soothing away any lingering anguish that might remain. He slowly roused, and blinked at me.

"Oh, Kat," he gasped. I silenced him with a finger to his lips. Then I slid my hand down and grasped his still hard cock. He let out a sharp cry, and I could feel how much it hurt him, not so much from the physical soreness, but the sheer sexual tension and need for release. "Oh, please," tears welled up in his eyes, "Please!"

I whispered into his ear. "Let this be a lesson not to tease a girl with such amazing fantasies, but never follow through." I lowered myself down, wincing again. I slipped his penis head into my mouth and flipped the orgasm switch to "on."

He came instantly, so hard, I nearly choked. Thrashing and writhing as much as his sore body would allow, hoarsely crying out, his cock launched rope after rope of thick cum into my mouth, so hard and fast, I could barely keep from spilling. But I managed to swallow every drop, and as he came, I slid my tongue around and around his penishead.

I didn't stop once his first orgasm subsided, and my attentions quickly turned from pure pleasure to pleasurable torture, his now overly sensitive organ unable to take any more. He tried to push me off, but he was too weak and I just kept sucking. I reached into his mind, and fingered the trigger to his orgasm, spurring him to cum again, and then once more. Each climax was as hard and intense as the last, and after three, I was satisfied that he had given as much as he could give in one go. I finally released him, letting him lay in a boneless sprawl, shivering and heaving.

He must have not actually gotten much rest while I had slept, still being inside me and all, because he immediately fell into a deep slumber. Still too sore to do much else myself, I snuggled back up against him, kissed him on the cheek, and got comfortable. He would be out a while, and after I was good to walk again, I would seize control of his body and walk him back to his room. When he woke up, he'd have only his post-sex aches to prove any of this had happened at all.

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