tagSci-Fi & FantasyKat's First Transylvanian Adventure

Kat's First Transylvanian Adventure


Kat could barely keep her beautiful, light blue eyes open during Mr. Furgeson's English class. She could have cared less about the historical significance of Huckleberry Finn or what the fish represents in The Old Man and The Sea. More importantly she was eighteen and in serious need of some shut-eye.

"Excuse me Ms. Alser, but if I catch you sleeping once more in my class I'll have to give you detention."

"Sorry" was all she was able to muster.

"And now let us turn to page 309 and we can begin our look at classic horror."

"Finally!" Kat thought. "Something interesting for once."

That afternoon Kat stopped by the school library before walking home. She picked up copies of as many horror classics as they would lend her. When she arrived home she ran into her room, locked the door and slipped into her most comfortable pajamas.

She began to read and didn't stop for the next several hours, making her way through five full length novellas. Before she knew it, it was dinner time. After filling her stomach she was groggy and felt the effects of her earlier sleepiness. She curled up into her comfy bed and her mind filled with images of the macabre.

Kat found herself physically the same as she was in real life. A beautiful, jet black haired stunning young woman. Her figure was petite but she had a perfect hourglass figure which was snugly fitting into an 18th century corset. As in real life she had perky double C cup breasts that seemed even larger in her present attire. Kat noticed that she was traveling alone in a coach on a rainy night in an area that she wasn't familiar with. Her surroundings were dreary and frightening to her, especially all the lightning and hungry eyes of wolves and other animals as she passed them. Kat saw in the distance a huge castle on a mountainside. She instantly knew it to be the home of her host, Count Dracula.

Kat hurried herself up to the front door of the castle quickly as to not soak her clothes. After only one knock the door swung open to reveal a familiar face with a familiar humped back to accompany it.

"Igor? What in heavens name are you doing here?" Kat asked perplexed.

"Excuse me mistress, perhaps you have not heard the dreadful news of my former employers death?"

"Surely you don't mean Victor Frankenstein is..." She couldn't bring herself to say it.

"Sadly yes" Igor said while taking her coat and leading her into the sitting room. "The dear doctor met his end in Antarctica, and since then I have been working for the Count."

"What a pity, I knew Victor well you know." Kat remarked while sitting down in a high backed chair.

Igor let his eyes wander on the gorgeous figure of Kat for a minute too long before bowing low and informing her that he would summon his master promptly. Kat was left alone for what seemed like hours and as she was bored and in the master of the houses sitting room, she explored various books he had on the shelves. She examined everything from vivisection to ancient military tactics to texts on the latest French cuisine. Finally she pulled out a copy of the "History of Noble Transylvania" but as soon as the book was touched the book case swung open to reveal a secret staircase. "Dare I go down and risk angering my host?" Kat asked herself, but her curiosity was too great and she found herself sneaking quietly down into the darkness.

Kat had never been so excited before. Her heart was in her throat the entire walk down. She began to hear strange noises as the staircase became more visible. The noises were moans and groans not unlike that near a bordello, but with them there was also the most sensual music. Kat peered her head so that she might see what was going on. She immediately saw the strangeness of the room. It looked as if it had been at one time a medieval dungeon that had recently been converted into a luxurious bedroom as well as a music room. There were several very sexy men and women chained up to stretchers while being roughly penetrated producing intense screams of pleasure and pain.

Two men were locked in nearby iron maidens which had openings at cock level which allowed uncanny looking women to perform cunnilingus on them while they begged to be released. Every soul in the dungeon was busily copulating with at least one other person and usually some sort of punishment or torture was involved. Kat suddenly spotted her host sitting in a small throne at the end of the room with three beautiful women surrounding him whispering into his ears, all of them without a scrap of clothing on. "None of them are touching him" Kat mused to herself. "He's just sitting there, looking out intently at the dungeon scene unsmiling."

The organ began sounding, drowning out all other sounds in the room. Sitting at the pedals and keys was a man dressed immaculately in a tuxedo and cape with a white mask on which covered half of his face. Before she could stop herself, Kat began to sing the most haunting vibrato she had ever imaged to the tune of the blaring organ. All eyes turned to her direction and as if she was under a trance she stepped forward and uncaringly revealed herself. At once Count Dracula stood to properly greet her. She passed the tortured to stand in front of the good Count. Kat presented her hand and Dracula kissed it in a way that made Kat need him like she had never before needed a man.

"Please forgive me mademoiselle, but I had not yet been told of your arrival." He breathed.

"I just arrived. But never mind that. What is all of this Dracula? Why did you invite me here?"

"Please follow me." Was all he said, and Kat assumed was all he was going to say.

Dracula took her hand and lead her into a small hallway which gave way to a series of bedrooms. The Count opened the first door without so much as touching it. The scene was of two uncanny looking nude women locked into an unholy union with an extremely hairy-faced gentleman.

"Mademoiselle Alser, may I present ze Wolf Man and two of my brides?"

The wolf man only glanced up long enough from the intense fucking of the two vampire women to say "Charmed I'm sure" in his gruffest voice.

The next door opened to reveal an even stranger scene.

"Zis as you may have already heard of is Doctor Frankenstein's .. ahem.. creation. And his bride, and... Igor?!?! What ze HELL are you doing down here disturbing my guests?"

"Oh it's quite alright Count" the hideous flat headed giant said serenely, "The Mrs. and I are always looking for another companion. It was really her idea."

"What can I say?" The tall haired brunette beauty said shyly, "I have an attraction to unconventional men."

"Think nothing of it my dear lady. I apologize on my intrusion." The Count said, polite as ever. He then retreated.

The final room appeared to have only one of the brides of Dracula spread eagle, and stark naked, but then Kat's eye spotted a hung up coat in the corner of the room as well as a hat and a pile of bandages. The vampire woman was in the final throws of passion but Kat could not quite make out what was pleasuring her so.

"Dr. Griffin, may I present a dear friend of mine, Madam Alser?" Dracula asked.

A voice came from seemingly nowhere and answered panting, "Any friend of Vlad's is a friend of mine, pleased to meet you.

"Likewise?" Kat answered unsure of herself.

As she departed Kat asked the count if he consorted with spirits, to which Dracula burst out laughing and didn't stop until they had again reached the dungeon. As they arrived the organ playing was winding down and then ceased. The organ player got up out of his seat and walked toward us. The Count introduced him as The Phantom of The Opera. The Phantom then asked which room Dracula suggest he visit next. Dracula thought for a minute and then decided, "Try the Frankenstein suite. His bride is in a real mood tonight and I'd bet Frank could use a hand. Oh! And when you get there, tell Igor that his duties are to answer the door for the evening..."

"So now that I can see what kind of suaret this is, mind filling me in on why I was invited?" Kat playfully asked.

"Why to be my date for the evening of course." The Count answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Dracula took her into his arms and kissed her deeply. She allowed him to invade her mouth with his warmth. Before she knew it she was being picked up and placed onto a large bed in the dungeon. With the greatest ease the Count untied her corset in the back and released her flawless, pale body. He too was undressed quickly and they fell into each other kissing and feeling passionately.

During a short break he looked directly into her eyes and said strongly, "Do not fear me." To which Kat shook her head no. Dracula lowered his face into the nape of her neck and sunk in his elongated canines. Kat resisted at first, writhing in pain and pleasure, becoming dizzy from the instantaneous blood loss. She was coming from this experience, without even the slightest penetration she was experiencing multiple, earth shaking orgasms, screaming louder than any of the tortured souls in the dungeon.

As Dracula finished his meal he appeared younger and more attractive than she had ever seen him. He bellowed for some shackles and chained her to the bedpost. Kat was nearly on the verge of passing out from the blood loss when the Count entered her. She was wet and hot and tight. Dracula never once smiled nor took his eyes of hers. The bed shook violently for an hour and a half, giving Kat the most mind numbing pleasures she had ever known.

Ultimately Kat was unchained and brought over to the torture instrument section of the dungeon. She had to be carried like a rag doll she was so exhausted. She was placed with her stomach atop of a pommel horse and her hands chained to the floor. This allowed Dracula to enter her as roughly from behind as he pleased. One of the brides of Dracula knelt next to her face and began hungrily kissing her as another licked her newly bitten neck. Kat could not look behind her but she knew that something was wrong because she was having the wind knocked out of her diaphragm every time the man behind her thrust himself inside her. She was jumping with all the force she had to try to escape this torture. Whoever this was, was several times larger than Dracula. The minutes went by like years as she began to kiss back the vampire whores with gusto, since it was all she could do to try and alleviate the pain of this savage fucking she was receiving.

Finally Kat's torture ended with her being flooded with hot semen which felt amazing on her tender pussy. She then heard the familiar voice of Dr. Frankenstein's Monster saying, "Phew, I really got worked up watching my wife go at it with Igor and the Phantom. I've never seen her so horny."

Kat woke up the next morning in her bed having soaked her comforter and mattress with her cum. She cleaned up and walked into her parent's room. "Mom, I think I'm sick" She lied, "Could I stay home in bed today?"

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