tagBDSMKat's Nine Tales 03

Kat's Nine Tales 03


Kat wakes up with John's foot pushing back and forth over her pussy. "My little pain slut Kat, you haven't shaved this pussy in days. I guess I'll have to deal with this right now." He removes the binding from her legs and tells her to get on her bed. "Spread those legs as wide as you can, you little slut." John walks into the bathroom. He returns with a tray that has the shaving cream, razor, bowl of hot water and a wash cloth. John puts the cloth into the hot water, rings out the excess and puts it on her pussy. She cries out as the hot cloth touches her sensitive pussy. After a few moments, he removes the cloth and sprays the shaving cream on her cunt. He puts the straight razor in her face and reminds her to stay still no matter what. With a few swipes of the razor, Kat's pussy is soon as smooth as silk.

John wipes her clean, and tells her to thank him properly for shaving his pussy. Kat sits up and takes his penis in her mouth. She is unable to fondle his balls as her arms were still bound behind her back. John reaches around and grabs her head. He begins fucking her face in earnest. When he is ready to cum he pulls out and shoots his load all over her chest and freshly shaved pussy. He releases her arms and demands that she rubs this cum all over her body. John then tells her to finger herself until she is ready to cum. Kat puts 3 fingers in her mouth and sucks on them hard. She then puts the wet finger into her waiting pussy. He tells her to try adding the other finger. Soon she has all but her thumb in her pussy. John wonders if she is ready to fist herself. He tells her to squeeze her thumb inside too. Kat now has her entire fist inside of her pussy. She stretches out her fingers and is ready to cum. She screams in surprise. John pulls her hand out by the wrist, not caring if it hurt.

"Bitch you are not allowed to cum at all today. I want you horny and ready to explode when we get to the club tonight. I want to make sure I make you squirt many times tonight on stage. You are the only attraction for the club tonight. They are going to want their monies worth," he yells at her. Kat whimpers as he yanks her to her feet. John continues yelling at Kat. "You will use whatever is available to keep yourself on the edge today. I want you using your pussy at least once every half hour until 4:00. We will be leaving for the club at 5:00. That will give you 1 hour to get ready." Kat look at the clock and saw she had 8 hours of torture before her.

Kat starts cleaning the house. She has a timer set for 25 minutes. Kat doesn't want to be late with her arousal. The timer dings and Kat walks into the kitchen, opens the refrigerator and grabs a zucchini. She washes it off and shoves it inside her cunt. Kat moves the vegetable back in forth. She feels the tingling in her pussy and pulls the coated veggie out of her cunt. She hears John behind her. "You better suck all those juices off right now whore. Only a fucking whore uses veggies to get wet." She cleans the zucchini and places it in the trash. Kat picks up the timer, sets it again and goes back to her cleaning.

Kat is in the bathroom, the next time the timer dings. She picks up the bath brush and shoves the handle up her cunt. She is soon ready to explode. Kat takes the handle out and smacks her ass with it. She continues until John walks into the bathroom. "If I knew you wanted to be spanked I would have taken care of that for you. As a matter of fact, get into the bedroom. You better be laying face down when I get there." Kat heads to the bed and is waiting when John enters the bedroom. John ties her to the bed in a reverse spread eagle. He then starts her off with a good hand spanking. He continues with her wooden hairbrush her ass is deep red. John then uses her PAIN SLUT paddle on her right ass cheek and her CUM SLUT paddle on her left ass cheek. Once the letters have risen on her ass he reaches for one of the canes. He swings back and the canes smacks across the top of her ass. John keeps using the cane on her ass until he has crisscrossed her ass with welts. Kat is trying to control her breathing as she is close to cumming. John then unites her and tells her to flip over. He then uses the bath brush handle to spank her pussy and nipples. Kat is ready to explode and John stops abusing her body. He tells her to get back to her cleaning.

Around noon John tells Kat to go upstairs and put on the clothes he has laid out on the bed. "We are going out to lunch." Kat hears a ding. She knows she has to get dressed, but also needs to use her pussy. When she enters the bedroom she sees John has already handled that situation. He had put her harness out on the bed. Her harness would hold in the vibrator and butt plug he had also put on the bed. John had laid out one of her pair of shorts that showed her ass cheeks and a well-worn white tank top that showed her dark areolas. Of course there were no undergarments for her to put on. John laughs as Kat walks back into the living room. "I see we are having trouble walking little Kat, is something stuck between your legs?" Kat shoots him a look.

"How will I play with myself, while we are out in public?" Kat asks John. He tells her he has it handled and ushers her into the car. They arrive at the mall and walk into a local restaurant. It has been almost ½ an hour and Kat was beginning to wonder how John had handled her punishment. She didn't wonder much longer as she felt a buzzing in her ass, then it stopped and she felt a buzzing in her pussy. John had set the vibrator and butt plug to alternate stimulating her. They ate their lunch with no one knowing what was happening to her poor body. John suggested that the walk around the mall. Kat gave John the look. She didn't want to have to be buzzed again while they were out. John tells her that he wants to walk around the mall. Kat suggested that they go home and she would do whatever he wanted to do. John gives her a swat on her backside to remind her that he would take her pants off and spank her in the mall if she argued with him.

They walk around for another hour. Kat has to slow her pace each time the vibrator and butt plug start buzzing. John is now ready to head home. When they get to the car, John tells Kat to remove her shorts. Kat doesn't hesitate and slips her shorts down around her ankles. John watches her wiggle the shorts down and then shuts her door. When he is settle in the driver's seat, he unhooks the harness. "I want you to play with yourself the whole ride home. If you do this, I will let you have the next 2 hours off. You will not have to play with your pussy. You can even take a nice long bubble bath to get ready for this evening." Kat asks if she should take her top off too. John tells her no. But he reaches over and cuts holes in her tank top. Her tits are now exposed. John pulls away from the mall and lowers the top to the convertible.

It seems to be a little cool outside. Kat's nipples harden as they are driving along. John tells her to get to fingering herself or she will be punished. Kat plunges into her pussy. She is so far gone she doesn't even notice the truck next to them. She is giving the driver an eyeful. He lowers his window and asks tells her he wants to fuck her brains out. John hits the gas and pulls away. They are soon pulling into her driveway. He tells her she has finished. "You might as well head inside without your shorts. It will take you too long to re-hook the harness and pull up the shorts." Kat looks around and exits the car without her shorts and her tits hanging out of her top.

When they are inside, Kat strips off the tank top and heads to the sofa. She flips on the TV and starts watching a movie. John heads to the bedroom. He lays out the clothes for both of them. When it is 4 o'clock he tells Kat she needs to get ready. She takes a leisurely bath and dries herself. Kat takes her time with her hair and makeup. She wants to look good tonight. John has told her that she was the only entertainment for the evening.

Kat walks into the bedroom and sees the outfit John has for her. It is a sheer Marilyn Monroe style white dress. He has a garter belt and stockings and 4 inch red heels waiting to finish the outfit. When she looked in the mirror, she could see the dark areolas of her tits beneath the sheer fabric. She thinks thankfully I have no hair on my pussy. It would be seen right thru this dress. John coughs slightly to wake her from her stupor. She looks over at John. He has chosen to wear his black tuxedo this evening. She always gets hot when he wears this outfit. It fits him like a glove.

He takes her arm and leads her to the car. They don't say much on the way to the club. Kat is trying to prepare herself for this evening's punishment. John is relishing having Kat in this position. When they pull up to the club, he turns to her and tells her he will love her no matter what happens inside. Kat, now nervous tries to exit the car. John stops her and plants a kiss on her cheek. She is surprised as her hasn't kissed her since she earned her punishment. He comes around to her side of the car and opens the door for her. He steadies her as she walks in the heels. Everyone is waiting for Kat to arrive. She is walked into the middle of the main room. John tells Kat to remove her dress. Kat bends down and grabs the hem of the dress. She slowly pulls it over her head. John takes it from her and places it over his arm. He then tells her to have fun. Kat watches John walk away. Mike walks up to Kat and leads her to the spanking table. Kat follows without questioning. "Your master is not allowed to be involved in your punishment. He will be watching from the office." Mike secures Kat to the spanking horse. He makes sure that everyone is aware of the raised words on her ass. He also points out the crisscrossed stripes from her earlier caning. Kat's feels the flush hit her face.

Mike tells her that everyone in attendance will be helping with her punishment this weekend. She looks over at the audience, trying to figure out how many people had come to witness her punishment. She guesses there are about 50 people in the room. Kat's sister, Mary, catches her eye. Kat sees the smile spread across her face. Mike then calls out a number. The owner of the number will be the first to punish Kat. To Kat's dismay it is Mary's number. Kat knows her sister will have fun punishing her.

Mary chooses to punish her pussy. She picks up a weight and attaches it to the clit ring. This distends her clit, which Mary begins smacking with the cat o' nine tails. Mary keeps smacking Kat's pussy until she squirts. Kat can take no more and begs to be able to cum. Mary says yes as she strikes Kat's pussy again. Kat begins cumming hard. Her whole body shudders and twitches as she is finally allowed to orgasm.

Mike then calls out the next number. It is her neighbor Alan. He grins as he tells her how much he wants to see her suffer. Alan chooses to use the fucking machine in her asshole. He lines it up and shoves it in hard. Kat pushes back against the hard rubber cock attached to the pole. As the machine continues to pound her asshole as she cries out in pain. Up in the office John is being serviced by one of the regular subs from the club. He slows the girl servicing his cock. He wants to cum at the same time as Kat. He knows by the way she has closed her eyes and rolls her head back. Within moments Kat and John are both ready to cum.

Kat's punishment on the spanking bench continues. Each time she had an orgasm, the next number called. She hears 8 more numbers called. They used many different implements on her ass. It has been paddled, flogged, caned and figged. Kat's ass was now on fire. The ginger was still stuck inside her ass. She was begging for someone to remove it for her. Finally someone removed the ginger and replaced it with a butt plug.

Kat was then released from the spanking bench. Mike led her to the St. Andrew's cross. It was lowered to the floor so that she could be attached. Kat was excited as the cross was raised into the air. She was waiting for the next number to be called. Her next punisher walked up behind her. Kat felt soft hands caressing her calves. They slowly continued up to her thighs. Kat was hoping her pussy was next. Soon the soft hands reached her pussy. The fingers circle her clit. Kat felt the fingers pulling on the clit ring. The fingers attached a weight to her ring. Kat was moaning with pleasure. The soft fingers slowly invaded her wet pussy. Two fingers became three, then four; soon it was the whole hand. Kat's eyes rolled back in her head. She was overcome by the strongest orgasm she had ever had. Mike called for them to lower the cross. He wanted to make sure Kat was okay. In the office, the manager was holding John back. John wanted to see his little Kat. He was concerned for her well fair. Mike splashed cold water on Kat's face trying to bring her mind back to the club. Once he was sure that she was suffering any ill effects, he had the cross raised back into the air.

The soft hand was back in Kat's pussy. Kat's g-spot was being overstimulated. Loud moans were escaping from her body. She was twisting and writhing on the cross. To the untrained eye, one would think that Kat pissed herself. Poor Kat was squirting buckets. She was barely able to catch her breath. Slowly the hand was removed from her exhausted cunt. The next number that was drawn decided to whip her body. Kat was quaking with fear. Her master had never used a whip on her body. She did not know if she could handle the pain. She heard the crack of the whip. Seconds later she felt the whip penetrating her soft flesh. The punisher started at her shoulders working downward. Kat counted the strikes to her body. When she reached 20, she started cumming again. 8 more numbers were called and 8 different punishments were inflicted upon her body. Each punishment was concluded once she began to orgasm. Kat had 30 more punishments/orgasms to go.

Mike had the cross lowered to the ground. Kat was given something to drink. She was then handed a blindfold and told to put it on. Kat wasted no time and was waiting to be led to the next device. Kat was led to a punishment ring. Her hands and feet were attached leaving her exposed spread eagle front and back. Once she was firmly attached the ring started spinning. Kat could be locked into any position the punisher wanted. The ring could be raised or lowered also. Mike called two numbers this time. The ring was turned so that she was lying face down. Kat felt the butt plug being pulled from her ass. Next she felt the cold lube being massaged into her open hole. Kat was preparing to be mounted when her lips were being spread by another cock. She was going to get it from both ends at the same time. Hands grabbed the back of her head and as she was gagging on the mammoth cock in her jaws. He barely fit inside of her mouth. The cocks were banging her body in perfect unison. Within moments Kat had the stirring in her pussy. She ready to cum for the punishers.

The next two numbers were called. The ring was now rotating so that she was hanging upside down. One set of hands were attaching more weights to her nipples and clit. They then attached nipple clamps on top of that. Kat started feeling something hot dripping on her shaved cunt. The hot wax started dripping on her stomach and tits. Kat then felt the candle entering her gapping cunt. There suddenly was a tugging on the nipple clamps. Kat let out a low growl as she was cumming once again. Mike continued calling two numbers at a time. Soon she had been punished by 40 different people, most of them her family or friends.

Kat was finally lower to the floor. Mike released her from the punishment ring. He told her she could remove the blindfold. Kat blinked hard as she tried to adjust to the lights inside the club. Kat was told that she could take a 20 minute break to relieve herself and get something to eat. Kat wondered amongst the crowd greeting friends and family. Her sister, Mary, hugged her and told her she was putting on a great show. As she walked through the crowd, she had her body touched, pinched and fingers penetrating her pussy and asshole.

All too soon it was time for the last session. Kat is led to the center of the room. A spotlight hits her and she blushes. A rope comes down from the ceiling. Mike takes Kat's hands and ties her to the rope. The rope is raised so she is standing on her tiptoes. Mike calls all the people whose numbers haven't been called to the center of the room. Kat looks at her last group of punishers. All of them are naked and she notices that they are all well-endowed. The average length of the cocks in front of her was nine inches. A few of them looked to be almost a foot long. None of the cocks were less than three inches in girth. Thank god her holes where already stretched wide. Mike walks over to her and starts to pull at her nipples. Two of the other men grab her by the ankles and stretch her into a split. Mike then uses the CUM SLUT and PAIN SLUT paddles on her ass and chest. The letters rise quickly on her skin.

Kat is now lowered onto Mike's waiting cock. He tells her that she has to take each of the remaining punisher in their choice of her holes without cumming. If she succeeds, John will come down from the office and take her home. If she doesn't succeed, she will be spanked with the whiffle paddle 25 times for each time she cums. He also tells her that the gentleman, who makes her cum, will receive $1000. Once Kat is settled on Mike's cock she feels another cock entering her asshole. She shudders, trying to keep from cumming. Both men begin pounding their cocks into Kat until they both blow their loads inside of her. The rope is raised the men slide out of Kat.

Three of the men decide to join forces. They are willing to split the winning. Andrew, the man with the 13 inch cock lies on the floor. Kat is lowered down to him. Andrew thrust his cock into her pussy and waits. Timothy who has a 9 inch cock, but he is almost 4 inches in girth lies down on top of her, entering her asshole.

Christopher is 10 inches in length and 3 inches in girth. Christopher grabs her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. The men begin thrusting and grinding, trying to make her cum. Kat keeps thinking about John taking her home and getting some sleep. The poor young men explode inside of Kat. Kat is released. She now only has 5 men to go.

Walter wants to try to make Kat cum without any help. He bends her over at the waist and plunges into her gaping asshole. As he is pushing into her he alternates between pulling on her tit and clit rings with one hand. With his other hand he spanks her ass. Kat is biting her lip, trying not to cum. The pain slut in her wants to give in and cum. The sub in her wants to please her master, so that she will be forgiven. Walter loses to Kat in the battle of wills. Kat is released and awaits the last 4 punishers.

Jeffery and Neil join forces. Jeffrey wants her pussy. He slams his rock hard 11 inch cock into her. Reaching around her pulls her ass cheeks apart. Neil pushes is 13 inch cock with the 3.5 inch girth into her ass. This actually fills her. Neil reaches around and plucks her clit ring. Jeffrey is twisting both tits trying to make Kat cum. Neither is successful. Kat is excited; she only has 2 men to go.

Robert is the smallest of the last 10 punishers. He is only 8 inches long with a girth of 3 inches. He suggests to the last gentlemen that they both penetrate her gapping pussy together. The last gentleman stays behind Kat's back. Robert lines up his cock with Kat's pussy and Kat almost cums. When the last gentleman's cock enters her she cannot help but to cum. She knew immediately who the gentleman was. It is her master John. She has taken her punishment well. John and Robert finish with Kat and release her. John tells her to go to the spanking horse and wait for him. When he arrives at the spanking horse she has already draped herself over and is ready to be spanked. John has Mike secure her to the spanking horse. John takes the whiffle paddle and starts spanking her red hot ass. Kat being the good sub counts and thanks him for each spank. When John has finished with all 25 spanks, he releases her from the spanking horse. He then invites all the male punishers to join him on the floor. He wants all of them to wank their cocks and cum on Kat.

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